The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nappy rash cream & massage

After her skin infection, asked my CL to apply Desitin Creamy on BB's butt everytime after changing diapers. I bought Mustella cream but CL doesn't like it, she say apply already butt white, white, think not easily absorbed and wipe off bah. Anyway, BB has some reddish bumps on her butt today (don't know if it's due to Drypers or because she's hot). FIL bought BB sebamed special healing cream. CL said very good, red bumps disappeared after applying once. Anyway, asking her to alternate between the two creams and stop using the Mustella. Also asked her to bath BB once in the afternoon and wipe again in the evening time as advised by my GP.

Still having diarrhoea which started yesterday. Took med given by GP but still like that, suspect it may be the antibiotics I'm taking, must call KK pharmacy to check tom. :(

Can't continue my massage until after CNY cos my masseur, Grace had an accident, bicycle knocked into her and she was hospitalised. Though she will be discharged tomorrow she won't be able to do massage until after CNY. Actually, my "post pregnancy tummy is nearly gone but my "pre pregnancy" tummy is still there & flabby. Hope after CNY, it's not too late to shrink my flabby tummy. :P

Skin infection

Too busy to post yesterday. Poor RaeAnne has skin infection under her left armpit, broken skin & pus. So heart pain that she had to suffer. :( Didn't even realise it though I did smell something funny on Monday. Hubby also saw yellowish stain on her top but we thought it may be shit. Sigh. Got ILs to rush her to see paediatrician, given antibiotics, wash & cream to apply. Didn't know which paediatrician to bring her to, called my ex colleague for contact so ILs brought her to Kidslink at Bedok North. The bill came up to $151!?! But at least she is better today, only cries for milk and not fussing anymore. The armpit area also more dry and looks less sore. :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

BB's habits

My BB always eh eh eh today and wants to be carried. She will latch on and suckle for a while then release and start searching again with her mouth wide open again. Put the nipple in her mouth, she will still continue searching, then end up frustrating herself & cry. Then got to wait for her to calm down so that can latch her on again. Each BF session takes 45mins - 1 hr as a result. Really tiring. Sigh.

Had my first session of massage by Grace today. Very good, no complaints. The only thing is that after that she asked me to get my CL to wash the binder so that can use on Day 3. She brought 1 extra for tom's session. My Cl not very happy cos the binder so long difficult to hang, very tedious. Think will have to ask her to bring back to wash tom.

Did BB's handprints & footprints today. Hope it'll be ready before her full month celebration. :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

BB is back from hosp

RaeAnne was discharged yesterday, jaundice was 173. Today, she has to go back to polyclinic for another blood test. I didn't follow cos already went out during her discharge yesterday and still doing confinement, plus my wound below still hurts so it's very painful when walking so resting at home.

Woke up at 1:30am, 4:30am & 8am to bf and each time BF for about 45-1hr, very zonked out now. Will go rest before BB comes back.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

BB has jaundice

Discharged on 24 Jan but RaeAnne was admitted to hosp yesterday, 25 Jan cos her jaundice level was 287, above 260 need phototherapy liao. Thought of renting machine but in the end, think it's faster to let her do it at hosp. Don't think can tahan her cries if put her on the machine at home. Sure bu zhe de and carry her when she cries. :P

Now being a hardworking cow to pump every 3 hours including waking up at nights. CL also help me massage with hot towel to improve my milk supply & it worked though it was quite painful. Today, I managed to pump 50ml combined. But it's really tiring to keep watching the clock & pumping and I'm now wondering if I'll ever get my old life back. :/

Went to visit RaeAnne at night, luckily she was sleeping soundly and not crying so at least I not so xin tong. But her skin was peeling due to exposure to uv light and she scratched herself cos she has long finger nails and the nurse said cannot wear mittens under the UV therapy machine. Her jaundice level is 252, didn't drop by a lot. Anything above 260 will still need UV therapy. Hope her jaundice level drops more so that she can be discharged tomorrow. :(

BB is born!!!

Been so long since I posted at my blog. Water bag burst on 8:30am on 21 Jan 2008 (thought BB really chose to come out on daddy & mummy's Chinese wedding anniversary.) After 16 hours of hours and more than 2hours of pushing, BB finally came out on 22 Jan 2008, 0030hr.

