The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008


ILs went to Malaysia for QingMing today so we had to take care of baby ourselves last night. She refused to sleep, cry and cry, only slept at 2:30am!?! Then woke up at 5:10am for milk. Close to 7am, she wake up again but I was too tired to latch on, ask hubby to feed EBM. End up he pat her back to sleep and drag until 9am before feeding her. Hubby bathed her today, but first time sure kalang kabok, forgot to wash her neck and ears before putting her into the baby tub.

Finally brought RaeAnne for her vaccination jabs today after her ear infection cleared. $115 for 6-in-1, decided to also give rotarix $90. She screamed when given the med and jab but stopped shortly after that. Told PD she's a screamer, PD said it's part of her personality in future. Choy! Touch wood. ;P

Went to the Tampines round market to tapow lunch after that. Had fried fish lor mee which was quite good, hubby had nasi lemak. FIL bought the famous nasi lemak for our dinner from Changi Village on their way back so poor hubby had nasi lemak for lunch and dinner. Hee.

ILs came back at 9+pm to take over, Phew! Baby learnt a new word these 2 days "guay guay", ILs laughed so loudly in BB's room when they heard it. Me and hubby haven't heard it though, so "shi bai". :P

Baby having slight fever 38.1 at 11pm, side effect from vaccination. Luckily I bought the ear thermometer earlier. Above 37.8 means fever so had to give her the paractemol syrup, she doesn't like it, keep crying when hubby force feed her. :P

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ear infection no more

Brought RaeAnne to KK today for follow up at ENT clinic. Yeah, A/Prof Henry Tan said her ear infection has cleared. 6 weeks later, need to do a hearing test just to be safe though. Sigh, by then I'll be back to work, don't know if I can accompany her unless I take leave. :P

RaeAnne was quite guai at KK today, much better than last Wed when she was tearing the clinic down with her screams and cries. Maybe because I psycho her the day before, told her not to scream like last time, if not, Mummy must find paper bag to put over my head before going out. hee. ;)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

RaeAnne is 2 months old! :)

Time passes so quickly, RaeAnne is 2 months old today. Another 4 more weeks, I've got to go back to work. :P Her limited vocabulary as of today includes 'A', 'Ah', 'Owl', 'Howl' and 'Ah Goo'. Poor gal has fussing a lot lately probably due to the side effect of the oral antibiotics for her ear infection which is diarrhoea. But at least she smiles when we sing and talk to her. :)

After seeing KK LC Yen Ping on Wed, she ask me to pump/feed every 3 hours because sleeping through the night without pumping/feeding is the reason why I have lumps and blocked milk ducts. Bo bian got to do it but very difficult to keep to the 9am, 12noon, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm, 12am, 3am, 6am, 9am schedule especially those at night. Set alarm all the time, but end up oversleeping. :P

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ear infection

Brought BB to see GP this morning cos both PDs are closed. He wrote a referral letter and advised to go to KK 24hr clinic cos her ear infection already 2 weeks liao. While at the GP clinic, the clinic assistant called her "Rani" and I didn't respond cos don't know who she was calling. Paiseh to correct the clinic assistant but think I must do it or else my gal end up with Indian name liao. :P

A&E dr gave a stronger antibiotic and asked us to keep to her ENT appt this Wed. Heng, no need to admit and dr doesn't seem concerned but hope she recovers soon. Weiged her at KK, she is 5.1kg today, hope she can reach 5.2kg by Tues cos she'll be exactly 8 weeks by then. :)

Tried the FP playgym, she can't reach the ball and the toys. Sigh, looks like got to wait till she's bigger before she can play with it. The cot mobile I bought from KP is sonic controlled (voice activated) but when she started crying, it didn't activate. By the time, she started screaming, it was too late. :/

Want to get some nappy liners cos BB keep pooing a bit a bit, very heart pain to keep throwing away diapers like that.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pet Pet

Just went to buy a Fisher Price playgym for my BB, it was on my wishlist but no one bought it. Sometimes, she wants to play, see her kicking and flailing her arms but we don't have any toys for her, quite poor thing. Very ex $89.90, cos no discount, really regret not buying from Isetan Private sale but I really got no hands to carry then.

