The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Clearing bb stuff

Finally decide to sell off some bb stuff yesterday esp the bigger, bulkier items. Posted at SMH WTS thread and today, already sold off the Maxi Cosi car seat, FP Laugh & Learn Home, FP BB Grand Piano. Really felt 'bu she de' to let go of these memories but the house is really too messy and I can't keep waiting for something that may not happen. Time to move on. :P

P.S. 17 July, a day of reckoning. A day to regret my decision. Duh...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day Stayacation at Resorts World

Decided to make use of the $588 Wow package and booked a 3D2N stayacation at Festive Hotel again to celebrate Mother's Day with MIL. Also because I promised RaeAnne for the longest time that I will bring her to Universal Studio again. Fri and Sat are already full so we checked in on Sunday, let the kids ponteng 2 days of school.

Day 1
We went for lunch at China square central and I brought the gals and MIL for a mani and pedi using my package. Think it's the first time MIL is trying it. We had to queue to check in though it was already 315pm by the time we reached Festive Hotel. Hubby bought me a SKII gift at the cosmetic shop next door. He wanted to give it to me when MIL was not around but RA couldn't wait. Duh.. A bit paiseh lor cos like the son never buy anything for own mother like that. Mental note to self: must ask hubby to buy a cake for MIL.

I bought a groupon for $88 back scrub, mask and 60 mins massage last week at the hotel spa for $88. Booked the spa treatment from 4-6pm, Mother's Day gift for self. Talk about killing many birds with one stone man. hehe. Had our Mother's Day dinner at Putien at 630pm immediately after my spa treatment. Luckily I booked a table last Sunday, saw a few groups of people waiting for tables cos the restaurant was fully booked esp the bigger round tables. Even though I did book a table, we had to vacate the table at 8pm. Luckily for us, we needed early dinner for the kids so it was no issue. The Mother's Day set dinner at $128 was quite filling and we had to tapao the fried bee hoon and the 'or nee'. Best of all, it came with a free photo and a free pink carnation for MIL. Skipped the cake this year though cos we were too stuffed. Reminded hubby to buy MIL a gift instead.

Day 2
MIL went to the casino while we brought the kids to Universal Studio (2 adults tickets prices included in this Wow package). All of us woke up late at almost 10am incl MIL, think the blackout curtains in the hotel room were really superb!

First thing we did when we went inside USS to buy RA a pair of shoes/slippers cos she brought her brand new patent red lace flats that we bought from Colettee then complained that her feet after half a day. Bought a crystal hp accessory for MIL with a lucky 招财猫 charm. I initially wanted to get the 发 mahjong tile charm but hubby think it's too 俗气. He was shocked that this little thing costs almost $50 bucks, think he really out of the market for ladies accessories. haha. It was almost 11am by the time we walked to the main theme park area so it was getting a bit warm. Surprisingly, the first thing RA asked for the Shrek Movie (4d animation), not any of the rides. :P Oh well, since she liked it so much, we went there first. At least, this time, Raelynn got to put on the 3d glasses and sit on the real 'moving' seat, not the stationary one which I had to share with her last yr.

She can't see very well cos she is too short and there aren't any booster seats. She was a bit unnerved when the seat started shaking and she got wet from the Donkey's sneeze and her legs touched by the 'spiders' though. So halfway through I carried her and let her sit on my lap. She liked the show much better after that. :)

Next, RA wanted to go on the kiddy dragon roller coaster again so I asked hubby to bring her since I already went last year. RL hasn't reached the minimum ht so I brought her for the carousel. This time, she is ok to ride it on her own after I buckled her safety belt. As we walked back to meet hubby, we caught sight of Puss in Boots posing for pics so I quickly joined the queue cos RL did not have her photo taken with Puss last yr and I know her favourite animal is 猫猫. She was a bit scared when Puss knelt down to hug her though. haha.

Then we met up with RA and hubby for lunch and brought the gals to the carousel ride again since RA still wanted to go. Next, it was off to Jurassic Park, hubby's favourite. Hubby wanted to go for the Rapids Adventure ride but he changed his mind after he realised we will all get wet. So, we queued for almost 30 mins for the flying dinosaur ride. Something like Flying Dumbo at Disneyland so think the kids will enjoy the ride. Wished I had the Universal Express pass then cos it was so hot at 2pm then and pp kept 'cutting' in at the Express lane. I was really fascinated by the Canopy flyer ride but was put off by the 45 mins wait and the long snaking queue. Didn't realise that even it's a Monday, we got to wait so long. I was crazy enough to consider the Universal express pass so I asked abt it at the souvenir shop.

