The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gynae check at KK

Went to see Dr Loh today and ended up waiting for 2 hours. Appt was 410pm but only saw him at 610pm. Aiyoh! Baby is now 18mm long, just 6 days from the TMC gynae appt and BB has grown from 10.5 to 18mm. Wow!

Anyway, Dr Loh has adjusted my EDD to 8 Dec 09 due to BB size. I told him that I may be switching to private gynae cos found out that hubby can't claim for me at all. He was very nice about it, even offered to email me recommended private gynaes if I want. He said for his no. 1, he also chose Mt E for pte service but when it came to no. 2, he more bo chap liao, just asked one of his colleagues to help deliver for his wife so no. 2 was born in KK. Felt a bit bad cos he was so nice about this. But at least I told him personally instead of just doing a MIA for future appts. That's just not my style lor. Hee.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More details on mattress cleaning

A lot of mummies asked me questions about the mattress cleaning so here are more details.

The cleaners use this 25kg vacuum to suck out the skin cells and use UV(C) rays (the vacuum has a separate light attachment) to kill the remaining dust mites. According to wikipedia, the Sun emits ultraviolet radiation in the UVA, UVB, and UVC bands, but because of absorption in the atmosphere's ozone layer, 98.7% of the ultraviolet radiation that reaches the Earth's surface is UVA. (Some of the UVB and UVC radiation is responsible for the generation of the ozone layer.) UVC rays are the highest energy, most dangerous type of ultraviolet light. Little attention has been given to UVC rays in the past since they are filtered out by the atmosphere.

The vacuum system can penetrate about 4 inches so they flipped the mattress over to do the other side. After each cleaning, they also spray with this orange essential oil alcohol solution to stop the dust mites from multiplying again.

For those who are interested, please visit Alamak, should charge commission/referral fees. Hee. ;P

RaeAnne's cough update and mattress cleaning

Brought RaeAnne to see TCM dr at Tampines St 43, recommended by hubby's colleague on Sunday. RaeAnne cried so much once she entered the room. Maybe cos the sinseh was a guy and wearing a mask. She was terrified. Cried even more when sinseh touched her fingers and felt her pulse. Luckily there was a playground nearby so hubby brought her out of the room once sinseh saw her.

Sinseh said it's not asthmatic cough (Phew!) and we can stop the med once she gets better. End up sinseh gave her 2 bottles of cough mixture (which smells and taste like pi pa gao). But it was much harder to feed her TCM med cos though it was sweet, it's also minty hot and she is not used to the taste. Until now, we are only giving her half the dosage cos we just can't syringe 5 syringes of the black stuff down the throat. Sigh, hope she gets better nonetheless.

Mummy finally got the professional cleaners to clean the mattress yesterday afternoon cos dust mites faeces may also be an allergen causing RaeAnne's cough. I tried out De Hygienique service. And look what they suck out from my 4.5 years Sealy mattress after just 1 minute of demo. So scary! :P In the end, I paid $65 to clean 1 Queen size mattres and my baby cot mattress. The cleaner said regular maintenance should be once every 6 months.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Super nose and MS triggers

Thought I better note this somewhere before I forget. There are a lot of smells I can't stand now and most of them were different smell triggers when I was expecting RaeAnne.

Smells I can't stand when:

Expecting RaeAnne
1) Frying of Garlic,
2) Frying of Onions,
3) Smell of Curry
4) Smell and taste of fish
5) Smell of Daddy's Snake brand talcum powder
6) Smell of Palmers stretchmark cream

Expecting Baby no. 2
1) Smell of boiling porridge or 'muay'
2) Smell of boiling instant noodles (before condiments are added)
3) Smell of stew (lor)
4) Smell and taste of fishballs
5) Smell of Daddy's Snake brand talcum powder
6) Smell of Axe brand medicated oil
7) Frying of onions. :(

Yesterday I experimented and it seems that if I eat every 2-3 hours even if my nose and mouth rejects the food initially, my MS is better. Maybe it's because it doesn't trigger my gastric problems which aggravates the situation. The antacid helps too. I take it when I'm feeling super bloated after a meal which is happening all the time now.

