The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pissed off...

What do you do with relatives who see your kids every week but refuse to engage your kids (one is glued to the tv/computer while the other is a couch potato). One keeps taking the easy way out by always bribing her with junk food. Most times I close 1 eye if it is after meals. But this time, he gives her 1 piece of Pringles potato chip right before dinner at 630pm without asking the parents. Even though the mummy insisted no. The other chips in to support the first one's decision. Then as expected, she asks for more chips and we refuse to give her more as it will spoil her dinner. She refuses to eat her rice and has a meltdown. My gal gets blamed for being naughty cos she is not able to stop at 1. The relative takes the chance to shout at the child to show her what is discipline. The mummy gets blamed too for spoiling the kid and poor discipline cos 'I have seen other kids who can stop at 1 chip'. "I already told her one piece only. So don't come and tell me that it's my fault!?!"

Yes, you dense man. IT IS YOUR FAULT!!!

First of all, it is wrong to offer junk food to kids without asking their parents?
Two, it is definitely wrong to insist to give it to the kid when the mummy says no. Where is the basic respect for the parents? I have no respect for people who don't even have basic respect for others.
Three, how old was the kid whom you saw that was able to stop at 1 potato chip? Was she 2.5 years old too? How many 2.5 years old can resist the temptation of potato chips and stop at 1 chip? What is more attractive to the palate? Savoury and crispy potato chip or the usual steam rice, fish/vegetables? Even a fool knows the answer to that. Even I wouldn't be able to stop at one and I'm an adult. I know my gal best, she definitely won't be able to stop at 1 potato chip. That's why I refuse to give her chips in the first place. GET IT?
Four, you are not a parent. Wait till you have your own kids, and show me what a FANTASTIC job you do with YOUR KIDS before you try to teach me to discipline mine. When that day comes, discipline your own kids the way you like. And I won't even bother to interfere though I pity the kids.

The adage says you can't choose your family. How true. But how I wish I can choose. I look at my cousin who have such great support with her toddlers and I am so envious. Her mum will cook, feed, bathe and even bring her kids out to the park. Her sisters will play with her kids, sing to them, show them youtube video clips of their favourite songs/cartoons, cut fruits into small pieces and make diluted ribena for them, even watch and supervise them when they ate. When she is out stationed, her mum will ferry her kids (by taxi/bus not car) for their enrichment lessons.

I don't expect them in my family to help out with my kids. After all, they don't even help to set the dinner table and have to be 'invited again and again' to even walk into the kitchen to have their dinner. You complain that my kids are not close to you but when I bring them over every Sunday for 3-4 hours, you don't bother to spend time or bond with them.

We definitely don't get to R&R when we are there cos we need to do everything ourselves. Worse, I've got people who sabotage and make things difficult, insist that they are right, then complain that my gal is naughtier and naughtier everyday. Makes me wonder why do I bother to bring my kids over in the first place? For the sake of kinship? I definitely don't feel the family warmth tonight.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dec09 MTB gathering

Brought Raelynn for her first gathering today with the Dec09 mummies. The gathering was at Liling's house at Simei Street 1. Very tired after a long day (meet Siew Mui for lunch, Dec09 gathering, facial, foot reflexology, then have dinner at Popeyes with hubby) cramming all the activities cos school holidays are ending tomorrow so will let the photo do the talking... :)

Saving for a 'drought' - EBM

Never thought that there will come a day when I can donate my frozen EBM but I did. A Jan08 mummy friend (Yating)'s 7 month old boy was allergic to both cow milk (aka formula milk) and soy milk. The poor boy developed hives, swelling and severe vomiting so she sent out an appeal for BM donation as she had cut down on BF after he turned 6 months old and could not match his demand for BM.

Many people have asked me why do I bother to pump since I'm a SAHM instead of just latch on. But, I still remember my low SS days from RaeAnne's time very clearly, no matter how many types of supplement I took and how long I pumped at office, I could only squeeze out 125ml of milk which was not enough for RaeAnne at 5 months. My ex colleague also my pumping buddy was nice to donate EBM to me occasionally but my ILs was so freaked out that I didn't dare to take from her again. Cos so 'zhao1 ta4' her 'yi4 fan4 xin1 yi4'.

So, until now, I never dared to be complacent and waste my BM and will pump very regularly in the beginning, at least 4-5 times a day after latch on. I slowly reduced to 2 pumps a day only when I started to take care of RaeAnne in the day instead of sending her to MIL's house (so I have less time to pump) and also because I ran out of freezer space. I have been squirrelling my BM for months in case of a 'drought' if my BM SS drops or if Raelynn's DD suddenly increase during growth spurts. Even bought a separate chest freezer to store my EBM.

This is also why I was very angry with Filamie recently when she did not freeze a bottle of BM from 19 June and I only saw the bottle of milk on 23 June. 4 days old milk in the fridge section so I didn't dare to give it to RaeAnne or Raelynn anymore. Had no choice but to give Raelynn a milk bath. Very heart pain though Raelynn seems to be enjoying it. Maybe it's because BF is not easy for me due to the blocked duct history. Frankly, I didn't go through all pain and troubles of blocked duct plus spending money to see LC so many times for such frivolous/extravagant use of my EBM. Luckily Raelynn looked quite happy with her milk bath so I felt a bit better. :P

We are still giving RaeAnne early Mar 09 EBM to mix into her FM (120ml each time), 3 months old milk is usually the limit. But mine are coming to 4 months old, stretching it a little cos I got a separate chest freezer so EBM can store for 3-6 months. Now the dd is picking up a little cos I'm also using the stored EBM to mix into Raelynn's rice cereals. But if there is another baby who needs the EBM more, I don't mind donating. Sure my gal and baby are still drinking it but they can do with less EBM esp RaeAnne. Plus Yating doesn't mind my 'old' milk cos she is also giving her son EBM from March. Yating has kindly donated milk to a mummy with triplets herself. So kindness begets kindness. I donated 17 bags of FEBM to her in the end. Hehe, does it make me Baby Sylvan's Nai3 Ma2 then?

Here's the blog and pics of Baby Sylvan Hope he grows up healthy and overcomes the allergy soon. :)

Just for the record, photos of my EBM. Haha.

The 17 milk bags of FEBM that I donated to Yating. Put them in my Mitsubishi family fridge freezer for easy retrieval.

The remaining packs in the Faralla chest freezer which had 4 pull out drawers. Regret didn't take a photo at the height of my pumping career. All the drawers were full and I had to use up 1 shelf of my Mitsubishi fridge then.

Drawer 1

Drawer 2

Drawer 3

Drawer 4

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

RaeAnne is 29 months old

Old habits die hard, yes, RaeAnne is almost 2.5 years old, just 1 month more. Didn't take her weight and height today cos Mummy and Daddy took a day off. Haha, Mummy met up with my ex colleague cos it'll be difficult to do that once hubby goes back to work. Then grab the opportunity to go for hair loss treatment at Phyto hair spa while hubby shopped at Kino bookshop. Then we went to Ippudo Ramen at Mandarin gallery to try the ramen. Wanted to try it since the last time we went to Lawry's cos the queue at Ippudo (next door to Lawry's) was so long.

