The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sisterly love or not?

Sometimes, I wonder if RA loves her little sister. Because she always wants to take away the toy that Mei Mei is holding. A few times, she did give the toy that she snatched back to Mei Mei but need constant reminder or bribes for other things before she will do it. I will exaggerate my praises for her when she does it so that she feels appreciated. :P

Her Mei Mei is like a little puppy, will fetch RA's shoes for her, fetch toothbrush, water bottle for her but Cheh Cheh 不领情. Sometimes, RA will deliberately refused to take from Mei Mei or even take and throw away to spite Mei Mei. When RA cries, she will offer her own toy to Cheh Cheh, or even goes to sayang her hair or stroke her back.

RaeAnne gets her own time with us cos we pick her up after CC then go for dinner usually to Tampines Mall. Sometimes, we let her buy small stuff eg. stickers. I will always remind her that she gets to go out with us, eat her favourite foods, see fish/toys, buy stickers etc but poor Mei Mei is at MIL house, so she must be nice to Mei Mei and give in to her. Sometimes, when we pick her up from CC, she will ask us where is Mei Mei. And when we are outside, she will ask us to buy something for Mei Mei (usually things that she wants for herself ;P), but at least I guess it means she remembers Mei Mei.

But come bedtime, they are best friends. Play and hug and sing and tickle each other. Don't want to sleep till 1-2 hrs later. If I try to separate them, eg. ask hubby to bring Mei Mei to living room to sleep. RA will run out to rescue Mei Mei or whine and plead with me to let Mei Mei come back to the room while Mei Mei will be in the living room, crying 'Mamee Come, Mamee come, Mamee come'. Then I will get soft hearted and let hubby bring her back to the room. End up both of them sleep very late, 11+pm. -_-

Monday, September 26, 2011

Backdated posts - Aug & Sept 11

Whenever, both hubby and I didn't need to work on weekends, I will ask him to bring the gals out. Partly cos I feel guilty that I am spending so little time with them in the day, no quantity time so make up with quality time. And also because I didn't want them to become mountain tortoises cos Daddy and Mummy are busy. Poor hubby is always busy on weekends with markings and tuition and laundry so he is even more stressed nowadays.

Here are the backdated posts. Took me over 1 hour just to transfer and organise the old pics from camera to laptop. :P

8 Aug 11

RaeAnne's finally drew her first stick figure. Noticed that the stick man has no waist, looks a bit like an insect to me initially. But heard that it's normal for young kids to draw this way. Haha.

9 Aug 11

We had our first picnic at Pasir Ris Park. Both RA and RL didn't dare to step on the sand. But they polished off all the food that I brought, hard boiled egg, sushi and chrysanthenum tea. :)

8 Sept 11

We visited the Pasir Ris farm on 8 Sept during the schools holidays. It was the first time for me and RL, second time for Daddy and RA who visited the farm in Dec 09 during the PG year end outing after I had just given birth to RL. How time flies. Mei Mei was enchanted by the ducks while Cheh Cheh loves us to catch longkang fish for her. We got a total of 18 fish but only bought a fish tank 2 days later. By then, more than half of the fish had died. Then of the 5 fish in the fish tank, only 2 remained. :(

24 Sept
On Sat morning, cos hubby had to go back to school, I was alone with RA. We didn't bring RL back from MIL on Fri night because of that. I asked RA how to spell her name. And for the first time, she got it right. After R-A-E, she paused for a long time, then she said A-N-N-E. Yippee! I know it's nothing to shout about, considering some other Dec07/Jan08 mummies already know how to spell or write and even do K2 worksheets. But I never trained RA how to write, nor how to spell. The only thing we do every night is to read 2 bedtime stories to RA and sometimes 1 more for RL, so I'm proud of RA because she is able to do this on her own, without me coaching or rote learning. :)

25 Sept 11

It was supposed to be a playdate with 2 Feb08 mummies but the gals woke up late and hubby had tuition at 1pm so we need to leave at 11am. So, decided to go straight to Carpark C for Gallop Stables instead of meeting them at Carpark E & F for the playgrounds. The gals finally had their up close encounter with the ponies at Gallop Stables. RL sadly is the real 'gu niang'. After feeding the pony with hay for the first time with her outstretched hand, she was so freaked out with the slobbering tongue against her palm, that she cried and refused to feed anymore. She also refused to ride the pony, though we paid $10 for her ticket too. Luckily, a kind chinese family bought the ticket from us for their boy who wanted to ride one more time.

RA enjoyed herself feeding the pony. Proud of her, always thought she will be more 'gu niang'. She didn't enjoy her pony ride as much because her helmet was way too big (the indian/bangladeshi horse handler did not advise us at all on the size to pick and how to wear for her) and dropped off 4-5 times during the short 10 mins horse ride.

Crazy days

It has been crazy days since the maid left and I started work. My blog has not been updated for 2 months. Many times, I wanted to blog about the places we brought the kids but either end up KO with them at 11+pm (sigh, this is their new bedtime) or I am just too tired after catching up on SMH posts and doing prop research at night.

Sigh, this morning, RL's diaper leaked onto her bed and RA merlioned her whole milk feed all over the bumper mat and floor cos she coughed. Hubby also late for work cos helping me to clean up. Everyday is a morning rush. Brought RA to school but forgot that it's RA's CC year end photo taking, so forgot to bring white socks. Got to walk back home to take and deliver to CC again.

This morning, just washing clothes, bedsheets, mopping floor, hang out the clothes, I'm all hot & sweaty till I got to shower at noon. All clean, lazy to go out for lunch and sweat again plus I want to sun the clothes till they dry, so decided to order pizza in. Will eat that for dinner also since tonight got to work.

Really thinking of throwing in the towel and hire another maid sometimes. But hearing all the Jan08 mummies maids' woes, reminds me of all the inconveniences I have to put up with. Sigh, 3 months plus of maidless life and counting. Tahan, tahan, tahan...

I will do a backdated summary of posts now while waiting for pizza or I'll never get to it. :P