P.S. Aiyoh, just smelled frying of onions after I posted. Definitely CAN'T STAND THE SMELL. Better add to the list now.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Baby size

Mummy was comparing the old US scans of RaeAnne and found one taken on 15 June 07 (when she was 7 weeks 4 days old), her CRL was 9mm. Baby no. 2's scan taken earlier in the day was already 10.5mm and it's only exactly 7 weeks.

Hmm... Dr Wong says second baby tends to be bigger, don't know if it's true. Anyway, glad to know that baby is growing well even though I have very bad MS nowadays. Drinking honey lemon water and eating crackers but one aggravates my gastric while the other makes me heaty and want to cough. Arggh.... Told hubby to knock me out and wake me up when 12 weeks is over. :P

The worst thing is RaeAnne's cough seems to be getting worse, more phelgmy in fact. Sigh, wish my MS can go away and my energy will return. I'll rather take care of her myself when she is sick. :(

Thursday, April 23, 2009

First visit to TMC, saw BB's heartbeat! :)

This morning, finally went for my first appt with Dr Joycelyn Wong, TMC today. Must say she is very nice and patient dr, very reassuring with my questions. Saw bb's heart beat today, CRL is 10.5mm. EDD on ultrasound is 8 Dec but Dr Wong said she'll keep to 10 Dec since that's the date according to my LMP.

But arghh, I still cannot make up my mind whether to switch to TMC though dr Wong very nice because 1) I don't have good vibes when walking around TMC maybe because it's cramped and not much shops. Very boring when waiting for appt. Or maybe I'm too used to KK liao, kept going there for LC visits so the place machiam like second home to me. Thinking of going for TMC hosp tour before I make up my mind 2) Transport wise, really can't stand the Thomson exit from PIE, I took a cab there this morning and the cab spent more than 10mins just trying to exit. And it was 10am, not peak hour somemore. Can't imagine if I rushing for delivery how? 3) Anyone knows how much TMC LC charge for clinic consultation vs home visit cos I always kenna blocked ducts type. I know my KK LC so well but I know she gives priority to KK patients. Some pte hospital patients always try to book her cos KK cheaper I think ($55 per visit). If I switch to TMC, afraid I'll spend an even bigger bomb there visiting LCs. :P

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

RaeAnne is 15th months today!

Our little gal is officially 15 months old today. She can definitely walk better. She has 8 teeth so far, four upper and four lower. Physically she is quite strong, she can drag two small toyogo containers full of toys and walk off. She lost quite a fair bit of weight due to being sick for the last few weeks. If not, her chin won't be so sharp and cheeks will be chubbier. Mummy forgot to weigh her today so must remember to do that later. :) Nai Nai cut her fringe all the way to her ears yesterday, if not, she will look prettier. Sigh. What to do, she sweats a lot and they can't bear to see her hot. :P

P.S. Weighed her at night and she is only 9.1kg. Sigh, really lost weight. Poor gal. :P

Monday, April 20, 2009

5th visit to the PD!!!

Yesterday morning, brought RaeAnne went to see PD for the 5th time in the last 4 weeks liao. Her cough just didn't recover and she kenna diarrhoea on Sat. Super sianz. Now, PD said she has mild brochoasthma and the same allergy that caused her hives also caused the cough. I asked her what is the allergen, she said it could be dust mites, cockroach faeces etc but anyway, treatment is still the same. And this time, RaeAnne got a HUGE bottle of expensive cough syrup ($38) that will last her for 1.5 months, after that, still must go back and see PD cos need to take the cough syrup for 6 MONTHS!?! Faint lor, so 'sim tia' to see her taking medicine long term. Total PD damage yesterday - $87. This month spent more than $250 on PD visits liao.

Scared liao, yesterday changed and washed my bedsheet and today washed her bedsheets in case there's dust mites, thankfully, my PT cleaner came on Sunday so cleaned up the house. Right now, I'm also giving her DIY TCM, ground cordyceps and 'chuan bei' powder. Yesterday, also asked my mum to help me double boil cordyceps soup for her. My hubby very funny, he told my gal looks like you must drink Mummy's nen nen to be healthy. I told him can, but must wait for another 8 months leh. Once supply stop, cannot restore leh.

Anyway, after PD diagnose her with mild bronchoasthma, I've more or less decided on hiring a maid liao. Cost will be an concern but I can always send the maid back after a few years when the kids are bigger and more independent. If not, I won't have time to look after 2 kids and clean up the house religiously plus have my meals let alone BF/pump in peace. I think her recent PD visits is a wake up call, the children's health is top priority now, if money spent will lead to better quality of life then JUST DO IT.

