The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

For 5 secs, my heart stopped...

It's MIL's birthday tomorrow so FIL bought a cake. He was carrying RaeAnne while trying to open the box but he had problem cos there was a scotchtape sealing the cake box edge. He was struggling to open it and RaeAnne arched back, he tried to recover his position and catch hold of her again but he failed. Seeing my bb gal swinging in the mid air with no support, stopped my heart for nearly 5 secs. I did not realise that she was falling fast enough cos was looking down at something. Luckily, hubby jumped up from the armchair fast enough and caught hold of her. PHEW!!! All of us were so traumatized after that esp my FIL, my heart was still thumping hard 10sec after it happened but RaeAnne didn't even whimper or cry. She just looked at us with curious eyes like "what's the fuss?" when all of us took turns to hug her tight to reassuring her after that incident esp. FIL. From that height about 1.66m, if she had fallen and hit the low cabinets, it would have been disastrous. I don't even dare to think about it. Heng, nothing happened. Think everyone esp my (usually super careful and paranoid) FIL learnt our lessons, never be complacent cos you won't know when bb will pull a stunt like this. :P

On a side note, we moved RaeAnne from her little bedside cot to the big cot last Friday night, 25 Jul. Went through one hour of agony with Raeanne crying and screaming till she's hoarse cos I tried putting her in the big cot in bb room to sleep on her own. She was getting too big for the arms reach bassinet, can alresdy put one arm and one leg over, will climb out soon. Put up and put down so many times also no use cos she just could not calm down. In the end, I caved in and nursed her to sleep then transfer her to the big cot. Bo bian, too many things for her to unlearn in one night I think. She was still panting so hard when latching on, so heart pain to see her so distressed. Think bb should sleep in their own room cos they have to learn to sleep alone anyway, should have bite the bullet and done it after i went back to work even if still doing night feeds. But of course bu she de cos she looks very cute when sound asleep esp when she smiles.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

RaeAnne's longest milk interval

Last night, after hubby fed RaeAnne 110ml EBM at 1.30am which I pumped at 12 midnight, she did not cry for milk at her usual 3+,4+am milk feed. Both of us were surprised, but it may turn out to be a fluke so will wait and see. RaeAnne has been getting 2 cereals feeds a day. We mix water with cereal, not as nutritious but BM makes the cereal super watery, very difficult to feed. :P I find that now RaeAnne only needs 2 bottles of 125ml EBM in the day cos got 2 feeds of cereal. But by 8pm, she'll cry for milk even though she had cereal at 6pm cos only taking 2 teaspoons each time. Tried to ask ILs to give her more but they say she can't finish when they give her more.

Monday, July 28, 2008

RaeAnne's first taste of avocado

We let RaeAnne try Avocado for the first time on Sat, 26 July at ILs place. Tried to mash the avocado at first but it wasn't soft enough. End up trying to blend it with water, it was better but still not perfect, maybe the fruit was not soft enough. She doesn't really like it leh. :P But we'll continue to try because mummies said avocado is a very nutritious fruit. :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RaeAnne is 6 months old!!!

How time flies, our little gal is now 6 months old. Here's an update of her development at 6 months:
- can't sleep on her own at night. Still wakes up every 2-3 hours except the one occasion when she slept from 10+pm
- 5.10am at nai nai house on Sat.
- taking 125ml of EBM per feed plus 2 feeds of rice cereal (2 teaspoons each time)
- 7.1kg & 69cm at 6 months (used to be 7.2kg, hmm... how did the 100g go missing?)
- can sit unsupported (at least when we tried to put her on nai nai's bed today)
- Smiles when she sees a familiar face, chuckles loudly and sings when amused. recognise faces, can stretch out her arms when she wants to be carried by the person.
- complains loudly when unhappy, which sometimes it sounds like na na, nan nan, da da (see video for proof)
- cannot crawl yet but can move her whole body and limbs when she tunnels with her head. - not learning to stand up yet
- no teeth

Monday, July 21, 2008

RaeAnne's first solids

Decided to let RaeAnne try her first solids on Sat, 19 July so that daddy and mummy will be the first to witness this milestone. :) Tried it at East Coast Park cos we went out with my cousin's family. Mummy has zero experience at feeding solids to a baby so it was good that my 2nd uncle and aunty were there to lend a helping hand. Never posted any videos of RaeAnne before cos mummy don't know how to do it and daddy also not techie and can't be bothered. But feel quite guilty when I see videos on other people's blog so decided to learn to do this once and for all.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Night owl again

RaeAnne slept early last week until yesterday, even slept at 9pm on Sat though she was grouchy in the day, only had cat naps. But today she was very alert after her usual 7-8+ last feed. Finally slept at 1030pm after hubby pat her to sleep. I didn't latch her on cos just pumped at 9pm plus I was too preoccupied.

Went out today with my cousin but now can't find my hp. Don't know if I lost it at Isetan sootts when I was looking at car seats. When I called myself, the phone was off so even more worried. Tried calling Isetan but they are closed for the day, asked me to call back tomorrow morning. I don't mind losing the phone but all my bb photos and contacts were in that phone and there's no duplicate. Hubby went to sleep without comforting me after he pat bb to sleep. What a world of difference compared to the 'pak tor' days when I lost my wallet, is this what happens after marriage and after kids? Feel so sad and lonely sometimes. Sigh. :(

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


RaeAnne slept before 9pm today, hope it's not a fluke. Latched her on around 8pm after coming back from MIL's place, she drank heartily then when I tried to switched sides, she cried pitifully suddenly. Thought it was strange since there's more milk so she shouldn't be complaining. Tried a few minutes more but she continued crying pitifully so stopped BF and passed her to hubby. Hubby tried to soothe her by carrying, patting and rocking her on bouncer, end up she fell asleep. Moved her to the cot at 11pm thinking if she wakes up, I'll bf her. If not I'll pump. She didn't wake up so I'm pumping instead.

Put her on bumper mat to crawl today at MIL's place, she shuffled/crawled backwards instead. Haha.

BB has GROWN!!

Our dear BB RaeAnne has grown!
She is now approximately 66 cm and weighs 7.2 kg.
No wonder our arms ache faster when we carry her these days.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our Nightbird RaeAnne

RaeAnne has been sleeping later and later since last week. Gone are the days when she'll sleep at 9:30pm after I BF her. Last night, was a new record, she slept at 11pm and woke up at 2am then 5am wide awake liao. It was a crazy work week this week so I also lost my patience with her.

Trying to get ILs to let her sleep lesser in the day so that she'll sleep better at night. But they always insist that she did not sleep much without quantifying how much she actually slept leh cos they don't keep track. :(

Managed to accumulate 5 bags of frozen EBM so far and it's the weekend again. Very happy, if continue to latch on round the clock this weekend, maybe can store more and reach my target of 6months for TBF. :)