The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Taka baby fair again...

It's Taka baby fair again and after 2 years, I went back again. I bought lots of stuff for RaeAnne from Taka baby fair last time cos there were good bundled deals esp Pigeon steriliser, bottles, NB starter kit etc. I actually didn't have much to buy for Raelynn but since I managed to succesfully deposit Filamie at ILs place on Fri afternoon (unfortunately, it's because my HP laptop is spoilt, keeps giving me the black screen of 'death' so I had to run around to back up data before sending it in for repair), I decided to go to town to collect my Amara Sanctuary voucher and pop by Taka fair.

Was quite tempted to buy the Fisher Price portable rocker/bouncer that was on offer at $139cos it was quite compact when folded and can be use as a armchair or rocking chair for toddlers. But it was out of stock. In the end, only got a pair of NB padded booties, 2 sets of mittens/booties, a cloth squishy pig squeaker, a car back seat organiser. Initially wanted to buy the Bumbo seat tray but changed my mind cos the quality was lousy, plastic edge was either rough or the white plastic was dirty. Thought of stocking up on maternity pads but the Kotex ones they were selling had no wings. :P Spent only $30+ altogether. A far cry from how much I spent at the 2007 Taka Fair. But saving money is good. More $ for travel fund with the 2 gals, hopefully next year. ;)

Filamie is her usual self these few days. Blur and always coming up with excuses instead of admitting her mistake and saying sorry. I'm losing my patience with her. Think will most likely change maid liao unless a miracle happens. :P

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Visit to the gynae

Went for gynae appt today, raelynn is about 700g now n i gained 1.7kg since last check up. Saw her yawning during the scan. Ü There's a lot of fluid n my placenta has moved up, not low lying anymore. Got cough syrup from dr wong cos my cough's still not ok after 1 week. Seems worse in fact. :p

Today, we parked at hdb parking so paid less than $2 for parking. Complained about tmc's steep parking n Dr wong gave me special concession to come after 6pm since we always end up seeing her at 6+, 7pm anyway. After 6pm, tmc has flat parking charge of $3. Thanks, doc.

Pleased to know that Dr wong read my blog cos i invited her to see raelynn's 3d scan photos (forgot to bring the siemens cd during last gynae visit). Conclusion: raelynn's face looks like daddy cos it's round from the 3d scans. Sigh, 2 gals n both will inherit daddy's round face. :p but as dr wong always say never mind, healthy more important. ;)

Carine finally came for the maid counselling session tonight. Actually, it's more of a scolding session. Told her to disguise it as a routine visit but she started the scolding straightaway. Even raeanne got a bit frightened. Anyway, she told filamie off for all the mistakes n her numerous excuses.

As usual, filamie just break down n cry. She said she's homesick n wants to go back to philippines to her family but she changed her mind after carine told her she can't go back unless she got money to pay back $2k plus. She still got to work for other employer even if i dun want her. She got filamie to promise me to change n improve n i said i'll give her one last chance. Asked carine to bring her to optician for eye check to make sure that she is not short sighted n to start looking for biodata for me in case she still cannot make it. I need to confirm a good maid by oct latest since i think i'll be due in end nov. :p

Saturday, August 22, 2009

RaeAnne is 19 months today! :)

RaeAnne is 19 months today. She's 10.5kg and 81 cm tall. She started to prefer rice with dishes or porridge with dishes 2-3 weeks ago. Cannot mix everything together in porridge and feed her anymore. Her lower molars are partially erupted whereas her upper molars are just emerging. Her incisors are not out though, just starting to see the whites only. :P Motor skills - she can drink better from cup but will deliberately spill or spit out the water. She likes to use fork and spoon (19 month milestone) She loves washing her hands with soap (learnt from playgroup) and drying them on a towel (19 month advance skills). She can do winding movement with her hands (also learn from playgroup ;) She enjoys helping in the house (19 mth milestone) can kick a ball forward (22 month milestone).

Vocab skills - she's getting quite accurate at imitating sounds and can say Ma ma, ma me, da do or da da(Daddy), mei mei, nai nai, ye ye, grandma, black, bird, mao (猫), up, na (拿), boh (don't have), take, throw, bed, there, baby, bye bye, A, door, wet, ma (抹), 舅舅,家,伯伯, book, elmo, duck, walk, zou (走). I like 走 best cos she'll hold my hand and walk with me to show me what it is she wants. Bought her a set of Peter Rabbit books from The Book Depository today (present?) since there's free shipping and Mummy's a PR fan. Let's see when the books arrive. ;P

We brought her to Japanese Association of Singapore Summer Festival at Japanese School (Changi branch) in the evening because my cousin's kids and 2nd uncle's family had been going there every year. My cousin even especially bought a 'Gimbei' for RaeAnne when she went to Japan in August. RaeAnne was cranky at nap time today though. She knocked out fast enough around 2pm after drinking milk but woke up 3 times after just half an hour of continuous sleep. She was inconsolable, crying with her eyes closed, fussing until she woke herself up. Even touching my tummy didn't work so hubby had to put her back to sleep by carrying her to the living room. Everytime when I was about to fall asleep, she'll make noise so I ended up delaying my nap time and overslept till 515pm. So, end up we reached only at 6pm when we got to Japanese school, decided to take a cab so that it'll be faster then driving to expo then taking their shuttle bus (parking was not allowed at the school).

Some of us went to the swimming pool to feed the kids first whilst the rest went to buy food. Tried to take a group photo of the kids but it was difficult cos my cousin's kids were too engrossed in their barley water. By the time, they looked up, RaeAnne lost her smile and concentration. ;P

Luckily, RaeAnne ate the hastily prepared dinner that we brought along (steamed threadfin with chopped pumpkin, carrot slices & baby corn) together with rice (tried to steam it but it was taking up too much time so last minute dumped into rice cooker) Luckily made it in time. RaeAnne was very fascinated by the swimming pool and even walked towards it. Hubby pulled her back and she cried so I allowed her to touch the water and told her nobody's swimming, the pool is closed so cannot swim there. After we fed the kids, it was time for the adults to eat. Hubby and I had the sliced pork don and grilled fish bento respectively. There were hot dogs, BBQ Japanese rice cake, grilled chicken balls, konnyaku jelly too.

My cousin rushed off after dinner with her kids as she had a relative's birthday party to attend at Tampines. My cousin Catherine bought game tickets and gave us two so we tried our hand at the yo-yo game and ball game. Bought a face mask for RaeAnne too. She chose the Daisy duck versus the princess and gal gal designs. She refused to put it on though but kept saying 'duck' 'duck', she refused to take her eyes off her 'duck duck' even when Mummy wanted to take a photo. ;)

Overall, a successful trip and she looked so cute in the gimbei. Almost like a Japanese with her small eyes and long side bangs. If only, she had let me put on a hair clip and tie up her hair in a ponytail. Hope to bring her to the real thing at Japan one day with Mei Mei. hee hee. :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

RaeAnne with ponytails

Today, finally managed to tie 2 pony tails for RaeAnne. Me and MIL've tried many times to tie up RaeAnne's hair but she always pull them down or keep moving her head when we try to tie her hair.