Next step, must find a good maid agency and a good maid. Tough process cos heard so many complaints about maids. :P

Saturday, April 18, 2009

RaeAnne having the Runs

Poor RaeAnne, she poo poo 6 times today, first time was still nicely formed but soft ones. After that, it went downhill, she kept pooing loose stools and farting. Today ILs said they were busy and hubby had to go to school again for the debate competition. So I got to take care of RaeAnne myself. Luckily, SOSed my mum and she could come. But still I had to change RaeAnne's diapers 5 times before hubby came back in the evening. Poor gal, I don't know what she ate. I told hubby don't know if it was the Prima deli durian fudge cake which MIL fed her the cake part when I bought for them on Thursday. :P

Aiyoh! This year, she has been sick so many times. From Feb, she had stomach flu, then 3 weeks ago, she had hives, then coughing and cold, Already started giving her ground cordycep and ground 'chuan bei' powder on my 2nd auntie's advice but her cough is still there but seems less hacking. But now, coughing still haven't recover, today started diarrhoea and we noticed her under eye area is a bit swollen again. Don't know if it's allergy. Think may have to bring her to PD again tomorrow. :(

I don't know if it's because I stopped BF her in early Feb or she is allergic to some unknown allergen (ask PD before but she said if having acute attack, cannot test for allergy) because we didn't bring her to temple to pray beginning of the year or does Pig year 'fan tai sui'? Also don't want to be so pantang but so heartache to see her sick for so long. She slimmed down quite a bit over the last 3 weeks. No more double chin even when she smile liao. :(

P.S. Oh ya, today I made yong tau foo plus fishball and spinach kuay teow/chu bee hoon soup for me and hubby. RaeAnne saw it eating, kept coming to 'beg' for food. End up I let her try a bit of kuay teow. She LOVES it. Kept coming back for more but don't dare to give her too much cos of her diarrhoea, I break it up into 1cm squares and gave her a few pieces in the end. Since it's home cooked, minimal seasoning, should be ok lar. Anyway, once she starts attending CC playgroup, I can't control the food also. Let her slowly get used to outside food bah. :P

Friday, April 17, 2009

RaeAnne's persistent cough

Sigh, heard RaeAnne coughing so hard in her sleep just now. Think there's phelgm but she just can't spit it out. Poor gal. Sick for so long, saw PD 4 times already. Thinking of stopping the medicine and trying TCM this weekend liao. :(

Monday, April 13, 2009

Gai gai day for RaeAnne :)

RaeAnne woke up bright and early today at 7am, maybe because she knocked out from 12+am to 6am last night after taking her med. We brought her to Macdonalds at TM again for breakfast. Hotcakes happy meal again. This time, she got a Pokemon toy and a Yellow balloon. :)

Then Daddy wanted to go to Safra to buy cheap DVDs as there is a warehouse sale. We bought $160 worth of VCDs and DVDs, mostly hubby's and RaeAnne. The house is really running out of storage space liao. Daddy promised me to shift through his DVDS, books and other barang to clear space. I will hold him to his words cos we really need space for no. 2. :P

After the trip, RaeAnne had porridge and knocked out from 1pm to 230pm. Decided to visit my cousin and 2nd aunt who stays at Serangoon North. RaeAnne had fun mingling, less shy this time but she cried when she saw my cousin's hubby cos long time never see. :P We went to sunshine park and the kids had a WHALE of a time eating their porridge in the park, first time experience for RaeAnne plus playing with bubbles. There were a lot of nice pixs but all in my cousins' cameras so will take some time to upload them. :)

P.S. Oh ya, yesterday Daddy said RaeAnne kissed him on the mouth. Yes, RaeAnne can kiss on demand some months ago but she's now getting more accurate and not shy at all about giving wet kisses with her mouth wide open and aiming straight at our mouths. So cute. Told hubby to enjoy this phase. Once she grows up, I'm sure her kisses are reserved for her bf(s). :P

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nasal drops

Hubby decided to bring RaeAnne to see PD again today. He was in a rush and we had a mini accident at the carpark. A woman had parked her car off centre blocking our exit from the carpark and hubby misgauged the distance. Our side mirror knocked into the other car's side mirror. The scratch on the black plastic looks whitish and temporary to me but hope we don't receive any lawyer's letter or inflated claims. :P

Had to wait almost 1 hr at the PD. Luckily today hubby got parking lot early so all of us (me, hubby, MIL and RaeAnne) got to enjoy some breakfast while waiting. Dr Lee said her lungs sound better, not much phelgm. When we told her she seems breathless while drinking milk and can't sleep well. She said it may be due to blocked nose and gave us some nasal drops, new med for cough and new med for blocked nose. Hope this new lot of medicine works. Total damage: $43.

