The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

RaeAnne is 32 months

Wanted to post this before midnight but too stoned from my cough syrup. She is now 12.2kg and 92.5 cm tall. She can talk very well and often makes us laugh with what she says.

Eg. Today, I offered hubby a nin jiom sweet cos he is coughing but he refused. RaeAnne witnessed it and said the following:
R: Daddy want to eat sweet?
M: No, Daddy don't want.
R: Why Daddy don't want to eat sweet?
M: I don't know, you go and ask Daddy lar.
R (turns to Daddy): Daddy, why you don't want to eat sweet. You must eat la4la4 sweet you know. You coughing...

Yesterday, hubby allowed her to feed him medicine (GNC echinacea capsules)
D: One enough
R: Why? (already holding another capsule in her hand)
D: Daddy not very sick
R: No, Daddy, you very sick, must take two.

Me, hubby and RaeAnne are all coughing. :( She already saw GP twice so last night, we brought her to Tampines interchange Nam Hua TCM and we had to wait from 730pm - 10pm before we got to see the sinseh. Duh... RaeAnne doesn't like the cough syrup as much, she said 苦苦. Had to coax her to take it. But hope it will clear her phelgm soon.

Brought the gals to Tampines Central Park for Mid Autumn Festival. It was much better organised than the last one I attended. Maybe cos they had VIP (MP for Tampines GRC). Anyway, RaeAnne liked the popcorn very much but only gave her a little bit this time as she is coughing. Raelynn is very cute, when she heard the line dance music (stage performance), she started tapping her hand against her chest (打拍子). Very cute to watch. It is as if she can't help herself. We noticed this about her many times, think this gal is more aware of music and rhythm than her Cheh Cheh. She enjoys banging on the toy piano and can play much longer than RaeAnne who can never sit at the piano for more than 1 min. :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lantern festival celebration

We bought tickets to our RC (Residents Committee)'s Lantern Festival cos RaeAnne's classmate's (Jiahuan Cheh Cheh) Ah Ma offered to help us buy tickets. Last year we went to the one organised by Tampines Central CC. The goodie bag was good with 1 pomelo, 1 lantern, 1 pack of popcorn and food/game/kiddie stalls and a huge stage with singing/dancing at the Tampines Central park. We were quite impressed so thought it's good to go again with the 2 gals and invite MIL along.

The RC understandably had a smaller budget but what a world of difference in terms of the food, prog and goodie bag. Although food and drinks were included, it was not individual portions and when we went down at 8pm (the celebration started at 7pm), the 'aunties' were already rationing the obviously home cooked food from their 'food pails'. Eg. if you wanted fried mee siam, you only got to have another dessert (cheng tng). If you chose the fried rice (they don't give you the braised chicken, you had to ask for it). There was curry vegetables but the aunty was guarding it like her treasure and only gave us a small bowl to share among 3 adults (and I suspect only because we know Jiahuan's ah ma, her neighbour).

There was no stage, no stage activity, no emcee, no mike, only a lion dance gig at the badminton court doing its own thing. There was pomelo but they were broken into individual wedges and place on a huge traditional wedding ceremonial metal plate. I dread to think who peeled them and whether the person had handled the fruit hygienically. Houseflies were flying near the food and the fruits were uncovered despite the aunties 'guarding' at the food table. Strangely, the aunties were unperturbed by the flies buzzing around. Even my Filipino maid is more paranoid about houseflies than them.

Did we eat the food? Yes, we did cos we had no back up dinner plan and I didn't know ILs did not cook nor feed RaeAnne (even though I told MIL that the kids will eat before we go for the event, I only bought tickets for the adults). So, she had to eat the fried rice along with everyone else. Actually, the food tasted not bad. But hopefully no after effects. So paiseh to have asked MIL along cos the organisation/food portions was bad. Everyone was just eating at the Senior Citizen corner quickly than going home.

