The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why I love Tampines

hahaha, because besides the 3 shopping malls and 2 cineplexes that provide numerous hours of shopping/entertainment, there is now a new Wendy's at Century square. It took over the old Royal Sporting House.

It just opened today and as expected is packed so hubby and I tapow the original burger (half pounder - 2 beef patties), a fish burger and a kids meal for RaeAnne (the cheeseburger set came with a Casper spinning top. I was so happy when Popeye came to Century Square and now there's Wendy's. Have been curious about Wendy's since the famous Orchard road flood which destroyed the new restaurant's renovation. If only there is a Koi bubble tea at Tampines, then life will be perfect. :)

P.S. Finally found out why my supply has been dipping by so much. Big M visited yesterday after disappearing for 10 months. :P

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Sigh, my supply has been dipping a lot for the last week. I'm not sure why cos I have not seen the big letter M yet. But the low supply is affecting Raelynn and my pump yield is so low that hubby jokes that should just use it for milo instead of storing/freezing for RL. I still took more than 10 mins to pump that pathetic amount okie? Sometimes even more than 20 minutes when I see that the amount is so little so I let the pump run longer. Duh, men... So insensitive sometimes. :P

I'm using nursing tea, drank 3 packs in 2 days. Hope there'll be some effect cos I sold all my BF supplements liao. Anyway, I'm in a dilemma if I should buy fish bones and green papaya to make fish soup to boost SS. Cos Raelynn is already turning 11 months soon and I'm going on holiday in early Dec without the gals. I have about 3 months worth of frozen EBM which we are using to mix into RL's morning cereal. So, is it a wise decision to try and increase supply now?

What if I end up with blocked ducts now or during holiday? The reason for my supply has dropped over the months is also because she is always distracted and escaping from my lap when I'm trying to latch her at 9am, 12noon, 5pm. Since TMC LC told me that it's ok, just need to latch 2-3 times a day, I left her be and didn't bother to pump when she didn't want to latch.

Just now, she was distracted by Cheh Cheh and woke up when I was putting her to bed after latching. Then for the 1 hr when I was trying to put RA to sleep, she kept crying. When RA finally slept, I came out of the room and tried to latch RL but she refused. Kept crying. So end up, I resorted to heating up EBM and she drank all 90ml. Still cried a bit and I heat up another 80ml but she refused to take anymore. She fell asleep after fussing and crying for a while more.

I wonder if I should start giving her EBM for last feed and add rice to her dinner instead of just porridge. She already has 3 solids but she seems always hungry these days. Poor gal. Growth spurt again? :P

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Finally saw Raelynn 扁嘴 today and I was the guilty one. She was latching halfway then had tried to bite me 3 times when I was trying to latch her at 9.30pm after we came back from NTUC. After the 3rd time, I lost my temper and beat her mouth gently (cos my KK LC taught me to do that with RA when she was biting me). Actually, it wasn't very painful cos luckily RL has only 2 pearlies at the bottom but when she 'gum' her gums tight, it is still painful.

After I beat her, she paused for 1-2 seconds as if unsure that Mummy will actually beat her, then she started to 扁嘴 and 一脸委屈。She made a hurt sound but didn't cry. It pained me to see her 扁嘴 cos she's a resilent one. Even when Cheh Cheh pull her hand/or take away toy forcefully, she will only complain loudly and sometimes cry in protest if her head really hit the ground but never 扁嘴 to her sis or me before.

I don't even feel as guilty when 2 years plus ago, when I beat RA on the mouth for biting. RA is the vocal and sensitive one, she'll cry loudly for the slightest thing even up till now. So, I'm a bit 麻木 when dealing with her crying. But not for RL. I hate to see her cry cos she's such a happy baby. :P

No wonder, they say 'Youngest child syndrome' and 'the youngest one can get away with murder'. If I stop at 2, and Raelynn is going to be the youngest, I think I'll spoil her rotten. :P

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fan Review

The fan supplier came to install the fan at 5pm. Thanks to him for agreeing to come earlier cos I sms him that I need to bring my gal out for dinner and 6pm installation is too late. Turns out he was very understanding cos he has a toddler born on Sept08 too and his elder kid is already 10 years old. Kudos to them for having another kid after such a long gap. Anyway, I digress...

Just tried the fan. It's good for Raelynn who is just under it. At setting 1, it's silent with a slight breeze. But it's not good enough for my 'oven' RaeAnne who insisted that it's hot even at setting 2 because she is away from the fan. Had to shift her pillow to the opposite side of the bed but she's not used to it. So woke up crying just now after just 1 hr of sleep.

