The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Monday, November 30, 2009

Waiting Game...

It's been a few days since i last posted. Thought I would have popped by now. :P

But Mei Mei has other plans, I'm 39 weeks tomorrow and she's later than Cheh Cheh who came out at 38w4d. I guess she prefers to be a Dec baby rather than a end Nov baby which I had anticipated. Well, Dec is the month of me and hubby's ROM anniversary so she has something in common with Cheh Cheh. Cheh Cheh came out 1 day after our customary wedding anniversary date on 22 Jan 08. :)

Well, RaeAnne has recovered from her cough, and I've mostly recovered except for a slightly stuffy nose which acts up from time to time. Daddy's school holidays have already started. So, it's a good time for her to arrive. I'm getting very clumsy cos it's difficult to move or get up from bed or even shift position. Leg's water retention is getting bad so got to keep putting up my legs on a pillow when I get a chance.

The longer she waits to come, the bigger she'll be and she's already 3.1-3.2 kg when gynae checked last Thurs. If there are no signs by this Fri, I may have to think of a date to induce liao. :P Dr Wong is on holiday from 14 Dec onwards so must choose a date on EDD or at most 1-2 days later. May want to choose a good date if inducing cos Dr Wong said delivery for no. 2 should be around 7-8 hrs. Asked the question in baidu, and got the answer that 2 Dec, 7 Dec and 8 Dec are good dates. Oh well, we'll see. :)

Anyway, I've decided not to get myself flustered when waiting day by day. Since she doesn't want to come out yet. I shall 'enjoy' myself these few days shopping and eating food that I can't eat during confinement. Maybe more walking will also help induce labour. hee.

Yesterday, at Poh Heng's 50% off sale, I showed RaeAnne the 2 pendants that I wanted to buy. The garnet I told her it's for her. The Poh Heng saleslady asked her the sapphire one is for who. She paused then shyly pointed to my tummy. Her saleslady said she's very guai and loving towards her Mei Mei. Really sweet to see her loving towards Mei Mei, hope it stays that way when Mei Mei is born. ;)

RaeAnne did not nap at all at ILs place today so she knocked out early at 920pm. :) I'm not complaining but MIL definitely was. They were so tired cos she didn't nap so they didn't get to have their afternoon nap either. :P

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sitex and gynae visit

Went for gynae check just now. At 38w2d, RaeAnne is between 3.1 to 3.2 kg. Head circumference is around 32cm and I'm 1cm dilated. My water retention is getting bad, at first just can't see the veins on my feet but now they are practically like pigs trotters. :P Dr Wong is also surprised I'll drag for so long. Thought I would have popped by now. :P She said maybe I'm the sort who will slowly dilate then once reach 2-3cm then water bag burst. Anyway, next appt is 5 Dec and if I don't pop by then. She'll talk to me about inducing on the 8 Dec or a few days after that. Induce sure to be more painful, will have to go for epi and may have risk for c section. Sian. :P

Went to Sitex today, mainly to get a GPS device for hubby as Xmas and anniversary present cos I'll still in be confinement. :P We spent more than 1 hour at the Eastgear booth before deciding on the Garmin 255w at $299. My friend Bobby actually recommended Holux and the Holux 62E is $259 and the software is more user friendly but the volume is too soft. Can't even hear it at Hall 6. Definitely can't hear it in the car if we are playing children songs for RaeAnne or the radio. :P

Tried out the Garmin GPS just now. Not bad, it gave us a shorter route for us from TMC back home. Hope with the GPS, we will have fuss free travelling to new destinations and hopefully we can start going to some new food places that I've always wanted to go eg. Bollywood veggies, Dempsey, Punggol marina, Jalan Kayu roti prata, The French stall at Serangoon road etc. Hee.

