The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bad day...

Today's children's day celebration so only 1 hr party and tomorrow got no school so decided to bring her home after the party to look after her myself these 2 days.

Cooked baked salmon, recipe taken from littlegastronomy ( chicken pear soup ( She finished a lot of salmon and soup but refused to eat her rice as usual. That was still ok cos I can feed her milk before her nap.

But she 'rewarded' me by not napping at all today. Tried different methods from lying down beside her to pushing her downstairs in stroller to letting her exhaust herself while I lay on her cot bed but nothing worked. Sigh, understandably she's super cranky and sticky this evening so I tried putting her to bed at 830pm, 1 hr before her usual time. She refuse to lie down, keep wanting me to carry her from room to room so that she can sleep. I refused to do that cos can't bear her weight on my tummy for long. Hubby is happy to carry her but she rejects him.

Kept on screaming and shrieking non stop until she's breathless. End up got no choice but to carry her from room to room until she finally lie down on my shoulder and knocked out. What a day! :P

What is worse is that Filamie is reverting to her old ways since Sunday. Never follow instructions properly, do things wrongly, excuses, forgetting things, taking food without permission, cook before she's supposed to, eg. fry dishes even before the rice is cooked etc, claiming to have cleaned all 3 rooms and took a shower while I was out (said she was hot and itchy due to dust) but found all the book shelves at the study room dusty. When I questioned her about the dust, then she said she only cleaned the 2 tables. Somemore, act 'kelian' in front of ILs at their place then tell them she doesn't have enough sleep cos RaeAnne keeps waking. Faint! We are the ones soothing RaeAnne back to sleep, not her, once we take over, she knocks out. How tiring can that be?

Sigh, thought I can 'jiang jiu yi dian' and keep her so that no need to retrain but now i'm having 2nd thoughts because if she is so inconsistent. How to trust her to do work independently when Raelynn is born? Plus up till now, nearly 2 months since she started working for us and after 1 week plus of sleeping in the same room as RaeAnne, RaeAnne still rejects her although she can call 'Aunty' since Sunday night but still says No, no no! when we ask her to do things for her. My biggest concern about changing maid is that RaeAnne has to readjust to another aunty. Sigh.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mummy Deejay

Keep forgetting to blog this. Since 1 or 2 weeks ago, RaeAnne started saying 'Star' when we get into the car. Was quite confused cos there were no stars 'toys' in the car. She will continue to make noise and fuss if I ignore her. Finally, I realised that she is asking me to play the "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" song from her children's song CD. So, that started our song request game.

She will point to her nose and I'm supposed to play "Elephant, elephant, why is your nose so long" Song? Or she'll twist and move her little fingers and I have to play "Eensy Wincy spider". Or sometimes, she'll say 'brick' 'break' and I have to play "London bridge is falling down". I love to see her smiling face when I guess what she wants correctly. :) But from this, can also tell that she has a really short attention span too cos when I skip the tracks to 'Twinkle Twinkle little star', she'll start to make noise and say no, no, no, after the first 2 verses are sung. Duh.... :P

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Last night, she woke up every 2 hours at 2am, 4am and 630am. Crying and screaming no, no, no! so Filamie couldn't handle her. Hubby had to pat her back to sleep twice and we ended up letting her sleep on our bed when she woke up at 630am.

Tried to toilet train RaeAnne today but gave up after she wet her training pants with pee and another pair of training pants with poo in just half an hour. Brought her to toilet to pee at 1030am but she refuse to pee in toilet. Shortly after that, she peed in the training pants. Decided to hold off toilet training for another week since we are also sleep training her. Too tired to try and do both things at the same time. Give her more time to adjust to the changes also. :P

Tampines Central CC organised an Mooncake festival celebration at the Central Park and we decided to participate. Hubby wasn't so keen to buy tickets as he felt we can always 'gatecrash' cos the park is an open place for public anyway. I agreed with him simply because it wasn't convenient to buy tickets when the RC only opens from 730pm to 10pm. But when Teacher Chris asked me if I want tickets, I decided to buy 1 from her cos the goodie bag consisted of popcorn, pomelo, lantern, mooncake. Sounds not bad for $3 lor.

Anyway, we reached the park pretty late, close to 8pm though the event starts at 630pm cos we went to Tampines Mall for dinner. Told hubby tired of cooking dinner for her since RaeAnne hardly ate her rice for lunch again. Though she did drink half a bowl of the herbal chicken soup I made instead. She ate a bit of steamed fish and some fried french bean with minced pork and prawns. At the food court, I ordered a seafood porridge for her and asked the chef to make it less salty (the porridge is still a bit salty but quite tasty). She was happy to eat the fish slices and the prawn but as usual didn't eat a lot of porridge. Ordered satay bee hoon for myself and Filipino food for Filamie though she didn't enjoy it. Don't know exactly what she is saying but essentially, she prefers rice dishes, maybe different parts of Philippines, they eat different types of food bah. Cheh, wasted $4. Should have ordered mixed veg rice for her instead, it'll be cheaper and she'll like it more.

RaeAnne didn't enjoy 提灯笼 though we bought a nice hello kitty one for her at Bedok, a design she chose herself. It was too long for her to hold and she didn't like the music. But she loves the popcorn that was given and I was too tired running around trying to collect the pomelo, popcorn and goodie bag (all DIFFERENT collection points :P) that I just let her eat to keep her quiet so that she would allow Filamie to carry. Hubby had gone back home to park first cos there were no empty white lots at all. She ignored me and the lantern when I was trying to take her photo, too engrossed in her popcorn. :P

Only managed to take a better photo with the lantern after Daddy came. Don't know where she learn to make the victory or '2' sign from but she looks cute posing for this photo with Daddy. She also tasted the Malay fish keropok strips that I ordered, only 4 strips for $1. Cheap Cheap! Didn't stay long at the even since RaeAnne didn't particularly enjoy herself and she hadn't had her shower yet so we left around 840pm. Hubby and I concluded that maybe she'll enjoy Mooncake festival more next year when she is 2.5 years old. :P

Passed by ILs block and hubby joked that we should bring RaeAnne to Nai Nai for shower. Told him Nai Nai may not be at home. RaeAnne heard our conversation and walked into the 'empty' lift to go up to Nai Nai's place. So, we decided to pop by and see. Nai Nai and Bo Bo were at home and happy to see her. She called 伯伯many times too. We left at 915pm cos had to start the battle of sleep training again and the adults need to come back early to shower.

I don't know exactly what time she fell asleep tonight cos I had knocked out in her little cot bed with her but when I woke up it was 11:25pm. Both hubby and Filamie had knocked out as well. She stirred in her sleep and got up close to 1140pm but luckily I walked past her room and quickly went in to reassure her before she started crying. Had to lie down with her for another while more until she went back to deeper sleep. Keep fingers crossed for now.