Conclusion, the soup for their original ramen (which hubby had) was really nice. Price is reasonable too, $15. I took the spicy version but can't help stealing hubby's broth. Would love to eat there again. :)

Standing tall

Just now, was shocked by maid who was screaming in baby's room. Turns out she found Raelynn standing by the cot side. She had pulled herself to stand. Haha, this gal really faster than cheh cheh. We know that she can stand with support, she'll press herself against the bumbo chair or FP Laugh & Learn Grand Piano but have not seen her pull to stand yet. Too bad, we couldn't get a photo or video cos Filamie quickly carried her, she was afraid that she will fall over the cot side. Actually, it's not so dangerous cos I already told hubby to lower her cot bed last weekend.

The funniest thing is she can't even sit yet but she can crawl and is now learning to stand. Maybe she knows that Mummy is thinking of abandoning her for our year end holiday. Hubby and I were discussing and concluded that it'll be too exp if we got to pay child fare for a package tour to Taiwan for her, so she is trying to quickly learn to walk so that she won't get left behind. haha.

Anyway, talk about travelling, I was surfing the net and read a parent's (amylqf) post at on how she travelled to Taipei F&E with her kid in Mar 2010. Hers is already 8 years old so probably easier but still, it's good to know what are the child friendly places to visit in case we really decide to go F&E to Taipei.

Taiwan holiday - child friendly free & easy tour

Our family had just came back from 4 days' Taipei vacation.
We brought out P2 daughter there and she enjoyed her trip.
I did the booking for the air tickets and hotel online.
The weather during March school holiday was around 15-25 degree.
so it is ideal temperature for traveling. Hooray! finally we got out of singapore humid weather!

We took the SQ flight (promotion rate: 664/person) and arrived at Taipei airport. We stayed at Sheraton hotel. As recommended by a Taiwan mum, we took a direct bus(大有巴士) from airport to hotel which cost NT225 (Adult:NT90, child:NT45) for a hour's drive. If you took a taxi, it would be a lot expensive (about NT1200).

Transportation:Just in front of the hotel, there is a mrt station called "善道寺站". There were day tickets which you can took as many rides as you can in a day that costs NT200.
As we brought child along and won't be travel from place to place a lot, we chose a top up cards. It is just like our singapore mrt card which you can enjoy 20% discount. refundable deposit for the card is NT100 which you can get it back when you return the card at the end of the holiday. pls take note that there is NT20 admin charge. Taipei's mrt system is similar to singapore mrt, quite easy to navigate. Whenever you want to go anywhere, just hop on the mrt to the nearest station to the destination. Then take a taxi from there.

Day 1: Babyboss City
It was a rainy day. so we decided to stay indoor "Baby boss".
It is a indoor playground where the kids can experience more than 20 jobs (aircrew, beauty salon, police, fire fighter, taxi driver, newspaper editor, judge, banker, etc...). For each job, the child would be dressed up a uniform. After each job done, the salary would be given. Then the child can save the money in the bank. ATM card will be use to withdraw the money to buy gift or redeem for cooking class (such as making pizza, donut, ice-cream, etc)
It is on 7th floor of the Living Mall (京华城). Mummy can shopping inside the mall where children can play inside the babyboss for whole day! please take note that there must be 1 adult accompany with the child.

Ticket: Child: NT900, Adult: NT500
How to go: take mrt to 忠孝复兴站,take taxi or free shuttle bus (10:30-22:30, every 20-30 min)

where to eat:
lunch: at restaurant inside the babyboss
dinner: 鼎太丰inside the SOGO department store near 忠孝复兴站.

Day 2: National Museum-Science center-Night market
- In the morning, goto National Museum where you can see all the treasures stolen from Forbidden City Beijing.
Ticket: Adult NT160. Student: NT80
How to go: take mrt to "Shi Lin"士林站,take bus red 3 or taxi there.
- National Taiwan Science education center
It covered from 3rd - 7th story. Although it is pretty big in area, personally I still prefer Singapore science center (suppose more interactive).
Just beside science center, there is Astronomical museum.
we didn't have time to visit there
- Shi lin night market for dinner (near Shi lin mrt)
It is famous night market where you can get local food and small shops along the road side.
you can try 蚵仔煎,天妇罗(like fried fish cake),生煎包,

Day 3: 小人国
It is a mini-nature and theme park suitable for younger children. 六福村, which is a bit further away, is the theme park, more suitable for bigger children and adult.

ticket: Promotion price for all ages : NT499
How to go:

Day 4: Shopping
There are a lot of place for shopping. I went to CityHall area, all big building and dept. store. no small shops. the roads are wide. The environment looks like pudong in Shanghai.
-Elite bookstore (good environment)
- Shin-Kong Mitsukoshi dept store.
- Taipei 101 (you can go up to the top of the building to see taipei view), ticket NT400/person. This department store have all the worldwise famous brand, like our takashimaya/paragon.

If you have more days to spend in Taipei, there are other choices, such as:
- Hot spring bath @Bei tou
- Zoo
For more ideas, you can visit the website:

Also from forum

Recommended beach holiday for kids

Phuket, Kai Island

See fishes swimming on the beach and feed them bread. :) Dec is monsoon season for South China Sea so apparently, it's good to go to places like Phuket, Langkawi and Penang instead of Redang and Tioman.

You can't get anymore family friendly than @ Ramada
Resort Karon Beach, Phuket..... unless if one is willing to spend
more money on the higher end resorts lah.

Our kiddies had a blast in our princess themed suites and have
requested to go back again to visit the amazing people at the
Siam Adventure Club there...

Check their website @

Monday, June 21, 2010

Butternut Squash Puree

Got the babycubes that I ordered from BP today, I fast hand fast leg and steamed the butternut squash (pumpkin) that I bought for Raelynn 4 days ago. Pureed it and got about 4 baby cubes (30ml) but 1 eaten up by Raelynn. Luckily she loves this more than the apple puree so I didn't waste my efforts. Got some leftover steamed pumpkin slices for RaeAnne's dinner. Even RaeAnne loves the puree. The rest freeze first.

Hubby made a rare appearance in the kitchen today, and made some baked cheese mushroom caps with chopped sausage, mushroom stems and mozarella cheese. They were yummy and RaeAnne loves it even more. Didn't manage to take a photo cos they were wiped out quickly. :)

Tweaking the solids schedule

Tried it for a few days but have not been able to feed Raelynn cereals for 4 times a day cos she is either sleeping or not hungry yet esp the 9+am and 3+pm feed. My aunt and MIL also thinks it's bit too much to begin with. Today, we only managed to feed cereal 9+am and 1pm.