Actually, I cooked a lot the last 2 days. Last night, we had beggar chicken (steamed 1 whole chicken, gave ILs half a chicken and my mum a portion). This morning, I cooked half a rice cooker worth of yam rice and gave most of it to ILs cos hubby and I were going out. If I had known, I would have kept aside some yam rice and gave it to RaeAnne. Hubby and I were still hungry after we came back and we already made plans for instant noodles. :P

In hindsight, I will only go for the big community events with bigger budgets eg. national day dinners or else prepare our own food instead of worrying that RaeAnne will get a tummyache and getting our stomachs half filled. RaeAnne was bored so we just took a few photos and quickly came home. But at least she got to play with sparklers this year. Didn't allow her to play with them yet last year cos of the sparks and fumes.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fish & chips, potato leek soup

RaeAnne told me this morning that she 'want to go Nai Nai house after school', 'Nai Nai say will bring me one' (please forgive the bad Singlish). Must be because MIL came to visit yesterday to bring us some bread and kiwi. I am secretly glad to have a mid week break away from her so I called MIL who agreed to pick her up after school.

So, I got to meet up with XY, a second time Feb09 Mummy and her 2 month old baby gal Cammie. :) We had one for one lunch deal at Swensons and both of us ordered baked rice. BFing mummies are especially hungry. Haha.

Since RaeAnne is not home for dinner, took the opportunity to cook Fish & chips today. All the deep fried food that is not suitable for RaeAnne and taking up space in my already cramped freezer compartment. Needed a soup to go with the western meal so I decided to try making potato and leek soup cos I had a lot of potato and leek at home. I took charge of the soup since it's a new online recipe and the maid doesn't know how to cook it while the maid fried the french fries and NTUC tempura fish fillets. :)

Hubby said it looks si4 mo2, si4 yang4. So, how's the taste? I will leave him to comment since he said he reads our blog. ;)

After dinner, picked RaeAnne up and sent MIL for her karaoke session at Bedok and went with RaeAnne to Tampines Interchange cos there was a pasar malam and Uncle Ringo theme park rides. RaeAnne wanted to sit on the boat ride. She made a brave attempt to hand paddle the boat but she was too young to steer. A well meaning aunty looking on commented that she is too young and told us to just move the boat along the side of the pool instead of letting her steer in case she stands up and falls into the water. So, that was that. Daddy was spooked enough to bring her out of the water. Luckily it was just a trial run cos no one was around to collect $3 for the short 1 minute 'ride'. She didn't want to go for any rides and was happy to sit in the 'unmoving' train. In fact, she said she want the train not to move. Duh... Not a very adventurous little gal. :P

Bought a dress for Mei Mei for my cousin's wedding and her birthday party in Dec. Kiddy palace was out of size L (up to 10kg, 80cm) so I ask them to order & reserve for me in the early afternoon and they were very prompt. Asked me to collect by evening time. Daddy joked that Raelynn is getting married cos it was way too long for her. Deliberately not including the pic of the dress so that it won't spoil the surprise for our guests.

Looks like I got to stick to Size M (up to 8kg, 70cm) though Mei Mei has already exceeded the weight limit (she is 8.425kg 2 weeks ago). Cos Mei Mei is only 67cm and I don't think she will sprout by another 10cm in 2 months time. But I'm afraid the chest area will be too tight. Duh... so difficult to find clothes for her. :P I'm tempted to make 'Strawberry Shortcake' the theme for her 1st birthday party but hubby protested that I'm 'cursing' her. Touche! ;P

Monday, September 13, 2010

Independent Raelynn...

Raelynn has been cruising more and more. She can 'walk across' from the kitchen sliding door to our fridge though they are about 40cm apart. Standing, holding both arms above her head, then jumping is her favourite activity. She can stand quite well now (about 1 minute before squatting down). She is also trying to walk by holding her hands apart but she tumbles after taking just 1 step. It is difficult for me to remember that she is not even 9.5 months old yet. Why are my 2 gals so different in terms of development? :P

RaeLynn tried mashed peach last Mon (courtesy of my cousin Julie who brought the peach all the way back from Japan), she loves it. Let her try mashed banana on Saturday (cos yeye cooked the porridge too watery and she was still hungy). She loves it too. Decided to buy a punnet of fresh small sweet prunes from NTUC. Hope she likes it too. :)

Mummy's HP

Mummy left her HP at Ah Ma's place today. When RaeAnne heard this, she offered to help.

