The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008!

Happy New Year!!! So fast, 2008 is nearly here and I've been pregnant for 35 weeks and 4 days out of 2007. Really looking forward to receiving our little princess in 2008. :)

Been having bad backache and buttache for the last few days. A few other mummies also have it. Think it's due to ligament loosening for delivery. :/ No countdown plans this year. Can't squeeze with the crowd with big tummy also. :P

Cooked bah kut teh for New Year Eve's dinner instead. Trying out my new Tiger magic thermal cooker. Not too bad but the soup base we used was too peppery. :P

Tomorrow night, having my super early Reunion Dinner steamboat at my mum's place so that can eat my abalone & sea cucumber and fish maw before confinement. Will try and eat shark fin & pineapple tart this month too. Yummy!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Packed hospital bag today

A very quiet Xmas spent at home. Didn't go out at all. Finally, started to pack my hospital bag, it's about 70-80% done. Haven't put in videocam and camera yet cos if charge it too early, afraid the battery will be flat. Need to put in 1 set of clothes for me and hubby for changing/showering. Still asking the experienced mummies whether i need to bring post delivery inflatable ring or whether KK will provide.

BB was hyper active yesterday but today not as active. Must remember to count movements liao, must have at least 10 movements in a day.

Merry Xmas!!!!

Had to work half day on Xmas Eve until 1pm. Got lots of work to clear cos boss on leave and this week is a short week. After knocking, went to Tampines Mall and Century Square with hubby. Had Xmas Eve lunch at Jack's Place and met 2 colleagues, great minds think alike. The Xmas set lunch was good. :)

Went to watch National Treasure 2 at Century Square after lunch. Not bad, went to buy tickets at 3pm, still can get 4th row from the back for 3:45pm show. Haven't watched a movie for so long, last one was Ratatouiie. ;) Hubby bought me a Swatch watch, and a Xmas present for BB. All wrapped up so I don't know what he bought. I bought him DVDs again. Wanted to buy him a wireless earphone but he doesn't want. Hee, ask him to chose himself cos I don't know what he wants. ;P

Went to Kiddy Palace to buy a small waterproof cot sheet for the mini BB bassinet. Actually, my mum already bought a cot sheet for me but the one she bought was too big, more for a big cot. So, end up buying a smaller one lor. But the smaller one from Annaku ($13) costs more than the one my mum bought ($10). :P Bought another nursing top using my $20 Spring voucher. $39.90 less $20 less 10% DBS Ladies Card, so only $15.90, quite cheap.

I've been having breathless attacks once in a while recently. Got to breathe heavily or breathe through my mouth to feel better. Quite scary leh. Got some water retention on my legs too. Sometimes, wake up in the morning, finger joints feel sore when I try to clench my hands. :/

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cousins' gathering

Went out with my cousins to pig out at Katong. They wanted to eat at Astons but we ended up at Waraku, Katong Village because Astons refused to let them enter the restaurant unless there is 70% attendance (hubby & I arrived late because of the rain.) But it was a blessing in disguise cos we got a cosy room at Waraku, can eat and talk in peace. Didn't bring camera so pics of the food are with one of my cousins.

My cousin bought more clothes for BB, 2 Precious Momemts T-shirts, one pink & one purple. Think BB can wear when she is about 1 year old. She also bought Precious moments name plates for RaeAnne, Me and hubby. Haven't put up yet if not will collect dust. RaeAnne, say thank you to Juliana Yee yee. :)

She also bought 2 sets of button front pyjamas for me from her China trip. Quite sweet with small pink flowers. :) But not sure if I can wear cos waistline for the pants are very small (I won't go back to my pre pregnancy weight so fast). It'll be difficult for me to wear pants immediately after delivery. Plus I'm more used to wearing T-shirt material to sleep, less restrictive. Hee.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Laundry day

Went to my friend's place this morning to collect the car seat bassinet from her, can only use until 6-9 months She passed me her BB recliner chair covered with mesh cloth cover (or is it a bouncer?). She bought a Xmas present for my gal, 1 pink and 1 white long sleeve t-shirt top with some lace design. Think I have to keep till BB is 1 year though cos looks quite big.

Went to parkway parade for lunch cos was eyeing the $169 Philips juicer from Harvey Norman, end up buying a smaller $99 Braun juicer instead. Bought a standing fan too cos the existing one is spoilt after just 2.5 years. Went back & forth between Harvey Norman and Best Denki before finally making up our minds on which shop & which model to buy. :P

Hubby was so tired with the shopping that he had a afternoon nap after we got back close to 5pm. So I decided to let him sleep and not to wait for him so I washed BB clothes today ... Weather still rainy but weekend always too busy to do it. Used the Pureen detergent to handwash her clothes, face towels, booties, mittens but dumped the nappies, hooded towels, etc into the washing machine. Not that bad lar, managed to do it despite my big tummy. :)

But once I finished washing, it was dinner time and my neighbour downstairs (who converted her service balcony into a kitchen) started her usual heavy cooking again. Don't want my BB clothes to stink so had to move my laundry rack to the balcony. :P