Last night, RaeAnne got blocked nose so can't sleep well. I slept on her cot bed with her from 230 - 530am. My back was so stiff cos I can't turn and there's not enough space for me to leverage and move with my super big tummy (43 inches!?!). At 610am, she cried and hubby carried her in upright position so that she can sleep until 8am. :P

Just now, we used the nasal spray to clear her mucus cos she tends to breathe in the mucus again instead of blowing her nose (she learnt to do that this morning but refused to blow her nose tonight). She hates it and struggled very hard. PD said review this Sunday but hubby is keen to try TCM liao. Sigh, whatever he decides, better go before I pop. :P

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Raelynn is 38 weeks!

Waiting game now, been waiting for 2 weeks actually since dr said she was engaged at 36 weeks. Thought she would be early but at this rate, she'll probably come out at the same time as RaeAnne or even later. A bit worried that she'll end up to be too big. Cos she was already 3 kg during last Fri's checkup. :P

Finally went to see dr today cos my cough/cold was not getting any better after 2 days of self medication. Asked dr for antibiotics too cos I don't want to be sick during delivery. Phelgm already starting to have bloody streaks liao. :P

In the afternoon, went back to QB house cos the lady didn't cut my layer at the right side so I have a chunk of hair that keeps falling over my face. Today when I went there, the same lady was not there but her colleague cut for me. I don't understand why hairdressers always insist on cutting the side of my hair into layers. I already repeated many times that I want to be able to tie it up. If they keep layering it, I can't tie it up cos chunks of hair will keep falling over my face. Worse, they took out so much of the thickness that the ponytail is now so straggly but I can't even clip it up anymore. Must use a rubber band and go through many many rounds.

Sigh, serves me right for trying to save $ and going to the cheap cut salons. Next time, I'm going back to Phyto hair spa where I have a package. :P But it'll be a long long time before I can keep my hair long enough to undo all this damage. :(

Back to school

RaeAnne went back to playgroup today. She was quite happy initially, ran to the classroom after washing her hands. But when she reached there, she started crying cos there are quite a few new faces today. (teacher Suriya is sick so there is another stand in teacher), then there is a new boy who just enrolled last week (when she was on 'MC') and another lady (maybe the boy's mummy) Duh, bo bian lor, she's been away for 1 week so far. Bound to have some changes.

Tonight, we brought her to PD for review. She was guai as usual, never cry or make any noise when the PD examined her (think the Elmo goes to the doctor DVD helps a lot to ease her fears). Dr Lee prescribed additional med: one for wheezing, one for phelgm and oral drops as well. Today's damage: $58.60. She said to bring RaeAnne back for review on Sun, hope RaeAnne recovers before that (duh, don't know if I popped by then) :P

Sunday, November 22, 2009

RaeAnne is 22 months today!

2 more months to RaeAnne's 2nd birthday. She is 10.3kg and 84cm tall. She was 10.7kg at the PD clinic, probably lost weight cos she has not been eating well for 1 week.

She can repeat A-Z after us and parrot words that she heard for the first time.
Long words like papaya are no problem for her now.
Can say short sentences like 'Smile, Daddy, Mummy' too. ;)
She can differentiate the colours: Red, blue, green, yellow, white and green.
She can differentiate the shapes in the shape sorter correctly.
She can open the fridge door on her own and take out her favourite gerber stars. (need to buy a fridge lock liao :P)
Can say 'ng ng' after she pooed but can't say 'shh shh'.
She will try to sing along when she hears the same tune/lyrics more than once.
She can take out her own shoes and kick them away. (Mummy is trying to teach her to take out the shoes while sitting down instead :P)

Now, RaeAnne's fav book are the 3 pelangi books that I got through Tongtong. 我的爸爸,我的玩具熊不见了,一只大肥猫。She likes us to read about how the Daddy interacting with the boy, flip to last page and find the bear and flip to the page where the fat cat is given medicine by the doctor. haha. The other book she enjoys is the Usborne book 100 words sticker book cos I let her help stick on the stickers.