Here's my birth story:
8am Woke up & felt stomachache, went to poo but only a little bit came out. Constipation, sigh.
8:20am Left house to go to office
8:25-35am Waiting at the roadside when I felt discharge coming out abut 3 times. Decided to go to office instead of going home to investigate cos I'll be super late for work if it's a false alarm. Sms hubby.
8:40am Even more discharge coming out, checked and saw that it's bloody water. Quickly called hubby to rush home.
8:45am Reached home in a mess, bloody water staining everywhere.
8:50am Was trying to clean up and put on a pad when Malay neighbour was pressing my doorbell. She and her husband saw me rushing back without evening closing my metal gate so suspected something is wrong. Came over to try and help.
8:55am-9:20am Waited with the wife cos hubby not back yet. Wanted to shower but she asked me not to walk around, paiseh to leave her alone plus bloody water leaking all over, scared I messed up the house even further.
9:30am Hubby came back. Told him we go in ambulance better, otherwise the car sure kenna. :P Ambulance came in 10mins, quickly rushed to pack the last few items and leave. Didn't even have time to shower before I go to hospital. :/
10:15am Reached Delivery suite. Wait in room for gynae assessment. Hungry wanted to eat but midwives don't allow me to eat my bread until after gynae assessment
11:30am Gynae came late cos case notes was late & nurses don't dare to call dr until case notes are here.
11:35am Dr said I'm 2cm dilated and already have contractions (according to CTG) so she said she will induce me to speed up process. Waterbag burst so must deliver within 12 hours. Asked for epi since induction will be painful. Requested for an anaesthesist that the gynae recommend though i will have to pay more. She allowed me to drink some milo. I also sneaked in a bottle of chicken essence.
11:45am Anaesthesist came to administer epi
11:50am - 10:15pm Waited for cervix to dilate, not much pain due to epi. Even watched 7pm "Shou Zu" & 9pm last episode of "Huang Jin Lu". Waited until kancheong, don't know if I can push BB out by 12 midnight. If not her BD won't be 21 Jan 08 liao. :P
10:20pm Midwife asessed that I'm finally 10cm dilated. Phew!!! Time to push. They increased the oxytoxin to help me push.
10:20-11:55pm Pushed and pushed but BB was not in ideal position. Contractions painful like hell, screaming in pain. Keep pressing for more epi but safety mechanism in place, can only have add 3 doses in 1 hr. Keep asking for my gynae who has not arrived. While pushing, the midwives called a male doctor to come in and check my BB's heartbeat. Was not happy to see 2 men coming into the delivery suite despite paying extra for TPS services (so that can choose a female gynae) when I was pushing so I snapped at the dr who came in. Nurses also informed me and hubby that the relatives are waiting outside so felt even more stressed. :/
12midnight Gynae finally arrived. I was not happy. Asked gynae to use forcep or vaccuum but she said can't cos BB's head is not low enough. Felt like dying. But I told myself the only way to end all this pain is to keep pushing until she's out.
0030am BB RaeAnne finally out, Head circumference 34cm, Length 49cm, weight 3255g.

RaeAnne was very alert when borned, she hardly cried and open 1 eye to observe the world while in the delivery suite. The midwives commented that she has a lot of hair and she has dimple on one side. She does look very cute. But the first thought that came to my mind at that time was "Is this my daughter? Don't look like me leh."

Trying to cope as a new mummy. Feeling very lost & overwhelmed. Trying to take things one day at a day. Latching on BB but while in hosp, allowed nurse to cup feed FM when I was in too much pain due to contraction of uterus. I was very swollen due to too much pushing and even had to be put on a catheter. Also showered in the confused and frustrated state in the afternoon after delivery so a bit worried that it will cause long term effect. :/ But luckily got CL so I'll try my best to rest & recuperate during this period.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cervix check

Went to see gynae today. Changed my appt to 5:05pm, saw her at 5:50pm. Still got to wait lar but at least can go home earlier. Told her about my nightly cramps and sharp pain. She said it's BH which may be a pull, heavy feeling or contraction. Anyway, she said she'll do cervix check today in case I'm dilated. It was not very painful when she did it cos I was quite sore after that.

