The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Claypot rice

Cooked claypot rice again today. Been a long long time since i cooked it. Last year, in fact. :P This time, I made sure I got chye sim, chinese parsley and even salted fish. RaeAnne ate the claypot rice, liked it but we had early dinner so she was not hungry enough. Hubby said good just that no cut chilli. Duh... :P

Hubby especially came back early cos I wanted to buy a red polo top for RaeAnne. The one she was wearing for my maternity photo shoot is a bit too short for her cos it's meant for 12 months baby. Mei Mei can wear it in fact. :P But when you need something, you can never find it. I went to Polo, burberry, levi, osh kosh, carters counters and none had a simple red polo shirt for 3T. Sigh. Ended up buying a Levi pink polo top instead since we had Taka gift vouchers from Raelynn's full month celebration.

I just popped panadol and anti inflammation medicine just now. Blocked ducts again. Sigh, this time it started cos Raelynn woke up only at 6am on 2 days due to drowsy effects of her medication. So, I wake up super engorged but she didn't clear both sides. I'm too zonked from waking up a few times a night cos of RaeAnne so did not massage long before latch nor pump after latch. :P

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PD visit

Paid another visit to the PD again cos Raelynn is still coughing, phelgmy cough now but at least no fever. :P PD gave antibiotics this time, changed the cough syrup and gave something for her runny nose. Hope she gets well soon.

We are going to have a stayacation at Changi Village hotel over the May Day long weekend since there is a buy 1 night, get 1 night free promotion. Also scheduled a photo shoot with Bambini for their May promotion. :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nursery registration

We enrolled raeanne for pcf n1 (run by acorn kindergarten) today but only starting in jan2011. Hubby went early at 8+am though registration starts officially at 9am but they did not go by first come first serve when it comes to choosing the preferred session. :p It is 830am - 1030am, they have another 2 timings, 1045am n 130pm. There r only 6 vacancies for 830am timing but luckily no need to ballot. But I am still having second thoughts cos her current playgroup also 2 hrs, I rather she studies longer but did not realize she doesn't qualify for 3 hr nursery class like her pg classmates yet. Pcf n1 is $160 per month, 4hr cc is $400 per month, so comparatively, cc like not as exp as I thought. And I still think cc's routine n toilet training N eca like pianica n swimming n gym will help her. Oh well, already paid $179 today to secure a place for her, will decide whether to enroll her after I visit the school bah.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mysterious fever

Raelynn started a mysterious fever early this morning. She was already feverish hot when the maid carried to me for feeding. Tried to latch her her and she suckled well but she did not perspire as usual so her head and neck were still warm. Checked her temperature with the IR thermometer and it was 37.7 deg. Fed her paracetemol at 4am and the fever came down after that.

At 10am, fever was still down but decided to bring her to see PD since she's been coughing on and off. At 10am, PD said her lungs are clear but upper respiratory tract infection cos her throat is a bit red. Suspected that she caught the bug from RaeAnne. Prescribed her paracetemol and cough syrup. Hubby took leave from work cos I had lunch appt with my ex colleague. Luckily the fever did not return for the day. Hope her cough subsides soon.

RaeAnne is 27 months today. Measured her and was surprised to know that she is already 90cm according to the new height chart decal that we bought. She is still featherweight of 11.3kg though. Hiaz, wonder when she can be upgraded to booster seat cos Mei Mei is almost 7kg now, just 2 kg more to be upgraded to forward facing car seat. :P

Hubby and I went down to Metro Preview sale cos there was 20% off storewide. Got some toys for RaeAnne and my cousin's kids since there was a sale. Bought a fire engine and some construction toys for RaeAnne too. Hope she likes them. :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Photos galore!!!

RaeLynn in her rented Evenflo Ultra Exersaucer. :)

The 2 sisters in their rented toys, rented a tricycle for RaeAnne. Mei Mei is more interested in her pigeon teether in this photo. haha. :)

Raelynn in the customised beanie that I got for her to cover her botak head. hehehe.

The 2 sisters with their new beanies. :)

The beanie is a bit loose so it keeps covering Raelynn's eyes so I tightened it with the ribbon that I also got from the BP seller.


