The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Monday, February 28, 2011


Have not blogged in a long while cos kept watching the different korean drama dvds that hubby bought for me. Just a quick update

Last Tues, let Raelynn try the Thai basil chilli minced meat that I fried. Poor gal, so hot that she kept sticking out her tongue. After that, she refused whatever food I gave her. :P

Tues afternoon, Maid's agent came to speak to Filamie, and she has agreed to renew contract and we will let her go on home leave from 2 - 11 June. It will be a long 10 days without any help. But managed to convince hubby to go for a short 4d3n holiday to HK disneyland from 7-10 June so at least got something to look forward to. :)

Last week, Raelynn has recently sprouted a lower left incisor so she has not been drinking much milk. Luckily this week, her appetite has returned to normal.

Not sure what's wrong with RaeAnne these 3 days. Every night she wet her bed, previously she will wake up around 1am to go toilet. Last night, finally we buay tahan n put on diapers for her after she slept. End up she pee in her diapers, then wake up n change into panties herself. :p

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V Day!!!

Happy Valentines to dear wifey as well!
May you stay healthy and lovely!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Been a long time since I posted cos I got gastric flu since chu3 and had to see 24 hr clinic. Took me 1 long week and another visit to the GP before I finally recovered. :(

Happy Valentine's Day to hubby! Thanks for remembering and getting a new Swatch watch for me. So sweet! :) We didn't go out for Valentine's day lunch nor dinner but we sneaked out for a short while in the afternoon (RaeAnne woke up by then, oops!) and had a heavy tea at F.I.S.H. Tampines1. Didn't manage to buy hubby a gift yet cos he didn't see anything that he fancied. Hope he can find something on ebay later. :P

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Rabbit Year!

Today is 初一, Mei Mei woke up at 6am and cried so loudly at 7am that she woke up Cheh Cheh (she cried cos she wanted to touch her pee in the potty and was stopped by the maid. :P). End up we woke up early but went back to sleep. It's a good thing we did not make any plans for CNY visiting today. Just wanted to pop by ILs place and maybe my mum's place. My bro came over for a while in the morning cos he helped my mum deliver some CNY goodies to MIL. In the end, we popped over to ILs place at 5pm, had steamboat dinner there, then my bro picked us up at 7+pm and we went to my parents for a short while.

Measured Mei Mei today, she is 73cm tall and according to maid who weighed her on Wed 9.4kg. :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Raelynn is 14 months old!

Today is 年三十, the last day of Tiger lunar year and also the day Mei Mei turned 14 months. She is trying to wear her own clothes n will stand on any circular eg. Book or placemat n pretend it's a weighing scale. She cries easily when she is hungry or sleepy. Have let her try a few foods so far cos she is such a glutton eg. Waffle, corn bread, bun, mushroom, tingkat soup, crab n even fish maw n abalone today.

We did not go to ILs place n my mum's place for reunion dinner today. I cooked the soup (chicken stock with fishballs, fish maw, prawns, scallops, mushrooms, vegetables) while hubby cut the abalone. Simple 2 dish reunion dinner for us. Hope that we will 年年有余,代代平安,哈哈(虾虾)大笑 this whole year.