Poor gal is still sick, phelgmy cough and running nose. So, I couldn't take a good photo of her today. Only got one when she was playing with the mei mei doll and my camera. She either pretends to take a photo by putting her fingers on her eyebrows or places her eye close to the lens of my Canon 110s ixus. :P

Her medicine is finishing, will check if I can buy med from PD clinic. Since she's better, intend to let her go to school tomorrow. She has missed school for 1 week so far. Will probably put on more clothes for her though. Long sleeve jacket and long pants? :P

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Passing the bug...

This morning, stomach n back so crampy and achy that i thought contractions started. Luckily, after taking a nap, felt better. Sigh, I caught the bug from RaeAnne liao. In fact, all 3 of us are sick, hubby, me and the maid. Probably due to not enough rest. :P Just took cough syrup, cold med, 1000mg of Vit C and flumicil just now. Hope I can nip the problem in the bud. :P

Cut my hair just now at QB house Century sq, wanted to save $ and time cos RaeAnne woke up at 2pm from her nap. :P The aunty layered it by a lot. My ponytail is even more straggly now, looks like a joke. But at least by chopping my fringe and a layered back, it is more cooling.

RaeAnne vomitted after her milk feed again even though we fed her on bumper mat this time and didn't let her lie down. Sigh, looks like we got to cut away the last milk feed until she recovers from her cough. Fed antibiotics this morning and night, her diarrhea problem seems under control liao. Good, at least one less thing to worry about. :P

Phew, passed another day without popping. Hope I recover before Raelynn arrives. Hope Raelynn won't be too big though cos she's already 3 kg, will be very difficult to push if she comes out too late. Sigh, dilemma. :P

Friday, November 20, 2009

Raelynn is 3kg! :)

Went for gynae check up just now. Baby Raelynn is already 3kg so even if pop this weekend, she's of good weight. I'm 57.8kg today, looks like won't cross 60kg, phew! I'm only 0.5cm dilated but gynae said her head is engaged and quite low. But if she drags to next week, she'll be 3.1 or 3.2kg like RaeAnne. Forgot to ask Dr Wong to check Raelynn's head circumference. :P

Anyway, I don't ask for too much. As long as she tahan and let Cheh cheh recover first before arriving then I'm happy. Will go cut hair tomorrow, shorter but still can tie the hair at the back but will chop off the fringe since not long enough to tie up anyway.

RaeAnne's diarrhoea is caused by augmentin cos I have the same reaction. Called the pd this morning, she said can cut dosage by half but best to continue until sat cos antibiotics should take for at least 5 days. RaeAnne vomitted her milk again after we gave her the night feed and she coughed. Hubby said we got to change our usual practice of last milk feed before she sleeps cos she's prone to puke it out when she coughs.

Her diaper rash is still bad. Today still keep pooing a bit of loose stools. Kept crying when we try to change her diaper, wash her butt, and apply steroid cream. Heart pain, decided to skip the antibiotics for tonight since her loose stools didn't get better even with 2.5ml dosage. :P Probably not a rational decision but I really can't bear to see her suffer even more. Cough with phelgm and cannot spit out already kelian enough, really don't need diaper rash to add onto her problems.

Actually met a mummy, Celia at ACJ clinic who has read my blog. She said she's Diana's friend and she read my blog because it was linked to Diana's blog. I thnk we have 3 Diana among the Feb mummies? I remember one is Artemis, one is Diana(spoiltbratz), and the other one not very sure. :P Anyway, Celia's a Feb mummy too but seldom post. Her 20 month old gal, Cadence (hope I spelt her name correctly) is so chatty and talks so well using short sentences. Wonder why RaeAnne who is 1 month older, can't talk as well. Okie, okie, must remind myself: Don't compare, don't compare. ;P

Managed to eat at tian tian huo guo today, it was the most obvious restaurant from where we parked. My ILs called hubby at 730pm cos my gal was fussing so we only had 1round of food. :P But very happy that I got to satisfy my craving before popping. Can't imagine going to eat steamboat with a toddler and baby in tow. :P And I'm sure it'll be even tougher for me and hubby to have er ren shi jie after no. 2 is born cos ILs will find it a strain to help us look after 2 gals even with the maid. :P

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Diaper rash... :(

RaeAnne's diarrhoea is bad and now she's developed diaper rash. Got to keep changing her diapers, apply steroid lotion and desitin. Think I'll call PD tomorrow and ask if we can stop the Augmentin (suspect the answer will be no).