Recently, she's been more 'willing' to be our guinea pig. Allow us to put a hair clip on her hair before going to playgroup and she will not pull it down. Not sure if it's because she attends playgroup and see other 'cheh cheh' with pony tails or because the weather is so hot that I've been tying up my hair at ILs place, (intend to keep my hair long so that I can tie all of it during confinement). Shortly after the photo was taken, I wanted to retie her hair to make the right ponytail more obvious but she pulled both rubber bands down. Enough is enough, Mummy, she must be trying to tell me that. Hee. ;P

Here's another pix of her with her clippie at playgroup this morning. Too bad she was giving me such a sunny smile that I can't see her eyes. Also because of my HP camera flash. :P

RaeAnne is not with me most of the times while I'm training her to cook and do housechores. Even on weekends, my gal doesn't want her so she can't help with my gal. Still got to take care of her ourselves eg. bring her to toilet, change her clothes, diaper, feed her, bathe her, put her to sleep etc. My maid's so free that she goes around with a piece of rag trying to clean anything in my place. Even got time for afternoon coffee. :P Hubby said this morning, she's even trying to clean every single hole of the holely hook basket where I hang my clothes peg. Faint :P

Today I took cold med so slept in the afternoon. Demonstrated and showed her how to clean the windows before I went to sleep. When I woke up close to 4pm, she was in the kitchen writing in her notebook. She said she already cleaned the windows and she said she accidentally sprayed the window cleaner into her eyes. Ask me for eyemo. I told her I don't have (which is true). Ask her to use water to flush it out. She said she already did that. Her eyes were not red nor tearing when I saw her. Checked the windows, all had water marks on the glass cos of the rain and all the corners were dirty with dust. Obviously, she didn't clean properly. So I made her clean those parts again.

Then at night, hubby asked me to see GP again since my cough was still not ok and the cold and phelgm was making me lethargic. While we were sneaking out of ILs house, she asked hubby to buy eye mo when he was locking the gate. My goodness, more than 6 hours later, she still wants Eye Mo. And she 敢敢 ask hubby who don't know head or tail to buy eye mo for her. Checked 7-11 and the bottle of eye mo costs $4.90and once open can only last 1 month. Call Carine for advise and she said tell her if she wants to use her own money to buy. Hubby thinks her eyes got problem and spraying window cleaner is probably just an excuse. Anyway, he didn't buy it for her and she didn't ask. Checked with Carine again and she said she can come down on Monday night to 'counsel' her since she's back to work on Monday (her daughter kenna H1N1 so she couldn't come on Tues/Wed night as arranged previously. :P

Thursday, August 20, 2009

No crying at Playgroup

Finally, RaeAnne didn't cry when I left her at playgroup today. She looks a bit sad sad and her lips quivered but she didn't cry. Teacher said she adapted very fast. Another gal, Myra who's already been here 3 months is still crying on and off.

Teacher Chris said she has 3 dummy phones which she got from her friend. She brought to school to 'pacify and distract' crying kids. So, she told RaeAnne that she can use the HP to call Mummy. She said very strange that RaeAnne insisted on a particular HP, when she was given other models, she went to another classmate to exchange. I saw the HP teacher was referring to and told her 'eh, looks like my phone leh'. Mine is a Nokia N85. Large screen with slide out number panel. Same as the dummy phone that RaeAnne insisted on. Haha, she must have mistaken the dummy phone for Mummy's phone. :)

Oh and when someone ask RaeAnne in school, your house got Mummy, Daddy and Aunty is it? She nodded her head. Looks like she already accepted Filamie's presence though she still doesn't really want her to do things for her. :P

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

At home with RaeAnne :) New words: Throw & Bed

Didn't bring RaeAnne to ILs house today since MIL got singing lessons and will be rushing off at 7.15pm. Got Filamie to prepare fried bee hoon ingredients at 10am so that she can start frying when RaeAnne is home. She's so 'blur' that she forgot to fry the minced pork even though it's in the same bowl as the pork loin strips. She even burnt her hand and dropped food all over the floor. So, I did the cooking for the last part but RaeAnne refused to let me cook and let Filamie carry.

Sigh. Anyway, RaeAnne's lunch was ready around 1130am. I have already cut her beehoon up but it was still a mess. Give up on bee hoon cos she'll keep picking out the longer strands of bee hoon out. Throw the bee hoon all over the place too. Had to ask Filamie to clean the table and the floor at least twice. She said a new word today. "Thow' for Throw when I stopped her from picking up food from the table and floor to eat. Told her it's dirty, must throw and she said 'thow', 'thow'. :)

By the time, I had my lunch and showered her. It was 12+. I had to shower cos I was all sticky and hot. Thought I could let her hair dry naturally while I showered. By the time I finished, she was very cranky. Probably tired cos when I fed her milk around 1pm and she knocked off immediately, finished all 220ml of milk too. :P

I was lucky. She slept from 1.10pm but stirred and fussed close to 3pm. I ignored her and let her touch my tummy and she went back to sleep until 3.40pm. So she slept total of 2.5 hours today. Record nap time. Never had one so long before. Thanks to playgroup for tiring her out. :)

After she woke up, I fed her half a kiwi fruit as a snack. And got Filamie to prepare ingredients for dinner. At 5pm, I brought her to the playground downstairs but it was too hot. Decided to bring her to the farther playground near Cherie Hearts. There were a family of 4 (1 boy and 1 gal both studying at Acorn kindergarten) at the playground. The little gal was very curious in RaeAnne especially RaeAnne's Mickey mouse squeaky shoes. :) Sidetrack, talking about shoes, yesterday, RaeAnne wanted to wear her white Clarks leather shoes so I let her cos I'm afraid she's going to outgrow her most expensive pair of shoes soon ($40+ after discount if I remember correctly). Teacher Chris noticed her shoes and said "wa, everyday new shoes. Teacher got problems remembering leh." Told Chris bo bian, she's going to outgrow them soon must quickly wear. She said never mind, you are having another gal mah. Hee hee. ;)

Brought her to the provision shop after the playground and let her choose one of the motorised rides. She chose the duck and it was only 20 cents so I didn't mind spending the money. Told her to hold on tight cos the duck is going to move. She was startled and immediately wanted to get down. Even Filamie holding onto her didn't help. Bo bian, wasted my 20 cents lor. Maybe the ride was too vigorous for her? Strange cos she was ok with the Barney ride at TM leh. Maybe, that's the difference between expensive rides and cheap HDB ones? :P

Today, her dinner is rice with steamed threadfin (steamed carrots, corn and cauliflower on top of the fish as taught by MIL), fried french bean with minced meat. Gave her a bit of my dou miao soup with fishball and fish dumplings too. She didn't eat a lot though. The first helping was easy to feed, she ate very fast. Then when I topped up a bit more rice, she started to play liao. Got Filamie to continue feeding rice and soup and I had my own dinner. Feel that nowadays I always eat 'mixed veg rice' at home cos Filamie and I don't sit down to eat together and hubby is not around. So always pile the food on top of the rice and eat. Easier to defend my food when RaeAnne tries to pull down my bowl and help herself to my food though. Somehow, food never tastes nice when you are rushing through it. :P

Showered her at 730pm. Then read books to her. As usual, her attention span only around 10 seconds. Can point to new book when I have not even finished reading page 3 of the first book. Faint! :P I showered at 8+pm and let her drink milk at 9pm. Didn't dare to give too early cos scared she won't be hungry.

