The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

RaeAnne with ponytails

Today, finally managed to tie 2 pony tails for RaeAnne. Me and MIL've tried many times to tie up RaeAnne's hair but she always pull them down or keep moving her head when we try to tie her hair.

Recently, she's been more 'willing' to be our guinea pig. Allow us to put a hair clip on her hair before going to playgroup and she will not pull it down. Not sure if it's because she attends playgroup and see other 'cheh cheh' with pony tails or because the weather is so hot that I've been tying up my hair at ILs place, (intend to keep my hair long so that I can tie all of it during confinement). Shortly after the photo was taken, I wanted to retie her hair to make the right ponytail more obvious but she pulled both rubber bands down. Enough is enough, Mummy, she must be trying to tell me that. Hee. ;P

Here's another pix of her with her clippie at playgroup this morning. Too bad she was giving me such a sunny smile that I can't see her eyes. Also because of my HP camera flash. :P

RaeAnne is not with me most of the times while I'm training her to cook and do housechores. Even on weekends, my gal doesn't want her so she can't help with my gal. Still got to take care of her ourselves eg. bring her to toilet, change her clothes, diaper, feed her, bathe her, put her to sleep etc. My maid's so free that she goes around with a piece of rag trying to clean anything in my place. Even got time for afternoon coffee. :P Hubby said this morning, she's even trying to clean every single hole of the holely hook basket where I hang my clothes peg. Faint :P

Today I took cold med so slept in the afternoon. Demonstrated and showed her how to clean the windows before I went to sleep. When I woke up close to 4pm, she was in the kitchen writing in her notebook. She said she already cleaned the windows and she said she accidentally sprayed the window cleaner into her eyes. Ask me for eyemo. I told her I don't have (which is true). Ask her to use water to flush it out. She said she already did that. Her eyes were not red nor tearing when I saw her. Checked the windows, all had water marks on the glass cos of the rain and all the corners were dirty with dust. Obviously, she didn't clean properly. So I made her clean those parts again.

Then at night, hubby asked me to see GP again since my cough was still not ok and the cold and phelgm was making me lethargic. While we were sneaking out of ILs house, she asked hubby to buy eye mo when he was locking the gate. My goodness, more than 6 hours later, she still wants Eye Mo. And she 敢敢 ask hubby who don't know head or tail to buy eye mo for her. Checked 7-11 and the bottle of eye mo costs $4.90and once open can only last 1 month. Call Carine for advise and she said tell her if she wants to use her own money to buy. Hubby thinks her eyes got problem and spraying window cleaner is probably just an excuse. Anyway, he didn't buy it for her and she didn't ask. Checked with Carine again and she said she can come down on Monday night to 'counsel' her since she's back to work on Monday (her daughter kenna H1N1 so she couldn't come on Tues/Wed night as arranged previously. :P

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