The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Trip to the PD - double ouch!

Knocked out with RaeAnne around 11pm but woke up at 12 midnight. :P

Hubby and I had an early dinner at Pu Tien. Decided on the place when we walked by cos they had 20% discount from 530-630pm for early birds. Had the set dinner at $68 which came with 2 kampong chicken doubled boiled shark fin's soup (usual price $25 for each serving) so it's value for $. Anyway, I hardly have tonic soups unless I go over to my mum's place on Sundays. Sometimes, my 2nd aunt also makes for me, so nice of her. :)

Went to NTUC to stock up for the weekend. RaeAnne has been rejecting porridge nowadays, ILs have a hard time feeding her everyday so they've resorted to giving her rice for one meal and porridge for the other meal. Don't know what to cook cos I already cooked modified claypot rice last week. Hubby suggested one dish meal, 'chu bee hoon' soup so I bought ingredients for that. Saw Red Prawn durians from Penang for sale at NTUC (only 2 packs and it was 2 for $25). Each pack only 5-6 big seeds. Decided to buy it cos we missed trying Red Prawn in Penang as it was OOS. And it was the award winning durian in this year's Penang durian show.

Brought RaeAnne for her 18 mth booster jab this evening. As usual, she cried once the nurse tried to measure her head circumference. Her weight is 10.5 kg and height 79cm at the clinic. Poor gal, besides the DPT booster, PD recommended flu jab for her as well. Apparently there was a lot of pent up demand for flu jabs as it has been OOS for the last 2 months. PD said she placed order for 100 doses and it just arrived on Wed and stock is already running low. Must be due to H1N1 cos young kids are more vulnerable to the virus.

When the PD heard that she is attending playgroup next Mon, she strongly urged us to give her the jab. Thought she already had a flu jab before we went to HK in Dec but PD said this flu jab is for the most recent strain. With H1N1 being increasingly prevalent, hubby thought it's better to give the flu jab.

Poor RaeAnne cried buckets when the PD, nurse and hubby held her down while she was given the jab, both in the right thigh and left thigh. I could only hold her head and tell her that Mummy loves her, can't help to take away her pain. :( Was worried about the fever side effect of the 18mth booster jab, that's why brought her to see PD today, and she ended up with 2 jabs! Sure kenna fever like that lar, hubby said start panadol syrup today, maybe it'll help knock her out. :P

PD suggested pnueumoccocal and Hep A jab for the next month if we are keen. I asked PD about her 18 mth development milestones and she said she's fine as long as she can walk and talk (single words are fine). Asked her if it's ok that she can't drink from the cup all the time, she said it's fine, it's an 21 months milestone. Told PD that she can't self feed yet, is it ok? She said it's fine, at this age, they are only playing with the food, real self feeding will be around 3 years old. Okie, at least she's not slow. Took the chance to get PD to prescribe a cream for the angry mosquito bites that she sometimes get. Calendula cream smells nice but doesn't get rid of the mosquito bites fast. End up, she's scratch until it bleeds, then the marks will darken and become ugly scars. :P

Outside the clinic at the counter, the nurse saw the doctor's notes and asked if we want to wait until 2 years old for pneumoccocal cos she'll only need 1 jab ($150) by then. Told her I was thinking of doing that but she's starting playgroup next Mon. She just replied 'oh' (i see). Looks like once the kids goes to playgroup, CC etc, PD will recommend all kinds of vaccination jabs. Asked the nurse to give us an appt, they'll remind us closer to the date but I'll see if I really want her go for it. :P

Oh ya, when we were coming home from ILs place (had to go back to collect our perishables). RaeAnne cried when we were in the lift, there was a little boy and a little gal together with their daddy who lived at the 10th floor. We bumped into the grandma a couple of times when she takes walks with the little gal so I was talking to the little gal, 1 month older than RaeAnne. There was a slight red mark on both side of the little gal's lips so I was asking the little gal in a teasing manner, what happened to your lips? Why red red? And RaeAnne just suddenly burst out crying. Asked hubby what happened, did he hurt her feet when he pushed the stroller into the lift? But hubby said nothing happened. It's true cos I only talked to the little gal when the lift door closed, if she had hurt her feet, she should not have cried out only then. She continued crying until I opened the door and carried her out of the stroller.

Hmm... why caused the sudden outburst? Did she hurt her feet while playing in the lift without us noticing? Or was she jealous cos Mummy was paying attention to a little gal and not her? Maybe, we'll find out one day if she ever repeats this behaviour.

Recently, she has been facing serious separation anxiety. ILs said Thurs afternoon, she refused to let Ye Ye or Nai Nai go into the kitchen to cook, She'll push and pull them out of the kitchen and make them sit in the living room with her. Yesterday and again today (Fri), she didn't allow me to close the toilet door at Ils place. At home cos I'm alone with her, I usually don't close the door cos I got to keep an eye on her. Guess our gal is really growing up, 懂事 and not blur blur anymore. ;)

Mummy has been sneezing a lot today, I even woke RaeAnne in her sleep just now with my sneeze. Hope the scratch throat/cold that I managed to stave with cold and inflammation medicine last week is not making its return. :P

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