Cooked dinner after that, just porridge with fried egg & fried oyster sauce kai lan. But kai lan not very nice cos too little oyster sauce. :P

Monday, December 17, 2007

Feb MTB Gathering

Went for Feb MTB gathering at the Village. There was a good turnout and happy to put faces to names again. We had a gift exchange and I received a baby food making set and 1 pack of 82 Pigeon wet wipes. Ate half pork knuckle and fried vegetables. :)Hubby did not join for this gathering, he paiseh and went shopping instead. We took a group photo but some mummies had to leave early so was not in the photo. :P

Sitting (from left): artemis, eliaw, blueginger, dorothy, june & apple79

Standing (from left): piglettail, tubao, moi_dar, eileengoh, cheryl, snowbelle, H@ppymum2b, jeannie & kitsune_sg

* Missed the group photo but NOT the action: Garfield, BKGE (Kel), Tute and Stephie :)

3rd wedding anniversary

Had a weekend getaway at Swissotel Stamford hotel, stayed there on 16 Dec to celebrate 3rd wedding anniverary with hubby. Got hotel voucher from Amex card promotion so only $100++ per night. The hotel was very full so got 2 queen sized beds on the 26th floor instead of a room with a king sized bed. The beds turn out more like super single than queen, very narrow. Didn't sleep well as a result. :P The harbourview room view was good though.

Went to Equinox restaurant for dinner since it'll be the last time we can celebrate our "er ren shi jie". The Indian waiter was very helpful, he gave me a cushion to put on the back of my chair when he saw I was pregnant. Food was quite ok but desserts was disappointing, a lot of things were sour which did not suit our taste. Hubby gave me a silver pendant and chain from Tiffany while I got him 2 DVDs. :)

Had breakfast at Yakun, Raffles City cos breakfast not included in our room rate. Went for manicure & pedicure today beside Plaza Market Cafe. Too bad, didn't managed to squeeze in a facial. Bought a watch from Furla, less 50% + 5% as Xmas present. ;)

2 mummies from Jan MTB popped liao, will nag hubby to start washing if got sunny weather and start packing my bag this week, will probably use a sports travel bag since the Cordlife kit is already A4 sized. Seeing my gynae again on 2 Jan 08. Hope BB grows to a good size, so I don't need to worry about her being too small. :)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Jan MTBs gathering

Had a gathering with the Motherhood Jan MTB forum on Wed, 12 Dec. We had dinner at Pearl River Chinese restaurant at Suntec City. A la carte buffet at $30.80++. It was good to see all the faces behind the nicks. QQ, one of the MTBs did a very good post with pics of the gathering and the food at her blog. So instead of reinventing the wheel, I'll just copy & paste her url here. Hee hee.

Received the Hello Kitty changing mat and training chopsticks that I bought from BP. The changing mat was thinner than I thought but guess can use it to line my new changing top. The training chopsticks came broken though cos she did not use any bubble wrap to protect it, need to tell the supplier. Hopefully, she can send me a new one. :P
Something wrong with blogspot, the header info & piggy pic is out of sync. Got to redo the header page. :/

Friday, December 14, 2007

Phew! RaeAnne is 2.2kg!

Went to see gynae on Wed, BB's head down and back facing up so she can't measure BB's waist properly to get estimated weight. But based on the scan, estimated weight may be 2 kg or less(below average) so gynae asked me to go down again today to Antenatal Monitoring Clinic for a rescan. Was a bit worried for the past two days cos if BB is really not growing well, worse case scenario, may need to induce and deliver earlier.

Thankfully, after all the pep talk by me and her daddy, BB turned today into a nice 'C' position so her tummy can be seen clearly. Based on today's scan at exactly 33 weeks, her waist circumference is 28.9cm, estimated weight is 2.18-2.38kg (2273g). Gynae said she is slightly above the 50th percentile which is good, my amniotic fluid level is 6.8cm so she still has space to grow. My weight is now 52.2kg, gained about 1 kg since last check up in Nov. :) Asked the technician to show me BB's face when she was scanning and caught her opening her mouth and closing, so cute, think she may be yawning. ;) Too bad the technician did not take that photo. :P

To reward her for being such a good girl, hubby bought her a toy from toy r us. He refused to let me post the photo cos he said it's a surprise for BB. ;)

Popped by the new Spring Maternity outlet at Tampines, they were having a Xmas promotion so ended up buying 1 more nursing top & 1 black lacy maternity dress for wedding anniversary and Xmas parties (if any). ;)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Booked post natal massage

Booked my post natal massage/wrap with Grace, starting with 5 sessions. She's only available from 19 Feb so hope I won't deliver early. If not, got to wait very long before doing it, then the wrap may not be so effective for slimming effect. :P

