The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Raelynn's 1st birthday :)

Finally finished celebrating Raelynn's birthday with the family and a few close friends. The balloon bouquet came first, followed by the caterer, then the photographer and finally the rotating musical cake. Finally to play a few party games and gave out the prizes.

Raelynn was grouchy and sleepy and had a nap right after the cake cutting at 12.20pm. She woke up at 1+pm much to the delight of my relatives who got to play with her. 11-2pm timing was much better but as usual some of my relatives left late at 3pm so RaeAnne only managed to nap amidst the noist inside her room after hubby and I tried 2 times to put her to sleep. Luckily she managed to catch some sleep till almost 5pm, or else she will be very very grouchy in the evening.

Ordered food from Liang Food Catering, most people said the food is good though hubby doesn't like the curry. This time round, there was a lot of extra food and my mum and relatives could tapow back. We had the extra food for dinner too but RaeAnne got sick of the food and refused to eat it. Can't blame her, it's quite tiring to see the same fried rice laden with veg gravy, chicken gravy, even though there's lot of her favourite fish balls. So, I whipped up some 'mee sua' soup for her with fishcake and spinach leaves and she ate a bit.

Thanks to a few forum friends, I finally managed to do a short 3.5min video clip on her milestones from 0-12 months. Hubby helped me by selecting the right piece of music, it was just in time for RL's party though I had to burn midnight oil from 1am to 4am. :P Cos I'm very new to the software and didn't have the software to edit music so had to make sure the duration of the photos/video clips fit the music and my laptop hung 3 times before I can save the project. Duh...

But in general, I'm still quite happy with it. :) Though after the last crash, I was unable to incorporate my last edit. And because the project was not saved (didn't know there is a difference between saving the video vs saving the project), I had to forego it or else I won't even get to sleep at 5am. This reminds me why I didn't want to go into video production after 2 years of specialisting in Electronic & Broadcast Media at NTU Comm studies. Very tedious to view video frame by frame, much easier to pay someone to do the job. But it is very touching if someone else does it for you as a gift/surprise lar. hehe. :P

Thursday, November 25, 2010

RaeAnne's playgroup photo :)

RaeAnne has a nice souvenir photo of her 1.5 years at the Learning Train playgroup as she started school on 3 Aug 2009. She has fun during this time and her teachers are very patient with her. Mid Dec, she will be going to a new school, Elfa CC. Hope she adjusts well there too. :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How our baby has grown.... :)

Finally did up the picasa collage for Mei Mei at night when hubby went with RaeAnne to NTUC to buy fish balls and fish cakes. Managed to 'force' her to wear the wig headband so that she has a nice last photo with hair. kekeke. :)

Poor hubby has been having recurring hives for the past week and he finally went down to get a jab at A&E at 11+pm last night. Poor daddy had to drive himself back close to 1am in a dizzy, groggy state. I didn't accompany him as he was worried that RaeAnnne will wake up while we were away (which she did). After the jab, he KO on and off for more than 15 hours as the effects of the adrenaline jab gradually wore off. Luckily, it was near to school holidays so he could call in sick today.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mei Mei's Birthday present

Asked MIL to pick RaeAnne up from PG cos I wanted to cut my hair before Mei Mei's party. Also, got the guys from Ikea to install RaeAnne's mirror. After we came back, we brought Mei Mei to Kiddy palace at 6pm to choose her present. It was rare for us to bring Mei Mei cos she usually wants to sleep after dinner and the maid needs to wash dishes and clean up so we don't have the extra pair of hands to help look after Mei Mei. It was nice to see her tottering about and see how she took down the little Chuggington trains one by one and then pass them to me one by one. Showed her both a mini ride-on by Fisher Price and a Megablocks motorised train but she loves the ride on. She kept holding the handles and tried to climb on and ride it herself. So in the end, we decided to get it though the stickers were a bit worn on the only pink/purple ride-on left. Had to wrap it ourselves cos KP didn't have XL plastic wrappers anymore. Kept it in the storeroom so that RaeAnne will not try to 'take over' Mei Mei's present. :P

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Raelynn's Chinese Lunar Birthday today...

