The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve!

It's the last day of 2009 and also the last day of the decade. It's also Raelynn's official man yue cos it's lunar 16th today. Weighed her today and she's gaining weight well at 4.7kg (hope my weighing machine is accurate).

Since it's the end of my confinement, I went out to celebrate. Went to buy hubby's present and to NTUC to buy Betty crocker muffin mix cos I wanted to try making muffins for RaeAnne (she kept saying muffin muffin) but it didn't turn out very well cos CL and I were not sure of what is the correct amount is 1 cup size. Muffins were still cooked but do not look nice and puffy. Never mind, at least she said it's nice and there's always a next time. :)

Had dreamed of hugging hubby and the 2 gals and counting down together as a family but the 2 gals are fast asleep. But I guess I should count myself lucky that tonight is more peaceful cos RaeAnne screamed for 1.5 hrs last night when she woke up from her sleep but was inconsolable when we let her sleep on our bed. Hubby was busy watching his DVDs and just joined me to watch the last few minutes of the Countdown programme on Channel 5.

Here's to a better 2010 with the gals growing up well and healthy and all our dreams and new year resolution come true. :)

P.S. Oh yes, and I posted a total of 240 posts in 2009, almost double of what I posted in 08 since I stopped working in Feb09. Not bad huh? No wonder hubby calls me a full time blogger. hee.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mama milk again...

I've got 30 over bottles of frozen EBM in the freezer now, was stocking up for my dental surgery but now I've got to do it in Mar (3 months away) cos my dentist is away whole month of Jan and I'm not keen to do it in Feb due to CNY period (want to eat the good food). Think got to start defrosting and giving it to RaeAnne liao. We have been mixing a bit of EBM into her FM since 2 weeks ago.

But today, I decided to give her some chilled EBM from the fridge thinking that if I give to it like fresh milk, she may take it. Also thought it's good to give her now since she's still having viral fever. It started the night after Mei Mei's Man Yue. I had to pretend to sip the milk with her cos she said share share. Aiyoh, it was so fishy, never tasted chilled EBM before. Freshly squeezed one tasted so much better. Luckily, she didn't seem to mind the taste and finished all the chilled EBM in 3 helpings. And said Mummy nen nen. Phew! :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Celebrating Raelynn's Full Month

Celebrated Raelynn's Full month today on 27 Dec. Her official 满月 is 31 Dec 农历十六 but it is a Friday, not a weekend. Invited mostly friends and fewer relatives for lunch at 12noon. Still it was pretty crowded cos our 5 room flat is quite small. Raelynn was pretty 'cranky' last night and tired today but didn't nap well, maybe not used to the crowd. Even RaeAnne was tired out and only managed to catch a nap from 3-4pm. Poor Cheh Cheh was probably dehydrated and started to running a fever at night, luckily the fever subsided after taking ibufen. :P

Got the catering from Fu Kwee, the same caterer as RaeAnne's full month. Food was still as good esp fish otar and curry but portion seemed to have shrunk from last year even though prices have gone up. :P Luckily, we had a huge 2 kg cake from Prima Deli. Chose the carebear design since RaeAnne has the same Rainbow Carebear. Had a candle blowing ceremony for RaeAnne's sake since Mei Mei can't blow any candles yet. ;)

Thanks to all the aunties and uncles for the well wishes, pressies, vouchers and ang pows to Raelynn. She was too tired and knocked out without opening her presents though. Haha. :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Xmas Holidays

It's Xmas again and this year we are celebrating with not one but two princesses, RaeAnne and Raelynn. Last year, this time, RaeAnne is still blur blur and can't even open her presents. This year, she still can't quite master the technique of peeling off the scotch tape but at least she can say 'open open' and direct us to open her presents for her. Haha. Raelynn missed out on the Xmas present unwrapping this year cos she was sound asleep at 9+pm but there are presents for her as well. :)

This year, similar to last year, we didn't go out for Xmas Eve dinner cos of the kids. CL cooked dumplings and MIL came over for dinner. The highlight of Xmas Day was the orange cake that CL baked. I was supposed to learn the recipe from her but halfway through, RaeAnne was sleepy and cranky while Mei Mei continued crying even though I've BFed her, so I didn't get to watch the whole cake making process. The cake still turns out wonderful though a bit sweet.