Bought Pet Pet S size for $8.10 and the Pet Pet M size for $13.95. Pet Pet is one of the cheapest diapers so far. Good for my BB who likes to poo those 50 cents coin poo then cry when we don't change her. At least use Pet Pet, keep throwing away, not as heart pain. :P

BB's ear infection still not ok after seeing dr and taken 1 week of antibotics, altogether already 2 weeks liao. Want to bring her to see PD but the usual one is closed, GP also closed already. Sigh, got to try calling the other PD clinic to see if they are open tonight. :/

Friday, March 14, 2008

BB & sleeping

My ILs always carry and pat BB to sleep cos they can't bear to hear her cry and my BB is the scream until no voice type so the old folks including my mum all very scared of her. My Cl came to visit today with her eldest son from Malaysia. Today MIL complains that she always "shui4 bu4 shou2", CL suggested introducing sarong so that she can sleep better. MIL very keen on the idea, keep asking me to borrow the sarong from my siao yee house.

But I really don't want her to be dependent on sarong plus I think that most of the time when she cries it's because of wet diaper or want to feed but they always assume that she wants to sleep and will carry/pat her to sleep. I feel that they are creating a problem and coming up with a solution that will be another problem. But bo bian, when I go back to work, I suspect they will insist on sarong cos hubby also not insistent on such things unlike me. :P

Today, I fed my BB at 4pm, let her sleep on her tummy when she finished at 5pm and she slept until 6pm when her diaper was wet. MIL said she is surprised she can sleep so long on my bed, took the chance to tell her that most of the time, as long as BB is fed and clean, she will sleep without fussing. Just now, after changing and feeding her again at 6:40pm, she slept at 7:30pm and still sleeping now. :)

Jan MTB Ikea Gathering :)

Went to Isetan private sale, queue super long, the stuff I bought so heavy, carry like siao cos hubby didn't go with me. He fetched me there but went back to help MIL look after BB. Would have bought more eg. BB play gym, BB toys if I have stronger arm muscles. Anyway, bought the following:
Allerhand Black tote bag ($69.80)
Pigeon bottle cleanser refill (2 for $17.50)
Avent Teat travel pack ($10.10 less 30%)
iPlay baby bib ($13.15 less 20%)
2 sets Pigeon M teats ($6 less 20%)
1 set Pigeon S teat ($6 less 20%)
1 Pigeon Y teat ($3.40)
Endo Thermal lunch set ($19.90 less 10%)
Tiger thermal flask & lunch set ($55)

Especially like the Diaper bag I bought. Light and handy with many compartments including diaper changing mat. :)

After that, went home to pump then pick up BB from ILs place and rushed for the Jan MTB ikea gathering. 7 mummies were here today, including Babe who asked me to help her get some stuff from Isetan Private Sale. I was the last to arrive. :P I got some Pet Pet S diapers to try from Kelly. BB poo poo at Ikea, had to change her diaper at the Baby care room. Kalang kapok cos hubby couldn't follow me as another mummy was BF inside. :P

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stand up for Singapore

Don't know why RaeAnne keep farting and pooing bit by bit these few days. The Pampers Baby Dry I bought only has 46 pieces and I've already finished half a pack. Need to stock up on diapers again soon. :P

Just now, BB cranky, feed at 6:45pm, 9:30pm & 11:30pm, not her usual 3 hr interval. :/ On a happier note, think RaeAnne can stand with support liao, just now when fighting with her during feeding time, she stood on her feet on my lap when I held her arms and refused to sit down so that I can latch her on. This gal got a mind of her own man. :P

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blocked ducts

Called KK's Lactation Consultant, Yen Peng again today. Think I still have blocked ducts on the left side, the lump is not as big but think there may be a new lump now. Hope she's free to see me tomorrow cos I don't know how to feel for such things. :P Going to Isetan Private Sale on Thurs, hope there are good buys for myself and BB. :)