Was reading the Gina Ford book and there was a chapter on how to prepare the toddler for no. 2 so I realise I need to do more to get RaeAnne used to the idea that Mummy needs to spend time with Mei Mei eg. BF which will take a long time. Brought her 'Mei Mei' babydoll back from ILs place. Plan to pretend to BF Mei Mei, change Mei Mei and shower for Mei Mei. Will try to teach RaeAnne the right way to 'sayang' Mei Mei, be quiet when Mei Mei is sleeping, be patient when Mummy is BFing Mei Mei.

Today, I tried to nurse 'mei mei' doll and she snatched the doll away and make 'suckling' sounds herself. Faint! :P Told her Mei mei has no teeth so can only drink mummy milk whereas she can eat all the good food. Don't know how much went in her little head though. I can only try bit by bit and hope she will be more understanding over time. Too bad I don't have a crying doll cos that's what Mei Mei will be doing most of the time. :P

The customised taggie pillow case that I ordered from BP for Raelynn arrived by post today. Looks bigger than I thought it would be, I had ordered only the case since will be recycling RaeAnne's beansprout pillow. Not sure if taggies will really help baby as a bedtime comfort toy to sleep better but hope Raelynn likes it cos it's really not cheap to customise something like this. :) Too bad I don't have a sewing machine nor sewing skills. :P

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sleep training part 4b

RaeAnne woke up at 4am last night, maid managed to pat her back to sleep. I was woken up at 6am by hubby who was getting ready for work. Was trying to fall asleep again when RaeAnne woke up with a cry. Went over to see her since I'm awake anyway. Tried to soothe her back to sleep but she can 'sense' the activity in the house and was distracted. Hubby helped make milk and she drank only about 100ml. Kept calling Dadee Dadee when I was in the room with her so no choice but to bring her out and let her say goodbye to her Daddy. Keep pasing her toys one by one for Filamie to wipe. Asked Filamie to stop wiping for the moment. Brought her back to her room again and she finally fell asleep around 745am. Had to wake her again at 835am so that she won't be late for school. :P

P.S. Last night, when I was holding the milk bottle and waiting in her room to feed her milk. She was trailing behind and saying good night (night) to Filamie. Hubby told her Mummy waiting for you leh and she walked towards our MBR. Felt a twinge of heartache then cos we used to always feed her the last milk feed on our bed then let her flip around until she falls asleep then bring her to the cot. Now, the bedtime routine starts in her own room. I do miss gazing on her sleeping face and touching her when she is asleep on our bed. Wondered if I was short changing her then, cutting down on her quality time with Mummy and Daddy because of Mei Mei. Got to keep reminding myself that Mei Mei even more poor thing, born into this world to share our love whereas RaeAnne already had almost 2 years of undivided love and attention from all of us. :P

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sleep training part 4a :P

Came back earlier from ILs place today and gave RaeAnne milk at 9pm so that we can start the sleep routine earlier. Ask Filamie to shower early too and stay in RaeAnne's room so that she won't distract RaeAnne. She kept walking to Filamie's tilam and wanted to sleep on her tilam. Can't blame her actually cos this used to be her tilam at Waipo's place plus the tweety bird and sylvester cartoon mattress cover that my mum sewed was very cute.

She kept asking hubby to 'bao bao' close to 10pm. Think she wants to sleep but can't fall asleep. Hubby resisted for a long time then finally tried to carry and pat her to sleep but he gave up when he saw that she still wanted to play. I took over again and finally put her to sleep at 1008pm by lying down beside her and let her roll all over me. But she woke up shortly after that, around 1015pm. Luckily she managed to go back to sleep after I lie down beside her and soothe her. Maybe it's because she didn't take her cold medicine tonight (last night, we gave her 1 dose cos she was sneezing away) so not as drowsy. :P

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First visit with Mummy to see Mei Mei

Today is my gynae visit and a Wed so MIL has karaoke and can't help to look after RaeAnne in the evening so we decided to bring her along with us to TMC. I was happy cos I'm already 7 months but RaeAnne has never joined us to see 'Mei Mei'. Think it's an important experience to know that Mummy has a living being in the tummy cos the concept of Mei Mei is still very hazy at this young age. Worried that she think my belly is called Mei Mei cos MIL said whenever she said Mei Mei, she'll want to lift up MIL's shirt to find her belly. :P

We were the last patients for the day when we arrived there close to 630pm. Raelynn's 29 weeks and 1 day. She is 1.4kg so still medium size baby. Dr Wong projected her weight to be 3.1kg or 3.2kg at 40 weeks. But my weight is now 53.9 which means I gained 3.2 kg in 1 month. Faint! :P Both Dr Wong and the nurse advise me not to go on diet though cos baby is only medium size not overweight. Duh... Hope I don't go beyond 60kg for no. 2. :P

Mei Mei was head down and very cooperative during the scan, can see her opening her mouth to drink water, yawning and moving her hands to rub her face. So cute. Wonder if Cheh Cheh caught her actions though. She looked blur blur when staring at the Ultrasound screen, halfway through started to turn her head back to Dr Wong's couch liao. and said 'bear bear'. Think she finds the soft toy bears more interesting thatn her Mei Mei. Haha. ;P

Dr Wong passed me the hospital packing list today and asked me to pack it by 36 weeks. She said after next appt (12 Oct, 445pm), I'll be seeing her once every fortnight cos counting down liao. Wa, feel kancheong hearing this cos I've neither trained RaeAnne to sleep on her own nor toilet trained her. ;P

Had to book my room at TMC today, chose single bedded room cos I can't stand sleeping with someone else, need my privacy plus I want hubby to sleep over with me. Initially wanted to choose Single Premier cos it was only $58 more per night ($488 now) and had the bedside internet terminal and the room is more spacious but end up the PSC clerk said the price will increase on 1 Oct to $588 so forget it. I won't pay $100 more per night for that. Not as if hubby's medical benefits will cover for my bill. Cheh! Saw a couple who were doing admission registration. They opted for single bed rooms but the clerk informed them that they are out of single bed rooms. The Mummy has to be lodged in 4 bedded until tomorrow morning when patients discharge. Faint! Hope the day I deliver won't be a 'hot' day like today. :P

RaeAnne slept earlier tonight at 1045pm, 1 hr improvement from yesterday. Think partly it's because she has such a short afternoon nap (1 hr only according to MIL due to the noisy lift upgrading works at their block) so total she had only 9.5 hours of sleep from last night and today. She refused to drink milk when I tried to feed her close to 10pm, had to put the milk on the warmer again. She walked in and out playing with her toys and Filamie. Finally at 1015pm, Filamie told us she pooed pooed. No wonder she didn't want to drink milk or sleep. Hubby changed her diaper then I fed her milk (had to cool down the milk cos too hot by then) around 1030pm. Asked Filamie to go to bed and I lay down on the toddler bed besides her. She knocked out in less than 10 minutes. Must have been so tired, poor gal. She's been sneezing a bit too, must be because her hair was partially wet when we picked her up to go to TMC and I switched on the fan of air con in the car to medium cos the car was quite stuffy.