But Mummy just found out 5 mins ago after downloading the chinese lunar app on iphone to find out when is her chinese lunar birthday. And I was quite surprised that today is already 十月十六。Because last year 十月十六 is 2 Dec 09 (her birthday) and today is just 21 Nov, 3 weeks earlier than last year. Maybe it's because this year there is no 闰月。The grandmothers are usually better with the lunar dates and will be the ones to remind me (at least for RaeAnne's lunar birthday) but both of them forgot even though we visited ILs in the morning and my mum in the evening. :P

But it's ok, better late than never cos it's not over midnight yet. Plus I bought a pair of pediped shoes from OG today for $29.90 in size 12-18mths. Just nice, can take it as her lunar birthday present since it's traditional to give a 1 year old a pair of shoes. The nice sales staff reserved it for me when stocks arrived. Raelynn can walk very fast with it, compared to the other shoes I bought. Must be because of the soft leather soles, 不愧是名牌货. Usual retail prize is $49.90 so I'm very happy to get it for a steal. Hee. ;)

And it fits Mei Mei's chubby feet way better than the shoo shoo soles which I bought for RaeAnne long time ago. That one didn't come cheap too but even RA's skinny feet couldn't squeeze into that pair of flat front shoes.

农历生日快乐, Mei Mei! :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Shh shh....

Filamie got so motivated after Raelynn's pot of gold yesterday that she tried to put Mei Mei on the potty to shh shh as well. She succeeded in the morning cos Mei Mei peed in it. Clever gal. :)

But when she tried again in the afternoon, Mei Mei did not pee. Not sure whether she just peed or because she doesn't understand yet. Anyway, at least my nagging have produced results cos I told her must put RL on the potty since she can sit already. If not, end up like RaeAnne, every other night still wetting the bed, isn't it worse? She will always tell me she tried to put Mei Mei on potty but Mei Mei doesn't want. When I asked her again today, she said Mei Mei knows how to do it liao. Morale of the story - keep trying. hahaha.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Raelynn's first poo in potty (Warning! Graphic photo at the end)

Hehe, after BF Raelynn in the morning, she started making gek sai sounds. Passed to the maid but nothing in the diaper. Maid put her on the potty cos I've been nagging for a while that it's time to put her on potty since she can sit well and walk well. Then she made her first poo in potty. Both the maid and I were so excited that RL got very happy as well. Clever gal! :) Hope she'll be toilet trained earlier than Cheh Cheh then we can save on diapers. hee.

T3 gathering on Hari Raya Haji

Brought the 2 gals to a small Feb08 gathering at T3. Thought it was an April fool's joke cos the table set for 10 pax was still empty except for us at 11am though we were supposed to meet at 1030am. Turned out the venue has been changed from TCC to Coffee Club and of all days, I forgot to bring HP so did not receive the sms on the change. :P

Anyway, we fed Mei Mei porridge at Coffee club cos RaeAnne has already eaten at TCC. Caught a naughty pic of Mei Mei which I like very much. Cos it reminded me of RaeAnne who had a similar expression when we went for her first professional photo shoot at 9months old in Sept 08. Don't they look similar? :)

It was very nice to sit and chitchat with the mummies while the kids walk, run and play at the big carpeted area besides the cafe. But at the gathering, RaeAnne refused to to look at the camera when Belina's hubby was taking the group photo.