RaeAnne: Me go and take HP for Mummy.
Daddy: You know how to go to Ah Ma's place?
RaeAnne nodded her head.
Daddy: How?
RaeAnne: Daddy drive to Ah Ma's place. Me sit in Daddy car.
Daddy: ...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Barney Space Adventures

Brought RaeAnne to her first stage performance today - Barney Space Adventures. She was super grouchy when we rushed for the 5pm show cos we were all tired after visiting my 2nd aunt and wake up late from our afternoon nap. RaeAnne refused to change nor pee. And we were so rushed that we brought RaeAnne out in her T shirt and panties and just put on her osh kosh overalls in the car. Luckily her mood improved in the car and she got a bit excited when I pointed the numerous kids walking from the carpark going for the Barney show like her.

She was more interested in the Barney popcorn than Barney. Think the show too 'cheem' for her plus she's not a big Barney fan, refuse to clap or dance. Maybe cos she's too young? I only recognise the Barney 'I Love you' song. Luckily, I only bought the second cheapest $38 tickets (before 20% discount).:P But at least she didn't cry and was guai guai for the whole 1.5 hrs show (with the help of the popcorn). I think she may be ready for the first movie soon. Haha.

After that, we went to our favourite Jap buffet restaurant Momoya for dinner cos Expo was too crowded and Tampines was too boring. RaeAnne dines free so it was easy for us to just order for her without thinking too much. She loves chawanmushi and had lots. :) But hubby was busy feeding her and we were a bit full from eating half of the big tub of popcorn so didn't eat as much as usual. :P

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Maid's off day

Today Filamie took her first off day since she joined us on 5 Aug 09. She wanted an off day though we said we can give her some time off to go to the post office to TT money back (as usual). But I respected her decision cos I promised to give her off day after 1 year. It's only human nature to want a break. And, she has been so happy the few days leading to her off day. She left the house slightly after 10am and I told her to come back latest by 6pm. She is quite blur with the Singapore transport system but I have brought her to take bus a few times and to the post office numerous times. Think she should be ok bah.

Anyway, with the maid off, we brought Raelynn to bond with Ye Ye and Nai Nai so that we can spend some time alone with RaeAnne. We brought RaeAnne to Ikea to have lunch, pick up our free photo and for her to try out the Ikea indoor play area. Had to wait almost 30 mins to get into the play area cos we didn't know need to take queue no. Anyway, she went in happily and even drew a picture of orange scribbles. But after just 5 mins, she burst out crying at the table and shouted Mummy, Daddy. The ikea staff was confused but I told her something must have happened, if not she will not suddenly cry like that. The staff decided to ask a few kids and investigate. End up it was an older boy who pushed her. The staff made the little boy apologise but our gal was still inconsolable. So, we brought her out. It was way past her naptime as it was 2+pm then too. The ikea staff was very apologetic but I am unfazed. Cos there will always be naughty boys and gals around so I rather she faces them when Daddy and Mummy are around than all by herself. Part and parcel of growing up and learning survival skills is to be bullied and learning to fend/fight for herself. Haha.

Ikea 2010 Catalogue Photo shoot

Signed up for the free Ikea catalogue cover photoshoot on 5 Sept since it's at Ikea Tampines and so near to home. The photoshoot was fast, only 10-15 mins and we only got back a hard copy of the catalogue. Asked for the soft copy but can only leave down the contact number and wait for them to get back to us.

Hubby commented that both gals did not smile. Told him that's the difference between a paid photo shoot and a free one. For the free one, the photographer is not obliged to make the kids smile before the camera. Haha.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant

Went to try out this new Japanese buffet restaurant today, Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant, located behind Nanyang Primary School at Hillcrest road. We have been going to Momoya at Jalan Pari Burong which is very near home and very good. But, their sashimi does not have swordfish plus the grilled shishamo is skinnier than me. :P Went to Hungrygowhere and Shin Yuu had pretty good reviews, so today we took the chance to try it out :)

The sashimi moriawase is really good (they have salmon, tuna, kingfish, swordfish and tako). The salmon was so soft that it's the melt in your mouth type. The tempura prawns and vegetables were also good. The batter is lighter and fluffier than Momoya's. Love the chawanmushi cos it has salmon roe on top, my favourite. The shishamo were very good too, plump with lots of roe. :) They have wafu steak (cut into bite sizes) and beef ribs but hubby didn't enjoy it as much as the yakiniku fried with special sauce at momoya.