Sigh, put her to bed just now. For once, she wanted to drink milk. So happy but end up she cough and vomit all over the cot bed. Luckily we had a water mattress on the cot (to reduce her temperature) so bedsheet was just a bit stained, no need to change yet. But need to wash her and change her clothes all over again. Was almost 11pm when she slept and she went to bed hungry again. Think my dear gal will be much slimmer after this bout of illness. :(

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Seeking alternative treatments

Went to Hock Hwa and bought the 珍珠川贝 (my mum's favourite sales lady told me it's top grade) 南杏, 北杏 and some chinese 鸭梨 (more cooling she said). The staff told me after 2 hours too but 1 hr still ok cos she said this soup is not strong. She split up the 川贝 into 5 packs and I'm supposed to double boil or boil 1 pack with 1 ya pear and 1 teaspoon of 南杏,北杏. Will add some winter melon sugar if still not sweet. :P

Also bought flumicil satchets and the nasal spray that Yvonne recommended. Only let her try Flumicil so far cos she napped from 2-5pm. By the time, she woke up, time for fever med liao so can't take TCM. If she can nap better, hope it means that she is getting better. Fever peaks are slightly better too, around 37.9 to 38.1.

Will boil the soup for her tom. The nasal spray the pharmacist said must ask her to spit out the phelgm which she can't or ask her to blow her nose (which she refuse to do) so I'm not sure how to administer it. Maybe plan B bah.

Wanted to buy the Ba bao shan but the EYS lady recommend me the Hou ning which costs $66+ for a small bottle of powder (can only take 2 times). Hubby said try other methods first. He said rather bring her to see TCM dr if fever comes down and cough is not ok.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Raelynn is 37 weeks! :)

Raelynn has finally reached 37 weeks, full term. Too bad no gynae visit this week. Really eager to know if she has moved down and her weight now. Very tiring stage for me now. Got pains in the butt and V area cos her head is already engaged. Even getting swollen finger joints due to water retention.

MIL passed us the confinement herbs and stuff today. Took the chance to tell my MIL today that if baby really comes in the middle of the night, we'll send my gal and the maid over before going to the hospital. Have asked the maid to bring a few sets of clothes and her tilam. :P

Repacked my hospital stuff today into a bigger luggage cos the Samsonite cabin luggage is just too small to fit cordlife kit, RaeAnne's present and my stuff, me & hubby's toiletries, laptop etc. Still need to charge and bring handycam and digital camera, HP charger etc. No way, I can't fit my freestyle pump so got to bring it separately. Luckily the pump comes with its own shoulder bag so not so bad. Still wondering if I should bring my BF pillow and borrow the inflatable ring from my cousin again. ;P

Monday, November 16, 2009

Poor RaeAnne is Sick

It's been almost 4 months since RaeAnne started attending playgroup but she's finally fallen sick. She started with a bit of cough since last Thurs/Fri. Not sure if I spread to her. :P

Then she started phelgmy cough yesterday. Last night, keep waking up every 2 hrs. Poor hubby had to keep carrying her. I didn't want to leave her to cry for fear that it will aggravate her cough. By 4+am, i gave up n ask hubby to bring her to our room to sleep.

Luckily, hubby clearing childcare leave today so he brought us to the clinic this morning. Hubby wanted to bring her to the TCM clinic but we lost the namecard and couldn't remember which block it was at. PD said she has a throat infection and a phelgmy cough. She is 10.7kg and 84cm tall when they measured her at the clinic. She was very guai for the visit. Didn't cry at all even when she had to lie down for the PD and PD used the cold stethoscope to listen to her lungs. So different from her previous PD visits. Shows that she has really grown up. :)

PD consultation, med and 2 creams (eczema lotion and cream which we requested) came up to $60+. Hubby said next time we should bring her to GP not PD to save costs. Told him we start doing that after 2 years old bah and after she finished all her jabs bah. Below 2 years, I'm still a bit kiasi, prefer to bring her to see specialist. :P

She didn't go to school today but we still brought her to mil house after pd visit. Since it was too late to tell ILs not to cook for her and there's hardly any food in the fridge to cook for her.