So end up I still have to switch on her usual standing revolving fan. Which to me defeats the purpose of a ceiling fan. But hubby still thinks it's not good to have such a strong ceiling fan in the kids' room. I'm sure the grandparents and the chinese sinseh will agree with him.

Oh well. At least it's silent and cute. And most importantly, the fan is blowing from the top so poor Raelynn doesn't have to sweat surrounded by the cot bumpers. We can always change to a bigger ceiling fan after the gals grow up. :)

Bossy little RaeAnne

Hubby and I are often amused by RaeAnne who is so bossy. Feel I should document her conversations with us. Will be interesting to see how this fiesty (only at home) gal grow up to be.

'Mummy, only I can feed you.' - When I told her that I've already taken my supplements/medicines.

'No, you cannot say me' - when hubby and I discussed about her openly.

'No, you cannot touch my one' - when we were trying to decide on what to order reading from her copy of spread out restaurant menu'

'RaeAnne: Mummy, why you call me RaeAnne Teo?
Mummy : Because I am angry with you for ..... RaeAnne: No, you cannot call me RaeAnne Teo. You cannot say me' - When I'm angry with her and addressing her 连名带姓。

Friday, October 22, 2010

RaeAnne is 33 months today!

RaeAnne is 33 months today! I've given up on taking a monthly photo of her since she turned 2years old. But today is an exception cos today is also the day of her playgroup photoshoot for the kids. I think it's a great idea cos she is also 'graduating' this year cos I intend to change school for her next Jan. She's getting a bit big for the Learning Train Playgroup cos it's at the RC so only 1 classroom so they had kids from 18 months all the way to 3 years plus.

When I told her this morning that they will be taking photos so she needs to wear socks and shoes. My usual camera shy gal resisted and said don't want to take photo, don't want to wear socks. Had to coax her that if she take nice photo then I'll go down and see her at the photoshoot which is happening at 10am. Actually I was also curious and want to make sure that she looks at the camera instead of looking away which is what she always does when I take her photo. Didn't want to waste my $10.

She was dressed up so pretty cos the teacher had gelled her hair and tied it up with a red ribbon. But because the teacher said if you want to take photo, you better come and take now. So I went into the room. WRONG MOVE! The moment she saw me, she was so manja and sticky, refuse to let me out of her sight. Started to cry and didn't want to sit down with her classmates. Wanted me to stand beside her to take the photo. In the end, I had to hide behind the teacher and her before she was willing to have her group photo taken. I think the teachers were probably secretly irritated with me cos the other parents have left the room but I couldn't because RaeAnne will cry and be all red for her photo taking. Luckily, I redeemed myself by helping the teachers to type in the captions for the group photo. :P

Asked hubby to come back earlier today and went to Eunos Warehouse (3 Kaki Bukit Road 2) and finally bought my ceiling fan for the gals' room. Hubby and I shun ceiling fans and even removed the one left behind by the previous owner in our living room. 1) We think it's wobbly and dangerous 2) It is very difficult to maintain and clean cos we'll need a ladder and end up with a stiff neck. But in the end, the comfort of Raelynn prevailed cos the poor gal is always sweating in her cot. The tower fan is too weak to penetrate her cot bumper while Cheh Cheh also needs the bigger fan to be focused in her direction.

Asked a few forum mummies and even went to renovation forum to research on what is good. Was thinking of Fanco Aroma, Amasco Empire and other big ceiling fans with light. But in the end, bought a small baby fan (Alpha LK1) cos hubby thinks the room is not that big and he feels small acrylic fan blades are safer for kids. We asked for 2 20watt bulbs so that it will be brighter. Costs us almost $300 including installation. For the same price, I still think bigger fan will be more powerful but I think RaeAnne will love the new fan cos it looks so cute. :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Discipline and Love

A Jan08 mummy shared that she beat her son with a cane until he knelt down and turned black in the face and had bruises all over his legs cos he was so naughty. I can emphatise with what she was going through. It is difficult to control your temper when your child does not behave the way you want them to.

Don't want to eat, don't want to sleep, pour water on the floor, pour soup on the table, throw toys, don't want to share, push classmates and sibling, draw graffiti on your household items, chewed on toys, tupperware and even the Bumbo seat, refuse to put on clothes, refuse to dry hair after showering, refuse to wear every shirt or shoes that you take for her, if you let her choose, she will change her mind 5 times after you have put them on for her. Yes, RaeAnne is no angelic child, she has done all of the above.