Fed BB at 6:45pm today, went to shower at 8+. Tried massaging to clear the lump and blocked ducts, quite a bit of milk spurted out while doing it. But RaeAnne started crying for milk again at 9:15pm. Scared not enough milk for her plus she needs to take her antibiotic so asked MIL to prepare a bit of EBM while I latch on. After latching on, about 10:15pm, MIL tried feeding the 40ml of EBM to RaeAnne but she refused and cried. Changed her diaper (it was a bit stained) and she tried again but she still refused. MIL said maybe it's because of the taste cos this time, we mix the 2ml of antibiotic in just 40ml of EBM so the "mang guo xian nai" flavour may be too strong. Sigh, already 11:15pm now, heated EBM cannot be kept for more than 1 hour. Heard MIL washing bottle just now, think she already throw away the milk and the medicine but don't have the heart to tell me. All my liquid gold down the drain. Sigh sigh. :(

Monday, March 10, 2008

RaeAnne's Many Firsts

RaeAnne went to stay over at Nai Nai home yesterday. Hubby's idea to get BB used to MIL's house cos MIL will be looking after her after I go back to work. Went with hubby to Century Sq's Sakae Sushi, had 3 plates of sashimi. Bumped into one of the Feb MTBs. Ran out of cotton balls & booties so had to rush to KP to buy. Bought a moulded nursing bra from Spring Maternity cos my cheapo nursing bras very lousy cutting, more for home use only.

RaeAnne's ear infection still not ok, saw PD at KK on Wed, given antibiotics and saline solution to clean the outside of her ear. The discharge is yellow and smelly. :P

Went to visit BB at MIL's place and came back past midnight, BB very happy there, never miss Mummy at all though I miss her. Don't know whether to be happy or sad. House so quiet now. Hubby took a nice photo of RaeAnne yesterday morning. Makes me want to smile. The mummies from the motherhood forum said she looks chubby but I think it's the angle cos she was grinning.

Today, it's our first night of looking after BB on our own, want to give MIL a break. She's tired and not keen to come over to our place and I'm not keen to leave BB there again. Don't know why but she's hungrier today, feed at 8pm, 10pm cry for milk liao. Latch on 1 side at 10pm, latch the other side at 11pm. Cried for milk again at 12+am after I finish feeding. Scared no more milk liao. So, took out and heat up 20ml of EBM for her but now she's sleeping, waste my milk. :/ Keep farting and got a bit of poo only keep crying so wasted 3 pieces of diapers in 1 hour. :/

Friday, March 7, 2008

CL went home

Been too busy to post since CL went back last Sunday, 2 Mar, afternoon. Brought BB to see PD (the nurse had to insert babylac to let her poo poo, got 2 diapers full of poo), then brought CL to soup restaurant on Sat before she left.

MIL started coming on Sunday night to help look after BB, then she goes back in the evening when hb is back, then comes back at night. She fell sick on Tues afternoon, worried that we got to look after BB alone for the first time but she came back on Tues night cos she 'bu fang xin'. Initially, she's a bit blur about using the steriliser, thawing the EBM and preparing ahead for BB's feeds but she's getting better after a few hints. And she's good with carrying BB and bathing her which I suck. :P

Very upset with my extended family. One cousin who only saw me 2 times since I gave birth spreading rumours that I'm depressed. Oh my god, wonder why she wake up one day and decided that I'm depressed. Why? Because I never smile at her is it? That's because I don't like her because she is loud, rude, self centred, and the way she exaggerates and create untrue rumours which my gullible auntys will just lap it up, NOT because I'm depressed, ok?

Another aunty go and tell other aunties that I ignore my baby and put her on the bed when she cry. Super fed up. Come and visit, never bother to call me and find out if it's convenient, just drop in. Somemore, bring a sick toddler to my house when they know I have a baby with low immune system. Carry my baby, she cry but don't know how to pacify her. Hear her scream, only know how to panic. Insist on their own method when they don't know my BB's pattern. If you so smart then make her stop crying yourself lar then I 'pei fu ni'. When I try my own method to pacify her, they see one thing, jump to the wrong conclusion and start talking behind my back as if I'm a bad mummy. So fed up with them, why so free to gossip and spread rumours. :/