After that, went to watch 2012 with hubby n had a late lunch at seoul garden. Most likely the last movie i'll get to watch for a long long time cos of the 3 hr BF schedule. :P

One of the Dec09 mummy popped on Sun morning even before she got to watch the movie. Last night, had a lot of Brackton hicks contractions and baby Raelynn was moving a lot so told hubby I think it may be within this week. Let's see if I'm right. ;P

Just now while at ILs house, she felt a bit warm and she was still active and playing. Came home and hubby took her temperature, it was 38.6 (using ear thermometer). PD already warned that she may develop fever so we gave her paracetemol and the cold med as well before she slept. She just slept at 1025pm. Hope she will sleep well tonight. Don't know whether to let her go to PG tomorrow. :P

P.S. Over the weekend, all of us LOL when we realised that she asked the maid to 'put it here' when the maid was helping her to take the dollhouse. She's really parroting our language. :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Celebrating Waipo and Waigong's BD

We went for dinner at Chin Lee restaurant at Blk 115 Bedok North to celebrate Waipo and Waigong's birthday. Didn't find the food fantastic. Went there simply because Waipo had eaten there once with my cousin and she found the food nice. But she didn't remember what was nice when she last ate there. :P RaeAnne ate some steamed pomfret, chicken, fish slices, straw mushroom, stir fried veg,fried mee sua and some white rice. Brought along the food scissors and cut everything small. Hubby thinks even zhi char food is better. But then, most importantly is that the old folks are happy with the choice of restaurant. :) Especially brought along the camera but forgot to take any photos. Duh. Pregnesia! :P

RaeAnne wailed in the short car ride home. She keeps doing that nowadays. Keep crying and calling for Daddy and Mummy when she's seated in the back with Filamie. Don't know why. :P Don't think RaeAnne ate much rice cos she finished 220ml of milk. Most days, she'll leave 40-100ml behind. She knocked out at 940pm cos she had a short afternoon nap of 1hr 45mins. :P

Noticed that my fingers are getting stiff and swollen from water retention just now. Tummy is now 41 inches. Think D day must be drawing close. Almost 37 weeks liao. :P

Friday, November 13, 2009

Penang June 2010

Hehe, Airasia got free tickets promotion on 11 Nov 09. Mai tu liao. Chong to order tickets online for 11 -13 June 2010. Just $205 for 3 tickets, saved $150. Can't buy infant ticket for Raelynn yet cos she doesn't have BC or passport mah. Told hubby best time to travel if before Raelynn starts solid food and RaeAnne can take table food like us. Hee. Asked MIL but she's not keen to go. Will see if we decide to bring the maid in the end. If just 4 of us, then just need 1 room with extra bed for RaeAnne. Raelynn can squeeze with us on king size bed. At least got a short holiday to look forward to. :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Baby is ENGAGED!!!

Saw Dr Wong today. Baby Raelynn is 2.6kg and engaged liao at 35w6d but luckily cervix zero dilation. I'm surprised cos didn't feel any big difference in the last 2 weeks. Dr Wong estimates that I'll deliver by 38 weeks. Got to arrange for her cot to be delivered earlier than 20 Nov liao cos Dr Wong said she'll see me in 2 weeks time unless I pop earlier. Hubby's school holidays still haven't start yet. Stressed. :P

Saturday, November 7, 2009

RaeAnne's First Stage Performance Video clips.... :)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

RaeAnne slept at 10pm today. She must be tired out by the day's activities. Poor mummy has to stay up late despite having taken cough syrup at 9pm cos the video clips take so long to upload. Maid and Daddy are in lala land even before 10pm. Duh. :P

My flu has mutated to cough now and I'm running out of cough syrup which I got from Dr Joycelyn Wong previously. Throat so itchy that I have to cough hard. But sometimes will leak due to pregnancy induced stress incontinence. Sian! Today's lunch was stir fried macaroni. Dinner was pork rib soup with old cucumber, steamed threadfin belly with shredded ginger, mushroom and tomato, and stir fried cabbage with dried shrimps and minced meat.

