The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Starting my life as a FDW employer

Carine, the agent brought Filamie, my new Filipino maid (aka foreign domestic worker) to my house at 8+pm today. Couldn't ask her to come earlier cos RaeAnne is at ILs place so got to wait for her to have dinner (feeding her is so tough these days) shower then come back home.

First impressions, she's quite smiley and tried very hard to engage RaeAnne and play with her. Wanted to carry her too but of course my wary gal won't agree. She seldom let my relatives carry her even let alone a stranger aunty that she barely knows. I bought a box of kiddy animal biscuits and asked Filamie to give to RaeAnne as a 'bribe'.

RaeAnne did laugh when playing with her so I consider that a good thing. I corrected Filamie when she called RaeAnne Annie cos I don't want her to follow the footsteps of my cousin kid who thinks her name is Annie because a Filipino nurse at TMC called her SuAnnie and the adults in the family started calling her Annie too.

RaeAnne was very excited when the maid was unpacking her things from the luggage to show us. She was equally excited when we were showing Filamie where she can sleep. Temporarily let her sleep in RaeAnne's room cos the room is hardly used cos RaeAnne is still sleeping with us these days. The mattress that Filamie is using was RaeAnne's tilam at Waipo house. It folds out like an accordian and has a plastic cover so it's easier to keep in the day. The bedsheet was customised and sewn by waipo so it has 'Tweety and Slyvester' prints. RaeAnne likes it. Ask Filamie to go and sleep first cos after settle all the paperwork, already 10+pm liao. Had to put RaeAnne to sleep late too, luckily she fell asleep in record time but still she only slept at 10.43pm. Hope she can wake up tomorrow for class. :P

Tomorrow then think about how to train Filamie. Yesterday, Carine already showed her my list of house rules and her daily schedule so I think she's a bit apprehensive so I reassured her that I like to start things on a good footing, that's why telling her upfront what not to do in the house. Not fair to tell her off next time when she doesn't even know the rules. But I told her not to worry, we won't torture her, starve her or abuse her.

First week, let her get used to things first. 一步一步来吧,give her a chance to bond with RaeAnne, get used to the house and orientate herself first. Feels weird having another person in the house so I also need to orientate myself. Next week onwards, I'll let her start the schedule.

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