Yesterday, fed cereal only once cos we went out to Parkway and she woke up at 5am, earlier than usual for her milk feed. So, I think she probably needs 2 feeds of solids a day, my guideline will be to tweak the feeding schedule so that I can BF her once every 6 hrs and she can sleep through the night ie. wake up after 6am for feed. :P

6+am - BF RL
830am - RA wakes up
845am - BF RL then pump
9am - RA goes to school
930am - RL Bath
1045am - Pick RA from school
11.15am - RA has lunch
11.45am - Maid feeds RL cereals mixed with EBM while I have lunch
12+pm - BF RL
1245pm - Feed RA milk then put her to nap
3+pm - RA wakes up, give her a snack
5pm - Bath RL
5+pm - BF RL
545pm - Maid cooks rice
6pm - Maid prepares dinner
615pm - RA has dinner
645pm - Feed RL cereals
7pm - Have dinner while Maid showers RA
830pm - Feed RA milk
9pm - Put RA to bed
10pm - BF RL/hubby to bottle feed
11pm - Pump

Happy Father's Day! :)

Today's a special day for Daddy cos it's his 3rd Father's Day but FIRST Father's Day with two lovely princesses. I think it's very apt that Father's Day falls on June cos it will always be school holidays and Daddy can rest more on this special day. He sprained his back carrying RaeAnne two Mondays ago and his back still hurts after Tuina on Monday so he needs to rest even more.

We all know how busy teachers are after the much publicised letter to ST Forum documenting a teacher's day of work by Ms Aishah Quek. But hubby is even busier cos his second shift starts from he gets home. He makes an effort to come back early usually by 630pm. He'll help me feed or entertain RaeAnne or carry/watch over Raelynn while I pump or have dinner or quick shower and while the maid has dinner and washes the dinner and showers. Sometimes, he will also feed RaeAnne milk and medicine. He is always the last to shower and only does that after I go to the room to try and put RaeAnne to sleep.

After I get RaeAnne to sleep, he will help to change her out of training pants into diapers (since she still refuse to wear them at night), apply anti 'nail bite' solution on her fingers and toes (we started since 2 weeks ago, luckily it's working ;P) After I come out of RaeAnne's room usually around 10+ - 11+pm, I will start to pump while surfing the net and update our blog. Hubby will always offer to prepare or buy supper for me cos I'm always hungry as a BFing mummy. After I pump, he helps me to transfer and store the EBM before starting to mark his scripts and prepare for lessons. He also helps me to massage to prevent blocked ducts. He also has to listen to my grouses of the day regarding the kids and the maid at bedtime. Hee. Needless to say, we sleep very late at night cos there is so much to do.

If RaeAnne wakes up in the middle of the night (which is too often), he helps me to carry and put her back to sleep at least once a night. Many times, he will KO beside her cot bed on the tiny multipurpose bumper mat that is smaller than his own body which explains his chronic backache. He is up very early at 6+am every morning though he gets less than 5 hrs of sleep everyday. He will help me feed RaeAnne milk if she wakes up early before leaving the house at 7am. Cos I'll be tired and trying to sleep in more after BFing Mei Mei at 5+ - 6+am and can't wait to hit the sack again instead of handling RaeAnne.

Typical of his quiet and unassuming self, Daddy didn't want any big celebration so I only gave him a laminated photo composite of our recent Bambini photo shoot and a photo holder and a Famous Amos cookie. No photos either cos it's not Daddy's style. No fancy dinners, not even a cake cos we always buy one for FIL so two cakes in 1 day is a bit too much. But we did share a slice of cheese cake today at China Square Central, hubby's favourite place cos of the Sunday flea market where he can browse for toys. ;)

I am very lucky to have such a hands-on and loving hubby. I hope that when the gals grow up, they will also find hubbies who dotes on their kids and willing to share the responsibilities of parenting instead of being a father who just plays with his kids. He really sets the bar high for our future Sons-in-law.

Thank you for everything, Dada/Daddy! We Love You! Happy Father's Day! :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Once upon a time, there was a little princess

It all started on 28 May when my cousin Licius gave RaeAnne her first Princess Snow white doll. Then hubby bought Disney Snow White and the seven dwarves DVD for her, thought it's too long a movie for her to appreciate, but she loved to watch it although not from start to finish yet. Then a few days later, we went to Popular to buy the Walt Disney Snow White and seven dwarves story book which further fuelled the Princess craze. Since then, she has been asking us to read Princess book to her every night before bedtime. We have been reading it for 2 weeks and we got to repeat the story a few times every night.

I've read the story so many times that I can almost memorize it. The story book we bought was a hard cover book but not a board book. So, the fact that she didn't tear any of the pages nor scribble on it shows how much she loves the book. It also came with a read aloud CD so we tried to play it on the CD player (anything to save ourselves from reading it again and again). But if she hears the CD, then she wants the visuals that come with it (aka the DVD) and yes, she still wants us to read the story. The good thing is, she knows the story so well that even when hubby tests her and asks her to 'fill in the blanks' as he reads, she can do it. Eg. Once upon a time, there was a little princess called _Snow White_, and her evil stepmother __The Queen__ will ask her _Magic Mirror_ who is the most beautiful etc. We even took a photo of her with Snow White cut out at Parkson Grand, Gurney Plaza, Penang. ;)

The only thing that she got it wrong is that she thinks that Snow White is making a 'roti prata' when she saw the illustration of Snow White using a rolling pin to make the dough of a gooseberry pie. Ok, Mummy accepts full responsibility for that error cos I'm hardly a baker (unless I use ready Betty crocker mixes) so she has never seen me use a rolling pin before (for the record, I don't even own one), let alone see Mummy bake a pie. On the other hand, Hubby has brought her to see 'flying demonstrations' of roti prata at Century Square many times. So, it's no wonder that she made that connection, flat and white and can eat one = roti prata. Hahaha.

Yesterday, we even brought her to Parkway Parade cos there was a Disney Princess promotion going on. They were having a Princess Snow White dolls lelong sale at Isetan, one for only $9.90 so clever RaeAnne asked me to buy one for Mei Mei and one for Mummy. But Mummy negotiated to only buy one for Mei Mei cos I don't need a Princess doll, hehe cos I'm the Queen mah. With minimum purchase of $80 you can dress up as one of the Disney Princess and have a photo taken and bring home the photo in a pretty Disney Princess photo frame. I asked her but she was too shy and not keen to have an aunty comb her hair or do make up for her. Maybe when she gets older, she'll be more 'hiao'. For now, she is happy to take her photo with Dopey since her favourite dwarves are Dopey and Happy. Haha.

Anyway, Hubby is sick and tired of Snow White so we are now hunting everywhere for Walt Disney Cinderella DVD and Walt Disney Cinderella story book. Anything but Snow White... Tried everywhere from Popular to Kino before we found a collection of Disney stories which has Cinderella but went to Laser Flair and Gramophone but they are out of stock for the Cinderella DVD. Anyone has lobang from Amazon? ;P

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!! Lunch at the French Stall

Today is a Special Day! :)
It's our anniversary!!

