The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Jan10 gathering at Yee Lin's new place

Asked MIL to bring RaeAnne home after PG today and brought Raelynn for a gathering. Luckily her fever subsided after yesterday morning. Yee Lin invited us and her new place is at Bedok South Ave 3, it is on the 21st floor with a lovely seaview. Her corner neighbour had an even better view and I even took a photo from the lift landing.

The babies had fun interacting with one another. Ayden and Mattias even had a wrestle. Raelynn was quite guai and had a 1.5 hrs nap after her porridge lunch on the bumper mat. hahaha. :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The spread of the fever 'bug'?

Mei Mei also developed a fever this afternoon. She has been napping a lot today and after her nap, her temperature was 37.8 so we had to give panadol to her too. Poor Mei Mei, hope she gets well soon. Sigh...

On Fri, I called TMC LC cos Raelynn has not been very interested whenever I tried to BF her. Spoke to Liqin, the LC whom I liked. She said that since Raelynn is already 9 months old, I only need to BF her 2-3 times a day instead of BFing her every 3-4 hours.

My usual schedule for Raelynn is:
6am - Milk
830-9am - Milk
930am - Cereal
12-1pm - Milk
2pm - Cereal
5-6pm - Milk
730pm - Porridge
930-10pm- Milk

That's a total of 5 milk feeds, no wonder she is not interested. The LC suggests that I only feed morning, afternoon and night. Told her that after I try to BF her and unsuccessful, she will take 8 scoops of cereals (before cooking). Liqin said this means that the baby is more interested in solids than milk. She asked me to try and express and put the milk in bottle and see if she is more keen. If not, then put the EBM into the cereal which I have been doing.

So I think I will try to revise my schedule to:
630-7am - Milk
930am - Cereal
10am - Shower
Morning nap (1 hr)
1230-1pm - Cereal/fruit or porridge
Afternoon nap (2 hrs)
5pm - Shower
5-530pm - Milk
730pm - Porridge
930-10pm - Milk

Fever started again

Got a call from Raeanne's teacher this morning and she said RaeAnne got fever of 37.7. Thought it was strange but asked maid to bring her back. Checked our own thermometer and it was 37.2. My own temperature is 36.8 so she is just a bit warm. Maybe cos we tried to prick and squeeze out the remaining pus yesterday but failed cos inside harden already. :P Anyway, MIL was supposed to bring her home after school cos I'm going to Natas. So, I personally deposited her after feeding fever med and antibiotics. ;P

Went to natas fair, booked F&E package to Taiwan, had quick lunch at new Texas chicken. Came home, put down things, try to BF Mei Mei but she is not interested. So, I went to visit RaeAnne and bring the cream and thermometer cos I forgot to bring there this morning. Luckily I went cos her fever spiked up to 38.7, helped to feed med cos FIL couldn't seem to be able to do it.

Rushed back to feed Raelynn milk. Sigh, there goes my hopes of a relaxing Friday night. Was hoping to catch Inception with hubby before they take it down. :P Of course, we couldn't do that now cos we have to bring RaeAnne back. Hubby had 7 missed calls from FIL when we were having dinner. He rushed back to feed fever med while I finished my pre booked massage. Raeanne slept close to 11pm after hubby fed ibufen at 8+pm.

Mei Mei was wide awake after I fed her milk at 1130pm. But I still needed to pump milk. Hubby couldn't keep his eyes open so he was not in the mood to watch over her when she was exploring our bed. The maid had already gone to sleep when I was BF Mei Mei. But at 1am, I also 'buay tahan' and passed her back to the maid cos she refused to nurse nor to sleep in my room. :P

Finally had some time to check in on my FB games and to post. :P

Thursday, August 26, 2010

RaeAnne's infected mosquito bite.... :(

Was surprised when raeanne fell asleep on her own this afternoon at 2pm. Something is fishy cos she is usually so hard to put to sleep. When I hugged her and kissed her good night, she felt a bit hot, not just the arm that had an infected mosquito bite but even her neck. Decided to use the infrared thermoter on her forehead. And it was 38.7 deg, Mei Mei who was the control was only 36.7 so the thermometer is working fine.