For Xmas Day dinner, CL made chicken cutlet, fruit salad, fries. Special request for western meal by me cos both she and hubby were not keen on roast chicken and honey baked ham. :( But the dinner was yummy. CL even had the honour of inviting both FIL and MIL to the dinner, the first time both of them ever had dinner at our place.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

RaeAnne is 23 months old!

3 days before Xmas and RaeAnne is 23 months old. She is still 11kg and 85cm (maybe 86cm but she tore up the Fisher Price Giraffe height chart so many times that we can't take her height accurately anymore ;P).

Her language capabilities are much better. She can say short sentences like XX在哪里?, 起来,one more time, bear bear fall down, even teochew words like mai, wu, boh. She can hold a tune and sing songs like Jingle Bell, Baa baa black sheep, head and shoulders, knees and toes etc. Missing words will be slurred over. Haha.

But while she's expressing herself more, she is also throwing more tantrums if we don't understand her (her diction is still not perfect so sometimes need to pick out key words to know what she's talking about) or if we don't give her what she wants (eg. her new favourite Organix Alphabet biscuits that my cousin got for her from UK)

Physically, she's pretty much the same. Running, jumping and climbing as usual. Development wise, she's now trying to wear her own pants. Though she usually only manages to put on 1 pant leg and the front, not the back yet. She's still not potty trained cos doesn't know how to tell us before she 'wee wee' or 'poo poo'. But she can now tell us after she poo poo without fail. She's also more easily frightened by loud noises outside the house. She can open and close the door on her own cos she's tall enough but the bad thing is she'll often barge into my bedroom when I'm BFing Mei Mei. ;P

Sunday, December 20, 2009

RaeLynn's Massage (Part 2)

A follow up to an earlier post. :)
While mummy was doing her massage, baby RaeLynn also got to experience her first baby massage!

18 Dec - First school trip

Should be resting after BF but suddenly remembered that I have not blogged about RaeAnne's first school trip. She went on her first school field trip on 18 Dec. Mummy couldn't go so Daddy accompanied her. They went to the fish farm and animal farm at Pasir Ris. We have been wanting to explore the place for months since we passed by it when going to my auntie's chalet gathering. Good that the teachers brought her there.

Daddy said RaeAnne enjoyed herself but she was frightened by the sound of a real rooster cos it was really loud and very noisy. Haha.

She was tired out cos the trip was from 10am - 12+pm. Hubby brought her to Nai Nai house straight cos I had a dental appt at NDC in the afternoon. She didn't even want to shower before sleeping but Daddy insisted. She knocked out at 2+pm in the end. Daddy also caught a big bag of 'longkang' fish for her and they are now at Nai Nai's house. Hope they can survive there. :)

Oh yes, finally had time to take a photo of the Carters warehouse loot that I got for the gals. $58 for 3 packs of rompers, 5 t-shirts, 1 play suit and 5 rompers. Cheap or not? Haha. :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cheh cheh & Mei Mei

We finally took a photo of RaeAnne holding Mei Mei today. It's not the first time she held Raelynn in her arms. She did that last week but we didn't have the presence of mind to whip out the camera to take a photo. Too busy and distracted last week bah. Hehe. This photo was taken just before RaeAnne went to school so she's in her playgroup uniform.

Went to the yearly Carters Warehouse Sale at Tampines. Bought $50+ of clothes, it was so crowded though it was after the morning shower. Bought some rompers and T shirts for RaeAnne. Rushing so never check properly, bought too many NB and 0-3 mths rompers for Mei Mei. Just wanted 1 or 2 for her full month celebration actually. Hope she doesn't outgrow them by Man Yue. :P

RaeAnne had a milk strike yesterday when me and hubby went out for lunch to celebrate our ROM anniversary. Filamie tried to feed milk at 130pm and she refused. When we got back past 2pm, we tried to feed milk but she also refused. She even rejected her before bedtime milk feed. I only managed to feed about 180ml of milk at 2+am this morning. She refused milk again this afternoon. Luckily, hubby managed to feed her milk tonight. Hope the milk strike has ended. :P

Oh ya, I finally traded in my N85 and hubby got me an Iphone. Can't wait to let RaeAnne try out the new games/apps but worried she'll spoil the phone. Dilemma. :P

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

5 years and counting...

