The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy gal once again! :)

Hubby sprained his ankle yesterday so it was swollen today. Brought RaeAnne to playgroup and left almost immediately cos got to drive him to the nearby clinic. Long time since I drove, but can't bear to see hubby trying to drive with a painful swollen right ankle. Luckily I didn't knock into anything though my parking is still not perfect. Always needs 2 tries before I park in the middle of the lot. :P

RaeAnne's new school bag arrived by post yesterday so today I could pack all her barang barang into the bag. Teacher Chris was very impressed that they can actually personalised school bags with names, she said the bag is big, can use until K1. Teacher Suriya asked me where to order but I didn't have the url at hand.

Today, I took the time to explain to RaeAnne that I got to bring Daddy to the doctor cos Daddy's leg pain pain. I bluffed her that I cannot bring her along if not doctor see her, will give her injection/medicine too. :P Bad to bluff her actually since this evening, we got to bring her for her 18th month DPT booster jab. Her original appt is 2 Aug, Sunday but since the side effect is fever, I didn't want her to have fever on her official first day of school cos it'll be very disruptive if she got to miss school when she's supposed to be adapting. :P

Teacher Chris also helped to reinforce to her during class that mummy bring daddy to doctor so she accept it better bah. Told her I love her and will definitely come and bring her home. When she saw hubby with the bandaged leg, teacher told her, see, Daddy's leg pain pain, her face immediately changed and she cried. I had to reassure her that daddy already saw doctor, not painful anymore. Looks like our gal is sweet and soft hearted despite her usual boisterous and tomboy behaviour. ;)

Anyway, she was playing with plasticine on teacher's lap when we went back around 1040am. Didn't hear any crying which is good. Teacher Chris said she adjusted well today, only cried a bit from 9-930am when the door opened and other students came in cos she thought it was Mummy. Luckily she didn't beat any one today. She ate a bit of the pre cut bread bits that we prepared and teacher said she even gave some to her classmates.

When we fetched her, she even ran back to the classroom to hold teacher Chris's hand and bring teacher out to the waiting area again. Teacher Chris said she was very touched. She waved bye bye to both Teacher Chris and Teacher Suriya too. :)

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