Hungry now but don't know what to eat. Heartburn also. Drinking hot hot Bouvril to relieve my itchy throat. :P

3 minute of fame

3 minutes - that's the entire duration of RaeAnne's 1st stage performance. From the time she stood on stage before she coming down crying - what a short lived performance. ;P

Today is Premiere (new DBSS flats at Tampines)'s Welcome Party and RaeAnne's playgroup has been invited to put up 2 dance items at 420pm. We thought that she'll be too young to go on stage but Teacher Chris said it's fine. The most if she cries, they'll bring her down.

With all our efforts, she had a good afternoon nap from 1pm. In fact, she didn't even wake up at 330pm so we had to wake her up 'gently' so that she won't miss her first performance. We were still late for the assembly time of 345pm though. When we reached the RC centre, the teachers were already bringing the kids over to the Premiere by foot so we quickly joined in. :P

Waiting in the very sunny 'backstage'. The floral 'hats' were made by Teacher Chris but wasn't very useful to block out the sun. :)

Looking blur on stage, she was given the honour of front row, centre position. Mummy had to curb a very strong urge to go up and adjust her shirt and shorts. Aiyoh, who/what made her look so messy in such a short while? Tsk tsk.... :P

So far so good

Starting to pout

Boo hoo, I want my mummy! Camera not big enough to hide my face. :P

In teacher Suriya's arms watching her classmates' performance.

She did go up on stage for a short while after the first crying but the teachers gave up when she started crying again. Never mind, it's the experience that counts. But one thing's for sure, I can kiss goodbye to my dreams of being a 星妈 liao. ;)

Our manja gal

Early this week, RaeAnne fell down when she was walking across the surface carpark to towards Blk 702 (the RC centre where her playgroup is) When she reached the school, she quickly pulled up her shorts and showed the teacher her knee (scratched, reddish but not bleeding) who applied Zambuk for her. Up till now, 5 days after her incident, she'll still pull up her pants and say 'fall down' and if anyone ask her where did you fall? She'll reply 'car park'. Haha. Our manja gal very clever to get people to sayang her. ;)

Today is RaeAnne's first public performance at The Premier (new DBSS flats at Tampines just across the road). Their playgroup has been practicising this song for some time but the teacher is quite secretive so I've never seen their practice or rehearsals. Supposed to gather at 3.45pm at the RC centre so we made special effort to cook at home, let her eat early lunch so that she can have an early afternoon nap at 1pm. At least she'll be well rested by 3+pm before we leave the house for her performance. Charging the video cam and camera now. Wondering if it'll be too kua chang if I bring along a tripod. ;)

Stocking up on diapers

Went to Giant Tampines to check out Mamy poko diapers today. MP NB 28 + 2 pcs for $10.65. BP price $15.50 for 1 jumbo MP NB pack (52 pcs), NTUC selling at $17.80. Bad thing about ordering from BP is that to qualify for free delivery, need to order 10 packs.

Good thing is that this BP organiser is also selling Huggies Pull up pants and quite cheap ($14 instead of $15.95 which is already NTUC's offer price). MIL reminded me at Giant today that RaeAnne's pull up pants are running out, so decided to consolidate and order the diapers at one shot. And asked the organiser to expedite on delivery.
For Raelynn
2 packs of MP NB (52 pcs) - $15.50 each
3 packs of MP S (72 pcs) - $21 each
For RaeAnne
2 packs of MP L (56 pcs) - $21 each
3 packs of Huggies Pull up pants (36 pcs) - $14 each
Total damage: $178