I remember a TV commercial where the guy presented a solitaire diamond ring to his wife on a beach. As they ran hand in hand, the tv screen showed flashbacks of their wedding, the birth of their beautiful children and how they have grown older. The wife said at the end of the commercial 五年了,却不象五年。

I remember I wasn't even married when I first saw that ad but I thought it was so romantic. Today is our 5th ROM wedding anniversary. I remembered how I teared and my voice choked as I 'signed' my life away at Rasa Sentosa Shangri-la in front of friends and colleagues 5 years ago in 2004. Haha.

How time flies and we are now parents to 2 beautiful (in our eyes, they are forever beautiful) gals while both me and hubby have aged prematurely due to the late night childcare duties. Hubby even sprained his back cos he has been carrying RaeAnne so often when she cries and wakes up a few times at night.

On this special day, I will like to pay tribute to my loving and patient hubby who has put up with my quick temper, impatience and laziness (especially when I was preggie and feeling like a beached whale). Thanks for loving me for who I am. For being a doting Daddy to our gals.

Although we have not said this to each other for a while since we've been too focused to being parents. I love you, dada. Look forward to growing old with you. May our marriage grow stronger everyday. :)


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Massage and weight loss

Finished my last RN home massage session yesterday. Weight down by 1.7kg and waist smaller by 1.5 inches. Glad that I don't need to be bounded by the super tight binder anymore. Hee. ;) Still got a lot more to lose so must continue to use my stretch mark reducing cream and dig out my old OSIM binder to use on my jelly tummy. :P

Smiling away...

Daddy captured a nice photo of Raelynn smiling away. :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

More pixs of Raelynn :)

I was smiling so prettily before this. But Mummy didn't stand by the camera so she only captured my half smile.

Hmm... What is Mummy doing?

YAWN... Why did I wake up so early?

Oops, that yawn wasn't very ladylike, was it?

Now, watch me cross my eyes and stick out my tongue.

Quick, tell me I look pretty or I'll continue to pout.

Wheredatoe? Wheredatoe? Wheredatoe?

Haven't posted anything new about RaeAnne in a while. Where's the toe is RaeAnne's favourite game ever since hubby played peek a boo using our blanket to cover her toes. Whenever I BF Mei Mei, she'll open the door wide open, climb onto the bed and start chanting Wheredatoe? Wheredatoe? Wheredatoe?. Lucky thing is most times, she's happy to play on her own, finding her toes and squealing in laughter. :)

She also learn to say 'zainani' (在哪里?) instead of just where, where, where? Maybe cos we are speaking more mandarin cos CL doesn't understand English. :) Bad thing is she is also beating hubby on the face more and more often. Tried to persuade her, beat her back etc but she still thinks it's a game. Sigh. :P

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Moo Moo Cow

RaeAnne went to ILs place for the day while me and hubby ran some errands (collect photos, fix my specs and collected loot from YL). She had a 3.5 hr nap there and tonight she slept close to 11pm. Mei Mei had woken up for milk by then. My worst nightmare. Luckily hubby could put her to sleep while I BF Mei Mei. Finished BF at 12.08am (1 hr later cos she start and stop due to burping etc). Decided to pump cos breasts still felt full. Managed to get 90ml of milk. Quite surprised, not sure if it's because Raelynn didn't drink much or because I drank some red date tea so triggered letdown.