Must set alarm earlier tomorrow so that I can sit by her little bed and wait for her to wake up. Even though we can't co sleep with her anymore, I still want to be the last person she sees at night and the first person she sees in the morning. :)

Bought durian mooncakes from Goodwood Park Hotel again cos they have roadshow at Century Square. Yummy! Kept in the freezer, the durian filling mooncake tastes like durian ice cream. Too bad there is no lucky draw this time, last year, I won my trip for 2 to Shanghai buying 3 boxes of durian mooncakes, seems like so long ago though, I need another holiday, haha. :)

Finally stocked up on NB diapers for Raelynn but bought Huggies since it was on promotion, $6.45 for pack of 24 NB size and $12.45 for pack of 44 S size. Will receive a Mothercare romper if I send back the receipt. Think will get some Pampers NB from TMC so no need to stock up unless price is right. :)

RaeAnne is 20 months old!

RaeAnne is 20 months old today. She is 10.4 kg and 82cm tall. She can drink from cup and bowl quite well. Starting to self feed with a spoon too. But scooping still not very good unless it's porridge. Not her fault also cos it's not easy to scoop up when we always give her very little in the bowl to avoid her spilling the contents onto herself or the floor. Oh ya, she's starting to be able to make 'poo poo' sounds then pull on her diaper to tell me that she has pooed. It's after the fact but at least she's making some progress by recognising the uncomfortable feeling and asking us to change her diapers. :)

Didn't manage to post before 12 midnight today because the poor gal slept very late today at 1145pm. We tried a new strategy tonight. We let her walk around and play with Filamei as much as she wants to today. Asked Filamie to move her mattress back to RaeAnne's room so that RaeAnne won't keep walking in and out of her bedroom to the living room to disturb her. Hubby knocked out before RaeAnne and around 11+pm, told Filamie to ignore RaeAnne and sleep while I tried to make her sleep by lying on the toddler bed with her.

Ignored her whining and crying to 'bao bao' and she settled down and slept in about 10-15mins. Sleeping so late at night is still not ideal but some improvement is better than nothing. At least she fell asleep on the toddler bed instead of in hubby arms or on our bed. After that, had to wake Filamie and ask to move her mattress to sleep beside the toddler bed cos I'm worried RaeAnne will flip over in her sleep and fall down from the bed. :P

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sleep training part 3

Another long night, tried from 10:15pm to put RaeAnne to sleep in her own room and toddler bed. She only knocked out at 1145pm after crying, screaming, running to the living room to play, asking us to carry her here and there, take things from the kitchen. Hubby had to pat her to sleep. While trying to make her sleep (i was lying on the toddler bed with her), she flipped and turned and nearly fell from the bed, her head was already off the bed but body and legs still on the bed.

Think hubby is almost ready to give up on the toddler bed cos he said let her sleep on mattress better. No matter how she flips also won't fall down. Yeah right but what to do with the Ikea queen size sofa bed and the toddler bed in the room? Dismantle and sell everything? Where is the confinement lady going to sleep. Where will Raelynn sleep? Are we going to go through this all over again in another 1.5 years? Sigh...

On a happier note, in the morning, RaeAnne has a short gathering with her cousins at Sunshine park cos I went to pass some vaccuum bags which I bought from motherhood forum BP to my cousin who's flying to UK for further studies for 1 year. They had a small picnic with Mac breakfast, soy bean milk, tow huay etc. She enjoyed playing with the bubble making machine. :)

RaeAnne woke up at 445pm from her nap, almost 3 hrs cos she slept close to 2pm. Woke up half way at 330pm and we moved her to the bed cos she woke up screaming No No No with her eyes closed and was inconsolable. This continued till she woke herself up. Evening time, we went to Bugis cos there was a 20% storewide discount at Kinokuniya. Thought we'll have a hard time parking and find a place to eat but we were lucky, managed to find a parking lot at B2 and ate at the first Chinese restaurant we pass by: Crystal Jade Shanghai La Mian Xiaolongbao.

Ordered a fish, shark bone soup with chicken and stir fried mini 'Nai Bai' and a bowl of white rice for RaeAnne. Luckily she didn't spit out the rice but it was the first time I see her rejecting soup. Maybe it's because the soup is very thick and fishy. Definitely not the type of soup that she is used to. After dinner, hubby brought RaeAnne to Kino first while Filamie and I finished dinner. He bought some comics while I bought 2 cookbooks (one on cooking for toddlers, one to cook soup and the Gina Ford's The Contented Baby with Toddler book to prepare early for no. 2's sleep training, hope to start a good routine since this time I got a chance to implement and maintain our own routine) :P

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sleep training Part 2...

Late night post cos RaeAnne just fell asleep about 15 mins ago. We came back at 10pm from my mum's place. Tried putting her to sleep at 1030pm but she was too curious about 'Aunty' (maid) sleeping in the living room and keeps inviting herself to Filamie's mattress. We let her fool around for a while but put a stop to it and brought her to the room and closed the door cos it's time for Filamie to sleep. She fussed and whined and ask us to open the door. When I tried to come up with all kinds of excuses why I can't open the door for me (eg. dark, dark, outside may have cockroach or lizard which I can't see), she changed tack and asked hubby to 'bao bao' and go out of the room instead.

But even though hubby carried her to try and pat her to sleep, she struggled out of his arms to disturb Filamie. Luckily, Filamie is already knocked out so after a few rounds of this, she came back to the room. Even with me sleeping besides her on the cot or on the sofa bed, she can't fall asleep. Kept pulling up her shirt to touch her tummy (she passed out dark greenish poo close to 11pm) so we applied some 'ru yi' oil for her. Hubby carry her again to pat her and she fell asleep. After the second round of trying to put her down on her toddler bed, he finally succeeded. This time, hubby learnt from last night's mistake and decided to sleep while she's sleeping cos she's going to keep waking up so he might as well sleep first. Oh well, let's see how it goes tonight. :P