So we went for lunch at the French Stall which has a new outlet at Macpherson Lane. We've been wanting to try the original French stall at Serangoon Road since 7 years ago. Check out the photos:

P.S. Hubby doesn't want to comment on the food but at least I loved the lemon sorbet. :)

Solids schedule

I've been researching online and getting a bit confused about when I should give Raelynn cereals instead of BF. TMC LC told me to give solids first but quite a few websites said should give milk first cos milk is more important to babies at this stage. Also, TMC LC said I can slowly drop a milk feed once baby is taking enough solids at a particular feed time but online sources suggest that I give solids half hour to 1 hour after milk feed and to keep it to morning or mid afternoon so that I can monitor for allergies and to give her tiny stomach enough time to digest the new foods.

During RaeAnne's time, I was working full time and she was looked after by MIL so what I remember is that I would BF her at 7+am before I left for work, then ILs will feed her milk again at 9+/10am when she woke up, then feed her cereals/porridge at 11+am, followed by shower, milk feed at 12+/1pm then nap time. When she woke up from her nap, they will feed milk again.

I tried giving home made apple puree on Wed but she didn't really like it. Think it's probably too grainy. Also good, cos I found out later that I should have started with less sweet vegetables eg. carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin instead of apple cos apple is too sweet. If I start with apple puree, she may not want to take less sweet foods like rice cereals or vegetable puree after that. :P

Anyway, I think I'll try a tentative solids feeding schedule and see if it works out cos I need to get a routine going before hubby's school hols end next Fri.

6+am - BF RL
830am - RA wakes up
845am - BF RL then pump
9am - RA goes to school
930am - RL Bath
940am - Feed RL cereals mixed with EBM.
1045am - Pick RA from school
11.15am - RA has lunch
11.45am - Maid feeds RL cereals mixed with EBM while I have lunch
12+pm - BF RL
1245pm - Feed RA milk then put her to nap
245pm - Puree/fruits/cereals for RL
3+pm - BF RL
3+pm - RA wakes up, give her a snack
5pm - Bath RL
545pm - Maid cooks rice
550pm - Feed RL cereals
6pm - Maid prepares dinner
615pm - RA has dinner
645pm - BF RL
7pm - Have dinner while Maid showers RA
830pm - Feed RA milk
9pm - Put RA to bed
10pm - BF RL/hubby to bottle feed
11pm - Pump

* The BF feeds in bold and italics ie. 845am & 3+pm milk feeds will be the ones that I will work towards eliminating if RL is full and satisfied from her solids so that I am BF her every 6 hrs. After that, will try and drop the milk feeds (in bold). Finally, will try and let hubby bottle feed RL for the 10pm feed so that she is not dependent on my breast to fall asleep. She is already starting to develop this habit. :P

The gals and Rosie Mei Mei

Raelynn is able to push off and stand with support. We first noticed her putting her hands on the bumbo chair and trying to stand but the bumbo chair is too low for proper support so she ends up looking like a gymnast. haha.

She is also crawling now and able to drink milk holding her own milk bottle. It never fails to surprise me that she is much faster than Cheh Cheh in all these areas but still not sitting properly. MIL said she will be able to sit by 7 months. Haha, maybe she knows that Cheh Cheh is not ready to relinquish her rights to her Maxi Cosi forward facing car seat and the high chair yet. Raelynn will need all this once she can sit straight. In the meantime, we are feeding cereals on the bumbo chair and tray. :)

Hubby is supposed to upload a video of Raelynn holding her own milk bottle and I'm still waiting... hint hint. ;)

RaeAnne had a meltdown on Tues night when she refused hubby and maid to wipe her and change her after she peed in her 'panties' and wet her shirt. Even though I intervened, she was still shrieking and screaming inconsolably. Could not talk any sense into her cos she was not listening. Not proud of it, but I beat her hard on her thigh. She cried even harder and woke Mei Mei up. I shut her in the study room for 30 secs while she screamed and cried. After that, she finally hushed and allowed us to put on clothes for her. Hubby said she was sobbing silently with face down on her bed after that. Poor gal. Mummy is sorry for being so hard on you but you just wouldn't listen.

Anyway, after that incident, we decided to put on diapers for her after she falls asleep since she refused to let us put on while she is awake. Tried it last night and she came to look for us at 4am, hubby ended up putting her on our bed to sleep. Needless to say, I didn't sleep very well cos she was hugging me like her bolster each time she tossed and turned. :P

Wendy and Rosie came to visit just before we left for Penang. Cooked macaroni soup cos it was easier to feed both kids a soft diet. Rosie is much taller in this pic and luckily RaeAnne is not as territorial about her toys cos she still remembers Rosie Mei Mei. We took a group photo but this time, the 3 gals were not very cooperative, so can only see one clearly each time. :P

Today is our 7th dating anniversary. Hope to have a nice cosy meal with hubby with MIL looking after RaeAnne. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Raelynn's first solids

As I promised, let Raelynn try solids after our Penang trip. :) She had her first taste of solids today, she is 6 months 1 week and 5 days old. Called TMC hotline and the LC asked me to give cereal 2.5 hours after her milk feed. Her milk feed was at 9am (surprisingly, she did not wake up for milk last night) but we went out at 10+am cos hubby 'sprained' his back carrying RaeAnne last week so we went to Ma Kuang at Eastpoint for tuina. So, I could not try giving her cereal at 1030am.

When we came back at 1pm, she was hungry so I BF her as usual. Then, I tried giving 1 teaspoon of the Organix First Baby Rice Cereal mixed with some EBM at 145pm. Thought she wouldn't be very hungry, but boy does she likes her cereals, she was trying to snatch my spoon rightaway. See video for proof. haha.

Then she started crying again at 330pm, thought it was too early for another milk feed or cereal so I ignored her and let the maid carry her. Finally at 430pm, I buay tahan and BF her again. Tried feeding her cereals again at 515pm, prepared 2 teaspoons with 20ml of EBM this time. And she finished everything again. She really has a good appetite cos she was crying at 8pm. :P

Good also, the LC recommends that I slowly increase the quantity of cereals until I can drop a milk feed. Think I can drop 1-2 milk feeds by end of the week at this rate. The good thing about cereals is that anyone can feed her, so hopefully I'll have more freedom after this. haha. :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Penang - Day 3

Rushed to the airport this morning cos our flight is 925am and had to miss the buffet breakfast at hotel, so sad. :( Reached the airport at 825am and quickly checked in our bags, only 34.5 kg this time. Not surprised cos we don't have time to shop much with the 2 kids. Even the maid bought more things than us. :P

We had breakfast at Mac cos that's the easiest. The plane took off at 945am, better than Fri's flight. RaeAnne was ok on the flight in the beginning but had her second meltdown when I ask her to put on her seat belt for landing. Kept climbing on top of me and want me to carry her instead. In the end, hubby had to let her sit on his lap for the landing sans seat belt. Aiyoh, so dangerous but luckily we landed safely at 1105am.

