The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

RaeAnne's Poo Poo problem again

Bought the ISIS pump last Sunday, used it on Tuesday, can get quite a bit out when there's letdown so it's not bad, but hand will be very tired, think it's because my hand is small, think I'll use the manual pump when I only need to pump 1 side. If expressing both sides, the electric pump is faster.

Ordered the Braun Ear thermmometer from bulk purchase since I didn't get it as a gift. $91.50 including postage. Should be cheaper than buying at pharmacy. Time to take down the wishlist since her full month celebration is over. Don't think we'll be getting any pressies liao. Can put up a new wishlist for her 1st birthday. Haha. :)

BB RaeAnne until now has no sleeping routine, wake up all times of the night. Drink a bit then sleep. Daytime also like that, sometimes BF 1 side, she cry like I'm trying to poison her, pat her, calm her down, 1 hr later, cry for milk again, got to feed the other side. She feeds so often and always throw tantrum while feeding until my CL also bo bian. She always cry when she fart or burps. Think it's because of colic and also because she hasn't poo poo in 3 days since Mon early morning. Sigh, last time poo too much also worry, now no poo also worry. :(

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Full month & Vaccinations

It was RaeAnne's official full month on Thursday, Xuan Xiao Jie. Wanted to bring her to the office when I give my colleagues Bengawan Solo cake vouchers but she was cranky in the day and CL was not keen plus she was sleeping when we left. Emailed a photo of her Chu1 photo to my colleagues instead. RaeAnne thanks for all Uncle and Aunties for their well wishes, angpows and presents. :)

Brought RaeAnne to polyclinic in the morning for HepB jab but end up never jab. Hubby asked school clerk who recommended poly cos can claim more than going to pte clinic. End up HepB jab $28, 5-in-1 jab is $87+ and cannot claim a single cent. The PD clinic I asked only charge $115 for 6-in-1 so no point make BB kenna jab twice since not cheaper anyway. Plus take taxi to & fro to polyclinic already costs me $8, got to register, wait & wait somemore. PD clinic is open at night so can wait for hubby to come home then bring her there. :P

Went to Tampines Giant hyperstore just now to buy disposable diapers since got some vouchers from colleagues. Bought 1 pack of Mamy Poko S size and Huggies Dry Comfort. Checked out FM prices there too. I bought Enfa A+ from Tampines Shop&Save for $35.80, but only selling for $33.80 at Giant. Cheh, thought Shop&Save, sheng3 sheng3 sheng3 will be cheaper, bluff me. :/

Sunday, February 17, 2008

RaeAnne's full month celebration

Time really flies, it's RaeAnne's Full Month Celebration today. Officially, she only turns 1 month this Thursday on Chinese Valentines Day (Yuan Xiao Jie) but celebrating for her today cos it's a Sunday. CL cut BB's hair today (just a bit, never shave), cut her fingernails yesterday while she was sleeping ;) and gave her a 'flower' bath. Had a celebration for our relatives and a few friends at my ILs place cos MIL said she'll be hosting a party for her friends and relatives so we might as well tompang and do it at her place altogether. My home is too small to set up the buffet anyway.

Over 60 guests, catered from Fu Kwee Catering for 50 pax. Still got extra for some guests to tapow and for ILs and my family to tapow for dinner. Buffet food was good, especially the curry and "or nee". Besides buffet, we ordered a 1.5kg cake from Prima Deli and MIL also ordered 80 hainanese kueh and cooked 30 red eggs. Didn't manage to invite colleagues cos ILs home is already bursting with 60 pax (had to split into 2 groups, 12noon and 1pm). Not very nice to invite just a few colleagues so bo bian to give cake vouchers to all colleagues, must be fair mah :P

RaeAnne spent her time sleeping most of the time, oblivious to the crowd and commotion. I'm not complaining cos at least she's quiet and not screaming or crying. Haha. ;)

Must give special acknowledgement here to my cousins, Juliana, Sze Ling and Sherry came early at 11+ to help me decorate the place with balloons and party stuff. Sze Ling was the official photographer while Sherry was the official videolady. :)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Hives :(

Been sleeping for 2 days cos of my hives problem. Went to A&E on Thurs at 12+am and the dr gave me a jab that knocked me out. The medicine he gave also not suitable for BF and make me drowsy. Tried to stop the med yesterday so that can pump for BB but my hives came back in full force last night so scared liao, will take med until I fully recover. So today, BB on TFM. CL told me she's drinking 110ml of FM liao. Really don't think my BM will be enough for her but have to keep pumping if not SS will drop. :P