Finally went to Macs this morning for breakfast after a long hiatus. Met up with my preggie friend and her hubby at Bedok Mac to pass her a gift for her baby boy. Bought and assembled some useful items eg. clothes, face towels, mittens, booties, FM dispenser, pillow into a 'home made' hamper. Asked Filamie to help me with wrapping last night but she can't do it. End up, hubby took over the wrapping. ;P Tried to buy a 3 tier steamer from Bedok Interchange but was surprised only 2 electronic stores were left. When I was working at Bedok Library, I remember there were lots of electrical stores. Anyway, the Tefal model I wanted is OOS ($75 instead of $81.90 at Courts/Best Denki) but the shop owner can get it for us earliest by tomorrow. If not, hubby can pick it up anytime he passes by. :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mini Jan08 gathering at T3 :)

We went to T3 again this morning to meet Hannah, Kelyn and Jess and their kids: Johanna, Rayden and Javier at Popeyes. So fun to see the kids again, esp Johanna and Rayden. They look so grown up since the time I saw them at LNT, Parkway parade in March 09. ;P Brought stir fried macaroni for RaeAnne's lunch and some extra for the kids. Luckily, RaeAnne was quite happy to eat it. The kids took some time to warm up, RaeAnne's Elmo musical toy was a hit especially for Rayden and Johanna. Glad that she was willing to share her toy. :)

After the brunch, we brought the kids to the indoor playground and they all had fun there. Don't know who is this 'gor gor' that RaeAnne is playing see saw with but she had a beautiful smile for him. Not shy at all compared to when she was with the other Jan kids. She likes older men? Hee ;) RaeAnne was very fascinated by the water jet fountain and insisted on touching the jet sprays, dirtying her fingers. But I thought it was good to let her experience that. ;)

She was very grouchy in the car on our way back cos we missed a turn and what should have been a 10-15 car ride becamse 30mins at least. She was crying so badly that she almost puked so I asked Filamie to release her from car seat and pass to me so that I can calm her down. When we got back, hubby showered her. I had no time to put her to sleep cos rushing out to meet the BP organisers to collect my Thermos items and nachos before 2pm. Went to NTUC to buy stuff to cook dinner too. Ended up cooking spinach with chicken drumstick soup and stir fry mixed capsicum with chicken fillet. RaeAnne has her usual steamed threadfin with vegetables. She loves soup so much that she's drinking it by putting her mouth to the bowl directly. So 豪爽,Faint! :P

In the evening after her dinner, I let her try on the Konfidence flotation swim vest cos I wanted to see the sizing. Gosh! Looks like she can wear it now though the size guide is 2-3 years old. Maybe it's because it's so bulky. She loves it so much that she fussed and cried and screamed when we wanted to take down the vest before her shower. Had to pacify her with a basin of water and bath toys before she allowed me to finally take it off. Duh. :P

Filamie finally got her letter from husband today, together with 2 photos of her son and son with husband. Can imagine her joy. But I found 2 dirty rice bowls this evening, had to tell her to wash properly next time. :P But at least she got dinner ready at 6pm while I was having my nap after I gave her instructions. Considered as improving lar.

We want to start preparing to put RaeAnne onto the toddler bed to sleep. Hubby is afraid that she will fall down from the bed so he wants to sleep with her, not convenient for him and the maid to be in the same room so Filamie got to sleep in the living room for the time being. Anyway, I already told her on the phone before she came that she will not haver her own room so she was mentally prepared.

P.S. Tonight will be a long night for hubby. RaeAnne woke up 3 times so far and it's only 2am now. :P

Friday, September 18, 2009

Stir fried macaroni with chicken cheese sausage

Bringing RaeAnne to T3 tomorrow because we are collecting the Konfidence swimsuits from Hannah who has returned to Singapore from Australia and helped us to buy there cos it's cheaper. We are meeting at Popeye's chicken but I don't know what is suitable for RaeAnne to eat there. Definitely not fried chicken and I don't want to give her mashed potato as a main meal. Tried that at Ikea, next day her poo poo was so smelly from the potato. ;P

So I started looking for inspiration for tomorrow's lunch. Visited littlegastronomy's blog and decided to try the stir fried macaroni recipe since I have a brand new pack of elbow macaroni. :)

Modified the recipe a little by adding shredded carrots and minced chicken. Guided Filamie step by step except the actual frying. Macaroni was ok, al dente (kept reminding her to check on it). Not too salty also, but the sliced french bean and shredded carrot were still too hard. Told Filamie must fry them a bit longer before adding in the minced chicken and sausage since RaeAnne got to eat it. Will probably need to cut the macaroni smaller for RaeAnne to chew more easily too. Overestimated the portion but at least got some extra for hubby to try. And he said it was 'not bad'. :) Not bad is already his best grading by the way. Stingy with praises when it comes to food. :/

Oh ya, RaeAnne finally pooed pooed in the toilet bowl today. Today when I wanted to change her diapers, she kept making farting sounds and pointed to her stomach. So I told her I'm going to put her on the toilet seat so that she can poo poo. Accompanied her while she played with my roll of coloured wrapper. True enough, she pooed, quite a bit somemore. Good girl! :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Me time for Mummy

hehe, went for pre natal massage and Isetan Private Sale today. Put RaeAnne at ILs place and my maid at mum's place so that I can have some ME time. Yesterday, looked after her with the maid but so frustrating cos she keep spitting out rice, then refuse to drink milk, refuse to nap, didn't even want to sit in stroller or wear shoes, keep asking me to 'bao bao'. Got bad backache last night as a result. :P

Didn't buy much but did get some cheap home clothes for Raelynn from 0-6 months and 6-12months, can't resist the cute pink cow design and it's only 3 for $9.60 at Robinsons sale. Got a fridge playdoh set for RaeAnne and a 2-tier thermal Tiger food container and some home ware at Isetan Private Sale. Wanted to get the Leapfrog Fridge magnet but the price is $49.90 with no further discount so I dropped the idea cos still too exp.

A Jan mummy posed the question of the day. :)

Topic: what’s your kid’s favourite?

Healthy Food: Any kind of soup, even slightly bitter cordycep tonic soup that my mum makes for me, she'll drink. Prunes?
Junk Food: Biscuits, koko crunch, raisins?
Fast Food: Used to be hot cakes (but it's been so long since we brought her to Macdonalds after having the maid. Think the last Mac trip was during June hols. :P)
Snack: Bread
Fruit: All sweet fruits esp Banana
Drink: Water
Toy: Her Hello Kitty shopping trolley and kitchen set
Activity/Pastime: Touch and 'play pretend' with anything and everything in the house. :P
Bad habit: Eating her fingers, picking things from the floor to eat, booing with saliva spraying out, most recently: spitting out rice
Character: Pooh Bear
TV show: Wheels of the Bus series,
Person: Mummy?