Keen to try Fitti premium (recommended by some Jan10 MTB) cos prices are cheap. Only $10 for NB, S & M and $11 for L, XL. Need to order 6 packs for free delivery. Promotion extended till end Dec 09. Don't dare to buy 6 packs at one go cos never tried Fitti before, don't know if the cutting will fit Raelynn. So will kiv and reevaluate in Dec whether to order and try. So far, Raelynn already has
1 pack of Huggies NB
2 packs of MP NB
1 pack of Huggie S
3 packs of MP S

Next question: Where to store the 10 packs of diapers when they arrive? RaeAnne's room is becoming a storeroom. Faint! Think may have to bring some diapers to MIL's side and put in hubby's old bedroom. :P

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Raelynn's first present from Waipo

This afternoon went with my mum to Poh Heng to buy a gold anklet for Raelynn. Mum has old gold pieces to trade in and price of gold is good, $54.50 per gram for 916 (22k) gold. Disney didn't have any nice cow/ox designs and the anklets design are quite limited. End up choosing a non disney bracelet that has 2 bear charms, 2 heart charms and a small bell. Looks quite nice to me. Can start letting her wear it as an anklet for her full month.

After that, then add links when she outgrows the anklet or use it as a bracelet. The bracelet costs around $250, cheaper than RaeAnne's piglet anklet. But RaeAnne's piglet anklet was too long and didn't have enough hooks so by the time she could wear it, she was already quite big, more than 1 year old. And she is not used to the bell sound when sleeping. End up being a white elephant. :P Still wondering if should get a Pooh Bear pendant for Raelynn but last year Nai Nai bought a chain and necklace for RaeAnne so she may want to do the same this year for Raelynn.

Came back at 4pm, was quite tired so after checking forum, took medicine and slept at 5+pm. My flu is developing into a cough liao. Was still tired when hubby came back so never go to ILs place for dinner. Hubby said he'll tapow for me instead. When he came back from the coffee shop, MIL managed to persuade RaeAnne to stay over for the night. So, it's a quiet night for us today. Hope she sleeps early tonight cos Fri night, she must sleep early to prepare for Sat's performance. :P

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mummy sick...

Have not posted yesterday though BB Raelynn is 35 weeks cos I'm down with cold then flu. Slept the whole afternoon and self medicated but body aches were so bad that I didn't want to get out of bed or walk. Finally went to see GP last night, at least better now. Though throat still no good. :/ Good thing is Raelynn is getting big so her shadow kicks near my ribs are really painful.

Today, RaeAnne wet her shorts and teacher got to change into her spare pants. Apparently her diaper was too heavy and drooped down so when she peed, she wet her pants. Teacher Suriya said RaeAnne pushed 'Hao En' (one of her classmates) these few days. It started when Hao En nudged her a few days ago when trying to get close to the teacher's table. Hmm... my gal is no pushover man. But still told her tonight before she slept that cannot push anyone. If anyone pushes her, just tell teacher. ;P

We started sleep training RaeAnne (inspired by teacher Chris who told us to ignore her cries at night, she'll stop after a while like the way she adjusted to PG). Got perfect excuse cos I'm sick. So keep telling her Mummy's sick, Mummy take medicine and sleep, cannot carry RaeAnne. RaeAnne must sleep on your own. If really wake up, then look for Aunty. She's so sweet, tried to give me 'imaginary' medicine to swallow, asked me to eat the medicine in her hand. :)

First night, she cried for 1 hour plus from almost 4am to 5am before knocking out on Filamie's arms. Filamie could only put her back to her bed at 530am. Filamie also did the wrong thing by knocking on our door and letting her in even though we already told her that we are starting the sleep training. Second night was better, she cried at 11+pm but was pacified faster by Filamie, again at 1+am and one more time at 4am but she quietened faster each time and went back to sleep. Gave Filamie some time to rest in the afternoon to catch up on sleep.