Wrong move! She finished all her 220ml milk (really drink until no more milk left for her to suck) was still happily talking and flipping. She wanted to push down the pillow at her leg (barricade) and whine and fake cry when I said no, no. Then I tried a different tack. Told her that's Daddy pillow. If you throw it down, when Daddy come back, how? Daddy got no pillow to sleep leh. Then she kept quiet and let me put the pillow back in place. She was still playing with my jade pendant (she insisted that I let her wear) when hubby came back at 950pm. I gave up and removed the necklace cos she keeps telling me 'boh' 'boh' 'boh' when she can't find the pendant on her chest (it had slipped to her neck or behind her neck when she moved). Took the necklace off before it becomes a gameWhen I find it for her and put her finger to it. She'll go 'There!' triumphantly. Decided to call hubby and let him see her since she's not asleep. He didn't came back on Mon night from reservist and last night, he came back late only after she fell asleep. So technically, he has not seen her awake since Sun night. How many hours is that? I'm lazy to even count. :P

Asked hubby to make more milk, guess maybe she's still hungry, that's why cannot sleep. When she saw him, she quickly pointed to his pillow, ask him to sleep. Hubby ask her to go to bed and she said 'bed'. Clever gal! She knocked out immediately after drinking the second dose of milk when I was telling hubby about my day. Good gal! :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

24 weeks today! :)

Raelynn is 24 weeks today so I'm left with one more month to the end of second trimester. Time flies, remember I was counting down to start of 2nd trimester cos really wanted MS to end quickly. According to internet updates, linea nigra, a dark line of pigmentation, may appear down the centre of my abdomen. I had it for RaeAnne but strangely it did not reappear for Raelynn. Anyway, I'm not complaining. Just hope that those irritating stretch marks won't reappear. :P

RaeAnne has been wearing her clippies to school for the last 2 days. She's definitely more 'gu niang' these days. Occasionally, she'll let me tie up her hair at ILs place. Maybe due to 'positive' influence from her classmates. Today when I went to pick her up, again she didn't cry. And teacher Chris said she said bye bye to all the kids who are leaving. She also tried to paste the colour paper onto the A4 paper (shape of the boat) with 1 finger. Of course, teacher helped. It's been 2 weeks since she first started playgroup and she has adapted well. Atta girl! Much to my relief. :) Looks like I got to pay the teacher the 1 month deposit at the end of Aug.

Tomorrow, decided to bring RaeAnne home after playgroup instead of going to ILs place cos MIL got karaoke lessons at 715pm so she won't have time to bathe RaeAnne. Instead of having to help bathe her with a big tub of water at FIL's house, somemore, got to wait for ye ye to boil water. I think it's neater if I just bring her home and look after her with Filamie's help. We trial run last Fri, she's not keen on porridge at all. So, tomorrow, will try to fry bee hoon for lunch and steam the threadfin fish for her dinner to go with rice.

This morning, got morning sun so ask Filamie to wash clothes. My clothes, hubby's clothes and RaeAnne's clothes so that can use the water to mop floor in the afternoon. Let her use some of the second rinse water to wash her clothes. Then later when I check the bamboo poles, I see RaeAnne's romper being put on top of her towel to dry. Ask her why, she said no space. She used 1 bamboo pole to hang her own clothes. I told her if got no space, then why you use 1 bamboo pole for your own clothes. Take down your clothes then. Bamboo pole belongs to Mdm not you. How can RaeAnne's clothes take second priority to yours? Somemore, I gave her quite a few pieces of my own clothes cos she doesn't have enough. Tell her to hang her clothes (those that have no space on the one bamboo pole) inside to dry. Wait till our clothes are dry then she can hang outside.

Nowadays, I don't get any afternoon nap cos I got to keep checking on her work. Just now, ask her to mop floor. I saw that the living room floor is wet so I deliberately checked under tv cabinet and the floor is dry. I asked her if she mopped under the tv cabinet. She said yes she did. I put my hand under the tv cabinet and swipe to show her. My hand is dry. I swiped my hand on the living room floor and it's wet. I told her if she mopped under the tv cabinet. How can the floor there be dry whereas the floor is still wet? I caught her red handed still want to try and bluff me. Duh. Really believe those mummies who say that you must be very strict with the maid in the beginning. So fast, trying to cut corners and take advantage liao. :P

P.s. Duh, I was applying stretchmark cream then realised that there is a faint linea nigra line after all, how come I never noticed it before? Too busy with RaeAnne and the maid? :P

Monday, August 17, 2009

Playgroup update

Today, I had to see the GP cos of scratchy throat and dry cough, rush back to pick RaeAnne up from playgroup (without collecting my med cos no time to wait). Thought she'll be wailing there cos I was there close to 11am and 1 or 2 kids had already left.

But I'm very happy. Instead, I saw her standing guai guai near the door with the other kids. Her favourite teacher told me she adjusted well, nowadays, when I leave, she cries for less than 5mins. Also when the teachers brought her to playground (they do that on Mondays), she sang songs happily (teacher say don't know what's she's singing though) and will hold teacher's hand to ask her to play slide with her. Teacher also said she can recognise her own water bottle and bag and even waved bye bye to the kids when they were going home. So glad to have my sunshine gal back. :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Maid issues

Didn't blog last few days cos of maid issues. Filamie made me angry early in the morning last Friday. Told her on Thurs night that we'll cook fried rice for lunch today. When I woke up, I found her frying garlic with all the ingredients for fried rice beside her. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was frying rice. I asked her why is she frying it now? I already told her it's for lunch. Then she said she's hungry. So angry because there is bread and instant noodles and a tin of biscuits in the house which I told her she can always take and eat but she don't want to eat.

She cook the fried rice early instead because she is hungry. Told her that taking food without asking is equal to stealing. Does that mean if next time I buy pork chop or beef chop, she can take and cook for herself. In the first place, her breakfast is supposed to be between 6-615am so that she can do housechores and prepare bf for my hubby. Told her I treat stealing very seriously and called the agent to 'counsel' her. Then she changed her excuse, she said she was cooking for me, the fried rice is for me, she only drink coffee in morning. Then my hubby happen to come back cos he forgot something so told him to reinforce the message and then she told him that she was only frying the garlic. She was not going to fry the fried rice. First 'steal', then lie after lie.

