The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

New words - Star & More

Trying to teach Filamie how to cook but it's not easy cos I'm not a good cook. Eg. I can't really fry rice. This afternoon, FIL going to fry rice cos yesterday left a lot of rice. Want to keep her there to learn, but he also not willing. With my big tummy and no car, I can't be dropping RaeAnne off at ILs place and sending my maid somewhere else to learn cooking right? But as long as the maid is not independent (can't cook without supervision, can't feed RaeAnne alone), I can't bring RaeAnne back home after playgroup cos I can't manage cooking for RaeAnne, feeding her, bathing her and still have time to cook my own lunch and eat lunch mah. Vicious cycle.

Today, my friend who was in the east wanted to meet me for a belated birthday treat also cannot go out to enjoy. End up he tapow chicken rice for me. All 3 of us ended going to NTUC together so I bought cucumbers and ask Filamie to stir fry cucumber with dried shrimps. Tastes not bad but if cooking for RaeAnne will try frying without oyster sauce so that less seasoning.

Went over to ILs late this evening since hubby will be late and ILs seemed to find it inconvenient to have Filamie at their house anyway. RaeAnne had a cute princessbowbow clip which I bought long ago before she was born. It was clipped in the middle part of her fringe and she wore it the whole way until before her bath when MIL took it off. MIL said RaeAnne asked her to clip on for her then she immediately went to look in the mirror and was happy.

Hehe, is my girl finally displaying some 'gu niang' traits? Her new crocs shoes finally arrived by post today and she immediately wanted to put it on. MIL said must wash first so I told RaeAnne that I'll do it later. She actually put her arms on my shoulder and insisted that I go wash now. :)

When we came back home, she glimpsed upon her Gerber sweet potato star snacks on the kitchen counter and told me 'star' 'star'. I told her you already had 'stars' for snack at school today and you are going to drink milk soon, cannot eat star. Then she said 'more' 'more' 'more'. Haha, I was so pleasantly surprised by the new words that I gave her 2 stars lor. Wondering if she learnt to say 'more' from playgroup. Nowadays, always have no chance to get updates from the teacher on how she's doing in class and what she's learning cos when I pick her up close to 11am, the 11am kids are already waiting to go into the classroom so the teachers are busy. :P

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