RaeAnne was fussing yesterday and only drank 40ml of milk. She refused to drink more no matter how we tried to cajole her. Tried to dream feed her at 1am also failed. Must be because of late dinner at ILs place and the snacks she had after dinner, banana, jambu and chinese pear. :P

Oh ya, she can say 'Rub rub' and 'letter' yesterday. :) Filamei received a letter from her mum yesterday so she was on cloud nine. Trying to reply her letter at 11+pm with no light in the room. Told her to finish writing the letter in the morning when it's bright.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Frustrating afternoon...

Brought RaeAnne home from playgroup today instead of going to ILs house since MIL has karaoke lessons tonight at 7+pm. Cooked a simple chicken rice which she loves, feed her from 1130am to 12noon. Ate my own lunch, then she pooed shortly after that. So bathed her but took a quick shower myself cos too sticky liao. She was fussing when I was showering cos she didn't want Filamie's company.

Tried from 1pm to 245pm, more than 1.5 hours trying to put her to sleep. Refused to drink milk, don't want to sit in stroller (thought I can push her around downstairs to make her sleepy, that's what hubby does on weekends), she didn't want to wear shoes to go down even. Only want me to carry her all over the house to touch different toys. My tummy so big liao, really buay tahan to carry her for long. Getting hot and sweaty again putting up with her antics. Then she keeps crying over the smallest thing cos she's already tired and cranky. Don't want my maid to touch her, carry her or play with her. My patience was wearing so thin, think I would have scolded her loudly or beat her buttocks if I didn't call hubby at 2pm for SOS.

Hubby predicted that half an hour later, she'll wear herself out and knock out. At most, when she's sleeping then try to dream feed. Meantime, let her watch youtube nursery rhyme videos. She finally agreed to drink her 'kept in warmer milk' at 240pm and knocked off immediately before finishing the milk. Duh, can't imagine how I'm going to handle two kids at home next time if both refuse to cooperate. :/

Monday, September 14, 2009

Home Alone

RaeAnne didn't come home with us tonight. Nai Nai missed her after not seen her for 4days. I guess she missed Nai Nai too cos even when we made preparations to go home, she didn't follow us to the gate or attempt to climb up the pram.

Filamie had food poisoning today. She ran to the toilet for 5-6 times starting from 8am in the morning. It may be the half cooked egg (that she cooked herself in her instant noodles) or the expired bread that she ate this morning (There is already a fresh loaf of bread that is untouched and meant for her to eat as well. Hubby threw away the old bread into the dustbin last night but she went to pick up the plastic bag to eat it this morning. FAINT!)

Although the food poisoning was partly her own fault, I can't possibly ignore her. So we came back early tonight without RaeAnne so that she can rest earlier. Gave her medicine, cooked porridge for her and ask her to rest.

Hot, cold and spicy :)

These are the 3 types of food that we are restricting RaeAnne on. Spicy (I'll stick out my tongue and tell her chill, hot, hot and fan my tongue). Cold (I'll let her feel the cup). Hot (I'll let her touch the bowl briefly with her knuckles) Then she'll point to my mouth to indicate that it is ok that Mummy eats it. Sometimes, she tries her luck with the cold especially if we are drinking from a packet drink cos the straw is a BIG TEMPTATION for her. So, we try not to take packet drinks openly in front of her. :)

Oh ya, she has developed a bad habit of spitting out her rice and porridge since late last week. I tried to tell her cannot but she doesn't listen, even resorted to beating her mouth when she does that but she still does it sometimes up to 3-4 times in a meal. I lost count of how many times I need to wash her face towel and kitchen cloth (to wipe the table and floor). Naughty gal! :/

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Great transformation: Cot to toddler bed

We decided to convert RaeAnne's cot to a toddler bed since she has not been sleeping in the cot for about 2 months now. It started when she was teething in June (when we came back from Penang cos MIL cosleeps with her and she never wakes up at night) and keeps waking up in the night. Daddy got tired of patting her back to sleep each time so she has been co sleeping with us on our bed since then.

Initially we wanted to keep the cot for no. 2 but I don't like this Taurus cot cos the side cannot be lowered easily even with 2 hands. It's very difficult when we are carrying RaeAnne with one hand and can't even lower the cot side cos if we put her down onto the cot (already adjusted to the lowest level), she will wake up from being put down at such a high level. It's also difficult for me to lower her into the cot easily cos I'm not very tall and the cotside is at my chest level.

Before Raelynn is born, we need to train her to sleep in her own room again cos our MBR is too small for a cot and we can't let both kids sleep with us in the same room so they'll wake each other up. And because Filamie is sleeping in RaeAnne's room, we want to let her be more used to Filamie before slowly transiting her back to her own room. :P

Daddy went through a lot of trouble to convert the cot into the toddler bed cos we didn't have the instructions anymore (threw it away with the box). But it's finally done after 2 tries. So far, we've only managed to let her sleep on the toddler bed twice for her afternoon naps. Usually after Daddy pushed her around in a stroller downstairs until she knocked out, then we transfer her to the toddler bed. First time was on Thurs afternoon, the day before we went to Sentosa. I sat beside her cos afraid she will flip around and fall down (laid ABC mats beside the bed). When she woke up, she just opened her eyes but didn't cry so it's a good start. :)

RaeAnne said 'Snake', 'dirty' and a few other words which I can't remember :P. Very hard to keep track of the new words nowadays cos she'll repeat after us in the spur of the moment so we don't jot it down immediately. By the time, I want to blog it down in the night, I can't remember all the words she said in the day. :P

Oh ya, Ah Ma commented today that RaeAnne has quite a lot of teeth now. It's true, beside her almost fully erupted lower molars, her lower incisors are fully erupted whereas her pointed tips of her upper incisors are just emerging. Her upper molars are half erupted so she's going to have a grand total of 16 teeth soon! Happy that she can start chewing food better so that we don't have to cook until very soft or cut until very small. :)

But feeling a bit wistful cos she still reacts when she sees my boobs but even when I have BM again after delivering Mei Mei, I can't latch her on anymore cos afraid that she'll bite me with her 16 teeth. :P

Brand New Piggy Family

Ok, slightly dated post here... but WELCOME to the BRAND NEW PIGGY FAMILY!!!
Ok ok. Piggy Family may not be that accurate cos now everyone in the family is represented by his/her Chinese horoscope animal, so it should be New 'Animal?' Family... but to avoid changing the blog name and address, we've decided to stick to our old name. :)
So it's good-bye to the old cartoon:

and Hello! to the new one!!

Hope everyone likes it!
And if anyone is looking for illustrations, please feel free to send us a message. Cheers!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

RaeAnne's First Local Hotel Stay :)

Back from our hotel stay at Amara Sanctuary Resort, Sentosa. Only managed to visit Underwater world and Dolphin lagoon. Ticket costs $19.50 per adult (UOB 15% discount) but kids below 3 go in for free and it also includes the dolphin show at Dolphin lagoon. We sort of rushed through Underwater World cos we arrived at 430pm and the Dolphin show was at 530pm but the ticketing officer advised us to make our way to Palawan beach for the Doplphin show at 5pm.