The one dish that I will definitely not order again is the vegetable salad (it only has lettuce and some Japanese sesame dressing - so boring). The green tea was so bland that I ordered a Seasons lemon tea. Verdict: will probably go back to our good old Momoya cos the food variety is much more there plus it's so close to home. After pigging out, we are always so sleepy so it's great that it's just a short drive home and can go home to sleep.

The restaurant manager at Shin Yuu was hilarious, he remarked twice to ask us to quickly eat and even told me to stop taking photos cos the food must be eaten 'hot' to be nice. Luckily I face a super bossy daughter everyday or else I would have been super offended. But then, he's probably someone who takes a lot of pride in the food that they serve so he cannot take it when diners are not playing their role by eating them at their best. LOL.

P.S. Forgot to document that Raelynn can finally drink from a straw this afternoon. Tried the Pigeon mag mag cup using the old straw (from FIL house) cos it said for 8 months onwards and Raelynn is already 9 months plus. But she didn't know how to drink, kept biting the straw instead. Then, I decided to 'backtrack' and let her try the Avent sippy cup with spout. But she still didn't know how to drink. The cover of the Pigeon mag mag cup couldn't close properly so I told Filamie to wash and replace with a new one (with new straw attached). Then, when she tried again, she could suck the water. But she sucked so fast that she choked. LOL. :)

Ho wen Gor Gor Birthday party

Brought the 2 gals to Ho wen (my cousin's son)'s birthday party at Aranda Country club. Mei Mei got to try out the bicycle that they rented for the party. She loves it. Should rent one for her to try one day. After playing, she fell asleep there before she ate her porridge. Haha. :)

New car seats for the gals :)

'Detective' RaeAnne found the photos that I took of Mei Mei sitting in her old car seat in my HP. And said 'I don't want Mei Mei sit in my car seat.' I told her 'No, Mei Mei never sit in your car seat.' 'Got leh, I saw it in your HP'. Oops, guilty as charged cos we let Raelynn try sitting in the car seat when we drove to fetch Cheh Cheh at Nai Nai house. I never showed her the photos cos I know she won't be happy and yet she manage to find them in my HP. ;P

But last Sat, we finally upgraded RaeAnne to a Booster carseat after Taka delivered it last Fri to go to Ho-wen gor gor's BD party at Aranda Country club. Luckily after I kept telling her how nice her new car seat is (even show her photos and described the colours to her) and Mei Mei so poor thing to sit in her old car seat. She was happy to let Mei Mei sit in her old car seat. Just in time too cos Raelynn is already more than 9 months old, the age recommendation to be upgraded to a forward facing car seat though both of them have not officially reached the recommended weight of 9kg and 13.6kg respectively.

Both sisters enjoy the view from their car seats. And the maid got more space at the back while I don't have to move my car seat right to the front. I remember when I was preggie last year, the car seat problem was one of the main reasons why I wanted hubby to upgrade to a new car. Luckily he resisted plus COE prices went up up up so not worth it to buy cos it shows that we don't have to buy a new car after all. :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mummy's 口头禅 = RaeAnne's 妙语?

RaeAnne: You want the book? (tries to give Daddy the Clifford The Red Dog book)
Daddy: No, I don't want.
RaeAnne: Are you sure?
Daddy: 。。。。(Turns to Mummy, she asked 'Are you sure?')

Haha, I always ask her 'Are you sure?" when she tells me she don't want to shh shh... And now she is using it on Daddy. LOL.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hello Kitty water mattress pad



We finally retired the Hello Kitty water mattress today. Threw away the water pad but kept the hello kitty cover which has peeled off. RaeAnne loves it cos it is 'liang liang' and it was very useful on warm nights and when she was running a fever. But it has been through a lot of abuse since we got it in June 09.But after she started toilet training, she peed on it so many times while asleep at night and caught her pee (and saved us so many times from washing the bedsheet) that the maid has to wipe and wash very often cos it stinks after that.