Sigh, hubby thinks she can't cope (don't know how to use washing machine even after teaching and demonstrating to her 4 times and she already copied into her notebook, cannot remember simple instructions and come up with all kinds of excuses when we point out her mistakes) and wants to send her back. He think that she has very limited memory capacity and does her own thing, he's scared she break down and commit suicide if we pointing out her mistakes (her reaction so far is to look away or cry). Today, she poured hot water to scald RaeAnne's pork and fish (taken out from freezer) without letting it thaw even though there is still ice inside. :P

Had a stern one to one conversation with her and told her that I'm giving her one more chance. If she continues to make this kind of mistakes, then I'll ask the agent to bring her back.

My throat has been scratchy since Fri morning and now it's developed into an itchy dry cough. All the cough syrup in the house can't be used. So, I only took 'pi pa gao'. :P

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New words - Star & More

Trying to teach Filamie how to cook but it's not easy cos I'm not a good cook. Eg. I can't really fry rice. This afternoon, FIL going to fry rice cos yesterday left a lot of rice. Want to keep her there to learn, but he also not willing. With my big tummy and no car, I can't be dropping RaeAnne off at ILs place and sending my maid somewhere else to learn cooking right? But as long as the maid is not independent (can't cook without supervision, can't feed RaeAnne alone), I can't bring RaeAnne back home after playgroup cos I can't manage cooking for RaeAnne, feeding her, bathing her and still have time to cook my own lunch and eat lunch mah. Vicious cycle.

Today, my friend who was in the east wanted to meet me for a belated birthday treat also cannot go out to enjoy. End up he tapow chicken rice for me. All 3 of us ended going to NTUC together so I bought cucumbers and ask Filamie to stir fry cucumber with dried shrimps. Tastes not bad but if cooking for RaeAnne will try frying without oyster sauce so that less seasoning.

Went over to ILs late this evening since hubby will be late and ILs seemed to find it inconvenient to have Filamie at their house anyway. RaeAnne had a cute princessbowbow clip which I bought long ago before she was born. It was clipped in the middle part of her fringe and she wore it the whole way until before her bath when MIL took it off. MIL said RaeAnne asked her to clip on for her then she immediately went to look in the mirror and was happy.

Hehe, is my girl finally displaying some 'gu niang' traits? Her new crocs shoes finally arrived by post today and she immediately wanted to put it on. MIL said must wash first so I told RaeAnne that I'll do it later. She actually put her arms on my shoulder and insisted that I go wash now. :)

When we came back home, she glimpsed upon her Gerber sweet potato star snacks on the kitchen counter and told me 'star' 'star'. I told her you already had 'stars' for snack at school today and you are going to drink milk soon, cannot eat star. Then she said 'more' 'more' 'more'. Haha, I was so pleasantly surprised by the new words that I gave her 2 stars lor. Wondering if she learnt to say 'more' from playgroup. Nowadays, always have no chance to get updates from the teacher on how she's doing in class and what she's learning cos when I pick her up close to 11am, the 11am kids are already waiting to go into the classroom so the teachers are busy. :P

Nine and 拔

Nine and 拔 - These are the two new words that RaeAnne learnt to say today. She surprised me by saying 9 when we were waiting for the lift at FIL's block tonight as we were going home. Earlier in the evening, she repeated after me and said '拔 ' cos she has been peeling her fingerbed skin and MIL has been nagging her so I told her for the umpteen time Cannot 拔. Her favourite word now is 'wet', 'wet'. She'll say wet when she sees the water rim left behind by my cup of coca cola and she'll say wet again when she finish her shower cos her hair will be wet. :)

Today, she went back to playgroup after 4 days of holiday. Her favourite Chinese teacher is not around (on MC) so I was prepared for the worst meltdown ever. Of course, she cried when I left but I've learn to just go instead of prolonging the goodbyes and heartache. Taught Filamie to change and wash bedsheet during the 2 hours but went to fetch her early. When I reached at 1045am, I saw her with the new (stand in?) teacher assistant holding on to a book. She wasn't crying. Such a relief. Maybe she's getting used to the routine after all? I sure hope so. :)

Didn't go out today so got maid to wash the fans and wash RaeAnne's clothes as well. She also fried fish and stir fry french beans. Used too much oil but at least the fish is cooked. When she can cook and wash clothes without any supervision, I can start bringing RaeAnne home after playgroup instead of bringing her to Nai Nai's place. :) Will still need to look after RaeAnne myself though cos RaeAnne's very sticky to me. :P

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Phone calls

Thought I better put this down before I forget. Today, when I was talking to the maid agent on the phone, RaeAnne went 'Ah Ma' 'Ah Ma'. Realised that she thought it was my mum I was talking to cos most of the times, my mum is the only one who calls. Haha.

Then, when hubby called Ye Ye at night. I told hubby to put on speakerphone so that she can hear Ye Ye. When hubby asked her to call Ye Ye, she actually did. She also called Nai Nai, Bo bo and Mei Mei upon request. Another milestone to me. Previously, she'll just stare hard at the phone and wonder where's the sound coming from. Nowadays, she'll grab my HP after I finish using and attempt to start her own little conversation. The only sound I can decipher is her trying to imitate Hello or Wei. ;)

P.S. Finally sold off my last breast pump today - Mini Electric Plus. Finally raised enough capital to buy the Medela Freestyle that I have been eyeing (PISA - $300, Avent Manual - $50, Mini Electric Plus - $100, Medela pack of 8 membranes - $9, Extra tube of Elancyl stretchmark cream - $25). Still got to top up for shipping though cos it costs close to $500 for recent sprees. :)

Raelynn's Shopping/ Wishlist

I'm 23 weeks now. Raelynn will be 6 months in Mummy's tummy soon. The last I measured my waist is already 35.5 inches, Faint!

When I was expecting RaeAnne, I had lots of things to buy since she was the first baby in the family. But for Raelynn, there are really not many things to buy cos we have nearly duplicates of everything eg. 1 set at my place, 1 set at Nai Nai's place and some essential items at my mum's. The wardrobe is bursting because there are LOTS AND LOTS OF NEW and BRAND NEW WITH TAG CLOTHES cos all the relatives and friends can't resist buying clothes for RaeAnne. ;P

Decided to start a list for Raelynn. Seems not very fair if there's no list for her as if there is nothing to prepare for her arrival which is not true. It'll also help to remind us of the items that we will still need to buy. :)

Oh yes, and Daddy still has not drawn a new family cartoon to include Raelynn to our blog. Oh, DADDY!!! ARE YOU READING THIS??? :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Giant Tampines

Decided to go to Giant Tampines this morning cos it's the last day of collection for stamps (exchange for free knives). Yes, mummy is so 'cheapskate' even though I already have more than 4 brand new knifes at home. With a new maid, I don't dare to let her use my expensive Henckels knives so cheap Endo or free knives from NTUC or Giant promotion is much better for our kitchen. :P We've run out of pork and fish to cook RaeAnne's porridge so we decided to bring her to the foodcourt and let her share mixed veg rice with Daddy. We ordered plain steam egg, pumpkin fried with cucumber and stir fried potato. All the softer foods which are less salty. Mummy tasted them first before we let RaeAnne have it.