BB Video Monitor

Kiddy Palace at Century Square has been renovated and it's bigger than ever. Very happy. Saw a very interesting BB video monitor there called Dancing Daisy. Looks good but quite expensive, on offer still $299. Will put on my wishlist, it's better than the Philips baby monitor I was eyeing cos Philips one can hear BB but cannot see. :)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Food glorious food

Had home cooked lunch today cos Hubby fried bee hoon before we went for the book talk. Give him 8.5/10, cos I like it better when he fried it plain the last time without the dark sauce, that one 9/10. But of course, 11/10 for effort! Hee. :)

Book talk at Popular Bras basah went well, some of his ex students even came down to support. :) Went to Bugis to shop around after that, BHG not having storewide sale anymore so nothing much to buy. :P

Went to our favourite restaurant near Liang Seah street, Pivdofr. Set dinner is only $17.50 nett, no gst, no service charge. It came with drinks, salad, minestrone soup, main course (I had roast pork, hubby had pork chop with spagetti and pudding dessert. We ordered half dozen escargot too, my favourite. Was so greedy that I took the first piece before I realised I hadn't taken a photo yet so no photo for escargot. hee :P

Friday, December 7, 2007

BB Cabinet/changing table

Just went to ikea and bought a baby cabinet with removable changing top, $189. A bit ex but already the cheapest one there. There's a simple changing table for only $39 but don't want to bend up and down to get the stuff plus think a cabinet has better mileage, next time can remove the changing top & use it as a shelf to put BB stuff. Delivery next Monday. Can't wait to put all the diapers there, my wardrobe got no space liao.

Some mummies who attended antenatal class said no need to buy bottle drying rack cos it defeats the purpose of sterilising the baby bottles. Looks like I can delete from my list then. One less thing to buy. :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hubby's first radio interview today & Popular Book Talk this Sat

Hubby was interviewed on FM93.8, The Living Room today for his book, 11am - 12noon. Couldn't listen to the broadcast cos I was working and had a meeting. But luckily, there's a repeat broadcast tonight at 11pm. :)

This Sat at 3pm, he's going to Popular Bras Basah branch to give a talk & book signing ceremony. Will go down and support him. All are welcome. :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pre natal massage

Was on leave on Mon & Tues. Went to eat at Tung Lok Seafood gallery for lunch, hubby said the dim sum buffet was good but when we went there, found out the buffet only applicable for min 4 pax so ordered ala carte dim sum & some seafood dishes instead. The deep fried baby squid was very good. Wanted to take a photo but the plate looks messy cos we wasted no time attacking it. Dim sum was good too, hubby loves the carrot cake & char siew pau. Went to the beach but it was too hot so didn't stay there for long. Had very nice fresh coconut juice (the green type) at East Coast seafood centre after that. Went to Tampines to check out BHG before going home. Bought another pigeon wipes hard case ($7.20 less 20%). :)

Had my prenatal massage yesterday. Grace (the masseur) was supposed to come at 12:30pm but she arrived about 1 hour early. It was ok for me, cos the massage was 1.5 hrs so if she comes early, I can have my lunch early. :) I had no mattress so end up using my bumper mat but she advised me to put a bedsheet cover over it. Used 2 big towels to cover pillow & bolster too. Lie on my side cos of big tummy. Grace was professional and friendly. Her massage is very soothing but not very hard cos she said pregnant so cannot use too much force. Good for me cos I'm used to a lighter touch. :)

She used some oil (forgot to ask her what type of oil), was quite oily but can shower half an hour after the massage. One thing bad about doing home massage is that there are lots to wash after that. And not as relaxing as in a spa but prices very cheap. Will definitely continue to do prenatal massage if she has any slots for me on Sats. Interested in post natal too but she doesn't do during CNY period so not sure if can do for me.

One of MTB from Jan thread (EDD 24 Jan) already went to hospital cos of contractions. Her EDD is just 1 week earlier than mine (1 Feb). Really scared I'll pop early too. Think I better continue to fatten BB up until my follow up appt with gynae next week. Want BB to be at least 3 kg. ;)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bought videocam today!

Went to Sitex today and bought my Sony handycam. Went early at 10am to avoid the crowd. Unfortunately, the restaurants are not open so end up eating BK fish for breakfast. It's good I went to Sitext cos better deal than Harvey Norman Parkway. Instead of free 512mb memory card, at Sitex, they gave a free 2GB card. The rest of the freebies (tripod, extra battery, camera case) the same. I bought the cheaper model (DCR-SR42E) though since the salesman said the more expensive model ($1499) only better for taking still photos. Paid $899 + $145 (extended warranty for 5 years), total: $1044. Not sure if I made the right choice also, but since not sure, better buy the cheap one then the expensive one. :P Hubby also bought comp games, got promotion, buy 2 get 1 free. :)

Went to JL sale, agree there's nothing much. But since i'm there. Bought a little pink dress for $10 (size: S) and a pair of baby socks for $2.50. BB has 3 dresses now. The yellow one is a hand-me-down from cousin, 2nd floral pink dress a gift from cousin, the third one is the pink dress from JL expo sale. :)