Yesterday afternoon, noticed that she had a swelling on the underside of her right forearm. I only noticed it yesterday but the mosquito bite mark has been a few days according to hubby n maid. Ya, Think it started from a mosquito bite but somehow got infected n inflamed slowly. She didn't complain of pain n no sudden onset of fever, that's why we were not vigilant. :p Told hubby there is pus inside, that's why it is hot and red. Maid said she applied Desowen but it was no use. Asked hubby to apply 'qing cao you' when she sleeps cos she refuse to let us apply anything on her nowadays.

Today, her swelling is one dollar coin size, red n hard with a yellowish 'head'. Got pus inside Liao, I think the fever should be due to that cos she has no other symptoms. Brought RaeAnne to GP after she woke up twice from her nap. Gave her panadol syrup before we left, ear temperature was 39.5 when taken by GP. Asked MIL to accompany us cos it was enroute to GP. Good decision cos end up I had to prick the head with a sterile needle given by GP while MIL helped to press out the pus. The blood was blackish in colour. Still got some pus left but she is complaining about the pain. So we left it. Anyway, GP gave antibiotics plus cream so that should do the job to clear the remaining pus. :P Squeezed out at least 1 teaspoon of pus. Yucks! Should have asked GP to do it when we were in the clinic. FIL hid in the room, don't dare to watch.

The swelling is still quite hard. In hindsight, maybe should have squeezed out all the pus. Cos I can't possible prick her again to squeeze cos a scab has already formed over the 'head' :P Fever is almost down but hubby is worried so feed one more time panadol before she sleeps. She is super 'manja' tonight, keep saying 'pain pain. Mummy sayang'. Want me to hug her to sleep too. I tried to sleep with her and she fell asleep. I felt guilty that all of us missed out on her sore mosquito until it got so big and swollen. Poor gal. :(

Monday, August 23, 2010

An afternoon outing... :)

For once, Raeanne napped at 1pm today without fussing and with air con. Mei Mei woke up when I was trying to put RaeAnne to sleep so I left the room with mei Mei. By the time, I have finished BF Mei Mei, about 5-10 mins later, she was already sound asleep. How I wish everyday wil be like that. She slept till 3pm. I was in such a good mood that i brought her, Raelynn and the maid out. The maid of course is overjoyed lar cos she gets to go shopping and have afternoon tea. See the beaming photo. :P

Let RaeAnne choose between cake, bread or fries and she chose cake. So, we went to have some cakes at Delifrance. Mei mei looked so sad when we are all eating in front of her that I let her try a warm soft bread roll. At least it is fresh right? She loves it and kept jumping up and down. :)

RaeAnne enjoyed herself sitting in the yellow van, turning the driver's wheel left and right. She asked me 'Mummy, which one left? which one right? :) Then went to popular where I bought a 'kiddy white board' for the fridge for $1.50 so that I can write down the food in the fridge and plan the daily menu better. A lot of times, I forgot what is in the fridge and they end up rotting. :P

Switch on the air con again just now but the magic was lost. She took more than 1 hour to fall asleep only slightly before 11pm and kept biting her nails. Don't know why she is not tired since she woke up at 3pm, more than 6 hours ago when I tried to make her sleep at 930pm. Anyway, time to apply 'Nailbite' solution again. :P

Forgot to upload this photo of Raelynn's bottom incisors taken last week - 14 Aug. She looks funny in this photo hor? Like being tortured. Guilty guilty... Bo bian cos it is not easy to make her laugh unlike Cheh Cheh. :P I think her top teeth may be sprouting soon cos she is sucking her gums like an old lady again. :P