We let Filamie feed her this time, hoping that since she's hungry and greedy, she'll be less fussy about who is feeding her. ;P It worked only for a short while, less than 10mins, she's fidgeting away so hubby had to feed her some steam egg from his plate. Then, we went to Giant and buy some groceries. My 29 stamps can only exchange for 1 free Santoku knife (20 stamps) so I ended up short of 1 stamp to buy the chef knife. The cashier advised me to just wait around the counter cos some people don't collect and won't mind giving me 1 stamp. A kind gentleman gave me 2 stamps when I asked him and a kind couple even voluntarily gave me 3 stamps. The first couple i approached (directly behind me in the queue) were so hostile esp the man. Maybe cos he felt he waited a long time behind me. It's not my fault that the cashier needed some time to process my 29 stamps and redeem the knives right? :P

Anyway, we came back around 130pm and hubby quickly bathed RaeAnne while Filamie cooked her lunch. She said she likes spicy food so I bought a bottle of tom yam paste and let her put some into her instant noodles with minced pork. Thought if she can 'tahan' the spiciness, we can cook tom yam soup next time. Turns out she said it wasn't very spicy (she put in about 2/3 teaspoon). ;P

Used a hair dryer to blow dry RaeAnne's hair and gave her milk. Poor gal must have been so tired, it's been a long long time since she fell asleep in my arms while drinking milk at 215pm. I missed that feeling of holding her while she slept, she used to do that whenever I BF her for her last milk feed. ;)

P.S. RaeAnne started coughing 4-5 times in her sleep just now. It continued even after we fed her water. We suspected that she may have swallowed a piece of her fingernail and it's irritating her throat. Daddy managed to prop her head up with the small ikea pillow. Hope that'll help her sleep better. Looks like I must find a solution to her nail biting habit soon. Just surfed the net and some experts say we should ignore it, don't call attention to it, don't punish either. Just distract her with other toys and keep her fingers busy instead. Easier said than done to ignore the problem esp when she's coughing until she looks like she wants to puke. :P

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy 44th National Day & Fireworks!

This year's National Day is on a Sunday so tomorrow hubby is off. Yeah! We brought RaeAnne to Nihon Mura near Tampines Swimming pool for lunch today cos she's not keen on the porridge that we fed her yesterday. :P Brought Filamie along too and turns out she likes wasabi and pickled ginger a lot. RaeAnne loves the corn mayo sushi, we picked out the corn to go with her rice together with chawanmushi, potato salad and yabi miso soup. She took more corn than anything else. Pass to Filamie to feed her when she is almost done but Filamie still can't handle her. She cries so hard even when Filamie bring her to see the swimming pool. Came back, shower then hubby pushed her downstairs in the pram. Finally fell asleep at 2.15pm.

I taught Filamie to iron the clothes cos that's one of the quiestest tasks I can think of so that she won't disturb RaeAnne. After that, wash the toilet and we can go off to Waipo place. Last week, RaeAnne thrilled my mum so much cos she finally started calling Um..... Mah.... (Ah Mah). Since it's a long weekend, maybe we can go to Waipo house earlier. :)

We went up to the 16th floor at Waipo house to see the fireworks. Luckily, Xiaoyun, our mummy friend from Feb08 thread told us we can see fireworks from there. Went up at 820pm and we were just in time to catch it. The fireworks were small and short of course cos we can only see the high firing ones. Saw XY's family and she helped us to take a family photo. It can't be compared to the times when me and hubby caught the fireworks once on a bumboat and another time at NDP2006 (the last time NDP was held at Kallang Stadium). When RaeAnne and Raelynn are bigger, we'll bring them to see the fireworks live. For now, it's good to see from afar. :)

RaeAnne is really learning to imitate sounds and talk. Today, she said wet, door, walk, bo bo (伯伯) and eyebrow (least accurate sounding). Of course, she said 'Ah Ma' many many times at 外婆's place to her delight. Oh ya, 外公 let her have her first taste of ice cream. He wanted to let her 偷吃,but 外公 being old with poor eyessight didn't bother to clean RaeAnne's mouth so I could see the chocolate chip ice creams stains all over her mouth so of course I found out. I only agreed to let her bite on the plain ice cream cone with no ice cream. :P

外婆 said let her eat a bit lar, don't everything restrict her. I told her she scared she don't have a chance to eat sweets and ice cream in future meh? Now that she's at playgroup, whenever there are any parties, there'll be sweets, marshmallows, jelly, chupa chups etc given to the kids. I'm only keeping her away from all these sugary, unhealthy stuff as long as I can. Once she's older, I can't even stop her even if I want to. :P

Oh ya, I threw some frozen fresh peas into her porridge yesterday cos we only had broccoli and they tend to turn yellow and gives out a strong smell/taste if cooked for long. Turns out that she loves peas, maybe it's because it's something new cos she didn't like pea puree when she was younger, that's why the pack of frozen peas were untouched for so long. Next time, I'll buy some corn kernels and put into her porridge too since she likes the corn mayo sushi so much today. :)

Duh, RaeAnne is getting quite good at fake crying to get what she wants too so it's hard for others to reject her. She always does the fake cry thing and want me to carry her. But sometimes, got no choice but to let her cry cos I don't want her to think that if she whines and cries, she'll win everytime. :P

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy B-Day Piggy Mummy!!!

Today is Piggy Mummy's B-day!! Here's wishing you a happy b-day! Thanks for being such a wonderful mummy & may all your wishes come true!!!
From Piggy Daddy. :)

P.S. Thanks to Piggy Daddy for the birthday wishes, a sumptuous dinner at The Line, present, card, eat till we can't move lunch at Bali Thai and the movie "Up" and of course the lovely chocolate cake this morning. RaeAnne loves the candles. Oh yes, Mummy received our personalised Tee shirts yesterday. RaeAnne loves the cartoons. We were wearing them for this photo but not obvious. Next year, Raelynn will join us in the family photo. Will get a nice T shirt for her too. :)

Buffet dinner at The Line

Finally got to try The Line buffet dinner at Shangri-la hotel with hubby tonight. Heard the buffet was good and I've been wanting to try it for some time. There were so many people there when we reached at 7pm. Fri is my birthday but Thurs night was seafood night and I wanted to try their lobster so we went 1 day early to celebrate. Hubby drew me a card and got something from Body shop as birthday present. :)

The buffet set up was quite dispersed with different stations located at least 1-2 metres away from each other. I saw Japanese station, Crustaceans statione at another, Local delights station, Malay and Indian food stations, Salad station, ice cream station, dessert station etc.