Once we reached the airport, asked her if she wants to shh shh but she refused to go toilet. Then, when we were at customs, she wanted to go toilet, I brought her out to clear customs first but cannot hold anymore and she wet her pants in the toilet. When we reached home, quickly settled the kids for shower and nap. After her nap when we were getting ready to go to my mum's place for dinner. She had yet another meltdown, refuse to let me change my shorts. I don't know what she wants but she's really trying my patience these few days. :/

Our loot from Penang:

Today, while at my mum's place, Mei Mei burst out crying when she saw my dad (think he made a funny face). Then she cried for 2 more times when she glimpsed my dad's face in the living room. Even the maid couldn't pacify her. Luckily, she finally calmed down when I carried her and sang to her. :P

Penang - Day 2

Today didn't go as well. First of all, they ran out of tow sa piah at Him Heang when BL drove us there. Bought some loose packs there and went to Gim Heang to buy more. Then BL brought us to eat both original and lemak version of Penang Laksa. RaeAnne had a meltdown at the coffee shop there. So embarrassing cos she was screaming and crying non stop and inconsolable. Hubby went off to buy 'pokey' to try and pacify her. I carried her out of the coffee shop and started pointing things out to her as if nothing happened. Finally she calmed down cos opposite the road, there was a cute tiger statue outside a gift shop with lots of hearts motif. Figured she was either too tired (she woke up many times to cough on Fri night) or too hungry, so we rushed back after that, never managed to go Tesco. What a short get together with BL. :(

Then after drinking most of her milk, she coughed and vomitted everything out. Had to quickly get housekeeping to clean the mattress and carpet. Then, she got energetic and refused to sleep, then overstimulated and had another meltdown until I got fed up cos she wouldn't stop screaming. Hubby took over and brought her out to the living room and she managed to nap on his shoulders then onto the sofa. I managed to catch a 30mins nap.

I decided to go and walk walk first at Gurney plaza around 5pm as she was still sleeping, missed my spa appt at 7pm cos she woke up at 6+pm. And we still needed to get dinner and I need to BF mei mei again. :P We had dinner at Manhattan Fish market, it was much cheaper. Something that costs $12.90 in Sg, costs only RM16.90 here. After dinner, made a detour to the spa and managed to book one of the last slots at 930pm. Went up to the room to BF Mei Mei before going down to spa again. Had a massage, scrub and jacuzzi soak. Felt quite cold during the scrub cos it was already almost 11pm by then. :P

Came back at 1120pm and RaeAnne was still wide awake. We did last minute packing cos the flight is 925am tomorrow and she finally slept ata 12+am. Got to wake up very early if we want to eat breakfast. Moral of the story, if travelling with kids next time, 3d2n is too short. Didn't manage to go to the open air food centre cos it was drizzling and didn't manage to bring the kids swimmiing. Didn't get to shop much either cos the luggage is still very empty. 4d3n would have been better. Okie, going to sleep soon. :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Penang - Day 1

Posting from g hotel. :)

The airasia flight was ok, delayed slightly due to busy runway. Impatient RA kept telling me "Mummy, I want to sit aeroplane now". Haha. :P I latched RL during take off and she fell asleep and was still asleep during the landing. Was worried about RA so packed 2 boxes of snacks for her (raisins, goat milk sweets, uht yogurt drink, biscuits etc), one for SIN-PEN and one for PEN-SIN. Just bought the tin of goat milk sweets for $19.90 on Thurs cos it's ok to take up to 30 sweets a day and it's not very sweet. Good for her to suck during take off and landing. :)

RA was so tired that she KO during the cab ride to g hotel cos it was nearly 2pm. Her usual nap time. But she woke up when she reached the hotel. We got upgraded to 1 bedroom service apartment cos the deluxe rooms we booked were full. A pleasant surprise though the apartment is worth RM700 compared to our room at RM440. They even gave us free buffet breakfast cos I know I didn't pay for it when I booked with RA loved the space and kept running from living room to room to couch and bath tub where they had a rubber ducky. She even told hubby the room is nice and she wants to stay here. Sorry darling, it's only our room for 2 nights. ;)

We went for late lunch around 330pm after we settled down and I BF Mei Mei at Gurney Plaza which is right next to g Hotel. First stop, A&W cos hubby loves the Coney hot dog and it's not available in Sg. Then we went shopping at Parkson, there was a sale going on and I pointed out some good buys to Filamie and she bought a t shirt and a pants for her son.

We bought a long sleeve Pigeon pyjamas set for RL at RM15.95 at Parkson, 1 pair of bb shoes for RL at RM15.30 at FOS and for RA - a Disney Princess sticker for RM1.50 and a rubber duckie bubble blower for RM12.90 at Toy R us. One lady queuing behind me at the counter was so distracted by RL that the cashier kept calling 'Miss, Miss' to get her attention cos it was already her turn. Her mum told me RL very cute and asked me if she's a boy. Haha, RL wearing white and pink bunny shoes, not girly enough meh? ;)

RA pooed in her pants so we rushed to find a nappy room and found one at Parkson Level 2. Quick change then we went to The Chicken Rice shop for quick dinner so that we can have an early night for RA.

But suay suay world cup started tonight and they have a live kick off telecast and stage show at g Lounge. It was so noisy and our room is right on top of the action at the 8th floor. Had a tough time putting RaeAnne to bed, everytime she heard the MC or cheering, she'll ask me "What's that? What's that?" She finally KO at 11pm. ;P

Tomorrow, asked my friend Beng Lynn to bring me to Air Hitam to eat penang laksa (hope I can eat 2 bowls), go Tesco and buy tow sa piah. :) Wanted to go for the Durian feast (june is the season for Penang) but all of us are sick so a bit scared to eat such heaty stuff. :P

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dec Holiday Plans

I know it's too early to be planning for Dec holidays when June hols is not even over. But I have been putting a lot of thought into it because 1) Hubby finally agreed to have a real holiday (aka not just Malaysia) and 2) RaeLynn will be turning 1 on 2 Dec so I got to plan both her birthday celebration and Dec holiday at the same time. 3) Stating the obvious here, but YES I LOVE TO TRAVEL.

Here are some of the places I thought of and the pros and cons plus the suggestions and reviews of places that my online mummy friends contributed. Better jot it down so that I won't end up asking them again next time. :)

1) Package tour to Taiwan with the 2 gals and MIL
Pros - no need to plan, all inclusive including kids resorts
Cons - Very exp, around $1500 per head (incl taxes) cos both gals will be over 1 year old by early Dec so they only get $200+ discount. If MIL is not willing to go with us, then may have to leave RL behind with the maid and MIL cos we can't cope with 2 and keep up to pace with a tour group and it's too exp to bring RL cos she doesn't occupy any extra bed nor will she eat any food on tour.