Tonight, we tried mixing some EBM into RaeAnne's FM as suggested by CL. Hee, she happily drank everything. So glad that I can make it up to her cos I stopped BF at 12.5 months to try for no. 2. At least she'll get some antibodies from my EBM now. :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Raelynn's first BB massage

Today, Raelynn had her first BB massage by Rustic Nirvana masseur. Had to wake up early and BF her at 730am instead of 830am so that we will be in time cos the masseur, Helen, has to rush back for her first appt at Liang seah street branch at 11am. She enjoyed the massage, looks very 'siang shou' but some milk came out during her massage cos she was full. :P Daddy took a video but no time for me to edit and upload it yet. Next feed is 1130pm. And Cheh only slept at 1030pm today. :P

Here's a pix of her at home, Day 5. Cheh Cheh had a similar pose too when she was young too, like Ultraman. :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

8 Dec 09 ...

Today was supposed to be Raelynn's EDD. How time flies. Last week I was waiting for her to come out and now our dear baby girl is 6 days old already. :) Yesterday, while at TMC, the PD clinic and LC weighed her and she was 3.25kg. When she was discharged from TMC, she was 3.1+kg. She's latching well and glad that she has gained some weight. Her poo poo has also changed from greenish black to BF mustard poo. She pooed total of 4 times today. :P

Today, Rustic Nirvanan's masseur came at 830am to do my steam, massage. Supposed to have 15mins of BB massage but we didn't have enough time as I wanted to feed Raelynn before starting the massage. Hope we'll have time tomorrow. Today, I wanted to try out a schedule for RaeAnne and Raelynn to avoid yesterday's situation when Cheh Cheh doesn't want to sleep cos I was BFing Mei Mei.

Inspired by Gina Ford so I tried to start a 3hr feeding routine for Raelynn cos she said if you feed the baby frequently in the day and keep her awake for some time in the day. The baby will sleep longer at night and hopefully avoid night feeds.

Raelynn & RaeAnne's schedule
830am BF RL (while hubby/maid prepares RaeAnne for school)
1130am BF RL (while hubby/maid feeds RA lunch)
1230pm Hubby bathes RaeAnne
130pm Put RA to sleep after milk feed while RL sleeps
230pm BF RL (RA continues to nap)
530pm BF RL (RA plays)
830pm BF RL (RA plays)
930-10pm Put RL to sleep after milk feed while RA sleeps
1130pm BF RL (RA sleeps)

The schedule works for lunch time cos RA slept from 2-4pm and RL sleep through from 12noon to 245pm until CL woke her up. Night schedule didn't work as well cos RL continued to sleep and even though we woke her up at 845pm, she refuse to wake up and BF was very slow going with CL waking her for me and her falling asleep at my breast after a few suckles for a few times. By 925pm, I gave up and let CL put her to sleep while I pumped. Hardly any milk came out though breasts felt semi full, hope it's not due to Freestyle being not powerful enough. :P

Then RA pooed (2nd time tonight) so hubby cleaned her up. By the time, I got time to start RA's routine and made her sleep, it was already 1015pm. Don't know what time RL will wake up. Think it'll be 1130pm if she doesn't wake up on her own. Hope she can sleep longer after 12 midnight. :P

1 day tour at TMC...

Was at TMC from morning 9+am to 4pm. Did gynae check and Raelynn went for PD check today. Luckily jaundice under control though still need to sun for 3 more days. We did her birth cert today too. Her name is 张旗庭 Raelynn Teo Kay Tin. Opened her CDA account at OCBC too.

Only managed to book LC appt at 2pm today too. So, we went for lunch at coffee shop then went back to ACJ clinic to take a photo with Dr Joycelyn Wong. Forgot to bring camera today so had to borrow their camera. After that, just nice, Raelynn was hungry and we headed to Parent Craft centre.

The LC Chen Liqin spent 2 hours on me. I actually attended her talk on 3 Dec, my 2nd day at hospital. Good news is my baby is latching well and my supply is good. She drank 75ml when latched on (they actually weigh bb bbefore and after latching each side), I'm impressed. After that, she helped me massage and ask me to pump, and I pumped out about 25ml.

Bad news is I have breast 'congestion' due to leftover lumps from no. 1 so she said that I'll need to visit them once every few months to clear. Sigh. At least she helped to clear as much as possible and she also taught hubby how to massage for me. Only paid $50+, very cheap considering the amount of time she spent on me.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

BF journey begins again...