End up the stitching was loose at the side and the mattress itself was breaking out, causing the water to leak out in segments. We tried to buy a similar one at Gurney Plaza when we went with the gals in June this year but the mobile push cart outside Cold storage was not there anymore. Oh well, she has to adjust to sleeping on the 'hot hot' mattress as she complained. Took a photo as testament of its long service, hope we can buy a similar one in Singapore one day... :)

Both sisters are sick...

Poor Raelynn started the morning with low grade fever. She started having red spots all over since yesterday. As her temperature was only 37.2-37.6, I did not bring her to see dr immediately. I tried to BF first around 9am to see if she would perspire. She did so I was not so worried. But around 12noon, she was getting more listless and after BF, she did not sweat at all.

No choice, had to bring RaeAnne to MIL house, leave her there for her milk feed/nap, then bring Raelynn and the maid to see GP. Dr said she is having viral fever and a viral induced rash. He prescribed antihistamines and asked me to give panadol syrup. Weighed her today and only 8.1 kg while RaeAnne was 11.9kg, so sad. Try so hard to plump them up esp Raelynn but think both of them lost weight after the recent bout of illness. :(

This afternoon, just before we were going to walk to Nai Nai house. RaeAnne asked me to take a photo of her feeding wawa. She said 'Wawa must drink all'. Think she didn't realise she was feeding Wawa orange juice and not milk. But I love the way she was holding Wawa with her fingers spread out to support her back. :)

After feeding, she said 'Wa wa sleep already' and put her on the bumper mat. RaeAnne came back from MIL house and her cough is worse. Hubby gave med at 830pm so she was already sleepy when she came back. I was BFing Mei Mei then. She refused to drink milk nor pass urine though and KO at 1015pm. Just before she KO, she gave me Wawa and said, I don't want Wawa. So I had to hold Wawa instead. Then, she said, 'Because I cough, I don't want Wawa.' What a responsible 'Mummy'. :)

Luckily by late afternoon, Raelynn seemed much better. Fed med at 7pm though her temperature had come down. Tested temp again at 1015pm and it was 36.8deg. Since she has fallen asleep, decided not to feed med again. Will check temperature again before we sleep. If still high then give med.

Hiaz, whole family sick including hubby and I'm falling sick with nasal drip too. Kept pumping myself with echinacea and Vit C. Hope I can avoid a cold/cough. :P

Raelynn is 9 months old! :)

My little darling Raelynn is 9 months old. She is starting to assert her independence and starting to develop survival instinct. Ie. when Cheh Cheh snatches away her toy, she will start crying loudly. I normally intervene and make Cheh Cheh share (if not I'll take one of her toys to give to Mei Mei). Raelynn is also standing independently especially when she is engrossed with playing with my pendant or my shirt. But she will gradually start squatting again as if she is tired. Hahaha. Can't wait to weigh her cos she has been aggravating my backaches nowadays. hee. ;)

P.S. Realised that for RaeAnne, I documented the foods that she has tried by 9 months so I will do the same for Raelynn. :)

Organix Baby first rice cereal
Happy bellies brown rice
Happy bellies multigrain
Happy bellies oatmeal
Nestle rice cereal (without added milk)
Healthy times multigrain
Healthy times brown rice cereal
Heinz banana multigrain
(hehe, Mummy tried so many different brands, more adventurous, compared to RaeAnne's times)

Butternut squash
(Sorry, Mummy very slack with this. Last time, Cheh Cheh tried broccoli and pea puree.)

Kiwi (after 8 months)

Lean pork
Local spinach (heng cai)
Sweet potato
Baby corn

Last but not least, the staple for all Chinese - Rice (just let her try on 5 Sept cos she made so much noise watching Cheh Cheh eat her dinner. So I mix 1/4 teaspoon of rice into her porridge and mix with some hot water so that it will be soupy, soft, just a bit grainy. She loves it. :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


RaeAnne started coughing on and off on Monday, Tuesday she seemed ok. But today, she started a persistent cough. Made her double boiled cordyceps soup but I think it's too late. Hubby helped to rub some mentholatum on her chest and back too but she has coughed a few times since falling asleep at 1030pm. Sigh, looks like got to start giving her cough syrup again soon... :P