RaeAnne's booster seat

RaeAnne turned 31 months yesterday and it was time to get her a booster car seat cos Mei Mei is getting too big for her Maxi cosi capsule seat. Wanna move Mei Mei to Cheh Cheh's forward facing car seat so bought a Evenflo Flower Power Big kid High back booster seat for RaeAnne on the last day of Taka baby fair. Used my vouchers and got free delivery too. The car seat costs $139, $10 more than Maxi Cosi Rodi XPS but the Rodi is more bulky and our car is really too small for 2 Maxi Cosi. :P Hope RaeAnne likes her new car seat cos the colours are really sweet to me. :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gathering with Jan10 mummies

MIL offered to bring RaeAnne back from school today and RaeAnne said she wants to go Nai Nai house so I'm suddenly free. Decided to join the gathering with the Jan10 mummies at Earle Swensons, T3. Caught up with Yee Lin and cute smiley Ayden who allowed me to carry him to the buffet table without crying. :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Little Ms bossy

Somehow, RaeAnne has this 'phobia' of sneezing and insist she is 'cold cold' if the fan is on or if it is windy. She will even switch off the power switch and tell us proudly that 'me off power'. It's frustrating for me cos I can't stand the heat esp when I'm BFing Raelynn.

Yesterday, she closed the balcony door in the living room cos it was going to rain and windy. I escaped to my room and switched on the fan. She came to look for me and wanted me to go to the living room.

I said, 'No, hot hot, just now you closed the balcony door. Mummy don't like hot hot. Mummy don't want to go. You go and open the balcony door first, then Mummy go over.'
Her reply: 'Mummy big girl. Mummy open the door yourself'. Always tell her she is a big girl. Must wear her own shoes, sleep on her own, hold her own milk bottle etc and she used it against me. Faint! :P

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ba ba ba...

Raelynn has been saying ba ba ba recently. Not sure if she's calling 爸爸 or just babbling. She's been standing quite steady sometimes with her legs wide open. I let her play with RaeAnne's wooden piano today and surprisingly she can sit there quite long and bang on the notes. Told hubby that she can concentrate longer on the piano than Cheh Cheh. Hope she inherits Daddy's creative genes and there is some pmusical talent in this one. ;P

Last night, both hubby and me refuse to carry RaeAnne nor pat her to sleep so she asked for Aunty. Even the maid was surprised. But yes, it was the maid who put her to sleept last night. This afternoon, after I finished reading her a few stories, she said she wanted Aunty (maid) to bao bao her and pat her to sleep. It was funny to hear the maid singing 睡吧,睡吧,你是我们的宝贝。睡吧睡吧,我们都爱你。Her Mandarin pronunication wasn't clear but I give her top marks for making an effort. RaeAnne slept from 2pm to 330pm today.

Tonight, we went to the nearby CC NTUC to get some last minute groceries and as I predicted, she started yawning at 9pm, 5.5 hours after she woke up at 330pm. Realised the window when she gets sleepy is always between 5.5 - 6 hrs after her last nap. But she needs everything to be right before she will fall asleep. She insisted on eating the cake we bought from Prima deli when she came back so she hardly touched her milk, only drank 40ml. And it was late, so she fell asleep without brushing her teeth nor emptying her bladder and without the fan since she insisted. Just woke up 5 mins ago and I had sit with her till she fell asleep again. Hope she doesn't wet her bed nor woke up again. :P

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sleepy, grouchy RaeAnne

RaeAnne refused to nap though I tried from 1pm to 330pm. Gave up and decided not to force her to nap since she was crying and refused to lie down nor stay in her room as usual. Kept saying she wants to go to Ye ye, Nai Nai house. Got to keep bluffing her that both of them went out.

At 4pm, brought her out with the maid and baby to Tampines interchange by bus cos Filamie wanted to TT $ to her husband. Hubby and I are not free to bring her to post office tom. All was well but can tell that she was a bit sleepy at Macdonalds where I sat to wait for the maid. But by 8pm when I was taking my shower, she was having a major meltdown and was inconsolable.

