The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Lost and Found

Today, when RL came out of the Gate 4, she started to say that today is the worst day ever. Because her tooth dropped out in class. Her Chi teacher asked her to go and wash. The tooth was bloody so she did as she was told. But being a tiny tooth, she dropped the tooth into the sink. She didn't know what to do and started crying in the toilet. When she told the whole story and wailed, "It is my 7th tooth and my baby toothbook will forever have a 'hole' there" and started crying uncontrollably, my heart went out to her. I know she loves her baby toothbook cos I always catch her taking the book and admire her little pearlies. Sometimes in the middle of revision or homework cos she is easily distracted. Imagining her looking at the baby tooth book with regret as she grows up whenever she sees that empty tooth slot made my heart ache too.

I brought the crying gal and RA home. I had bought yakitori rice for both of them so I scooped some out for RA and asked her to eat her lunch first because she has hw and we still need to do exam revision. Only 4 days left to SA2. I told RL I will bring her back to school to look for it because it should be stuck in the catch under the sink and we only need to unscrew it and sieve through the gunk to find the tooth. She did not stop crying immediately because she thought it was hopeless and she will never find it. I brought a disposable food container and a pair of disposable chopsticks for safe measure.

I went with her back to school, saw the usual school attendant at Gate 4 but she was too busy to help. But she did help to inform the OM Mr Chee and while we sat waiting outside the GO, he came with 2 contractors. Luckily, the OM did not dismiss or roll eyes at me. I was already feeling embarrassed because not even was I a parent, I was also an ex staff and current PSG member so most of the GO staff know me. Mr Chee was very nice and assured us that the tooth can be found. We climbed the stairs to the Level 4 toilet.

The contractor guy, who did not look local, wanted to use his power drill and both Mr Chee and I stopped him. So he helped to unscrew the sink trap underneath and I got him to pour the mixture into the container. It stinks. Ewww... But I couldn't say it out loud since I was the indulgent mummy who was trying to fish for my bb gal's bb tooth. Mr Chee even commented that I am so well prepared. Once we saw a white pearl and even Mr Chee thought it was a tooth but it was not. Then as I stirred the mixture with my chopstick, I saw the tooth. Was so relieved that I found it so fast because I was troubling 3 men and taking up their time. I quickly wrapped the tooth with a piece of tissue and thanked the school staff profusely. Got RL to say thank you to all the uncles too. She was all smiles after finding her lost tooth and skipped all the way home.

As for the tooth, I soaked it with hot soapy water and changed the solution at least 3 times then washed it before I let her touch it. She didn't care how dirty it was of course. As soon as it was dry, she wrapped it up in cotton pad and wrapped it all up with scotch tape cos she said she doesn't ever want to lose it again. Then she put it under her pillow for the 'tooth fairy'. Could not resist writing on her special tooth bundle with a marker.

Her friends had seen her crying and Carlin asked me what happened. When I mentioned the tooth fairy and the coin, Nicole Wong said Tooth fairies are not real, while Carlin said yes they are real. Haha. I am glad I did this for her even though today is probably one of my most 丢脸 days as a mum. The next time she sees her tooth book, I hope she will only remember the love and 'sacrifice'. :)