Hubby just took 2 plates, 1 plate of hot cooked food, 1 plate of dessert and he was full liao. I took at least 4 plates of food eg. lobster, crayfish, oyster, clams, sashimi, salad, laksa, wantan noodles, satay and ice cream. When the satay chef saw me taking 2 sticks of chicken satay. He said take more lar, he gestured towards my tummy. The one inside hungry you know. LOL.

Sadly no 25% discount tonight, only for National Day. But POSB/DBS card got 15% discount so better than nothing. Anyway, having tried the food, I felt that the price was too steep ($88 for Thurs night, $68 for other nights) before discount. Even hubby said the spread was not exotic. Think we tasted better food at Champagne brunch (non alcoholic version though) at Equinox restaurant at Swissotel Hotel. That one even had foie grae. We had a 50% off deal then cos I had the Feed at Raffles card then. :)

Saw a family dinner with 4 daughters and 1 son at the Line. The gals are very pretty, the eldest is already married and preggie like me. The other 3 gals (who all look like about the same age to me) brought their boyfriends. They even took a group photo together. Sigh, dreaming of the day when my gals will bring their bfs and we can go out for family dinner too.

Told hubby some say once a son is married, you lose him to his wife. But for a daughter, you gain half a son. I hope it's true for my 2 gals. ;)

P.S. Filamie did a few things wrong today when she was cleaning the kitchen (ignored all the dusty cups, she thought just need to clean the countertop, fridge and stove) and preparing bread for RaeAnne (used her new pigeon plastic dish to cut bread, the very new dish ended up with a cut across the surface. ) and using dish washing liquid to clean RaeAnne's bumpermat. Told her that she must always check with me if not sure. Cannot just do on her own. Taught her to vaccuum in the afternoon and she interrupted me mid sentence when I told her that she's not holding the vaccuum cleaner correctly. Sigh, so fast defensive liao. Told hubby to communicate more with her tomorrow since he's at home. Keep myself cool while giving her some time to learn and adjust.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Adjusting to life as a Ma-am

Brought RaeAnne to playgroup today and she started crying at the gate when I was trying to carry her out of the stroller. Sigh, she's getting smarter and smarter. I dread for the day when she'll refuse to even put on her uniform.

Woke up extra early today cos RaeAnne kept 'ka cheowing' me by poking my belly button. Thought she might be hungry but I smelled something funny. Checked and realised that she had poo pooed. She already poo twice in the day, once immediately after playgroup when I went to pick her up and another time after she went to the park with ILs. The 5+am poo was the 3rd time in 24 hours.

Very strange for her to poo in her sleep, I suspected that she ate something wrong and it was diarrhoea. Very difficult to pin point cos she's eating all kinds of 'rubbish'. ILs have raise white flag cos they can't get her to eat. End up, they've started giving her table food to go with her porridge. As long as it's something that's not too salty, oily or hard to chew. So far, she has tried stir fried french bean, ABC soup, meat patty, steamed fish, rice dumplings (tang yuan), yam rice etc. Wanted to give her prebiotics this morning but she did not poo again from 5+am to 12noon so I didn't. Hopefully her tummy has adjusted.

Today was a busy day. Didn't get to nap at all cos after coming back from dropping RaeAnne off at playgroup. I took the time to teach Filamie how to use the washing machine, save the rinse water to wash toilet, toilet floor, wipe the dusty, neglected shopping trolley, hang the clothes etc. We were slightly late to pick up RaeAnne. Reached there exactly at 11am and some of the kids have already left. I think the teacher is starting to release the 9am class earlier and earlier so that they won't mix with the 11am class. :P

Brought RaeAnne to ILs place as usual and introduced them to Filamie. RaeAnne was sticky as ever and made the mistake of allowing Filamie to observe ILs trying to bathe RaeAnne. Should have just asked her to wait in the living room while I went to the toilet. End up, I had to go to bathroom to fetch her and of course RaeAnne cried and cried when I tried to leave. Ye Ye and Nai Nai took so many different toys to trick her to go to their room but she refused to budge from hugging my tummy and shoulders and keep wanting me to carry her. Until Ye Ye had no choice but to carry her 'by force' to the kitchen to see 'pigeons'. I could still hear her crying when I reached first floor, ILs stays at 9th floor. :P

Very heart pain to see my gal like that. From a sunshine and smiley gal, she became so needy and insecure over the span of 1 week. Of course, had to put up with ILs grumbling too cos she's really not easy to look after during this period. Had to keep reminding myself to let go and let her learn. I can't keep her by my side forever and it's only 2 hr playgroup not even full day childcare. :(

Brought Filamie to eat at the CC foodcourt, had mixed veg rice. Debated whether to order 1 veg, 1 meat or all veg for her but in the end, decided to order 2 veg, 1 meat for her. Her rice came up to $3, same as mine. It's just her second day of work, don't want to 'ill treat' her. Hopefully once she can hone her cooking skills, we can eat at home more often instead of eating out and save $. Bought her some envelopes and stampes from NTUC so that she can write home cos she has no money to buy a Sg SIM card for her handphone yet. Carine has told her yesterday to save up the $ first and write letters for the first month.

Also bought some veg, garlic and eggs from NTUC so that I can teach her to cook. Not that I'm a great cook myself. Found out that she's more of a left hander this morning when I saw her washing and wringing the clothes. Hubby decided to go and see dr at A&E this afternoon cos his ankle is still badly swollen. Let him try the stir fried chye sim that me and Filamie cooked. Verdict, not salty enough and the mushrooms were a bit sour. :P Dropped Filamie at ILs place while we went to A&E. I had to stay outside the house cos RaeAnne was already awake and she'll definitely cry if she sees me coming and going off.

We waited a super long time at A&E (more than 2 hrs) cos the doctor skipped hubby's queue no. Was very frustrated as I was hungry, tired and wearing a mask. In the end, the dr said hubby didn't seem to have broken any bones but swelling after 1 week from a sprained ankle is strange so they gave hubby a follow up appt with Ortho doctor in Sept. I asked if standing and walking will aggravate his condition as he's a teacher. The dr said yes and gave him 2 days MC. Also gave him excuse chit for 1 week of light duties during his reservist starting on 11 Aug.

Whenever I was around, RaeAnne didn't want Filamie to feed or carry. At night after we came home and I showered, she'll stand guard outside the shower screen while I showered. This happened since last night cos she's afraid I'll disappear. Before playgroup, she'll play with Daddy in the living room and just run into the toilet to check on me once in a while. But tonight after I showered and was blowdrying my hair, she was curious enough to follow Filamie to the living room to play when she held her hand.

I stayed in my room to give Filamie a chance to bond and play with her. Really mixed feelings then. Felt a bit '辛酸' that I have to voluntarily share my gal's love with a stranger. Told hubby how I felt and he comforted me that once tom comes, she'll only want me again. Also, he said he can't recall a thing of his childhood from 1 to 5 years old. Same for me too actually. The only thing I remember when I was 5 was my maternal grandpa passing away and the huge wake at the Tampines kampung. But that was a major event. Told hubby though you may not remember as a child but as a parent we'll always remember our child's memories.