Latched on Raelynn in the hospital but didn't pump. Only colostrum anyway. Yesterday tried pumping cos Raelynn was sleepy and only got a few drops of colostrum which I gave to RaeAnne. Today, tried pumping after latching and got 15ml of EBM. Pumped again after 7pm feed (Raelynn only took from left side) and got another 15ml of EBM.

But my breasts still feel swollen and heavy after pumping and some part of the areola feel lumpy and painful when I press. Tried to hand express and press on painful parts but still painful for some parts. Worried that it may be the start of blocked ducts so tried calling TMC's hotline. First it rings then was cut off. Then I tried calling twice thereafter and the HP was switched off. Some hotline. Bleah! :/

So sian and scared of seeing history repeating itself with blocked ducts and mastitis. The pain and costs really puts me off BF sometimes. Sigh.

Finally home... :)

Finally back to home sweet home around 2pm this afternoon. :) Discharged a bit late cos Raelynn was crying when we left so had to BF her in the room first while Daddy went to get the car. He had to rush off to pick up the Leapfrog fridge magnet that i bought from WTS thread at Tampines MRT after that. Was so tired that I knocked out with sleeping Raelynn but hubby came back soon after with lunch and my mum came to visit so no chance to sleep.

CL came at 4pm but there was no food in the fridge due to a miscommunication. So hubby followed my mum back to get some meat, fish etc. Raelynn slept from 2pm to 5pm. So only BF her at 5pm but she was still sleepy and only pooed once at 7am so a bit worried.

CL started cooking dinner for everyone at 5pm while Hubby went over to ILs place to get RaeAnne and Filamie. RaeAnne was so excited to be home and to see Mei Mei. MIL came over too. Let RaeAnne sayang Mei Mei's head a few times and she was very gentle. Hubby fed RaeAnne whom ate 1 small bowl of rice with ingredients. Good gal! :)

Tried to BF Raelynn again at 8pm but she didn't drink a lot. Tried to pump after that but only very little colostrum. Not enough to store or give to Raelynn so gave it to RaeAnne instead. Luckily she drank it.

We had to move her cot bed to the other side of the room so that Mei Mei's cot can be next to CL. She walked around her room so many times but refused to sleep. Pooed twice instead. End up hubby brought her to Cheers to buy bread and she knocked out after she came back at 11pm. :P

Tried to BF again at 1130pm, massaged and squeeze out before. Can see some transitional milk on right breast. Looks like diluted BM. This time, she drank more and can hear her swallowing.

CL said feed her a bit of red date water can help get rid of jaundice. She did not pee or poo since she came home so agree to give some though I'm not sure if red date tea is different from glucose water that TMC has given. Hope it's ok. :P

A bit of mixed feelings and nostalgia cos lot of adjustments for the first day. Wondering how we'll cope in future or is it my hormone acting up? :P

Oh ya, was reading a brochure on Fri and decided to go with Hua Xia to get Raelynn's chinese name since we already have the first 2 characters. Got the names this morning, end up both Qi xin and Qi en cannot be used. Will deliberate and confirm one over the the weekend.

They gave us 旗耘,旗容,旗庭,旗珍,旗玲. So far, the strongest vote is for 旗庭 cos we like the short form of tingting and not as common as the rest. Dialect name of Raelynn Teo Kay Tin sounds quite nice too.Then can register Raelynn's name on Monday when we go back for gynae and PD review. :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

1 more night...

Raelynn's jaundice was 9.3 at today's 9am blood test, above 11 must stay for phototherapy. Decided to stay 1 more day so that she can have phototherapy here, then jaundice can come down faster. Hubby went back in late afternoon though cos MIL got wedding dinner tonight so can't look after RaeAnne.

Called for LC again this morning cos left side (4-5 o clock) painful with slight lump when I BF Raelynn at 330am but overall breast still soft. LC came and said it's congested. Told me must continue to wear nursing bra high to lift my boobs and massage more. Then she told my hubby when he met her outside that she thinks I lack confidence cos of my mastitis history. Ask me to attend parentcraft session again.