RaeAnne didn't enjoy the Dolphin show very much cos she missed her afternoon nap (slept in the car when we were reaching sentosa but woke up once we checked into hotel room. :P) But we did buy her a little pink dolphin as souvenir. :)

She was so tired that after Dolphin Lagoon she knocked out on the Sentosa bus at 615pm and only woke up at 730pm when we were having dinner at Shutters Restaurant at the hotel. Mummy ordered fried japanese rice so that can give some to RaeAnne while Daddy order the Prime Beef Burger. The beef patty was undercooked (looks more like medium than medium well which Daddy ordered) so they recooked a portion and gave us a complimentary dessert worth $14.50. :)

RaeAnne loves the hotel room esp the full length wall mirror, the 2 birds on the bed ledge and had her first bubble bath at the hotel room. They upgraded us to a Premier room cos we requested for a Double bed but no Deluxe rooms were ready at 3pm when we checked in. :)

Didn't managed to have buffet breakfast at hotel cos my free voucher was for room only. We went downstairs and saw the spread and decided $28++ ie. $65.90 is not worth paying. Hardly any hot food except porridge, scrambled egg, indian dhal and hashbrown/bacon. :P End up we took the Sentosa Express and went over to Vivo City and had brunch at Marche. Only $25+ for 2 pax.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New words

Just a quick post, RaeAnne learnt to say 2 new words these 2 days. Nice (sounds like Nai) and Zip (sounds like Jeep though). :)

Filamie's attitude improved since late last week. Maybe also because she earned her first pay check and got to buy a SIM card, and today, she talked to her husband. Today, her Filipino recruiter came to Singapore so we arranged with the agent to bring the recruiter to my house to give her a pep talk. She told Susy that she is very happy working here and she is very lucky to have me as an employer. REminded her in front of Susy not to repeat the mistakes that she made. At the end of the short session, suggested to her to send her money via Susy back to her family. She wanted to buy her son a bicycle with her remaining $20. The rest already spent on sim card. But end up, got to use the money for her son's school items cos hubby has no $.

Oh well, will continue to monitor the situation because if she improves, no point in me training a new maid cos it takes time and RaeAnne needs to readjust again. Experienced maids have a different set of expectations which I may not be able to match. ;P

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day of school holidays

Today is the official first day of Daddy's school holidays so both me and hubby brought her to school today leaving Filamie at home to wash our clothes. RaeAnne cried a bit (a few token 'eh') when we left but quietened very fast.. Maybe cos it's a rare treat that Daddy brings her to school. ;) Mummy and Daddy managed to get breakfast at nearby coffee shop while 'recceing' the convenience stores for Filamie to buy her HP sim card. We went over to ILs place after breakfast, thinking to get some fish and meat for RaeAnne but FIL had already cooked her porridge. After school, we brought RaeAnne to ILs place to pick up her porridge but when MIL changed her out of school uniform and into home clothes, one thing led to another and we ended up leaving her there for porridge and nap.

Turned out to be a good thing, cos we had time to go to TM and CS, I could collect photos while Filamie managed to buy her 'kabapayan' SIM card from TM hello shop (there's a tie up with Singtel and Filipino telcos so that card is the 'cheapest' for Filipinos). The very SIM card which the cashier at 7-11, Giant Tampines said was ONLY available at Lucky Plaza. Cheh! Luckily we didn't make a special trip to Lucky plaza based on that wrong info. :P Let Filamie try calling her family at lunch time, a special concession cos she's not supposed to use her HP while at work. But all the numbers she dialled were not in use or outside coverage area (aka HP never switch on)

Daddy had a follow up appt at CGH at 2pm for his 'loose ankle' so after tapowing lunch, we were off again. After CGH, also went to my cousin Shirley's house to pick up the inflatable swimming pool which I lent to her. So many errands in one afternoon. No wonder we were exhausted. But no time to rest cos when we came back at 4pm, Filamie had to mop the floor while I prepared ingredients for tonight's fried rice. The fried rice was not as nice tonight cos I used cheaper rice, the same frying pan though there's slightly more rice and maybe also because I left Filamei to fry it after preparing the ingredients. ;P

So, we all had an early dinner and I let Filamie try calling her family again at 8pm. She finally got through to her bro at 9pm, no one else's HP was switched on (including her husband, husband's bro and sister).

Anyway, spoke to Carine today while trying to seek advice from her regarding making international calls to Philippines and she said Filamie's recruiter is in town so I told her to let her speak to the recruiter so that she can counsel her better and share news of her family with her. Her husband did not reply to any of her letters and her sister is the one that is more proactive in keeping touch.

Carine also said that if I were to choose another maid (ex Singapore with exp this time), I may have a different set of problems. Attitude problem cos experienced maids feel that they can always change employer if not happy. Also, they are not flexible when it comes to HP usage and off days. Sigh, told hubby, let's see if her performance improve after calling her family and talking to the recruiter before we make a final decision. :P Change also headache, change to new old got to retrain, change to old one, may show attitude. Sigh, sianz...

Raelynn is 27 weeks today, just 1 more week before the start of my 3rd trimester. Mixed feelings, happy that she has been growing safely and soundly in my tummy and can't wait to hold her in my arms. At 28 weeks, even preemies have a good chance of survival if born early. Yet I feel apprehensive about coping with a NB and a 22 month old who is so clingy esp if the maid can't help. RaeAnne has been rejecting Filamie more and more these days, even hitting her with her hands sometimes though I keep telling her that she CANNOT beat anyone. Yet usually after dinner, she's happy to play with her while we eat our dinner. Don't know why such diverse reactions also. ;(

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My First Library and sexy poses :)

It was a grey and rainy day so we didn't go out in the morning. Such a good day to sleep in but our darling RaeAnne woke up at 830am, her usual waking time since she started playgroup. We cooked and ate brunch at home (steamed fish, steamed egg, stew chicken with mushroom (kids friendly version with less oyster sauce, less ginger and sesame oil).

Cooked almost everything in the fridge which we bought from the market last Sat. All I have left are 8 prawns and some eggs, so for dinner, no more cooking, we got to eat out. ;) Left the house at 5:10pm to get dinner from Ikea and get the $39.99 bookcase for RaeAnne from Giant. Also bought a colouring book and a simple 12 piece jigsaw puzzle for RaeAnne cos she was excited about Ho Wen Gor Gor jigsaw puzzle when she saw it at his birthday party last Friday.