Just a quick post using my I phone. Been almost 1 week since I posted cos raeanne was down with runny nose n cough last wed so brought her to GP on wed night. She struggled with us on the med but now she is much better n will take the syringes of med herself. :) as for me, I have been having recurring blocked duct problem since last mon. Wanted to see tmc LC last thurs n fri but they were closed for filming. Finally went today cos the problem did not resolve, was attended by Li Qin n paid $64.10. Raelynn as usual charmed the staff at TMC and we have an open invitation again for her to be their model for baby massage or baby talks. Haha. :)

Today Raeanne surprised me when I was reading goldilocks n the 3 bears. She ran off when I read that baby bear was crying so loudly that he woke goldilocks up. I thought she had lost interest in listening but actually she had ran off to fetch a piece of tissue to wipe baby bear's tears. And yesterday, she ushered me back to my room n closed her room door. She woke up crying from her nap n I explained to her that I had closed her door n attended to Mei Mei who was crying for milk cos I was afraid Mei Mei will wake her up. Mei Mei did a big poo job yesterday morning so was very hungry. So sweet right?

But other than these two incidents, she was her naughty self n got beaten by us a few times today for throwing things, biting things (even the ink art that I made for her) n spoiling her very new Minnie mouse remote control car n hubby's Finding Nemo Dvd. :p

P.S. gave up using the iphone and switched on my laptop to edit this post cos it's just too slow to type using the touch screen. My fingers are too big? ;P

Anyway, hubby and I were talking last Sunday after visiting my ex colleague's baby and realised that after the kiddos arrived cos we are simply too overwhelmed by their daily needs so did not communicate well with each other. :( It's not good in the long run. So, I think it's a good idea to try taking 'breaks' away from the kiddos either taken separately or together, depending on what is logistically less disruptive. :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

RaeLynn Poo Poo

RaeLynn finally poo poo today!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Conversation with Raelynn

Fed Raelynn at 1+pm and she kept struggling n swiping her ear when I tried to latch her on the left side:
Mummy: Why u don't want? You full already?
Raelynn: Full yue
Mummy: Huh? You full ah?
Raelynn: Ng
Mummy trying to push Raelynn's mouth closer: U really don't want?
Raelynn: * smiles n shakes head *
Mummy: * laughs out loud *

Tonight is a quiet night without RaeAnne. Hubby has something on and came back late at 11pm. So today whole day I am putting raeanne at mil house. Let her have some fun at tt since I started yesterday. Evil laugh... ;)

Since it's my day off, I met up with my cousin at her Bedok Res showroom. She started her own online business at, selling runway-inspired quality clothes imported from Korea last month. Also had a facial at Citispa and signed up for another 10 sessions at $38 each. Now, they have manicure and pedicure service as well. Hmm... time for me to start dolling up myself. ;)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Toilet training

RaeAnne doesn't want to put on diaper for her nap again. I'm fine with that but she refuse to let me put protector or even potty in the room. Luckily she stood up n pee on the floor lor cos I told her if the bed is wet n stinky, I am not going to sleep with her. :p

I got more than 10 training pants at home lor. Bought them more than 6 months ago for MIL to train her last year, some of them outgrow liao. I got 'Potty books for girl' and even 'Potty training in 1 week' by Gina Ford. I don't mind if it's just changing training pants but it disrupts her nap/bedtime cos eventually she will still pee then she can fall asleep proper. Today her nap time was 230pm and I put her to bed at 1pm. Faint! :P

I'm also worried about is staining the sofa covers, my bedsheets, her soft toys etc. Hopefully, she does have the common sense not to do her biz over these things lor. Our laundry schedule is already very tight with the kids clothes, adults clothes and bedsheets. I can't afford to have the maid keep handwashing the clothes cos she needs to look after RaeLynn. :P

Oh ya, Raelynn can pull the musical toy on her FP bouncer since last weekend and I caught her mouthing the handle like her teether a few times. Today, hubby even found her 'leopard crawling' backwards. haha. :)

Jan10 Mummies gathering

Went to the Jan10 mummies gathering at Compass Heights on Sat. Raelynn is officially a Dec09 baby but I was at Jan10 thread quite often cos got a few mummy friends there. We arrived late cos had to wait for RaeAnne to wake up from her nap. The Jan10 mummies are really enthusiastic and well organised, got lucky draw, goody bag, catering and even music and movement activities for the babies/kiddos. Took a pix with TYL, my ex colleague at NLB and her handsome baby boy Ayden. Poor Raelynn didn't look her pretty self cos she is still botak. :) Here's another pic of her botak head.

Yesterday afternoon, after shower, RaeAnne insisted on wearing her Pooh bear training pants. I cannot afford to let her wet her bed cos we are going out in the late afternoon for the Jan10 gathering and I need her to nap early without disruption. I tried to put a waterproof sheet on her bed but she whined and whined and refused to let me put it down. I agreed but told her since she is not wearing diapers, she needs to go and wee wee after her milk feed before her afternoon nap.

But after I fed her milk, she refused to wee wee in my toilet, even threw away the potty seat in her tantrum. I was angry too cos I warned her many times that she cannot throw things when she is angry. I hit her hand 3 times quite hard and she cried even harder.