Anyway, I was not dilated yet but she said BB's head is almost engaged. Yeah! :) BB's weight is estimated at 3.1kg but gynae said BB did not feel so big. She said it's not accurate to estimate BB's weight in late stage of pregnancy because of the abodominal fat. But luckily, she said all pregnant women are the same. My weight is 55.1kg. Gained another 1.2kg. Gynae doesn't think I'll pop soon because she told me she'll be on leave from Thurs to Sat but don't think I'll pop these few days. Maybe it's cos cervix not dilated yet.

BB was guai guai and in good position today for scan, so hubby promised to buy her a toy. Again. ;)

Friday, January 11, 2008

BB is 37 weeks today!

RaeAnne is 37 weeks today! Only 3 more weeks to EDD, time to count down. Theoretically, after 37 weeks, BB can come out anytime. And even if she decides to come out earlier than 1 Feb, she's considered full term and not premature liao. But of course, the closer to EDD she comes out, the heavier she will be and heard that there'll be less likelihood of jaundice. :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Gynae check up

Back from my gynae check up but not very good experience today. First of all, had to wait about 1 hour 15 mins before my turn. Only left KK at 8pm. Tapow from Macdonalds cos too tired to eat there liao. :P

Second, gynae said I got mild strep B infection so must take 1 week worth of antibiotics to clear it. During delivery, she will put on antibiotic drip for me. But she said all mummies will be put on drip anyway.

Thirdly, BB is only 2.48kg based on today's scan. Last week, was 2.7-2.8kg lor. Plus instead I gained 0.6kg, weight now is 53.9kg. But she said it's not that BB shrunk but because there is always 20-30% error in estimation, that's why she doesn't usually scan every week. Reassuring but still sian cos I was hoping BB would have gained weight.

Asked gynae and she said BB has not moved down and head still not engaged, so I'm not likely to be early. BB is now 36 weeks and 5 days. She'll be 37 weeks this Friday. Wondering if I would be late and whether I should be wasting my leave if I start taking leave from 28 Jan. Will have to wait for next week's appt to be sure. :P

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hubby's BD on 6 Jan

Went to Vivocity on Fri to watch AVP2 (Gold Class) with hubby, Gold Class seats were comfortable but since tickets are expensive $30 each, will save for special occasions only. Thanks to Steph, I went for toilet break at the right time and skipped the mummy giving birth to aliens part. hee.

Wanted to eat at Marche so hubby can have his favourite waffle but raining and Marche is located at rooftop so difficult to get there, super long queue also. Went to eat at Carl Junior instead cos both hubby and I have not tried before. Hubby ordered Sante Fe Chicken burger while I ordered a Bacon & Cheese Crispy Chicken burger. Hubby even upsized the burger for me. :P

Bought the Panasonic ionic hair straightener from Best Denki, $49. Hiao, want to bring it to hospital so that my first photo with BB won't be so awful with messy hair. Tried it out on Sun night & Mon night, not bad next morning hair still quite neat, not as messy as before. :)

Cooked mee sua lunch for hubby with 2 eggs, meatballs, prawns & veg to celebrate his actual birthday on Sunday, 6 Jan. Bought a small Durian fudge cake from Prima Deli on Sunday, 6 Jan. The salesstaff charged $0.30 for the Happy Birthday tag and $0.10 for 1 candle. :P

Seeing gynae again tomorrow. Hope RaeAnne has grown bigger. 3kg, 3kg, 3 kg (chanting ;)....

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Gynae check up

Went to see gynae tonight, finally, have been having bad back/butt pain for the past few days. But she was on leave so can't see her any earlier. BB is estimated 2.7-2.8kg at 35w5d. Seems small to me. Projected weight still 3kg. Gynae didn't say she's small but told me if I want BB to be 3+kg then I can eat all I want since only gain 9kg so far, weight 53.3kg now. :P BB was so active and kicking when we were waiting for our turn at clinic but she kept so still during the ultrasound scan, think she's pretending to be guai guai when on camera. So cute. :)

Complained about my terrible back/butt ache, water retention, painful finger joints etc but she says must tahan for another 4 weeks. :P She prescribed Benjay cream and she gave me 2 days MC to rest. Phew, at least no need to hobble around at work. Couldn't get Benjay at KKH cos pharmacy is closed and 24 hr pharmacy don't carry Benjay. Hubby had to get Benjay for me from Tampines Guardian pharmacy.

Gynae said will be seeing me in 2 weeks time but told her since EDD so close liao, might as well see her once every week. Feel more secure also. :)