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. Hubby got me a bouquet of beautiful flowers but I was too groggy from sleep. CL & MIL received the flowers and I only managed to take a photo of the flowers at night. Feel bad to waste hubby's efforts, flowers on Valentine's day sure exp. :( Sorry, dada and happy belated Valentine's Day. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Leaking problem

Today, my nipples will have pain then BM will leak but it's not engorged, only the areola felt hard. Leaking waste precious BM leh, so decided to pump instead of latching on so that I know how much BM I have. But very sad leh, only get about 70-80ml. BB always drink not enough, after that cry so CL still need to supplement with FM. One of the experienced mummies said must hear BB swallowing then it means she is drinking and not comfort sucking. But I seldom hear her swallowing, can only hear her heavy breathing. :/

But I can see her area below her chin moving and when I unlatch her, I can see milk flowing out of her mouth and. And she got a lot of poo poo leh, easily 8 times a day. Don't know whether she's drinking or not. Latched her on at 10+pm after pumping out 80ml cos she was crying so hard. When unlatched her, got BM coming out from her mouth, which means got milk mah... But anyway, asked CL to make the green papaya soup for me again lar.

Drypers NB leaked today leh, stained BB's swaddle. CL said it's because BB likes to lie on her side so the poo came out from the side gathers. Still at my second pack of Drypers NB, must try and use as much as possible. CL said BB will outgrow it next week. :P

BB cry again when given RidWind today, even spit out with the water. Hubby tried it, he said it's minty and a bit bitter. No wonder she doesn't like it. But CL said my cousin BB boy didn't protest when given RidWind. He just guai guai drink. She said my BB so "li hai", even know how to turn her head away to avoid the dropper and spit out the medicine.

Had my second session with Grace today. She said I don't need binder liao cos stomach shrink already. Hee. She said she also does regular massage but she'll be increasing her prices soon ($45-50) and will start charging transport fee for faraway places like Tampines. Sigh. :(

Monday, February 11, 2008


Tried side lying BF on the bed today, not bad, back & shoulder less tired but eyes are crossed and got headache from looking at her suckle at close distance. Another disadvantage is that it's more difficult to help her latch again if she loses the latch due to the angle. :P

FIL bought RidWind today and we tried it for RaeAnne. Not bad, she poo poo less, fart more and fuss less.

Lunar New Year Chu4

Lots of visitors today so I had no time to post until now. My cousin Shirley's family came to visit, they had a good catch up session with my CL cos she's also Shirley's CL. Baby Ho wen has grown by so much, 7 kg now. Even Aunty Lezhuang was shocked. After that, came my 2nd aunt & uncle followed by my parents and brother. First time, my house so crowded, with 2 babies & 1 toddler. :)

Think my BB is colicky, after I latch on, she'll fart and cry, CL said it's wind. Got milk flowing out of her mouth after she feeds too. Sometimes, she seem to choke & cough, scary. She keeps pooing today too, more than usual, CL said her bottom also red liao. Sigh, must ask PILs to buy RidWind from pharmacy. Luckily, ILs come nearly everyday to vist cos they buy food for CL to cook and to see their baobei granddaughter cos I'm still having confinement.

My confirmed guest list is down to about 60 liao cos a few relatives can't make it. They gave BB angpow liao. Phew, think I can probably just cater 50pax. Planning to ask some to come at 12noon and some to come at 1pm. Will ask the caterers if they can spilt the food into 2 trays so that it won't be so unsightly for the second batch of people.

MIL said don't shave RaeAnne's hair on full month cos she said her hair very nice and long, so good lar, I used that as an excuse, will not shave her but just cut a bit as souvenir. Wondering whether the tai mao bi people can do if cut just the hair at the back cos her hair quite long.

The forum mummies shared some tips with me on how to hold the breast pumps so that arms & shoulders won't be too tired. I'll try it out tomorrow, my shoulders really aching like mad. :(

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Time to update my wishlist

Now that RaeAnne is born, it's time to update my wishlist. But will keep the old list here for reference and for keepsakes. ;)

Just realised that there are lots of things that I need to buy for BB. Afraid I'll forget. But worried that friends may also buy them as gifts and will end up with duplicates. Decided to put up a list of what I need to buy to remind myself (red ones means still outstanding).