She refused to pee though she kept clutching her panties. Hubby couldn't calm her down nor could I. Had to force her to pee on my shower cubicle cos she was holding in her pee, crying and screaming and could not 'tahan' anymore. Luckily after I washed and changed her and hugged her, she calmed down. Brought her back to her room and she KO without milk and without brushing her teeth nor go to potty. She woke up at 10pm to cry but I managed to settle her down again. Hope she can rest well tonight. Cos both hubby and me are busy tomorrow.

One of the Jan08 mummies gave me a freelance translation contact. I contacted him in early Aug and he just gave me some assignments so I have been busy for the past few nights. The first one on Wed night, spent 11pm-130am to translate, tonight, got another assignment and took me another 2.5 hrs from 9pm - 12midnight (minus 30mins when I had to settle down at 10pm). Earned only $60, hubby said he give tuition faster. True, the rates are pretty low for Eng-Chinese. Too bad I am not proficient in any foreign language eg. Japanese. Got to sacrifice on sleep cos I can do the translation at night after RaeAnne sleeps. But hey, at least I've got an interest in translation and can make some '奶粉钱', $60 can buy 1.5 tins of Friso3? hahaha.

Sigh, only pumped once yesterday and this morning, kenna blocked duct on left side liao. Ouch, ouch. Tried to hand massage twice plus latch RaeAnne on the painful part twice still like that. Really sian, why 4d not so 'zun', blocked duct always so 'zun'. :(

Thursday, August 12, 2010

RaeAnne's new home

RaeAnne has been making MIL's house her home. Since early last week, she started telling us that she wants to go Nai Nai house. At night, it will be "I don't want to sleep, I want to go Nai Nai House." We obliged her in the beginning since MIL was willing to have her. But just now, sensed that MIL must be tired after looking after her for 2 days in a row, from Wed morning 11am to last night 9pm and from this morning 11am to 9pm again. Also hubby and I are busy on Sat & Sun and need her to babysit as well. Tried to persuade RaeAnne to drink milk and sleep from 930pm to 11pm, even used emotional blackmail. Told her if she keeps wanting to go to Nai Nai house and make noise when she is at home then she don't need to come back here anymore. But that only ended up in tears and 'I don't want to sleep. I don't want to go Nai Nai house. I don't want the fan. I don't want the curtain closed.' Really don't know what she wants nowadays.

All I know is that if she keeps on insisting not to sleep then I rather she goes MIL house cos fighting with her until 12 midnight everyday and have her waking up 1-2 times after that for pee or bad dream and coming into our room is too draining for me and hubby. At least if she goes to MIL's place, everyone gets some sleep. MIL and FIL cosleep with her on their big bed so falling asleep there is not a problem for her though she usually sleeps quite late around 11pm.

Update from hubby who brought her back to Nai Nai's house. She immediately went to lie on the big bed. His conclusion is that because we broke the cycle at Genting by sleeping with her (saving on an extra bed), she now wants people to sleep with her. But I think her troubles started even earlier because we have been allowing her to go to Nai Nai house to play plus sleep over so she is getting more and more used to sleeping with someone on the big bed. Therefore she rejects sleeping alone on her small bed.

Oh well, I've got so many posts on her sleeping problem and I thought I've finally trained her to sleep on her own 2 months back. It's difficult for me to accept taking another 2 steps back and letting her cosleep with us. Hiaz...

P.S. I skipped the morning pump this morning, too sleepy after fighting with RaeAnne to make her sleep last night. The sad thing is my boobs don't even feel full. Just pumped just now, and only got 150ml. Duh... SS definitely dipping. :P

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lousy service at Tuas Checkpoint - Genting Trip Part 2

On our way back from Genting, we were stuck in the jam at Singapore customs for almost 3 hrs. We left Malaysia customs at 10pm (that took less than 30mins) and only cleared Sg customs at 1am. The long queue was expected cos it was National day long weekend. But what I didn't expect was the lousy service at Tuas checkpoint.