I asked her when we came home why she insisted on not looking at the camera. Guess what she said, 'Only Mummy can take my photo. Other people cannot take my photo.' Hee, touched by her sense of 'loyalty'. But she doesn't realise that Mummy is very happy for other people to take her photo cos I'm a lousy photographer with a lousy camera. :P

Monday, November 15, 2010

Raelynn's Wishlist

Been beowing toys for Raelynn's 1st birthday present. Didn't want to buy clothes cos the wardrobe is bursting. Plus Cheh Cheh's toys are either spoilt by her, or she is unwilling to share toys with Mei Mei so Mei Mei needs a few of her own toys. Haven't bought any yet in case she receives them for her birthday party on 27 Nov. ;)
1) Playskool Zoomimals - Farm (4 animals)
2) Megablok Motorised Train set
3) Megablok Activity Table
4) Fisherprice Barnyard Cow Xylophone


My darling RaeAnne said that to me when I was walking across the living room to take a shower at my mum's place. She was trying to paint my mum's white wall with a toy paint roller. How could I say no to a question asked so sweetly right? So yes, I looked at her and taught her a few paint techniques. kekeke.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fooling around at NTUC

Took some random pics of the gals at NTUC taken on Mon using my iphone after we brought the maid to Tampines interchange so that she can transfer $ home. :)

RaeAnne woke up so many times tonight since she slept at 10pm. Hubby has been so busy looking after her cos she's a Daddy gal these few nights. Want Daddy, don't want Mummy. Poor hubby is not even back in the room yet, looks like he's going to be camping over at her room tonight.

Too tired to blog so will just post the pics. :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

RaeAnne's new school - Elfa

Finally going to pay registration, deposit and collect uniform at Elfa today. Went down yesterday and they actually gave up my waitlist due to a miscommunication. Cos they called me in Sept and said got place on 1 Oct and asked me if I wanted to start RaeAnne but I debated and think it's too early cos RaeAnne's friends are still at The Learning Train playgroup. No point switching her yet. But the staff I spoke to said I'm still on waitlist for Jan11.

But end up they thought I didn't want anymore and gave up my queue no. But luckily the Principal remembers me cos I went down a few times to visit the centre. So, she gave me a place. But got to start her in mid Dec cos the principal said too many kids starting in Jan. Got to pay $1003 in cash or cheque today. Heart pain. But they are full, both my hubby's colleague and my friend's sister cannot get a place for their kids so I don't dare to procrastinate. Quickly pay and confirm liao. :P

Had to call in the plumber today cos the common bathroom showerhead is dripping, my MBR shower area is choked and the Ariston storage Heater has brown water staining the pipes. Only moved in for 5 years and things are all breaking down after their warranty period. In the end, got to pay $700 for all the plumbing work. Spent $1700+ in a single day. Heart pain. Must really go and find work next year to earn extra $ for the gals' enrichment lessons and CC fees. But just found out that $300 subsidy only applies to full day CC. If I want to continue putting RaeAnne in half day CC, it'll still be $470 for FTWM. Duh... :P

Brought RaeAnne to Elfa to collect new uniforms in the afternoon after she woke up from her nap at 245pm. She was quite curious about her new surroundings especially the music room, the roleplay area and the indoor playground. I tried to explain to her that she will go to Three Little Pigs (Pre nursery 1) classroom for 2 weeks in mid Dec then switch to Little Red Riding Hood (Pre nursery 2) in Jan11. Hope she adjusts well to the change.

RaeAnne knocked out at 955pm cos she woke up so early from her nap. :P Keep fingers crossed that she will sleep through.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A drama night...

My mum's birthday is on 9 Nov and my dad's lunar birthday is 1 week after hers. We had our usual small family dinner at Chin Lee Teochew Restaurant at Bedok North Road. Last year, when we went, there was only RaeAnne as I was heavily preggie with Raelynn then. :) Today, bought a tiny cake so that the gals can cut cake with Ah Gong and Ah Ma. Ah Ma doesn't like cream cakes nor the smell/taste of butter so I got a chocolate truffle cake instead. Gave RaeAnne a tiny slice (1cm thick) cos she was so excited about it.

