The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Friday, August 7, 2009

Buffet dinner at The Line

Finally got to try The Line buffet dinner at Shangri-la hotel with hubby tonight. Heard the buffet was good and I've been wanting to try it for some time. There were so many people there when we reached at 7pm. Fri is my birthday but Thurs night was seafood night and I wanted to try their lobster so we went 1 day early to celebrate. Hubby drew me a card and got something from Body shop as birthday present. :)

The buffet set up was quite dispersed with different stations located at least 1-2 metres away from each other. I saw Japanese station, Crustaceans statione at another, Local delights station, Malay and Indian food stations, Salad station, ice cream station, dessert station etc.

Hubby just took 2 plates, 1 plate of hot cooked food, 1 plate of dessert and he was full liao. I took at least 4 plates of food eg. lobster, crayfish, oyster, clams, sashimi, salad, laksa, wantan noodles, satay and ice cream. When the satay chef saw me taking 2 sticks of chicken satay. He said take more lar, he gestured towards my tummy. The one inside hungry you know. LOL.

Sadly no 25% discount tonight, only for National Day. But POSB/DBS card got 15% discount so better than nothing. Anyway, having tried the food, I felt that the price was too steep ($88 for Thurs night, $68 for other nights) before discount. Even hubby said the spread was not exotic. Think we tasted better food at Champagne brunch (non alcoholic version though) at Equinox restaurant at Swissotel Hotel. That one even had foie grae. We had a 50% off deal then cos I had the Feed at Raffles card then. :)

Saw a family dinner with 4 daughters and 1 son at the Line. The gals are very pretty, the eldest is already married and preggie like me. The other 3 gals (who all look like about the same age to me) brought their boyfriends. They even took a group photo together. Sigh, dreaming of the day when my gals will bring their bfs and we can go out for family dinner too.

Told hubby some say once a son is married, you lose him to his wife. But for a daughter, you gain half a son. I hope it's true for my 2 gals. ;)

P.S. Filamie did a few things wrong today when she was cleaning the kitchen (ignored all the dusty cups, she thought just need to clean the countertop, fridge and stove) and preparing bread for RaeAnne (used her new pigeon plastic dish to cut bread, the very new dish ended up with a cut across the surface. ) and using dish washing liquid to clean RaeAnne's bumpermat. Told her that she must always check with me if not sure. Cannot just do on her own. Taught her to vaccuum in the afternoon and she interrupted me mid sentence when I told her that she's not holding the vaccuum cleaner correctly. Sigh, so fast defensive liao. Told hubby to communicate more with her tomorrow since he's at home. Keep myself cool while giving her some time to learn and adjust.

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