2) F&E holiday to Taipei
Pros - cheaper cos RL is less than 2 years old so only need to pay infant fare for airticket.
Cons - got to plan everything ourselves and moving around to sights will be a problem. Most sights need both a train ride plus bus ride, too tiring for 2 kids below 3 years old. Taipei's night market and hotspring are not kids friendly attractions. :P

3) F&E holiday to Japan
Pros - My cousin stays her so can bunk in with her and save on accomodation but all 4of us got to sleep on her sofa bed. :P
Krystle - Japan is good place to bring kids. I think they will enjoy themselves. Go Disneyland + DisneySea are already 2 full days well-spent. Then food wise is ok coz most places served kids' meals. If not, fast food is avail everywhere too. I think other sightseeing places are nice for kids to see and run about too. Like Hakone, Meiji Shrine, castle etc. Then there are also many indoor theme parks. I know there is 1 ice-cream theme park in Sunshine city.

Wah, your cousin lives there then can consider to bulk in. But keep in mind that apt in tokyo is very small so you got to check with your cousin if there is space for your family loh. Even if there is living room, the size is like our bedrm here. Then with the furniture etc, practically not much space to sleep. :p Another thing is transport. Coz now there are still quite a lot of train stations that don't have lifts. So if bring stroller maybe a challenge. But they are building more now. Then dec quite cold. So got to buy winter clothes for your kids and then your luggage will be quite bulky. Forgot to tell you that some factory outlets/shopping centres have play area for kids nearby so can keep the children occupied.
Cons - It will be colder there compared to Taiwan. I have already been to Japan 2 times, a bit wasted to go again if I can't see Mt Fuji nor Sakura. :P

4) Phuket
Sharon raved about Movenpick Resort, Phuket. She stayed at the Movenpick Resort at Karon Beach and literally did not leave the resort at all, except to the beach.

The Movenpick is one of the most kid friendly resorts I have ever been. It had 3 huge pools, a large outdoor playground and indoor kids zone, complete with nannies for hire. Ah, the nanny service we discovered a tad bit late but it is definitely a huge plus for parents who just need a break to get away to the spa or catch up on sleep. The cost of in-room nanny hire is 200 baht ($8) per hour and every subsequent kid is 100 baht. They will bathe, feed, play with the kids as per your instructions.

At the resort's restaurants, there were always willing Thai service staff who would happily hold your baby while you tucked in your meal. That's the beauty of Thailand - the people rak luuk (love kids). Talking about restaurants, I must say the breakfast at the Movenpick, especially the croissants, donuts, and danish pastries, were very good. All freshly baked and piping hot! Oh and of cos, the ice-cream - premium Swiss ice-cream that costs a day's wages for the Thais (175baht) but oh so wonderful on a hot day, after the beach!

5) Genting
Pros - Cool weather and the indoor entertainment park should be just right for RaeAnne now.
Cons - I hate the long coach ride and don't think the gals will enjoy going round and round on the way up. But if we fly there then rent a transport up to Genting like one of the mummies did, think it should be fine.

Step up cushie potty seat :)

Bought this for RaeAnne from SMH BP and it just arrived so went to pick up from BP seller's home at Punggol. Glad to say she likes it and did her first pee job on the Step up Cushie potty seat. She can climb up the step on her own but still a bit slow to turn around and sit properly on the toilet seat. Guess she will get better with practice. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sophie Giraffe

First RaeAnne and now Raelynn is down with cough. The maid is coughing sneezing too and we are flying off in 2 days time to Penang. Luckily, it's a short trip and only to Malaysia. Hope everyone gets well before our trip. :P

On a lighter note, we got Raelynn a Sophie Giraffe, Initially thought it was one of the most expensive teethers around and not keen to get cos I've got so many teethers leftover from RaeAnne's days. But RaeAnne never did like her teethers and nor does Raelynn. They like to chew on everything else except their teethers. Since the Jan10 mummies were organising a BP and could get 30% off retail. I decided to give it a chance and bought the Sophie gift set so that there's 1 giraffe for each sister.

So far, it looks like it's worth the 'investment' cos Raelynn really loves turning Sophie around and chewing different parts of it. Her favourite part is the head, followed by neck and leg. She doesn't really drop it and even if she does, she finds it easily cos it's big enough for her to grab it easily. Best of all, it's made of natural rubber and food safe ingredients. :)

I had a collection of 6 different colour crystal stones bought from Australia, Sydney back in 2005. RaeAnne lost the quartz one recently while playing with it. I will remind her from time to time and trying to make her feel guilty cos she will always come forward to hug me or kiss me as if trying to make amends. This afternoon, she was even cuter. She was playing with the stones again (I bought some more from China Square central flea market) and she asked me, 'Mummy, want pink or not?'. I deliberately gave her a sad and sulky face. 'No, I want my transparent colour stone. I lend to you and you lost it'. She paused, and asked again, 'Mummy, want green or not?' She tried to persuade me 'Want lar, want lar' But I deliberately refuse to give in and said the same thing 'No, I don't want pink, don't want green, I only want my transparent colour stone. You find it for me.' She looked at me, paused and said 'Bo liao leh'. I can't help laughing at her helpless, innocent reaction when I turn my tables at her and play the 'spoilt brat' instead. ;)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Unwanted attention

Today, got a aunty at NTUC TM just approached Raelynn and touched her face when she was in the stroller. Maid was pushing her then cos I was looking for something on the shelf. Duh, never even ask for permission, how I know whether her hands got germs or not, I think it's rude lor. But the aunty saw me looking at her (can't remember if I was glaring) and she exclaimed, your baby so cute. Hiaz, too paiseh to tell her off there and then, so I said 'thank you' instead. :P Maybe she was attracting a lot of attention too cos she was trying to vocalize (talk?). She kept going 'ah! wa! grr....!' when lying in the stroller. ;P

Just now, we were at Century Sq, I was at Kiddy palace buying some things while hubby brought RaeAnne to the toilet. Maid was alone with baby in the pram waiting outside KP and another maid chatted her up. She said she is looking after 2 babies, one aged 1 year old and another 1 month old. So now, my maid said she is lucky. The other maid not so lucky and she said she wants to look for another employer. I told her if that maid changes her employer, she will end up as a transfer maid and may not get a better employer. Got to wait at agent's office everyday and wait for people to choose her. Most employers will not take transfer maid unless they are desperate. Because if the maid is good, why would you end up as transfer maid instead of fulfilling 2 year contract? I don't like my maid to talk to other maids so that teaches me a lesson, must tell hubby cannot leave them alone when we are outside, wait kenna 'brainwash' by other maids. :P

Friday, June 4, 2010

Growth spurt

Found this article on growth spurt. Hmm... think that's what Raelynn is going through, all the signs are there. :P

Signs of a Growth Spurt
Cluster feeding, where the baby is feeding more often is the first sign. If your infant feeding schedule was a regular 3 hour schedule, and suddenly baby wants to eat more frequently, your baby is most likely going through a growth spurt and needs more food.