Mummy is eyeing the new Medela freestyle pump because it has 2 phase expression like the PIS advance but it's only one quarter of the size. There is an overseas spree for Medela freestyle now, but it'll still cost about $550 including international shipping It's retailing at nearly $900 in Singapore.

So decided to sell my PIS Advance and Mini Electric Plus at SMF Oh ya, I still have 2 sets of Avent manual pump which are hardly used. Maybe I should sell that too. Pool all the $ together then I can get the Freestyle. :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

RaeAnne only napped for 30mins today

Last 2 nights, RaeAnne has been sleeping on our bed cos Daddy see her so poor thing, cannot sleep well. He wanted her to sleep better on our bed. But it's still tough for her to sleep flat maybe because the mucus is stuck in her nose so she has difficulties breathing. She has no problem sleeping on daddy's shoulder though but Mummy is afraid that it will become a habit for her, sleeping on our bed and falling asleep on daddy's shoulders. Anyway, we put her to bed earlier at 830pm today and she could only sleep on Daddy's shoulders, just woke up crying, slept for less than 30mins. Sigh, don't know whether we should bring her to see PD again. :P

Sigh, I finally confirmed my hubby's medical benefits. Hubby's under MSO scheme and it's really lousy. He can only claim if it's subsidised care (ie. I can't choose gynae and need a referral from polyclinic) and even then the cap is $350 for the officer including the dependents. Aiyoh, that means even if I don't choose my gynae, my hubby can only claim up to $350 (co pay 15% for officer and co pay 40% for dependents) per year and that's only if he or RaeAnne doesn't claim at all for that year. As for hospitalisation, maternity can't claim at all! :/ Duh, like that there's no real difference between going to KK or TMC in terms of cost savings.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tampines 1 finally opened!

Mummy has been looking forward to Tampines 1 opening for sometime. Went to Tampines 1 just now too but without my gal lar. Went to Manpuku to eat with my photographer friend. It's like Japanese Marche and on level 3, a lot of Japanese people eating there. At 11:30am, there was already a long queue. Price reasonable lar, I ordered a pork modanyaki but it still doesn't taste as good as my defunct favourite hiroshima okonomikayi at Taka, B1. But going to Manpuku these 2 days is good to go cos you get 50% discount voucher for next visit. Got a balloon for RaeAnne from Manpuku.

Uniqlo's queue, the Japanese flagship store at Level 2 was so long I gave up. Nothing much to buy there anyway. Very happy to see Challenger at Tampines 1. Finally bought a wireless mouse for my laptop. RaeAnne spoilt two of my retractable optical mice by tugging at the cord. :P Went to Les enphant, they are having opening sale 20% storewide discount and if you spend more than $40 and get a free baby pillow worth $10 plus you get to be their member. Bought a set of long sleeve pyjamas and 1 set of minnie mouse t shirt/pants set and 1 pair of mickey mouse tight pants for RaeAnne. Went to cold storage at B1 too, saw so many types of sausages and cheese. It was an eye opener. Wanted to buy bbq chicken but it's $7.95, twice the price we paid for our previous CC Cold storage before NTUC took over so I didn't buy. :P

RaeAnne is still coughing

Poor gal is still coughing and has phelgm. 2nd aunt visited today with ground cordyceps powder and bird nest soup, she said it's good for cough and boosting her immune system. Hope MIL gives it to her tomorrow and it'll help. She's been taking so much medicine but not sleeping well in the nights, see already very heart pain. :(

Time to think of a new name for our blog

Why a new name? Cos we are going to have a moo moo cow to our family of 3 by 10 Dec 09. And Mummy definitely won't have time to maintain 2 blogs so it'll be a combined blog after this. Hee.