Anyway, had to remind myself that this is an adjustment period and the reason why I'm hiring a maid is to better cope with 2 kids so that I can keep both of them with me instead of sending one to ILs. Also, RaeAnne at least had 18 months of my undivided attention and love whereas Raelynn was born into this world to share because she is my no. 2. If the maid can help to look after RaeAnne then at least I can concentrate my attention on Mei Mei after she is born. This will be fairer to Raelynn too cos she also deserves to be showered with my love and attention. :)

Feeling breathless tonight, must be because I carried RaeAnne a lot these days. Have to take deep, slow breaths. :P Luckily she slept at 950am today, must be tired from playgroup. She only napped for 1 hr plus at Ye Ye place today cos of the renovation drilling at opposite block.

P.S. The feb08 mummies were discussing about their child's development in terms of imitation. RaeAnne's only good at imitating housechores eg. mopping, sweeping. The only grooming that I do regularly is blow dry my hair and comb hair so she can imitate these only, no make up actions like the other gals of FTWMs. Hee. ;) She does try to be helpful though. Today MIL told me when FIL told her he needs to go toilet cos very urgent, need to 'shh shh'. She actually went to fetch potty for him. Haha. LOL. :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Starting my life as a FDW employer

Carine, the agent brought Filamie, my new Filipino maid (aka foreign domestic worker) to my house at 8+pm today. Couldn't ask her to come earlier cos RaeAnne is at ILs place so got to wait for her to have dinner (feeding her is so tough these days) shower then come back home.

First impressions, she's quite smiley and tried very hard to engage RaeAnne and play with her. Wanted to carry her too but of course my wary gal won't agree. She seldom let my relatives carry her even let alone a stranger aunty that she barely knows. I bought a box of kiddy animal biscuits and asked Filamie to give to RaeAnne as a 'bribe'.

RaeAnne did laugh when playing with her so I consider that a good thing. I corrected Filamie when she called RaeAnne Annie cos I don't want her to follow the footsteps of my cousin kid who thinks her name is Annie because a Filipino nurse at TMC called her SuAnnie and the adults in the family started calling her Annie too.

RaeAnne was very excited when the maid was unpacking her things from the luggage to show us. She was equally excited when we were showing Filamie where she can sleep. Temporarily let her sleep in RaeAnne's room cos the room is hardly used cos RaeAnne is still sleeping with us these days. The mattress that Filamie is using was RaeAnne's tilam at Waipo house. It folds out like an accordian and has a plastic cover so it's easier to keep in the day. The bedsheet was customised and sewn by waipo so it has 'Tweety and Slyvester' prints. RaeAnne likes it. Ask Filamie to go and sleep first cos after settle all the paperwork, already 10+pm liao. Had to put RaeAnne to sleep late too, luckily she fell asleep in record time but still she only slept at 10.43pm. Hope she can wake up tomorrow for class. :P

Tomorrow then think about how to train Filamie. Yesterday, Carine already showed her my list of house rules and her daily schedule so I think she's a bit apprehensive so I reassured her that I like to start things on a good footing, that's why telling her upfront what not to do in the house. Not fair to tell her off next time when she doesn't even know the rules. But I told her not to worry, we won't torture her, starve her or abuse her.

First week, let her get used to things first. 一步一步来吧,give her a chance to bond with RaeAnne, get used to the house and orientate herself first. Feels weird having another person in the house so I also need to orientate myself. Next week onwards, I'll let her start the schedule.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Official First Day in School! :)

It's finally 3rd August 2009. The day Mummy has been preparing for at least 2 months. Today is RaeAnne's official first day at school. Of course, we had gatecrashed the playgroup session umpteen times but today is the first day of 'paid' lesson so it's still considered the first day of the school term for her. Haha. :)

Being a Monday is not a good start cos sticky koala bear has been stuck to Mummy for 2 days in the weekend. It takes an extreme effort for her to 'detach' her from the Mummy tree. Worse of all, today, the maid agency staff (Carine) needed to collect a cheque from us so Mummy had to meet her outside the playgroup. Teacher Chris again claimed that RaeAnne can 'smell' Mummy's presence even though I'm outside the RC centre near the bus stop. Faint!

She caught sight of me and Carine when we were hanging at the RC centre gate cos Carine wanted to get some blank paper from the teacher so that I can pre sign something. Aiyoh! Can't bear to see her being whisked away by teacher after seeing Mummy so I carried her and explained to her again that Aunty is looking for Mummy so Mummy is not free now. Mummy will definitely fetch her later when her class finishes. She still cried when I left but I had to harden my heart and pass her back to teacher cos it'll never end if I'm wishy washy about this. :P

Luckily, the teacher brought the kids to the playground near our block. I could peek on the kids walking to the playground from the balcony. Teacher Chris carried RaeAnne and she was not crying and was pointing to the direction of the playground.

Went to standby outside the classroom early at 10:50am cos I wanted her to see Mummy the moment the door opened. I think she'll be sad and scared if the door opens and Mummy is not there. :P Also, now there's another 11am class so the teacher has already asked the parents/maids to be on time in fetching the kids.

Teacher Chris told me she cried whenever the door opened cos she'll want to go out. Same as last week. Hope she'll get better and better after this week.

Tomorrow night, the new maid will be arriving. Mummy went to get some last minute items for the maid eg. toyogo box, toothpaste, clothes brush etc. Hope she takes to the new maid, or else this preggie Mummy tree is going to be very tired for the next 3.5 months. :P

P.S. Oh ya, she slept tonight at 10pm, took 30 mins to fall asleep, considered an improvement for her. Must be because she wakes up earlier nowadays for playgroup or because she's tired out from crying/screaming at playgroup in the day. ;P

Before all the tears and fears! :)

Looking a bit lost in the classroom, didn't even want to join the other kids to play with the kitchen toys. ;P

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sticky koala bear

Cooked thick bee hoon soup with meatballs, egg tofu and chye sim for lunch today. RaeAnne ate enthusiastically in the beginning and soon began to play with her food while trying to feed herself. Hubby was getting quite frustrated dealing with this messy eater cos he's not just nimble and agile with his swollen ankle and I was busy trying to cook hubby and my portion. Didn't cook the bee hoon together cos I pre-cut RaeAnne's bee hoon into smaller strands, chopped up the chye sim for her too.

In the end, I told hubby, forget it, let her play and throw all she wants. We'll clean the floor and throw away the entire set of old newspaper soaked with the soup poured by her. Now that she's insisting to self feed herself, boy am I glad that my maid is coming soon. Should have taken a photo of the mess and threaten her when she grows up. She won't be able to find a 'handsome good complexion' hubby next time if she keeps up the messy eating habits. Hee. :P

RaeAnne had a slight fever of 38 degree during her afternoon nap. She only napped for 1 hr from 1pm to 2pm then woke We didn't gave her panadol syrup automatically in the morning hoping that last night's dose was enough but apparently not. So, we gave her panadol again but she didn't want to go back to sleep so we decided to go to my 2nd aunt's home.