I was with MIL and RaeAnne and we queued rather long for the automated counter. The first one we were queuing for broke down so the roving officer asked us to join other queues. Never mind, when it was finally my turn, the same roving officer asked her superior, "How? If she is with a child?" And her unsympathetic officer just said kids cannot go through automated and asked me to go to manual counter. I told him I have already queued for the automated counters and I am not going to requeue. And he just insisted that I have to requeue and waved me away.

My grouses are :
1) There was ABSOLUTELY no signage to inform that children cannot use automated counters. Plus RaeAnne can walk and has her own passport, why can't she use the automated counter?
2) There are roving officers but they are only stationed right in front of the counters. I mean what's the point? You should station someone before he or she joins the queue. Why make someone queue for such a long time only to wave them away when it's their turn? After all, even at manual counters, we can carry our kids to clear customs. If kids cannot use automated counters, at least say so right in the beginning.
3) The roving officer did not use any initiative to 'scan and pick out'. With the 2.5 years old who was running about despite my reminder to stay in queue, we were pretty obvious. Why didn't she tell us to use the manual counter when she told us that the first automated gate was spoilt? She herself did not know how to handle kids at the automated counters and had to ask her supervisor. This shows that the staff lacked training.
4) Ok, if for a valid reason, they cannot allow us to use the automated counters. The staff should have the initiative to at least have walked with us to one of the manual counters and asked one of their colleagues to give us express clearance instead of asking me to requeue. I was carrying a 13+kg toddler and 2 luggage bags for goodness sake. Where was the empathy? After all, it is not the customer's fault for queuing at the wrong counter if there was no signage nor human direction.
5) Even if it was national day holiday and the staff was facing high traffic, service standards should be maintained. I have never encountered such problems at the airport customs before. I am trying very hard to recall if we had used the automated counters when we travelled with RaeAnne to Hong Kong and with the 2 gals to Penang. But I do remember that when they see travellers with young kids, they are usually very accommodating.

Or are ground travellers treated like second class citizens because we are too 'poor' to fly? After all, changi airport win awards every year so we have standards to maintain whereas the checkpoints don't. I don't understand why service standards have slipped.

When I requeued yet again and 'complained' to the officer at the manual counter, he asked me 'oh, you first time ah?' I told him yes, because it was my first time at the automated counter with a kid. I told him that ICA should have obvious signages or at least have the roving officers direct the people to the correct counters. He agreed and said he will tell his officer. I don't know if he was patronising me or if he did tell his supervisor, will he really bring it up to the higher level or just sweep it under the carpet.

Come on, after heeding to the government's call to have children, I have 2 kids in quick succession from 2008 to 2009 to boost Singapore's birth rates. With 2 kids under 3 years old, we don't get to travel often. But we are not alone, not everyone are frequent travellers (think very young and very old travellers), we cannot keep up with the latest machines and rules that ICA comes up with. We are the groups who will need special attention and directions.

I even told MIL that let's try the automated counters cos they are faster. And look how far I've gotten. I have lost my faith that automation and computerisation increases efficiency and save costs. The new Malaysia customs was much faster and they didn't even need to invest such 'high tech machines' to confuse and penalise their citizens. You can keep on investing in newer and better machines to improve the hardware but if the software (think BIG AND OBVIOUS SIGNAGES) and heartware (EMPHATHETIC OFFICERS) is not there, what is the price of efficiency and speed? At the customer's expenses. I wonder how many frazzled travellers have encountered the same problem as me, being turned away and asked to requeue after queuing mins to hours (depending on the crowd) for the automated clearance counters.

I am usually very proud of my country for our accomplishments and service standards. But I definitely felt lousy to be a Singapore citizen arriving home from Malaysia on National Day. :/

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Genting trip

Reporting live from genting, surprisingly there is Internet access near the casino though my room at first world hotel does not. The bus ride was ok, raelynn knocked out close to midnight after i bf her while raeanne ko from 1230am to 545am. She insisted for me to sit with her on her seat, so cramped. Luckily I sneaked off after she fell asleep. I only slept for 1 hr plus though cos can't find comfortable position and forgot to bring my neck pillow. She peed when we were at Singapore customs n stayed dry until we reached the hotel. Good girl!

