The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Official First Day in School! :)

It's finally 3rd August 2009. The day Mummy has been preparing for at least 2 months. Today is RaeAnne's official first day at school. Of course, we had gatecrashed the playgroup session umpteen times but today is the first day of 'paid' lesson so it's still considered the first day of the school term for her. Haha. :)

Being a Monday is not a good start cos sticky koala bear has been stuck to Mummy for 2 days in the weekend. It takes an extreme effort for her to 'detach' her from the Mummy tree. Worse of all, today, the maid agency staff (Carine) needed to collect a cheque from us so Mummy had to meet her outside the playgroup. Teacher Chris again claimed that RaeAnne can 'smell' Mummy's presence even though I'm outside the RC centre near the bus stop. Faint!

She caught sight of me and Carine when we were hanging at the RC centre gate cos Carine wanted to get some blank paper from the teacher so that I can pre sign something. Aiyoh! Can't bear to see her being whisked away by teacher after seeing Mummy so I carried her and explained to her again that Aunty is looking for Mummy so Mummy is not free now. Mummy will definitely fetch her later when her class finishes. She still cried when I left but I had to harden my heart and pass her back to teacher cos it'll never end if I'm wishy washy about this. :P

Luckily, the teacher brought the kids to the playground near our block. I could peek on the kids walking to the playground from the balcony. Teacher Chris carried RaeAnne and she was not crying and was pointing to the direction of the playground.

Went to standby outside the classroom early at 10:50am cos I wanted her to see Mummy the moment the door opened. I think she'll be sad and scared if the door opens and Mummy is not there. :P Also, now there's another 11am class so the teacher has already asked the parents/maids to be on time in fetching the kids.

Teacher Chris told me she cried whenever the door opened cos she'll want to go out. Same as last week. Hope she'll get better and better after this week.

Tomorrow night, the new maid will be arriving. Mummy went to get some last minute items for the maid eg. toyogo box, toothpaste, clothes brush etc. Hope she takes to the new maid, or else this preggie Mummy tree is going to be very tired for the next 3.5 months. :P

P.S. Oh ya, she slept tonight at 10pm, took 30 mins to fall asleep, considered an improvement for her. Must be because she wakes up earlier nowadays for playgroup or because she's tired out from crying/screaming at playgroup in the day. ;P

Before all the tears and fears! :)

Looking a bit lost in the classroom, didn't even want to join the other kids to play with the kitchen toys. ;P

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