RaeAnne was ok in the beginning, today her cousins Su-Anne and Ho wen were not around as they have gone for Kindermusik class. She was curious about the surroundings and went to find her favourite toys. Towards evening, she got more and more grouchy, aggravated by the fact that she knocked her head against the glass coffee table while trying to drag a small plastic stool while negotiating the narrow gap between the sofa and the coffee table. The impact was great as it was a loud thud. 2nd aunt and hubby were trying to pinpoint the exact part to apply ointment but hair was covering her head and they really couldn't find where her head had struck.

It went downhill from there. She wanted me to carry her everywhere, cannot even go toilet. See me missing, she'll cry. 2nd aunt cooked porridge for her but she barely ate half a small bowl. We went for dinner at the nearby coffee shop and I could hardly eat cos she didn't want anyone else even hubby. Even had to sit on my lap before she agree to eat some rice and fish from our dinner.

Never seen her so sticky to me before even when I was first pregnant. Don't know if it's part of adjustment to playgroup cos Mummy will 'abandon' her for a few hours every morning so she's paranoid. Anyway, hope this phase will pass soon. :P With a limping hubby and a pregnant and clumsy mummy, we really can't cope with this type of stickiness now.

We left early close to 845pm and she slept in the car. When we reached home, dream fed her her milk and the panadol syrup. She protested and cried a bit but luckily went back to sleep. Think she'll be up early tomorrow morning so I better sleep early too. :P

Oh ya, she bites her nails and pulls on the skin around her nails. Somemore, everytime show me her red and swollen nail bed and ask me to cut her skin tags for her. Her nails are so short but yet she puts them into her mouth. If I catch her and ask her to take out her finger, she'll protest and whine. I'm wondering if I should resort to buying those bitter solution to apply on her nails? Or is this just another phase? :P

Trip to the PD - double ouch!

Knocked out with RaeAnne around 11pm but woke up at 12 midnight. :P

Hubby and I had an early dinner at Pu Tien. Decided on the place when we walked by cos they had 20% discount from 530-630pm for early birds. Had the set dinner at $68 which came with 2 kampong chicken doubled boiled shark fin's soup (usual price $25 for each serving) so it's value for $. Anyway, I hardly have tonic soups unless I go over to my mum's place on Sundays. Sometimes, my 2nd aunt also makes for me, so nice of her. :)

Went to NTUC to stock up for the weekend. RaeAnne has been rejecting porridge nowadays, ILs have a hard time feeding her everyday so they've resorted to giving her rice for one meal and porridge for the other meal. Don't know what to cook cos I already cooked modified claypot rice last week. Hubby suggested one dish meal, 'chu bee hoon' soup so I bought ingredients for that. Saw Red Prawn durians from Penang for sale at NTUC (only 2 packs and it was 2 for $25). Each pack only 5-6 big seeds. Decided to buy it cos we missed trying Red Prawn in Penang as it was OOS. And it was the award winning durian in this year's Penang durian show.

Brought RaeAnne for her 18 mth booster jab this evening. As usual, she cried once the nurse tried to measure her head circumference. Her weight is 10.5 kg and height 79cm at the clinic. Poor gal, besides the DPT booster, PD recommended flu jab for her as well. Apparently there was a lot of pent up demand for flu jabs as it has been OOS for the last 2 months. PD said she placed order for 100 doses and it just arrived on Wed and stock is already running low. Must be due to H1N1 cos young kids are more vulnerable to the virus.

When the PD heard that she is attending playgroup next Mon, she strongly urged us to give her the jab. Thought she already had a flu jab before we went to HK in Dec but PD said this flu jab is for the most recent strain. With H1N1 being increasingly prevalent, hubby thought it's better to give the flu jab.

Poor RaeAnne cried buckets when the PD, nurse and hubby held her down while she was given the jab, both in the right thigh and left thigh. I could only hold her head and tell her that Mummy loves her, can't help to take away her pain. :( Was worried about the fever side effect of the 18mth booster jab, that's why brought her to see PD today, and she ended up with 2 jabs! Sure kenna fever like that lar, hubby said start panadol syrup today, maybe it'll help knock her out. :P

PD suggested pnueumoccocal and Hep A jab for the next month if we are keen. I asked PD about her 18 mth development milestones and she said she's fine as long as she can walk and talk (single words are fine). Asked her if it's ok that she can't drink from the cup all the time, she said it's fine, it's an 21 months milestone. Told PD that she can't self feed yet, is it ok? She said it's fine, at this age, they are only playing with the food, real self feeding will be around 3 years old. Okie, at least she's not slow. Took the chance to get PD to prescribe a cream for the angry mosquito bites that she sometimes get. Calendula cream smells nice but doesn't get rid of the mosquito bites fast. End up, she's scratch until it bleeds, then the marks will darken and become ugly scars. :P

Outside the clinic at the counter, the nurse saw the doctor's notes and asked if we want to wait until 2 years old for pneumoccocal cos she'll only need 1 jab ($150) by then. Told her I was thinking of doing that but she's starting playgroup next Mon. She just replied 'oh' (i see). Looks like once the kids goes to playgroup, CC etc, PD will recommend all kinds of vaccination jabs. Asked the nurse to give us an appt, they'll remind us closer to the date but I'll see if I really want her go for it. :P

Oh ya, when we were coming home from ILs place (had to go back to collect our perishables). RaeAnne cried when we were in the lift, there was a little boy and a little gal together with their daddy who lived at the 10th floor. We bumped into the grandma a couple of times when she takes walks with the little gal so I was talking to the little gal, 1 month older than RaeAnne. There was a slight red mark on both side of the little gal's lips so I was asking the little gal in a teasing manner, what happened to your lips? Why red red? And RaeAnne just suddenly burst out crying. Asked hubby what happened, did he hurt her feet when he pushed the stroller into the lift? But hubby said nothing happened. It's true cos I only talked to the little gal when the lift door closed, if she had hurt her feet, she should not have cried out only then. She continued crying until I opened the door and carried her out of the stroller.

Hmm... why caused the sudden outburst? Did she hurt her feet while playing in the lift without us noticing? Or was she jealous cos Mummy was paying attention to a little gal and not her? Maybe, we'll find out one day if she ever repeats this behaviour.

Recently, she has been facing serious separation anxiety. ILs said Thurs afternoon, she refused to let Ye Ye or Nai Nai go into the kitchen to cook, She'll push and pull them out of the kitchen and make them sit in the living room with her. Yesterday and again today (Fri), she didn't allow me to close the toilet door at Ils place. At home cos I'm alone with her, I usually don't close the door cos I got to keep an eye on her. Guess our gal is really growing up, 懂事 and not blur blur anymore. ;)

Mummy has been sneezing a lot today, I even woke RaeAnne in her sleep just now with my sneeze. Hope the scratch throat/cold that I managed to stave with cold and inflammation medicine last week is not making its return. :P