The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

RaeAnne is 19 months today! :)

RaeAnne is 19 months today. She's 10.5kg and 81 cm tall. She started to prefer rice with dishes or porridge with dishes 2-3 weeks ago. Cannot mix everything together in porridge and feed her anymore. Her lower molars are partially erupted whereas her upper molars are just emerging. Her incisors are not out though, just starting to see the whites only. :P Motor skills - she can drink better from cup but will deliberately spill or spit out the water. She likes to use fork and spoon (19 month milestone) She loves washing her hands with soap (learnt from playgroup) and drying them on a towel (19 month advance skills). She can do winding movement with her hands (also learn from playgroup ;) She enjoys helping in the house (19 mth milestone) can kick a ball forward (22 month milestone).

Vocab skills - she's getting quite accurate at imitating sounds and can say Ma ma, ma me, da do or da da(Daddy), mei mei, nai nai, ye ye, grandma, black, bird, mao (猫), up, na (拿), boh (don't have), take, throw, bed, there, baby, bye bye, A, door, wet, ma (抹), 舅舅,家,伯伯, book, elmo, duck, walk, zou (走). I like 走 best cos she'll hold my hand and walk with me to show me what it is she wants. Bought her a set of Peter Rabbit books from The Book Depository today (present?) since there's free shipping and Mummy's a PR fan. Let's see when the books arrive. ;P

We brought her to Japanese Association of Singapore Summer Festival at Japanese School (Changi branch) in the evening because my cousin's kids and 2nd uncle's family had been going there every year. My cousin even especially bought a 'Gimbei' for RaeAnne when she went to Japan in August. RaeAnne was cranky at nap time today though. She knocked out fast enough around 2pm after drinking milk but woke up 3 times after just half an hour of continuous sleep. She was inconsolable, crying with her eyes closed, fussing until she woke herself up. Even touching my tummy didn't work so hubby had to put her back to sleep by carrying her to the living room. Everytime when I was about to fall asleep, she'll make noise so I ended up delaying my nap time and overslept till 515pm. So, end up we reached only at 6pm when we got to Japanese school, decided to take a cab so that it'll be faster then driving to expo then taking their shuttle bus (parking was not allowed at the school).

Some of us went to the swimming pool to feed the kids first whilst the rest went to buy food. Tried to take a group photo of the kids but it was difficult cos my cousin's kids were too engrossed in their barley water. By the time, they looked up, RaeAnne lost her smile and concentration. ;P

Luckily, RaeAnne ate the hastily prepared dinner that we brought along (steamed threadfin with chopped pumpkin, carrot slices & baby corn) together with rice (tried to steam it but it was taking up too much time so last minute dumped into rice cooker) Luckily made it in time. RaeAnne was very fascinated by the swimming pool and even walked towards it. Hubby pulled her back and she cried so I allowed her to touch the water and told her nobody's swimming, the pool is closed so cannot swim there. After we fed the kids, it was time for the adults to eat. Hubby and I had the sliced pork don and grilled fish bento respectively. There were hot dogs, BBQ Japanese rice cake, grilled chicken balls, konnyaku jelly too.

My cousin rushed off after dinner with her kids as she had a relative's birthday party to attend at Tampines. My cousin Catherine bought game tickets and gave us two so we tried our hand at the yo-yo game and ball game. Bought a face mask for RaeAnne too. She chose the Daisy duck versus the princess and gal gal designs. She refused to put it on though but kept saying 'duck' 'duck', she refused to take her eyes off her 'duck duck' even when Mummy wanted to take a photo. ;)

Overall, a successful trip and she looked so cute in the gimbei. Almost like a Japanese with her small eyes and long side bangs. If only, she had let me put on a hair clip and tie up her hair in a ponytail. Hope to bring her to the real thing at Japan one day with Mei Mei. hee hee. :)

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