Told her to choose between diaper or wee wee and in between sobs, she said she wants to '包尿布‘. Hiaz, felt very sad then, as if I'm forcing her to regress but it's no good for me if she doesn't want to use diapers but refuse to use the toilet/potty leh. I've got enough on my hands then to handle a wet floor, wet pants, wet bed. Change bed sheet, clothes, wash her then put her to bed again, maybe it'll be 3pm by then. Wish someone can toilet train her for me. :P

Oh yes, cooked 'mee hoon kuay' on Fri night, my mum passed me the dough she prepared (recipe taught by my previous CL). It was good but better to roll the dough next time so that it will be thinner. Pulling them piece by piece by hand is no fun though, wish I had the hand rolling machine to make ‘幼面’instead. :P

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good gal RaeAnne

I have been posting quite a lot on Raeanne's naughtiness. Think I should give credit when credit is due cos she was a pretty good gal today.
1) She asked to use my toilet to change her diapers when she woke up. And she wee wee in my toilet bowl using the toilet seat.
2) She said sorry to teacher Suriya and Enqi (her classmate) for being naughty yesterday after I prepped and prompted her in the morning. She nudged Enqi with her foot when they were both seated on the floor even though Enqi protested. :P
3) She let me shower in peace in the afternoon instead of banging on the bathroom door and my shower screen.
4) She fed herself most of the fried rice and the chicken butter rice that I cooked.
5) And she had a new song for me. Sung in the tune of 'Clementine'
'Oh my mummy, oh my mummy, oh my mummy, I love you.
Oh my mummy, oh my mummy, oh my mummy, I love you.'
Hubby said she is confused with the different song tunes and lyrics, that's why she makes them up. But to me, it's sweet all the same. :)

Kumon books

Just spent $100 worth of Sesame street wipe off books, flash cards and Kumon activity books for RaeAnne. Each kumon first step book is $7.80 even though I bought them from BP Yup I thought they were expensive too but after buying 2 books - Let's colour and Let's sticker and paste. Thanks to Gar for the recommendation ;) I (not RaeAnne) got hooked. haha.

RaeAnne's favourite is the Let's sticker and paste book so that's the first one we finished. The first few pages are stickers so just need to peel and paste. Subsequent pages must cut and paste. I usually use uhu glue stick and RaeAnne occasionally wants to apply the glue herself. Most days, she is very clever. Will supervise me to do it so that she will not get her hands dirty. :P

Just got a pair of pure plastic scissors from Popular for $1.65. I'm so 'suaku', didn't know got such scissors until one of the PG classmate's mother (ex teacher) told me about their existence. :P Previously, ILs and hubby will always go 'no no no' when RaeAnne tries to cut cos she will always try to cut her fingers, then go ow ow cos it's painful. :{

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wanton but no mee

Found this pic in the camera just now. Forgot to blog about my first attempt to make wanton. Especially got my mum who helped me buy minced pork, prawns, water chestnut. I already have dried mushrooms at home. Wanted to get black fungus but hubby thinks it's iffy whether RaeAnne will like it cos black fungus has a certain taste.

Oops, forgot to take a photo of the cooked wanton cos I was busy cooking and hubby came back late so I had to look after RL while the maid fed RaeAnne.

Anyway, RaeAnne said nice nice but she keeps spitting out the bits of water chestnut. Whereas hubby said nice BUT there is not enough water chestnut though I chopped up 3water chestnuts and the meat paste was very 'lumpy' in texture due to the chopped water chestnuts and 2 big mushrooms. Duh...there is no pleasing the fussy daughter and daddy... So, I'm not going to make it again until I feel more appreciated. hehe. ;P

Friday, April 2, 2010

Raelynn is 4 months old! :)

Raelynn is 4 months old today. She is 6.9kg and 60cm long. Finally doubled her birth weight (3.355kg). She is able to reach out and play with the toys at her FP bouncer and attempt to communicate with us with her 'ow' sounds. ;)

She also had her first hair cut. Or rather it was a shave. We are quite 心疼 to shave her head and thought long and hard before making the decision. We never shaved RaeAnne's hair but she has much lesser hair than RaeAnne. We are hoping that she will have more hair after shaving her bald. I don't want her to blame me for not shaving her head if she really has very little hair when she grows up. Touch Wood!!! Also, we need some hair for her 'taimaobi' and I don't think a hair cut will generate enough hair to make the chinese brush lor.

Here is a pic of her before and after hair style. haha.

Before - just a wee bit of hair esp on the 2 sides.

After - Quote from Cheh Cheh: "Mei Mei hair bo liao"

I thought her 光头 look is quite cute cos her head is egg shape. :)