- 1 Baby Cot with at least 3 adjustable levels - $300 (convertible to child bed)
- 1 set of Cot bumper and latex safety mattress set - $100
- 1 Arms Reach mini cosleeper bassinet - $139 (usu price $239)
- Sweet Bear Bumper Playmat (11mm) - (Bought for $152 from BP at Singapore motherhood forum)
- 3 Bean sprout pillows - $16 & $19.90 (bought a small one with extra cover from BP, 2 Wee Justin ones, gift from cousin)
- Dancing Daisy Baby Video monitor - $299 (offer at kiddy palace)
- Sony DCR-SR42E Handycam - $899
- 2 BB prams (Maclaren Techno XT $244 & Capella S217 stroller $95. Bought it during JL sale, saved a lot cos less 20% + 5% cardmember discount + 30% vouchers)
- Taime BB clip fan - $4.20
- Electric bottle sterilizer - $139 (Bought Pigeon sterilizer during Taka BB fair, came with free electric bottle warmer and pigeon anti-colic bottle set)
- NUK Tongs for hot milk bottles - $1.40
- Tiger 0.5L vaccuum flask for hot water - $19.90 (took the unused one from my mum)
- Thermos vaccum BB food jar - $33.12 (bought Foogo 3000, pink & purple colour during Taka sale)
- Weaning bowl, curved fork & spoons - $5 (yahoo auctions)
- Avent Baby bottles - $40 (2 med and 2 small anti-colic bottles)
- Pigeon Milk bottle detergent - $13.90 (bought from NTUC)
- Medela Pump in Style Electric breast pump - $600+ (borrowed from friend. Yeah!)
- Disposable Breast pads - $? (got 1 box from the friend who lent me her breast pump. Bought another 2 boxes during JL sale - $8.80)
- Breastfeeding pillow - $80 (bought second hand for $40)
- 5 sets of Open front pyjamas - $50, 2 sets, gift from cousin
- Disposable panties (for after birth & confinement) - $10
- 2 packs of Pureen maternity pads - $11 (Cousin passed me some & bought 2 packs from KKH's Pureen shop.)
- Medela Purelan 100 Nipple cream - $10.26
- Britax Car seat - $300+ (Got baby capsule from ex colleague but can only last for 6-9 months so will still need to buy an car seat.)
- Sack N' Seat portable BB cloth chair - $38
- Electric Cot mobile with remote control - $99 (Cousin will lend me hers when her BB outgrows it)
- Night light for night feeds - $? (bought a pretty lampshade for my old table lamp. Will put it in baby's room)
- Baby rocker - $30 (My friend will pass me hers. )
- Braun Baby Ear thermometer - $130
- Baby clothes - $? (got 5 sets for 0-3 months, 5 sets for 3-6 mths. 1 romper, 1 dress, 2 shirts from NZ cousin. 2 long sleeve tops from Ex colleague. Plus used BB NB clothes from colleague & cousin.)
- 5 sets of Baby mittens and booties - $20
- Baby bibs - $10 (3 with ribbon, 3 Carter bibs)
- 2 Baby hooded towels
- 1 Gap Reversible blanket - $7
- Baby diapers - (1 set of NB Pampers 36 pieces diapers for $17, 1 pack of Drypers S 64 pieces for $7.55. 1 pack of Mamy Poko NB from cousin, 1 pack of Nepia NB diapers $15, 1 small pack of Drypers NB)
- 24 Anakku Baby napkins - 1 pack of 10 $17.91 at Taka sale, 2nd pack at $10.60 at JL Sale
- Baby wet wipes - $50 (4 big packs Pigeon wipes, 2 plastic Pigeon case & 3 small Tollyjoy packs so far)
- Baby diaper barrier cream - $12.87 (Mustela)
- Allerhand Diaper Sling Bag - $150?
- Baby clothes - $30 (got 5 sets for 0-3 months so far, excluding the ones that my friend bought)
- 2 pair of Baby shoes - $? (from NZ cousin)
- 3 pairs of Baby socks - $7.90
- 1 Baby hat - $ (cousin gave me 3 used BB girl's caps, no need to buy liao)
- 5-10 Baby hankies - $2, (bought 1 pack of 6 small cotton square towels at Metro expo, 1 pack of Beni beni 6 BB washclothes for $3.60 at JL sale.)
- Baby clothes detergent - $25 (2 bottles of Pureen detergent & 1 box of Pureen ABD powder)
- Baby toiletries- (non rinse body wash cannot be used for hair so bought 1 pack of pigeon travel size BB toiletries $5.18 to try. Bought 1 big bottle of Pigeon 2-in-1 bb wash $6.50 & 1 big bottle of BB powder $3.30 at JL sale)
- J&J bedtime bath/massage/powder set - $4.06 (JL sale)
- NUK BB bath sponge - $2.18
- Baby tub with netting and non slip surface - $29.90 (from Kiddy Palace)
- Pigeon Baby powder with puff - $3.13 (JL sale)
- Changing Mat - $10 + $13 (1 big one from mum, bought a similar small one, 1 from colleague & 1 hello kitty one.)
- Ruyi oil - $? (colleague gave me her extra bottle)
- Pigeon Step 1 Baby pacifier -$2.55 (JL sale)
- Pigeon teething ring - $2.12 (JL sale)
- Baby grooming set (Safety 1st nail clipper with magnifier $2.60, Pigeon pincer $2.34 , Pigeon Step 1, 2, 3 BB toothbrush $4.60, 1 pack of cotton buds $3.70, 3 packs of Pigeon cotton balls $5.10) - Taka & JL sale
- Baby Toys - $? (1 cloth book, 1 soft toy, 1 musical cot mobile Elmo toy, 1 cheap baby piano, & 1 word game puzzle)
- Fisher Price Ocean Wonder Baby Play gym - $79
- A Lucky Baby gift set - $? (Free gift from KK antenatal class. 1 baby hair brush, 1 baby comb, 2 bottle brush, 1 set of mittens, 1 baby rattle, 1 set of baby rattle keys, 1 baby cup, 1 baby bowl, 1 set of baby spoon and fork, 1 pack of cotton bud)
- Moms in Mind Baby Sarong Sling Carrier - $? (given by colleague who has an extra)
- Small food processor for baby food - $60
- Baby log book - $? (Cousin gave me one as a gift, my NZ cousin gave me a Peter Rabbit one. Now I have 2. :P)
- Baby photo album - $? (NZ cousin gave me one)
- Tyre for post delivery - $20 (borrowed from my cousin)
- Small basin for washing baby clothes - $3