Oh ya, keep forgeting to blog this. RaeAnne can say Minnie and she'll say that everytime I ask her to pick out the shoes she wants to wear. She has 2 pairs of Minnie shoes, 1 Crocs and I coletee leather shoes. :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Raelynn's Chinese Name

Hubby and I have been cracking our heads for Raelynn's chinese name recently. According to a shifu we consulted, the ideal no. of strokes to go with hubby's surname is 11, 14, 10 (kang xi dictionary). RaeAnne's new Chinese name is 张旗芮。So, we are thinking of 张旗恩 or 张旗芯 for Mei Mei. Of course, we'll double confirm her bazi after she's born just to see if there are any missing elements that we need to supplement. May or may not want to go back to the shifu to confirm the name cos need to pay another $168. :P

Think 旗恩 sounds better in terms of dialect name but my cousin's 2 kids already has 恩 and we are not Christians so not sure if it's a good idea. 旗芯 seems to complement Cheh cheh's chinese name 旗芮 since both got 草字头 and related to plants. But hubby thinks Kay Xin sounds like Chye Sim. :P

Anyway, I did a poll with the Jan08 and Feb08 mummies for Raelynn's name. So far, Kay En 旗恩 is leading by 5 votes.
1)Teo Kay En 张旗恩 - Jan 08 mummies (Kam, luca, Aqua, superbee), Feb08 mummies (tongtong, genice, lezy, Apple79, blueginger, Diana, Esty, qingling, Stephie) - 13 votes
2) Teo Kay Xin 张旗芯 - Jan08 mummies (Krystle, Jess, pixie, steph, Icy), Feb08 mummies (XY, clover, happymum2b) - 8 votes
Those who voted for 旗恩 said it's more meaningful (gratitude which also applies to buddhism, not just for Christians), popular cos a lot of their kids also have 恩 and that Kay En is easier to pronounce.
Those who voted for 旗芯 said it's because it has heart (心), sounds like kai xin 开心, and complements RaeAnne's name.

A feb mummy said 旗芯 sounds like qi4xin3 which means crazy in cantonese. Duh... blueginger, another Feb mummy, highlighted that names with 草字头 is supposed to be good for babies born in the year of the Ox. Surfed online and it's true. In fact, there are even some 部首 to avoid too like 心 and 王.

Hmm... even more confusing now cos 芯 has both 草字头 and 心. Whereas 恩 does not have 草字头 but is a popular choice among the mummies. May have to go back to the drawing board if both names are really not ideal. Arghh! Will let Daddy decide bah. :P

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Grouchy in the car

RaeAnne was grouchy in the car ride yesterday evening and today when we were going to and coming back from Ah Ma's house. Think it must be because I let her sit on my lap for 5 mins yesterday when coming back from studio loft. Moral of the story, cannot set any precedence. Kids learn fast when you bend the rules. Have to keep telling her that policeman will catch us if she doesn't sit in her car seat. Not very proud of using scare tactics but 10 mins of whining, crying, fussing, screaming is extremely grating to the ears when you are in an enclosed small space. :P

She napped for just 1 hr 45mins from 2pm to 345pm. Hubby had to carry her and walked along our corridor. She didn't eat much dinner at Ah Ma's house. I don't know if it's because of the food. Ah Ma cooked the exact same thing as last week. Or because she has half a slice of raisin bread at 415pm. Minced pork with chopped carrots, chopped broccoli and cooked with 'pearl' beans soup. Poured over her rice and added some pieces of pan fried salmon (cooked by my aunty), shitake mushroom and capsicum but she only finished half her rice at best. We reached home close to 930pm, suspected she'll be hungry so made 220ml of milk with 4 scoops of FM. Usual is 3.5 scoops. She finished her milk so fast and knocked out within 10 mins. Must have been tired and hungry, that's why so grouchy. Poor gal. :P

Oh yes, I collected the Pelangi chinese books from Dor tonight. Glad that she likes them especially the 4 animal books and 我的爸爸 from the Rainbow series (45 books for this series but I only chose 15 books). She makes me and hubby read it over and over again. She'll call Daddy, daddy when she wants us to read the book. :)