The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

24 weeks today! :)

Raelynn is 24 weeks today so I'm left with one more month to the end of second trimester. Time flies, remember I was counting down to start of 2nd trimester cos really wanted MS to end quickly. According to internet updates, linea nigra, a dark line of pigmentation, may appear down the centre of my abdomen. I had it for RaeAnne but strangely it did not reappear for Raelynn. Anyway, I'm not complaining. Just hope that those irritating stretch marks won't reappear. :P

RaeAnne has been wearing her clippies to school for the last 2 days. She's definitely more 'gu niang' these days. Occasionally, she'll let me tie up her hair at ILs place. Maybe due to 'positive' influence from her classmates. Today when I went to pick her up, again she didn't cry. And teacher Chris said she said bye bye to all the kids who are leaving. She also tried to paste the colour paper onto the A4 paper (shape of the boat) with 1 finger. Of course, teacher helped. It's been 2 weeks since she first started playgroup and she has adapted well. Atta girl! Much to my relief. :) Looks like I got to pay the teacher the 1 month deposit at the end of Aug.

Tomorrow, decided to bring RaeAnne home after playgroup instead of going to ILs place cos MIL got karaoke lessons at 715pm so she won't have time to bathe RaeAnne. Instead of having to help bathe her with a big tub of water at FIL's house, somemore, got to wait for ye ye to boil water. I think it's neater if I just bring her home and look after her with Filamie's help. We trial run last Fri, she's not keen on porridge at all. So, tomorrow, will try to fry bee hoon for lunch and steam the threadfin fish for her dinner to go with rice.

This morning, got morning sun so ask Filamie to wash clothes. My clothes, hubby's clothes and RaeAnne's clothes so that can use the water to mop floor in the afternoon. Let her use some of the second rinse water to wash her clothes. Then later when I check the bamboo poles, I see RaeAnne's romper being put on top of her towel to dry. Ask her why, she said no space. She used 1 bamboo pole to hang her own clothes. I told her if got no space, then why you use 1 bamboo pole for your own clothes. Take down your clothes then. Bamboo pole belongs to Mdm not you. How can RaeAnne's clothes take second priority to yours? Somemore, I gave her quite a few pieces of my own clothes cos she doesn't have enough. Tell her to hang her clothes (those that have no space on the one bamboo pole) inside to dry. Wait till our clothes are dry then she can hang outside.

Nowadays, I don't get any afternoon nap cos I got to keep checking on her work. Just now, ask her to mop floor. I saw that the living room floor is wet so I deliberately checked under tv cabinet and the floor is dry. I asked her if she mopped under the tv cabinet. She said yes she did. I put my hand under the tv cabinet and swipe to show her. My hand is dry. I swiped my hand on the living room floor and it's wet. I told her if she mopped under the tv cabinet. How can the floor there be dry whereas the floor is still wet? I caught her red handed still want to try and bluff me. Duh. Really believe those mummies who say that you must be very strict with the maid in the beginning. So fast, trying to cut corners and take advantage liao. :P

P.s. Duh, I was applying stretchmark cream then realised that there is a faint linea nigra line after all, how come I never noticed it before? Too busy with RaeAnne and the maid? :P

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