It was my birthday and the customs officer at Malaysia wished me happy birthday when he heard my cousin wishing happy birthday. Hubby gave me a specially drawn birthday card on the coach bus. :) We had to wait till 3pm before we can check into our room. So tiring, luckily my aunt had a free room until 12 noon. So mei mei could nap after bf. My hopes for a quiet cosy dinner with hubby was dashed though cos mil n maid were both too tired n they dun want to look after raeanne. We had dinner at ah yat abalone, generous treat from my aunty while my cousin bought a cake. I was most happy when raeanne finally sang me a birthday song when she saw the cake. Ask her to sing the song the whole day but she refused. Maybe she thought I was just joking. ;)

Went to outdoor theme park, only paid rm40 for hubby cos free for me as it was my bd n raeanne was below 90cm. But we only took 3 rides, flying dumbo, carousel n monorail cos raeanne was sleepy n grouchy. The monorail broke down halfway n the doors could not open. So drama, luckily it only lasted for 10mins. Raeanne slept close to midnight though we went back to our room early at 9+pm to let her sleep. Did not get to go to the casino to try out my birthday luck cos it was too late n hubby is also tired. So sian to get the cigarette smell on me since I already showered.

I woke up at 730am n realized filamie never bring Mei Mei to me to bf. Turns out Mei Mei slept till 745am while raeanne woke up at 8am. But she peed on the bed but the oanties n pants had dried by the morning so we didn't realise. Again raeanne did not want to drink milk nor nap so we will have early dinner n hope she will sleep early tonight.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Maid update

We are shopping at NTUC on Mon night and guess who we met outside NTUC - Carine, the maid agency fierce employee. Haha, she has not updated me about the filipino agent so far. But she took the opportunity to tell my maid that the Filipino agent has checked. Neither her mother nor her husband wants her to go back. Because once she goes back, their families can't survive. Plus, the government has changed so even tourists are finding it hard to travel out of the country. For maids who want to come and work in Sg, 1 filipino and 1 singapore must go to Philippines embassy at Singapore and explain why the maid is needed to work in Singapore. I took the opportunity to tell Filamie off for talking to Colin behind our backs to request to go back to Philippines. She said she will think about it.

I gave her a performance appraisal and $50 as bonus since she worked 1 year with us. Official date should have been today 5 Aug but I confused it with 3 Aug - the day RaeAnne started PG officially. Anyway, she was happy to get the bonus. But being her typical self, proceeded to 'give an inch, take a yard' and ask us for advance. I told her no way we are giving her advance cos she still owes us $ for Penang and upcoming Genting trip. I need to safeguard myself too, what if she decides to go back without telling me and she still owes me $. She said I already decided not to go back. But I told her I can't trust you because you broke my trust and went to tell Colin that you want to go back to Philippines and I was not even expecting that cos you did not say anything to me. I am already being very generous by giving her a bonus when I don't have to. She agreed reluctantly. But told her that I'll ask Carine to ask the Filipino agent to come to our house so that she can pass the $ to her to bring back to Philippines, at least she can save on the Western Union commission.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Raelynn is 8 months old!

Tingting aka Mei Mei is 8 months old. She is 8.5kg and about 64cm tall. I used he word tall cos she can stand quite well for almost 10 secs for me to take a photo and for hubby to measure her height using the wall height chart. But she is still tiptoeing so at tiptoe, she is almost 70cm tall. :)

Lezhuang aunty was the one who started the pet name using her Chinese name. I continued calling her that cos it sounds very sweet. And she is a sweet baby, somewhat milder in disposition compared to cheh cheh. But she does not smile as much as cheh cheh much to ils disappointment. Fil n mil tried very hard to make her laugh but she only likes to laugh at cheh cheh n daddy. ;p