Duh... Got pain of course ask to see LC while I'm still warded lar. Wait until discharged meh? (was supposed to be discharged today initially mah). Somemore half hr of TMC LC consultation will be $55 leh. :P She did say my colostrum supply is 'raining' and thick, good for bb though. I do find my boobs getting heavier too. :)

Just now after I finished feeding my gal at 640pm. The nursery staff pushed back to me at 720pm and said she has been crying from the minute I push back until then. Fed her from 720pm to 810pm but she's so sleepy. Sucking but not always strong sucks. Push back to nursery staff and they asked if I want to feed glucose water cos baby keep crying and they are afraid she'll be dehydrated. Bo bian, ask them to feed if interval is less than 1 hr lor. :P

Just finished BF Raelynn at 11.30pm. She's still very sleepy but I used hot towel to massage and stimulate flow just now. Hope she managed to drink more. If not, will have to let the nurses feed her glucose water cos phototherapy is very dehydrating and she needs more fluids. Next BF time will be 3am. Just ate biscuits, going to sleep soon or I won't even get 3 hrs of sleep. :P

Thursday, December 3, 2009

More pixs on Raelynn

After a long detailed birth story account. Will just let the photos do the talking this time. :)

At the delivery suite

Both eyes wide open this morning :)

Double eyelids? But alas, they disappeared once she opened her eyes fully. Hidden double eyelids? ;P

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Raelynn is born!!! :)