But when she came home, she had milk, nearly finished it, then peed on her bed (we forgot to ask her if she wanted to pee after she came home). Then hubby gave her a small banana, she nearly finished it when she suddenly threw out everything, cake, milk and banana. Not sure if it's because she overate or is she falling sick? While we are all busy cleaning up RaeAnne, hubby was instructing the maid how to clean off the vomit the floor with newspaper, I brought her to the toilet to rinse her mouth, and then she peed again in her panties so I had to wash her bottom and change her again.

When we finally settled with RaeAnne, I went back to the bumper mat and found out to my great horror, that the bumper mat littered with dessicant silica gel beads. Raelynn had bitten and torn the packet of silica gel from the pair of new shoes I was trying on for her (before I got distracted by RaeAnne). Hubby quickly grabbed her and tried to sweep her mouth for the beads then the maid also tried to use a wet towel to clean away. I used the dustpan to sweep away the remaining beads while RaeAnne started to 'scold' Mei Mei for eating the 'small balls'.

Feel so guilty that I left Mei Mei alone and went to attend to RaeAnne. Luckily, she was ok after crying for a while when hubby grabbed her. Hubby goggled and swallowing a few silica gel beads causes dryness in mouth or at most a tummy upset cos it's a dessicant. Hopefully, we stopped her in time from swallowing any or many beads. If it's anything bigger or poisonous that she swallowed, she may have choked then we'll have to rush her to A&E or do the hemlich manoveure. Though there are 3 adults in the house, still feel short handed sometimes esp when there are 突发状况.

Sigh, what a drama night. Needless to say, both gals slept late. I had to latch RL for the second time while hubby sat by RaeAnne's bed until 1140pm. She refused to drink milk or milo so I think she will wake up hungry early tom morning. Hope she is not sick, cos there is a school outing to Downtown East Explorerkidz tom. :P

Friday, November 5, 2010

A night without RaeAnne

Asked MIL to bring RaeAnne home after school today. Hope she got to sleep more at MIL house for her nap and bedtime.

Wanted to have dinner and watch a late night movie with hubby, something we have not done in a long, long time. Had dinner at Jack's Place It's strange how after being parents, how we choose a movie is no longer based on what is the movie genre, what is the title of the show, how is the movie review etc? Instead, our first criteria was where is it screening, followed by what time is the movie.

First we narrowed down to either Tampines Mall or Century square, cos we still can't break free from Tampines area. Sigh. Wish I can eat somewhere new for once but Hubby knocked off at 6+pm and we have a tight schedule so didn't want to waste time travelling back and worth. Chose a movie close to 10pm cos I wanted to go home after dinner and latch RaeLynn her last milk feed before she sleeps. Plus I feel bad to be out whole day, not spending time with Mei Mei so I will not deprive Mei Mei of her last milk feed. My supply has hit all time low after my menses returned so didn't want to miss a feed. I even forgot to pump when I rushed out to meet the curtain supplier this morning. Got some sweet curtains for the gals room and 2 new sets of curtains for the living/dining area cos the old set of curtains have been ruined by sun exposure. :P

Oh yes, almost forgot - so what was the movie we watched? Megamind 3d. Turned out it was a movie just launched today 4 Nov. Perfect for a movie 'suaku' like me. kekeke.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Energizer bunny RaeAnne

RaeAnne refused to nap today even though I laid by her bed from 1pm to 3.25pm. Don't know why she is so energetic. Tried to make her sleep early today after an early dinner. She KO at 9pm after I fed her milk at 8pm. Early but definitely she won't get even 12 hours of sleep cos I'm very sure she'll wake up before 9am. Oh well, hope this does not happen too often. -_-

Raelynn is 11 months old

Raelynn is 11 months old, 8.8kg and 69cm tall. She still has only 2 bottom teeth and her hair growth is minimal. The fancl shampoo helped but did not do miracles. Think she will still be botak by her 1st birthday party at this rate. :P

Physical update
Can walk confidently
Can clap hands
Can climb on top of the coffee table
Can self feed bread and rice

Speech update
Ah ma
There (sounds like Cheh)
me1 me3 (sound like mummy)