Happy Lunar New Year!!!

It's Chu1 today, Year of the Rat! :) RaeAnne is officially 2 years old according to the Lunar calendar though technically she's only 16 days old. She received her first CNY angpows today, from Daddy, Aunty Lezhuang (CL), Aunty Yati (neighbour), her Ye ye & nai nai and Aunty Wendy (my friend who came back from China to spend CNY with her family). Think there'll be more tomorrow. Must open a bank account to keep her angpow $, must teach her the value of money and importance of savings. Think OCBC has some Mighty Savers Account promotion, must go take a look after my confinement period.

Just realised RaeAnne is feeding 8-10 times a day, other than the 2 times at night when CL feeds EBM, I'm latching on each time for 45min - 1 hr. No wonder I feel tired and sian, it's as tiring as working especially when she doesn't cooperate and keep pushing me or keeping falling asleep while latching. :P

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

RaeAnne is 2 weeks old :)

RaeAnne is 2 weeks old and she drinks more than 80ml each time and my SS not enough. CL has to supplement with FM. Already taking a lot of fish and took papaya with fish bone soup 4-5 times still like that. Last night, I didn't wake up to pump or latch after 12:30am, too sleepy! Woke up, breasts were engorged and I managed to pump 150ml combined. :P

RaeAnne has been fussing these few days, her screams can shake the walls of my house. Feeding often, less than 2.5 hours, latch on then fall asleep. But when you put her down, she refuses to sleep, want to be carried. Sigh, don't know what I'm going to do when CL leave. :/

Friday, February 1, 2008

BB's jaundice is down!

It's been 10 days since I delivered RaeAnne and today was her actual EDD, 1 Feb 08. Hubby & CL brought BB to Tampines polyclinic for her follow up jaundice check. I didn't follow as it was raining, CL said better don't go. Anyway, the jaundice level has come down to 144 so she no need to go back and check anymore. Yeah!!! :)

She's demanding more and more milk though and I can hardly keep up. Hope my SS can increase, if not may have to supplement with FM. :P