The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Friday nights

I really thought I was getting my Friday nights back. Raelynn has been whining that she does not want to go for ballet class since after CNY. Even though she is fine once she enters the room, she starts her whining every Friday morning and I was losing my patience with her. Since I have stopped working full time, yes, back to SAHM except for occasional freelance training, I was not going to waste $ if she is going to whine about it every lesson. I don't want to force her to learn because I feel that enrichment classes are for interest and exposure, so she must first of all like it.

To be honest, while serving the notice, I was all ready to reverse the decision, as long as Raelynn tells me personally that she still wants to learn because the ballet teacher said she improved a lot. The ballet teacher said she improved a lot. Last week, she showed off her ballet moves to ILs and my mum.

I don't know what the moves are called but she opened her legs wide like letter I and bent her arms to the left and right to touch her toes. She also laid down on her tummy and let her toes touch the back of her head. She said she is able to focus, and will even ask the teacher: 'Teacher, look at me'. But despite asking her many times in April, she said she doesn't want to learn anymore. So last Fri was the last lesson.

Whenever I ask RL if she still wants to learn ballet in April, she will say no but RaeAnne will interrupt and tell me 'Mummy, 我要学.' RA went for two ballet trials in 2012 but she didn't want to learn so I am surprised that she changed her mind now. Since RL is not learning anymore, I thought give RA a chance to try again. So, I told RL that since she doesn't want to learn ballet, I will give the chance to Cheh cheh and let Cheh cheh learn ballet instead.

Wa... What I didn't realise was how jealous and possessive she is. She cried and threw a tantrum, kept repeating: "姐姐不可以学,姐姐不可以去我的 ballet class." I asked her why can't Cheh Cheh learn ballet. I gave you a chance but you don't want to learn mah. Then I asked her again: 'Do you still want to learn ballet?' This time she nodded her head and said yes. Grr... Fickle minded gal.

Argghh... So now I am stuck with two gals learning ballet on Fri night. RL is still doing Bebe ballet from 730-8.15pm while RA just did her trial class Pre primary ballet (foundation) with the same teacher from 8.15-9pm. Thankfully, Teacher Li Tong said RA is good and picks up fast. She said RA can do all the moves tonight and will push her own limits compared to RL who needs to be pushed. Maybe because RA is more mature. I am relieved cos was worried that RA will be too stiff to start learning ballet now. Her good friend at CC has been learning since 3 years old and already taken the RAD ballet exam last month. RA is happy to be praised by the teacher in class and RL is also happy cos Cheh Cheh is not in her class.

Oh well, I am not rushing to buy their leotards and tights yet, only bought ballet shoes for RA cos she can't dance in socks cos she may slip and fall. I will monitor and see if her interest persists. Meantime, I am waiting for the new Pre primary (level) class to start cos timing is earlier 645-730pm.