Baby may no longer sleep through the night if she was previously. Your baby may have finally started sleeping through the night, only to start waking again several times, seemingly ravenous for food.

Read more at as the article is copyrighted.

Which brings me to the next question: Is it time to start solids?

Signs that indicate baby is developmentally ready for solids include:
•Baby can sit up well without support.
•Baby has lost the tongue-thrust reflex and does not automatically push solids out of his mouth with his tongue.
•Baby is ready and willing to chew.
•Baby is developing a “pincer” grasp, where he picks up food or other objects between thumb and forefinger. Using the fingers and scraping the food into the palm of the hand (palmar grasp) does not substitute for pincer grasp development.
•Baby is eager to participate in mealtime and may try to grab food and put it in his mouth.

Active Weaning Signs
When a baby is ready to wean he or she will give clues in his or her behaviour. A baby who is ready to try solid foods will often express an interest in what others are eating. Infants may reach for foods on their parents' plates and will often mimic the chewing motion made by those around them as they practise and prepare for the next nutritional stage.

Increased Appetite and the Decision to Wean
Infants aged between four and six months often display an increase in appetite, appearing less satisfied after their usual milk feeds and sometimes beginning to wake again at night after previously sleeping through. As the advice is to delay weaning until after the six-month mark, parents are advised to offer supplementary milk feeds in the first instance, as increased appetite could be the result of a temporary growth spurt rather than an indicator of readiness to wean. If in doubt parents should consult their healthcare provider to discuss weaning options.

Apparently, it's a good idea to delay introducing solids if unsure cos of the various reasons.

Hmm... Time to find a spoon and try and see if her tongue thrust reflex is still there. :P

P.S. Tried it today (5 June) and her tongue still thrusts out. Guess she's not ready after all. :P

RaeAnne and Raelynn

Raeanne is coughing since yesterday, today a lot of phelgm, brought her to see usual GP but he is away on holidays and there is only a locum dr. Not keen to see a locum dr so we brought her to see PD today. Also because Dr Lee forgot to write Mei Mei's 6mths assessment in her health booklet so we had to make a trip there one day anyway.

Found out that Mei Mei is 75th percentile for her weight (7.3kg) but only 25th percentile for her height (63cm). Oh dear! I've been taking calcium supplements regularly for this pregnancy and even now when I have BFed her for 6 months but looks like she did not benefit from it. So 'katek'. Hope she will grow taller soon. :P

Left the dinner planning to hubby today and he asked the maid to make veg soup using chicken stock. Not keen to let RaeAnne drink chicken soup since she got a lot of phelgm. Made Nan bei xing apple soup for her for dinner , luckily she likes it. Mei Mei been crying a lot since yesterday, pd said her throat a bit red, maybe she is also incubating.

Raelynn doesn't want to sleep much today and kept crying or wanting to play. RaeAnne slept at 11pm cos maid and I were busy sorting out the old clothes that Raelynn outgrew. Mei Mei was in the room but woke up and kept making "Ah! Ah!" sounds from her cot at the corner closest to Cheh Cheh's toddler bed. So funny, it's as if she's trying to call her Cheh Cheh to play with her. Had no choice but to ask the maid to bring her out in the end. She slept at 11+pm after I fed her again at 1130pm, her previous feed was 9pm. I have been feeding her average of 2 hrs today. Growth spurt or starting to be naughty liao? Sigh.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Longer and longer...

RaeAnne has been talking so much since 1-2 months ago and in longer and longer sentences although sometimes she stutters a bit until she finds the word she is looking for to complete the sentence. haha.

Anyway, this morning she stuck stickers all over hubby and hubby ask her why stick stickers on him. She said "me protect you". Faint! I never even taught her to say protect before. Then just now in the car, she told me, "Mummy, I want to go home, drink milk milk and orh orh." haha.

Her other favourite phrase is "Me forget to wash hands" cos we are toilet training her and she insists on washing her hands (aka play with water) after she shh shh. And she will pull out her stool so that she can stand on it, switch on the tap, wash her hands with liquid soap, rinse her hands, then come back to me happy and say "me wash hands already".

Since last week, when I want to BF Mei Mei or pump, she will tell me "Me take towel for Mummy". Then she will run to the wardrobe in her room, choose a small hand towel, run to the toilet sink, wet it, squeeze it dry (not as dry as I would like it but at least it's not dripping) and pass it to me. So grateful to have a little helper. :)

RaeLynn is 6 months old today! :)

RaeLynn is 6 months old, 7.3 kg and 63 cm. I've been TBF her for 6 months, reach WHO recommendation liao. Yeah! Time to add a BF lilypie ticker to motivate myself. BF target is 1 year, same as Cheh Cheh. Or 18mths if I do not find any 'work' in 2011. :) She should start solids soon and I think she's ready but lazy mummy not keen to bring cereals and other barang to Penang so the plan is start cereals after we come back on 13 June. Today, she keeps crying, duh. Not sure if it's because she is still hungry after being BF and needs solids soon. Or because she's teething (no signs of teeth though). :P

She's also starting to assert her independence (aka being naughty) by crying and whining when she wants to sleep or be carried. Sometimes she wants to be nursed to sleep but she really suckles hard when I BF before bedtime so I guess it's not comfort latching. But generally, she's ok. Can't complain too much cos Cheh Cheh is a bigger handful so maybe cos we were more inexperienced.

6 Months Milestones according to Babycenter
• Turns toward sounds and voices - Yes
• Imitates sounds - No
• Rolls over in both directions - Yes
• Is ready for solid foods - Yes, from the way she drools non stop and eyes us eating
• Sits without support - Nope, not yet (slower than Cheh Cheh at 6 months for this aspect)
• Mouths objects - Yes, she twirls then mouths everything and anything
• Passes objects from hand to hand - No
• Lunges forward or starts crawling - Yes, started this at 5 months
• Jabbers or combines syllables - Nope
• Drags objects toward himself - Yes

Cross fingers that I will be a good gal forever ya? ;)

Video of Raelynn trying to crawl :)

Continuation of her grabbing her toys :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Packing list for Penang

It's time to work on my packing list for Penang since we will be flying off next Fri. I'm not worried if we forget anything because 1) it's just a 1 hr flight and we are only there for 2 nights 2) things are cheaper in Malaysia 3) We will be staying at G Hotel right next to Gurney Plaza which has everything (7 stories of shopping including Cold Storage and Toy R Us and Popular) YEAH!