There was a period also when I either beat RaeAnne with my hand or locked her at the balcony with the sliding door for her 'time out' when she is naughty. Less than 5 mins only. But after that, she kept telling maid, 'If you do this, I will beat you and lock you up'. Then I decided, if other people hear her saying this, they'll think what kind of family does this child grow up in? Do I want my child to grow up with so much anger and harsh words? Will she grow up to be loving and patient if I set the wrong example? So, I stopped doing it.

Many times, I'll snap too especially when she refuses to nap and keeps taking out her clothes. She can change 5 shirts in 1 night and take more than 1 hr to sleep. But luckily I'm usually not alone so I'll walk into my room and let the maid/hubby handle her. Sometimes, I'll flare up outside and start throwing her things then hubby will know I've reached my max and automatically take over. Luckily I got no cane in the house or I don't know what I'll do in my fit of anger. Cos I'm the sort who will act first then regret later if I really lose it. :P

But after I calm down, I realise if she were an only child and I don't have no. 2. Will I be still be so impatient and punish her or will i be telling her nicely or finding other creative ways to distract her and get her to behave? Answer is no then I'll feel guilty cos she did not ask to have Mei Mei. It is our choice so I should not punish her because sometimes when we are rushed for time, I will be behaving like a mad woman shouting at the maid and RaeAnne esp when Mei Mei is crying for milk/sleep, Maid has done something wrong again, RaeAnne is cranky and throwing tantrums because she is hungry/sleepy/thirsty/naughty while hubby is his usual cool self.

A few times, there is a reason why she doesn't want to do certain things. Eg. don't want to eat cos she has an ulcer but cannot express herself. Want to draw with my pen on my bedsheets cos she thought it can be wiped off with wet wipes like the white board marker. Push Mei Mei because she said Mei Mei cannot take the toy and eat. Mei Mei may end up swallowing it. Sometimes, I forget that she is only a child and expect too much from her, expect her to behave as an adult.

Today, she asked me Mummy are you a good girl? I said yes. Then, she said 'I love you. Naughty gal, I don't love.' It caught me by surprise but I realise that I always tell her that to make her behave. "If you are naughty, I don't love you."

But love for our kids should be unconditional, even when they are naughty and drive you up the wall. even if they are sick and vomit all over you. even if you send more than 10 photos, they will never make it to the cover of a baby magazine. So, I told her. No, if you are good gal, I love you a lot. When you are naughty, I love you a bit. But I still love you.

P.S. A mummy reminded me, love is not measured by how good or naughty you are. I should love my child just as much even when she is naughty. I agree and I do love her as much no matter what she does. But, I will still get angry cos I'm only human. Time to find a new phrase to get her to behave... :P

Sick of it

Officially, we have been sick for more than 1 month. We as in me, RaeAnne and Raelynn. We just keep cough and cold symptoms for the whole month. RaeAnne saw GP twice, PD twice, TCM once. I saw GP twice, TCM twice. Raelynn saw PD twice. Can imagine the ENORMOUS hole in hubby's pocket for medical bills this month. And worse, he can only claim $10 each time we see a GP/PD. TCM cannot claim. The PD has given RaeAnne Singulair for her cough and though cough is better, she has been having runny nose for the last 2 days. She missed school on and off for more than 1 week too. That's also why there are fewer posts these few weeks. The two gals are getting skinnier and skinnier esp RaeAnne. Even Raelynn has started to walk 8-10 steps quite confidently during this time and I had no time to take nor post her video. Sigh... hope all of us get well soon.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Toy R Us warehouse Sale & Explorerkidz

On Fri, Hubby and I went to try Mr Chicken Rice at ehub by the previous Mandarin Hotel Sous Chef. Chicken was nice, better than the Centrepoint food court Chef Han Chicken rice after visiting Toy r us sale. After that, learnt from the Jan10 mummies that can just combine purchases with strangers to hit $300 and get the discount. Ok, lesson learnt! :P

On Sat, maid wanted off day. So, we left Mei Mei at ILs house and brought RaeAnne to Explorerkidz at Ehub. She enjoyed playing with the colour balls and 4 storey Megaplay Activity centre and the other playareas. Join as member so paid $11 (for 1 hr play) + $7.50 (one time member fee). Wanted to bring her to Polliwogs but didn't. Cos I got 1 for 1 coupon (weekday only) till 31 Dec after signing up for POSB everyday card so will wait for school hols then bring Raelynn as well.