WA, I was shocked! It was $30 per pax (no matter adult or child) for the universal express pass, that's $120 for a family of 4 and only to 'cut queue' legitimately. The full ticket price for adult is only $65. Really 杀人放火 lor! There was another 3d2n package that included Universal express pass. If I ever come back for another stayacation over weekend or PH, must go for that package or else really must wait like crazy. :PAnyway, so no choice got to give up on my Canopy flyer ride, next time then go bah. We went to take a photo with the Dino cos I am a sucker for family pics with all of us in it so no choice got to pay 12 bucks for it. :P

The gals were tired by then esp RA so we went back to the hotel around 3pm. MIL was already back. But cheh, after a quick shower, both of them are refreshed and running around. Refused to nap. So, we went to the cafe downstairs and had cake, club sandwiches, coffee and ice cream. After that, brought the gals to the pool and waterplay area since we didn't have time to go last yr. They enjoyed themselves and made friends with a little bb gal in her float.

Wanted to order room service since all of us showered after going to the pool, so I wasn't keen to perspire again. But the room service prices were crazy. I paid $12 for the club sandwich at the cafe in the afternoon but the room service menu price was $22! $10 just for the restaurant to bring it up to my room. Cannot take it. So, we went to the mall and tapow food from Ruyi instead. The gals loved the卤肉饭which was supposed to be my dinner instead of their own wanton mee. Looking forward to the Taiwan 卤肉饭 at 九份 for our June holiday, one of the best hubby and I tasted. ;) Poor mei mei was holding a pair of chopsticks while climbing down from the loft bed. MIL was watching her but not fast enough to catch her and she fell midway but luckily she landed on her bum and the whole room is carpeted so impact not as great.
The gals knocked out at 1030pm, only slightly earlier even though they had no nap.

Day 3
Didn't know what to do today and hubby wanted to wait for MIL to come back so we wasted some time in the hotel room. MIL had gone back to the casino to recoup her losses at 8am. RA wanted to take the cable car ride but hubby was afraid it will be too late for us to check out by then since the 2 way ride takes about 30 mins. MIL came back close to 11am, she managed to recoup her losses. Yeah! Hope the 招财猫 was her good luck charm.

Managed to postpone check out to 1pm so we went to Imbiah lookout's Cable Car station and bought the family package $42 for 2 adults and 1 child tic (kids below 3 ride free). Took a family pic again. keke. This one costs $20, more exp than USS. There was a nicer photo of me and RA but hubby chose this one instead cos RL looks good. Boo hoo. Knew he was too practical to get both photos for $25. :( RA wanted to buy a name keychain and was quite upset when I refused to buy a "FIONA" keychain for her cos we can't find her name. She settled for a little notebook keychain instead. After we came back, quickly showered the kids and we checked out at 115pm.

Went to Malaysian Food street for lunch after depositing our luggage and Mei Mei KO after just a few mouthfuls of porridge. :PThen RA KO in the car but RL woke up as we put her into her car seat. Was very tired myself so was secretly pleased when RA said she wanted to follow Nai Nai when we reached MIL house. Managed to nap for 1 hr at least. keke.

In the end, I paid $150 and signed up for RWS privileges (non gambling privilege card) so I had another 2 adults tickets for USS valid for 1 yr. Figured it should be worth it since the kids love USS, MIL loves casino and there is free hotel room upgrade, free parking, etc. We will be back again, hopefully next time, we get to stay at a different hotel. :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

RA's hedgehog

Just found this picture which RA drew beginning of the week. I like her little hedgehog on the upper left most of all cos it's a new animal that she learnt to draw. I don't know who she learnt from though. :)

Day and night by RA

RaeAnne drew this last week but I was too busy to scan and save the drawings. What I liked is that she drew daytime on one side of the paper and night time on the other side. I think she drew Daddy much better this time cos he has short hair and a parting. Hubby shouldn't complain this time. But can tell she is still using her own kiddy logic cos the night picture with the moon has both rain and rainbow. haha.

RL is toilet trained! :)

Raelynn is toilet trained since last month. She will tell us when she needs to pee even after she has fallen asleep at night. So, she is off diapers even for nights so we save on diapers.

A good progress since we only told the teacher to start toilet training her on 9 April. Two reasons 1) she has already spent more than 3 mths at Elfa and I feel that she has adjusted to the cc routine. 2) My other selfish reason is that I don't want to lug diapers and use up precious luggage space for our Taiwan holiday in June.

Then she was diagnosed with HFMD on 17 April so she spent 11 days with MIL until the GP cleared her. After just 2 nights at MIL house, she told us she stopped peeing at night and will only pee in the morning. Even though she started toilet training later (>2 yrs 4 mths)  compared to RaeAnne, she mastered it in less than 2 weeks incl night peeing. Maybe being older and having an elder sibling to show her the way means she is more ready.

Once in a while, if she has a second round of milk at bedtime or if she is on medication, there are still 1-2 accidents. But I think I can live with that. Anyway, I still have 3 packs of huggies diaper pants left. Too many to keep for standby, might as well just sell it off. :P