The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy 44th National Day & Fireworks!

This year's National Day is on a Sunday so tomorrow hubby is off. Yeah! We brought RaeAnne to Nihon Mura near Tampines Swimming pool for lunch today cos she's not keen on the porridge that we fed her yesterday. :P Brought Filamie along too and turns out she likes wasabi and pickled ginger a lot. RaeAnne loves the corn mayo sushi, we picked out the corn to go with her rice together with chawanmushi, potato salad and yabi miso soup. She took more corn than anything else. Pass to Filamie to feed her when she is almost done but Filamie still can't handle her. She cries so hard even when Filamie bring her to see the swimming pool. Came back, shower then hubby pushed her downstairs in the pram. Finally fell asleep at 2.15pm.

I taught Filamie to iron the clothes cos that's one of the quiestest tasks I can think of so that she won't disturb RaeAnne. After that, wash the toilet and we can go off to Waipo place. Last week, RaeAnne thrilled my mum so much cos she finally started calling Um..... Mah.... (Ah Mah). Since it's a long weekend, maybe we can go to Waipo house earlier. :)

We went up to the 16th floor at Waipo house to see the fireworks. Luckily, Xiaoyun, our mummy friend from Feb08 thread told us we can see fireworks from there. Went up at 820pm and we were just in time to catch it. The fireworks were small and short of course cos we can only see the high firing ones. Saw XY's family and she helped us to take a family photo. It can't be compared to the times when me and hubby caught the fireworks once on a bumboat and another time at NDP2006 (the last time NDP was held at Kallang Stadium). When RaeAnne and Raelynn are bigger, we'll bring them to see the fireworks live. For now, it's good to see from afar. :)

RaeAnne is really learning to imitate sounds and talk. Today, she said wet, door, walk, bo bo (伯伯) and eyebrow (least accurate sounding). Of course, she said 'Ah Ma' many many times at 外婆's place to her delight. Oh ya, 外公 let her have her first taste of ice cream. He wanted to let her 偷吃,but 外公 being old with poor eyessight didn't bother to clean RaeAnne's mouth so I could see the chocolate chip ice creams stains all over her mouth so of course I found out. I only agreed to let her bite on the plain ice cream cone with no ice cream. :P

外婆 said let her eat a bit lar, don't everything restrict her. I told her she scared she don't have a chance to eat sweets and ice cream in future meh? Now that she's at playgroup, whenever there are any parties, there'll be sweets, marshmallows, jelly, chupa chups etc given to the kids. I'm only keeping her away from all these sugary, unhealthy stuff as long as I can. Once she's older, I can't even stop her even if I want to. :P

Oh ya, I threw some frozen fresh peas into her porridge yesterday cos we only had broccoli and they tend to turn yellow and gives out a strong smell/taste if cooked for long. Turns out that she loves peas, maybe it's because it's something new cos she didn't like pea puree when she was younger, that's why the pack of frozen peas were untouched for so long. Next time, I'll buy some corn kernels and put into her porridge too since she likes the corn mayo sushi so much today. :)

Duh, RaeAnne is getting quite good at fake crying to get what she wants too so it's hard for others to reject her. She always does the fake cry thing and want me to carry her. But sometimes, got no choice but to let her cry cos I don't want her to think that if she whines and cries, she'll win everytime. :P

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