My Birth story :)
530am - RaeAnne woke us up with her crying. Put her on our bed, gave her water and she fell asleep again feeling my tummy but woke up shortly after.
600am - Buay tahan cos difficult for me to lie on my right cos she's lying on my right side and insist on feeling my exposed tummy. Asked hubby to make milk for her cos she might be hungry. She finally knocked out after her milk feed.
630am - Tried to go back to sleep but started having cramps that extended to my back. Similar to the false alarm on 1 Dec early morning where the pain lasted for 1 hr plus then disappeared.:P
700 - 800am - Started timing the contractions and they seem to start from 20min aparts to 10-15 mins apart.
800am - Told hubby to get ready then wake up RaeAnne and bring her to ILs place cos this may be it. Hubby didn't ask maid to go over with him cos he said he wanted her to help carry things to the car.
800 - 830am - Contractions started to drag in duration. Instead of every 10 mins, seemed to go back to 15-20 mins. Stomachache and want to poo too. Wondered if it's a false alarm so called the clinic. They said to go down for a check.
830 - 845am - Had shower, washed hair twice and
850am - Got maid to walk over to Ils place with her barang barang.
850am - 910am - Took 1 bottle of chicken essence and a muffin for breakfast. Told hubby rather go later then get caught in morning rush hour traffic at Thomson. :P
915am - Finally left the house, had to walk very slowly as contractions was almost every 5 mins.
940am - Finally reached ACJ clinic but was told to go to toilet first before getting strapped to CTG machine cos once strapped, cannot move for 20 mins.
945 - 955am - Waited long time to go toilet cos long queue. Scared a few patients with my moaning while waiting I think. :P
10am - 1045am - Strapped to CTG machine, contractions confirmed every 5 mins and intensity started from 40+ to 80+. Waited impatiently for Dr Wong to assess me cos I was having a lot of pain every 5 mins and getting no pain relief at all! :( Started to think that I'll definitely take epi after all. The pain is unbearable.
1050am - Dr Wong finally came in between patients. I was already 4cm dilated. She said I'll definitely give birth today and it'll take another 6 hours before I'll be ready for delivery. 6 more hours of pain and she said the intensity will reach 160+, double what I'm experiencing. Decided on epi cos I don't think I can't bear it.
11am - Transferred to Delivery suite on wheelchair by the clinic staff. Felt a bit paiseh by the curious looks by the clinic patients but was in too much pain to care about image liao.
11am - 1130am - Given fleet to help poo out but the pain was so intense that I didn't manage to wait long enough for the fleet to soften the stools.
Was in so much pain in the toilet due to contraction pains while hubby went to do admission procedures.
1130am - 1145am - He was given a queue number and they don't have single bed wards. He told them will upgrade to Single premier for 1 night then. ($158 more per night)
1145am - 1220am - Continued to pester the nurse for the anaesthesist. Was told it's peak hour due to lunch time cos a lot of procedures going on. Pain was so bad that i was trembling at each contraction. Sigh.
1230am - Dr Lim (anaesthesist, my first saviour) finally came to the rescue. Had to try very hard to hold myself still for him to administer the epi cos I was shaking so bad and BP was also high by then. The nurse and Dr Lim asked me why I didn't come to the hospital earlier. Told them I was here since 9+am. :P
1230 - 1250pm - Waited for epi to take effect. Pain was still as bad. Told him about my bad experience at KK for the patient controlled device for epi and he said he will make it as pain free for me as possible.
1250pm - 2pm - Pain was finally over and I could joke with Dr Lim who came back to see if I needed any top ups.
2pm - Needed a top up cos pain was bad. Dr Wong came finally and checked, I was already 8cm dilated. Dr Lim topped up by another 10ml but it takes time for the extra epi to work and pain intensity upped again while waiting.
2pm - 225pm - Dr Lim was nice and allowed the nurse to add another 10ml again. Finally could talk instead of moaning again. A nurse came to check, I was close to 10cm dilated. Was finally moved to Labour Ward.
230pm - Dr Wong came to check again. She said I'm already 10cm but baby's head is still high. Pain was unbearable again. Dr Lim upped my epi again. Dr Wong told me that if the epi is working. We will wait until 330pm before starting to push since I had to push 2 hrs for RaeAnne and that led to a slow post delivery recovery. Negotiated for her to make it 315pm so that I won't be left stranded again cos it takes a long time for her to come back.
245pm - 3pm - Extra doses of epi finally kicked in, no more pain though I was much number including my hands. But I had no pain and kept wanting to fall asleep.
3pm - Dr Lim came to check on me one last time and told me that he's going home to walk the dog and if I need any top ups. But also warned me that too much top up may cause me to be breathless. Decided to take the chance since only 15 more mins to tahan till pushing time so told him no need any top up.
3 - 315pm - There was an irritating alarm that keeps sounding. Stopping me from napping. Called the nurse, she came in and explained that it's the baby warmer giving the alarm. Got her to check before she left the room and she said bb's head is low enough. Asked me if I can feel pressure below. I said got a bit cos I'm quite numb already. She said I can try pushing if I want to.
315pm - 330pm - She set up the stirrups and I started pushing with hubby supporting my neck, timing it with the contractions. Didn't feel much pain and my hands were numb. Did about 3-4 rounds of pushing.
330 - 340pm - Clarified with nurse then realised I was supposed to hold my tummy in then push with all my might. Started to push better after that though my blocked nose was a hindrance when I'm supposed to be taking deep breaths. Did another 3 rounds of pushing (3 deep breathes each time)
340pm - She said I was pushing well so took a break while she called Dr Wong to come and break the water bag and continue. She said bb's head lower already ie. can see her hair when I was pushing. I'm surprised that at 10cm dilated, waterbag still did not burst. Whereas for RaeAnne, it broke even when I was only 2cm dilated.
340pm - 350pm - Dr Wong broke my water bag, no pain cos got epi. She was reassuring and we continued the pushing.
351pm - Just another 3-4 pushes and baby was out at 1551hr. I was surprised that she came out so fast. Dr Wong had to call me twice before I realised she was asking me to see the baby's face as she came out. Definitely more pain free and less pushing compared to RaeAnne. :)
351pm - 400pm - Dr Wong placed Raelynn on my chest while she got hubby to cut the umblical cord. Then, she continued to stitch me up while Raelynn was put on the warmer.
4pm - They brought Raelynn out to weigh and measure her. She was 3.355kg, 100g more than Cheh cheh. HC 34cm and length 49cm - same as Cheh Cheh.
415pm - Hubby got a call then there's a single bed now available at level 6, rm617. So he decided to take it. Took a family photo with Raelynn then let her latch on for 5mins. But was so groggy and sleepy liao, all energy spent.
4+pm - Had to transfer then hubby and nurse pushed up my bed to rm617 with Raelynn.