Kudos to Daddy who fixed up the bookcase in less than 30 mins after we got home at 8+pm. It wasn't as easy to assemble cos it's a cheap item and NOT from Ikea so assembly was not as straight forward. They did not even include an Allan key. ;P

RaeAnne was more excited when Daddy was assembling the bookshelf (she hit her head against the teak bench when she was circling Daddy's Work in progress while trying to avoid the planks and screws). When we were busy putting in her books, she was trying to take the books down and asking us to open up the boxes (her Peter Rabbit little library of books and the Winnie the Pooh pocket library). Not much help at all. But I guess should be happy that she wants to read the books instead of putting them on the shelves.

Thought the bookshelf will be pretty big and we can store Raelynn's books or more RaeAnne's books as she gets older and her collection grows. But when all the books were in (including cloth books which were in the closed swing compartment, there wa hardly any extra space left. Duh, never mind, we'll cross the bridge when we come to it. ;P

Found some '写真' photos of RaeAnne in the camera, they must have been taken by Daddy. Haha, does she look sexy with her sleepy, fresh out of bed look and off shoulder sleeveless romper? ;)

Oh ya, before I forget, RaeAnne said 'biscuit', A, B and Z today. Finally, she can say a few more alpahbets other than A. :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

First visit to T3! :)

Brought RaeAnne to Giant today cos we are looking for a small colour box for her to keep her books in the living room. After my recent spree at bookdepository, she has more than 20 board books now. But because I don't have a proper bookshelf for her, all her books are kept in the top shelf of her wardrobe. Out of her reach, out of our sight and therefore out of mind. Not very ideal for cultivating the love for books in our little gal. ;P

Saw one selling at Giant for only $17.99 but the height of the shelf is quite low and would not fit her bigger books. Eyeing a two tier, 4 shelves one that costs $39.90 in light blue. It's bulkier and will take up more space though so decided to pop over to Ikea to take a look. The billy bookcase there starts from $59 but feels light and flimsy and I'll afraid it topple over if she tries to push it. Will go back to Giant soon to get the $39.90 one.

Got this extract from the internet regarding children's bookshelf. Shows that we are on the right track. :) (

Choosing a child bookshelf
As he builds his book collection, let him store it in his own special child bookshelf. Why do you need a child bookshelf instead of letting him share the one you already have? First, out of practicality, he can’t reach the higher shelves, and if he tries to, he could seriously hurt himself and send rows of your own books falling to the floor. You wouldn’t want that to happen—especially since, long after the injury has healed, he may be too traumatized to pick up a book on his own again.

Giving your child his own child bookshelf also encourages him to take care of his books. By showing him that books are special, because the stories in them are magical and deserve some kind of care and respect, you send the message that reading (and owning a book) is a wonderful grown-up privilege. You know how children think—they want to feel important, and treated like an adult. So make reading a “serious" business: “This is a very special book, and we’ll give you a very special child bookshelf to put it in."

Storing books in a child bookshelf also make it very convenient for a child to get a book when he’s bored. The desire to read may hit him at the oddest and most inconvenient times, like when you’re preparing dinner, or in the middle of doing the laundry. If his books are kept in a child bookshelf, he can take them out and return them with minimum fuss. He’ll also like the freedom to choose from his collection, which he can browse through freely. Children like having choices and a child bookshelf provides them with that opportunity.

We went to the airport to send 'Ah Ma' (aka Waipo) off in the evening. Ah Ma is joining a group of relatives to go to Macau and Zhuhai from 5 - 9 Sept. We reached there in the evening cos we wanted to get dinner there. RaeAnne slept from 220 - 530pm for her afternoon nap. Dressed her up in the red Carters Ladybug playsuit which I bought from spree long time ago. It was meant for 18 months but looks like our gal is still not tall enough cos the pants exceeded her ankle by about 1-2 cm. Daddy said she looked like a little ang pow dressed for CNY. Told him then Ah Ma will definitely be very happy when she sees RaeAnne then cos Ah Ma likes to see her in red and keeps buying red tops for her.

We saw Ah Ma and the other relatives at the departure hall when they were waiting for check-in at Belt 6. They had actually asked me to join them for this family trip but Daddy was not free and I'm not keen to travel alone with RaeAnne cos it'll be very tiring for me to look after her alone. In hindsight, it was good that we didn't join them cos their flight times and itinerary were not kids friendly at all. Eg. their flight was at 915pm reaching Macau at 12:55am. By the time, they reach the hotel, it's easily 2am and the very next morning, they'll be going to Zhuhai. Can't imagine bringing a 19 month old and following that kind of schedule, RaeAnne will be cranky and I'll be shacked out.

The small foodcourt at T1 was super crowded and nothing suitable for kids so we decided to take a skytrain to T3 since both Daddy and RaeAnne has not been to T3 before. Ended up at Dian Xiao Er cos we are looking for chinese restaurant so that it's easier to find food for RaeAnne. Ordered their Pao sheng roast duck, a stir fry chinese spinach with toasted yin yu in superior stock and the daily soup (lian ou pai gu tang). RaeAnne didn't eat a lot cos she had cheese bread and pandan cake while waiting for dinner. End up we didn't manage to send Ah Ma off cos we were still having dinner when they went into customs hall at 815pm.

Nonetheless, it was a good experience cos there was a mini indoor playground right next to Dian Xiao Er and she really enjoyed herself. Would have let her played longer but the other kids were older and quite boisterous so hubby called an early stop to her playtime. Love the photo that hubby took of her. Too bad our camera is not a DSLR, if not, there will be a nice sharp foreground with blurry background effect. :P

My brother met up with us at T3 after my mum went in so she holding gu gu (aka jiu jiu)'s hand to walk walk walk and being carried by him as well. She ran so fast and in her usual wobbly manner that Gu gu was so worried that she will fall flat on her face. ;P

There was also a Crocs shoes sale opposite TCC so Mummy managed to get a pair of black/ruby Disney Minnie Mouse Mary Jane shoes for RaeAnne at only $25. It was OOS when I ordered it for her in an overseas spree a few months ago and the price was $30+. I had even ordered one for myself from BP to match with her but I cancelled and changed into a pair of pink MJ for her when hers was OOS. They don't have it in her size C6/7 though so I bought 1 size bigger in size 8/9. Left my contact down in case they have the same shoes in my size cos I'm still thinking of matching my shoes with RaeAnne's. My pair of Audrey Crocs are quite well worn in the sole anyway. :) The size C4/5 shoes were on offer for just $15 but we blur blur cos my bro hasn't even eaten dinner and forgot to buy a pair for Raelynn. Shucks! ;P

Today is pay day for Filamie. Gave her $30 and got her to sign on the pay summary that Carine had given me on 5 Aug. On Fri, MIL brought her to cut her hair. I wasn't happy that she asked MIL to bring her for hair cut without informing me. Worse, I had already asked her to wash the clothes in the morning and since she was going for hair cut, she didn't manage to wash the toilet in the morning and we had to ran back from ILs place home to keep the clothes at 11+am when the sky turned grey cos she left with Nai Nai at 920am without keeping the clothes. But must admit her mood/attitude seems much better since she cut her hair. More smiley and more yes mdm instead of silent treatment.

