The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Visit to the gynae

Went for gynae appt today, raelynn is about 700g now n i gained 1.7kg since last check up. Saw her yawning during the scan. Ü There's a lot of fluid n my placenta has moved up, not low lying anymore. Got cough syrup from dr wong cos my cough's still not ok after 1 week. Seems worse in fact. :p

Today, we parked at hdb parking so paid less than $2 for parking. Complained about tmc's steep parking n Dr wong gave me special concession to come after 6pm since we always end up seeing her at 6+, 7pm anyway. After 6pm, tmc has flat parking charge of $3. Thanks, doc.

Pleased to know that Dr wong read my blog cos i invited her to see raelynn's 3d scan photos (forgot to bring the siemens cd during last gynae visit). Conclusion: raelynn's face looks like daddy cos it's round from the 3d scans. Sigh, 2 gals n both will inherit daddy's round face. :p but as dr wong always say never mind, healthy more important. ;)

Carine finally came for the maid counselling session tonight. Actually, it's more of a scolding session. Told her to disguise it as a routine visit but she started the scolding straightaway. Even raeanne got a bit frightened. Anyway, she told filamie off for all the mistakes n her numerous excuses.

As usual, filamie just break down n cry. She said she's homesick n wants to go back to philippines to her family but she changed her mind after carine told her she can't go back unless she got money to pay back $2k plus. She still got to work for other employer even if i dun want her. She got filamie to promise me to change n improve n i said i'll give her one last chance. Asked carine to bring her to optician for eye check to make sure that she is not short sighted n to start looking for biodata for me in case she still cannot make it. I need to confirm a good maid by oct latest since i think i'll be due in end nov. :p

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