Err... so why am I still making a list? Guess I'm OCD, rather have a list and pack the kiddos favourite toys, medicine etc than get pek chek cos we forgot this or that. :P

Hand carry (Diaper bag)
1. 1 cardigan/jacket for RaeAnne
2. 1 extra set of clothes each in a ziplock bag (shirt, bottom, panties for RaeAnne, extra sleeper/bib/face towel/hat for Mei Mei)
3. 5 Diapers for Mei Mei (3 fitti, 2 Mamy Poko)
4. 1 Diaper pants for RaeAnne
5. Cushie Traveller potty seat
6. Wet wipes (dettol and pigeon)
7. RaeAnne's Thermos water bottle
8. RaeAnne's cutlery - food scissors, noodle cutter, soup spoon, 1 fork, disposable plastic bowls
9. 1 Box of Yan Yan/Pokey & 1 pack of vit c sweets for RaeAnne
10. RaeAnne wet face towel in zipped pouch
11. 2 RaeAnne's toy + 2 books
12. 1 Raelynn's rattler/teether
13. 3 satchets of Friso3 milk powder
14. RaeAnne's milk bottle
15. Baby medicine (eg. Panadol syrup, runny nose med, 2 syringes, forehead plaster, calendula cream, mopiko)
16. Small plastic bags (for dirty diapers or wet panties)

Baby luggage Bag
1. RaeAnne - 3 sets of outdoor clothes (3 t shirts, skirt, 2 pants, dress), 5 panties/training pants, 1 hat AND 2 sets of long sleeve pyjamas, 1 set of short sleeve pyjamas,
2. Raelynn - 2 sets of Long sleeve shirt/bottom and 3 rompers, 2 pyjamas, 5 bibs, 5 face towels (2 soft ones for bathing), 2 hats (1 warm, 1 cool), 3 pairs of socks
3. Travel inflatable bathtub
4. Bottle brush and baby sponge in ziplock bag
5. bottle detergent
6. Baby clothes liquid detergent
7. Hangers and clothes pegs
8. 2 thin bath towels for the kids
9. RaeAnne's purple Konfidence Swimming costume
10. RaeAnne's light pink covered up towel dress
11. RaeAnne's arm floats
12. RaeAnne's waterproof black crocs shoes
13. Raelynn's light blue Konfidence Swimming costume
14. RaeLynn's pink swim nappy
15. Konfidence Sunblock spray for kids
16. California baby Swimming defense body shampoo and hair conditioner
17. Calendula bubble bath for RaeAnne
18. 1 milk bottle for Raelynn
19. 1 extra milk bottle for RaeAnne
20. RaeAnne's snacks (2 small boxes of Raisins, 1 pack ABC biscuits, 2 Doraemon UHT yogurt drink, )
21. 15 pieces of diapers for Raelynn (10 Fitti & 5 Mamy Poko)
22. 2 diaper pants & 2 Mamy Poko diapers for RaeAnne
23. 1 big pack of Pigeon wet wipes
24. Ruyi oil
25. Baby lotion
26. Eczema lotion
27. RaeAnne's cetaphil and hair shampoo
28. RaeAnne's comb
29. Raelynn head to toe shower gel
30. Mosquito repellent spray
31. Ear thermometer
32. Raelynn's head pillow and bean pillow and blanket
33. Sack and seat cloth seat
34. Baby bjorn carrier
35. Freestyle Breast pump + handsfree + charger
36. 4 medela pump milk bottles with caps
37. 2 ice packs
38. Black freezer bag
39. 1 lock & lock box with cover (to scald the pump parts and bottles)
40. Plastic bags (Big ones for wet swimming clothes, small ones for dirty diapers)
41. Portable DVD player and RaeAnne's DVDs???

Backdated posts

Haven't blogged in a while. Ironically, I'm blogging less since hubby started his school hols last Fri cos we keep going out with the gals. haha. Ok backdated post from last Wed.

Hubby came back early at 4+pm so we decided to bring the gals swimming. Put on the pretty old navy rashguard that I bought for RaeAnne but she only wore it once so far. It was a tight fit for RaeLynn esp the collar area but she looks cute in it. But Raelynn didn't take very well to the pool. She looked petrified and cried in all the photos I tried to take when hubby was holding her. I hope it was because she was shocked by the cold water. She looked more warmed up after I held her tight and only let her feet touch the water for a while at the baby pool. Put on her neck float for her and she floated with us in the training pool.

Hubby took childcare leave and we left the 2 kiddos at MIL house while we went shopping at Isetan private sale and Taka sale. Bought much lesser than I thought. Wanted to get the Graco step 2 booster car seat at discount at $99 less 10% but didn't get it in the end cos hubby said we don't need it yet. Also, I hesistated cos the colours were more for boys. Either navy blue with robots or turqoise blue. Duh...

We brought the 2 gals for their jabs. RaeAnne - H1N1 and chickenpox booster, Raelynn - 3rd 6-in-1 and Rota virus. Raelynn developed fever but we gotta monitor RaeAnne longer cos fever due to chicken pox vaccine only comes on after 5 days. Hubby wanted to go to Expo sale but the queue was super super long so we gave up halfway and went to Parkway instead. Ate the famous Apollo wet char kuay teow, dim sum and kuay chap. I had koi milk tea again. Went to visit my 2nd aunt in the evening cos my cousin is back from China and wanted to see Raelynn. RaeAnne peed in Su-Anne's cheh cheh's potty. My cousin brought a Snow White princess doll for RaeAnne. She loves her princess. :)

We went out in the evening and brought RaeAnne to the library. Went to TM and ate at Crystal Jade after that. RaeAnne was hungry and ate quite a lot of rice. She peed in the toilet at the restaurant using the travel potty seat I bought. Hubby brought RaeAnne to Kiddy Palace to buy a new Elmo DVD ("Elmo goes to the doctor" has been played to death and hubby couldn't take it anymore) ;) I brought the maid to Tampines1 and bought a $10 swimming costume for Penang cos hotel has a pool. Have not decided whether to give it to the maid or pass her my old one. :P

Hubby and I went for yoga at CC then I went for my last session of post natal massage at Rustic Nirvana. Hubby went to HMV and bought Snow White and the 7 dwarves DVD for RaeAnne. Went to Taime warehouse sale at bedok after that but only bought 1 hanging toy and a rattler for Raelynn. :P Went to my mum's place for dinner. RaeAnne pooed in her pants even though we kept bringing the potty for her to poo. Went to nearby pasar malam on our way home and I bought more Snow white and disney princess stickers, panties for RaeAnne. :)

Brought RaeAnne to toy r us to buy some bubble solution and we went to Swensons for lunch. RaeAnne hardly ate her burger kiddy meal. Should have just ordered 2 main course and let her share with us, save $. Bought her new 'favourite' Snow White and the 7 dwarves picture story book for her. But never mind, there is 1-for-1 promotion for weekday set lunch at Swensons. RaeAnne told hubby she wanted to 'ng ng' 不要 shh shh, and pooed in her potty. Good gal! :)

Cooked dinner at home. Bee tai mak soup but I'm hungry by 8pm so we went for supper at Ikea. RaeAnne tried meatballs for the first time and she loves it. She peed at the ikea toilet which has a kiddy seat but I didn't even need to bring out my travel potty seat. :)