Maybe also because MIL bought a BIG bottle of Sunsilk Hair loss shampoo for her and insisted that I give it to Filamie. Sigh, not easy to manage my maid if ILs alternates between treating her like a guest (FIL keeps asking her to sit, sit, sit and even serves her Coca Cola while MIL brings her out without asking me and buys things for her). Even my 2nd aunt joked that if my status in the house worse than the maid since ILs has not shown or voiced any concern for me since I got preggie with no. 2. Don't know whether to laugh or cry also. ;P

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wee wee issues

RaeAnne woke up ahouting No! No! No! and then again at 4am last night to 'ka cheow' me. Noticed that the top of her pyjamas pants are a bit wet and it smells like urine. Bo bian, got to change her diapers and pants as she was fussing. She must have wet herself when in an awkward position cos she likes to put her leg high on a pillow to 'kiao ka' when she sleeps. This morning when I pick her up from playgroup, she wee wee and the urine ended up on her legs and floor. Was surprised cos I changed her diaper just before she went to school cos she pooed pooed around 9am. Turns out her huggies diaper pants was too heavy and had slipped to her mid thigh so when she wee weed again at 11am, the urine flowed down her legs.

Had to get special permission from FIL to leave Filamie at their place in the late morning cos I had to get present for my cousin's 2 yr old boy. His birthday is tomorrow and they are having a celebration at Aranda Country club at 7am. FIL asked me to bring her back so that they can have their naps. Rushed like mad cos ended up helping my aunt to buy a present for the boy too. HP also called while I was out as they wanted to return me my HP. They replaced the motherboard cos the graphics card is spoilt. Luckily I had extended warranty, the bill came up to $735. FAINT! :P

Took a cab back and reached ILs place at 245pm. Only settled half of my errands cos really no time. Sigh, having a maid is so tough when ILs alternates between treating her like a guest/stranger. And worse her work performance is still not on par and attitude has not improved. Yesterday, she poured toilet cleaner into the sides without lifting the toilet seat and did not scrub the rim (she told me she has already scrubbed when I asked her but kept quiet when I pointed out the obvious urine stains to her). Then she used RaeAnne's special food scissors (brand new Henckels scissors which I only used once when I cut fried bee hoon) to cut rags. Asked her why she used that pair of scissors without asking me and she cannot answer. Already told her before that she must ask me before using anything in the house. In the first place, I never asked her to cut the rags. :P

Today, I caught her not locking the door after she went to water plants and using the food knife to cut the bag of organic fertiliser (aka goat shit). As usual, she just gives me excuses or keep quiet and look away when I told her off about her mistakes. Defensive as ever. Since there is no improvement in her work attitude and performance, think I'm better off transferring her early. 长痛不如短痛, rather save my effort to train a new maid and I can save on the monthly $170 maid levy. :P Don't want to end up like some employers who has to pay maid levy for 2 maids because the old maid has not found new employer but their new maid has already arrived.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Friso 3 baby... :)

This morning, Mummy received a missed call when bringing RaeAnne to playgroup. Saw that it was a Bedok tel no., thought it was Daddy but when I called back, it turns out to be Carol from Bedok North NTUC calling me to tell me that she gave me the wrong info yesterday. There is Friso 3 promotion after all and today is the last day of the promotion.

Told her to reserve as much stock as she has for me so that we can collect this evening. She managed to keep aside 20 tins for us. There were so many tins that they had to keep the stock in the office in a carton. Hehehe. Thanks to Mummy's Jan08 forum friends for the tip off on Friso 3 promotion (2 tins for $35.95) cos it's not available at Tampines Mall or the nearby Tampines Central CC NTUC.

Phew, now RaeAnne has enough cheap Friso 3 to last her till next year liao. No need to worry about the pricey new formula Friso 3 that costs $25.45 even when it's on offer. :)

P.S. When I picked RaeAnne from playgroup today, I found her in a pink t shirt instead of her normal yellow uniform. Asked teacher Chris and she said she was playing with water while drinking from her water bottle and got her shirt all wet so they changed her t shirt for her. Naughty gal. She looked very pleased with herself somemore. Kept pointing to her T shirt and inside the shirt when the teacher narrated the incident to me. ;)

Oh ya, RaeAnne's diaper leaked/overflowed? last night around 245am. Think she must have been drinking a lot of water and soup recently (cos she's taking rice instead of porridge and sometimes the dishes are a bit salty) and we didn't change her diaper since her shower at 8pm. Tonight, we changed her diaper close to 10pm and it was already so heavy. Must make effort to change her diapers after her last milk feed. :P

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Teachers Day!!!

It's RaeAnne's first Teacher's Day today but Daddy's 9th? one so far. Playgroup is closed today so she didn't have to go to school. They didn't have a celebration like National Day though but I bought Teacher Chris and Teacher Suriya small gifts. It was a padded fabric Star wand with a pen. I was the only parent who gave them presents in the morning class though. They looked a little surprised. Bought a similar gift for hubby and of course it ended up as RaeAnne's present.

Since it's school holiday for hubby, we went to Tampines Mall for brunch at Crystal Jade instead of cooking RaeAnne's rice. She had some of hubby's minced pork congee but it was too watery and not filling enough. Hubby then tried to cut some of my noodles for her but it was slow and tedious work cutting up the strands of 'q q' noodles. Luckily, the bread talk shop uncle gave her bits of cheese bread to munch on. So that filled up her stomach. :) Bumped into MIL who bought a few blouses for RaeAnne.

We came back too late and RaeAnne nearly fell asleep in the car. End up she napped from 330pm to nearly 530pm. Didn't want her to sleep until too late so I opened all the curtains in the MBR and she woke up shortly after that. :)

Wanted to stock up on the Friso3 (old formula) from Bedok NTUC cos a mummy friend said it was on offer, 2 900g tins for $35.95. The new formula 900g is $25.45 for offer price. But called Bedok NTUC and they said offer already ended last week. Our Friso3 reserve stock only left with 1 big tin and 3 small tins liao. Think it'll run out in another 2 months time. :(

Raelynn is 26 weeks today. 98 more days. So fast, change from 3 digit countdown to 2 digit countdown liao. She is very active like RaeAnne, kicking me very often, sometimes even causing my tummy to appear lopsided with her big emovements. The babycentre weekly update said she's even more sensitive to hearing now and can start to recognise Daddy's voice if he speaks to her often. :)