Since we are there, we went to the toy fair again yesterday with RaeAnne, really nothing much leh. She wanted to buy the big cheap doll house but I see the packaging so tattered and finishing not very good, told her I'll get a better one for her next time. Not sure if I'll do it though. :P

These few days, pump yield is quite low, don't know why. It doesn't help that Raelynn has been latching lesser and lesser at 5+/6pm feed. At this rate, think I can drop the dinner time milk feed soon and just let her have porridge earlier.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Toy R Us Warehouse sale

Went to Downtown East for the Toy R Us warehouse sale, today is preview sale for NTUC members, Toy R Us cardmembers and HSBC cardmembers. We went there at 7+pm. RaeAnne was uncooperative, refuse to finish her dinner so this time we brought Mei Mei. In hindsight, should have left Mei Mei behind too cos she was sleepy after her bath, milk feed and dinner. Poor gal dozed off midway while we shop for toys.

Was really tempted by the Little Tikes playhouse that was displayed on stage which was on 60% off. But I checked inside and there was no sink nor cooking set unlike the Little Tikes Country Cottage playhouse that she loved at Sol cafe in Mar this year. Obviously, it was a steal at $419 cos all the units were sold out except the display unit and the display unit got sold off just 15mins after they made the announcement of it being 60% off. Wanted to get the Little Tikes activity gym with a wavy slide but hubby said no to slides cos he's afraid RaeAnne will jump off and injure herself. :P

Anyway, got a Little Tikes golf set, a post office/shop playtent, a Dora backpack, a loops game and 2 musical stuffed toys for the gals. Total damage: $97.40. A lot of good stuff were sold out but some Jan10 mummies managed to grab good buys at additional 30% off. The toys are mainly for RaeAnne cos Mei Mei is still mouthing everything so it's hard to find toys that are non felt/furry, not metal, no small parts, waterproof, washable and non toxic. Think her teether and plastic shapes are the safest for now. :P

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It's been a long time since RaeAnne stayed over at Nai Nai's house but Nai Nai asked her not to go to school today so that she can rest more and stay out of air con. Then tonight when hubby went over to bring her home, Nai Nai said keep her here and don't go to school again tomorrow. oh well, hubby has tons to mark and Nai Nai is happy to look after her, so why not? We will bring her back tom night. :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A great dame passes...

Today, the wife of Singapore's First Prime Minister, Mrs Lee Kuan Yew passed away at age 89. There goes a great woman, a devoted wife and mother. She has 61 years of love from a man who does not appear to be sentimental or romantic but spent the last 2 years reading poems and stories to his wife who could not speak after a series of strokes. She found love that spans 61 years through sickness and health. What a lucky woman. I wish the same for myself and my daughters. :)

'To love, to hold and to cherish, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, till death do us part. 执子之手与子偕老。有情如此,夫复何求。 Rest in peace, Mrs Lee Kuan Yew (Mdm Kwa Geok Choo).

Photo credits: Yahoo Singapore, Fit to Post Blog, Associated Press

Raelynn is 10 months old - A Bumper Crop of Video clips :)

My honey Raelynn is 10 months old today. Honey and not darling cos 'darling' title belongs to RaeAnne. I told her I will call Mei Mei 'Honey' to avoid confusion and she supports my decision. At Nai Nai place, Nai Nai used to call her Girl or Girl Girl but now Girl and Girl Girl also refers to Mei Mei so sometimes she is disappointed when she turns around and realises that Nai Nai is not calling her. :P

Anyway, my Honey Raelynn is so sweet that she keeps puckering up for a kiss. Wonder where she learn that from, but it's already making dear Daddy worried. A fellow Feb08mummy's 2.5 year old gal has already given her first kiss to a little boy in school and her daddy is pulling out all the guns. Haha.

Forgot to measure her height and weight yet cos we went out and was too busy running after the 2 gals. Will do that tomorrow.

P.S. Raelynn is 69cm and 8.3kg (no weight gain since last month, sigh).

I have a 4 months backlog of video clips to be edited and uploaded. Super tedious but it's finally done. For the record, I finished this post at only 2.43am. Duh...

But watching and seeing how much she has grown since 6 months old, PRICELESS! :)

part 1

part 2

part 3

P.S. In case anyone is wondering, I finished the last puff too. 7 puffs were devoured in the process of making this short video clip. No, no , no.... I am not greedy, I just don't like to waste food. Like Daddy... ;)