Ok, time to rewind to last week.... ;)

30 Mar (Last Monday)
RaeAnne woke up crying at 530am, had to wake up and feed her milk. Since I woke up liao, kiasu mummy decided might as well test hpt as I have a follow up dental appointment at National Dental Centre. My LMP was 5 Mar so I haven't even missed my menses yet and I had no symptoms so I was not expecting much when I tested, more for peace of mind so that I can fill up the pre xray patient PARQ with some conviction because there will always be a question "Are you pregnant? Yes or No?" And "Don't know" is not an option on the form. ;P

So, I tested, only 1 line. I was about to throw away the hpt strip when I read the instructions that I got to wait full 5 mins for negative result so I WAITED. Then another super faint line appeared besides the control line. I was shocked and wondered if my eyes are playing tricks on me at 530am in the morning? Asked hubby to see the test strip to make sure that there really is a line. Because it's so early and the line was so faint, I'm really not sure if it's confirmed. But that afternoon, I decided to tell dentist that I may be pregnant so put the xray and implant surgery on hold until I confirm.

31 March 09
I bought Clear Blue digital pregnancy test kit to test so that no need to interpret lines. Hehe, dejavu man when I saw the familiar word again after a lapse of 22 months. ;) Then over the few days, I tested with all the hpt strips I had and the line darkened. Wanted to see gynae asap for a scan but could only get appt on 23 April for the highly popular TMC gynae Dr Jocelyn Wong. Was too anxious cos I started having spotting last Wed, pulling pains, backaches etc so I decided to call KK Appt Centre and they gave me an appt on Fri 3 April for Dr S F Loh, whom I saw on 10 Feb 09.

3 April 09
Dr Loh scanned but couldn't see sac. He said I'm only 4 weeks so still too early. I was worried about ectopic pregnancy cos this time I got some slight spotting and pulling pains so he ordered a blood hcg test for me. He also prescribed duphaston, hormone pills to support the pregnancy. He asked me to email him on Sat for the results

4 April 09
Anxiously emailed him in the morning but he was busy seeing patients, replied only 1-2 hours later. He said 953miu/L, don't expect to see sac in womb. I was confused because he didnt say whether it's good news or bad news. Normal or not. So I called TPS again and the nurse promised to pass the message to him. Then got another email from him, he clarified the results is expected level for pregnancy and normal. Phew! A sign of relief but it still took another 1-2 days before spotting cleared.

8 April 09
Had follow up appt with Dr Loh at 330pm at TPS. Kept drinking water so that I have a full bladder but only saw him close to 5pm, bladder going to burst liao. Thankfully, we can see the sac this time. It's only 7.6mm at the moment. Next appointment is 3 weeks later. Hopefully, able to see bb's heart beat then. :)

Yesterday, when hubby told ILs that RaeAnne is going to be a cheh cheh, MIL's face had no expression whatsoever, she just repeated hubby's words listlessly. A BIG world of difference compared to when they knew we were expecting no. 1 lor. Instead she commented that it's end of cow tail baby again. I told her no, this year it's in Dec so not officially tail yet. Then she said most important is that after do full month celebration then CNY. Duh, every year CNY also different day, how to be sure? Hubby is also born in January what. If so easy to plan then why she also plan for hubby to be born in Jan since she don't like tail end baby?

Thought they will be happy that we got baby so fast this time but they don't look thrilled at all. Hubby said they not excited because 1 RaeAnne already keep them so busy. Feel quite hurt lor, I especially try in March, hoping to give them a grandson and they are not appreciative at all. In the end, told hubby that even if ye ye and nai nai not excited about baby no. 2, it's ok, I will still shower no. 2 with all my love. But I still feel it's not fair to no. 2 lor that Ye Ye and Nai Nai have such reaction, never even say a single 'hao' or 'good' word. It's as if we just broke BAD NEWS to them. Why is MIL so concerned about the full month celebration being close to CNY, if her relatives can't make it cos too busy for CNY, then dun invite lor, save $$$, even better. Poor baby! :( Thinking now that hubby's idea to hire maid is probably right after seeing his parents' reaction about baby no. 2.

As it's still very early stage of pregnancy, I'm not going to announce the happy news YET. But to be fair to baby no. 2 who will grow up one day and hopefully enjoy reading this blog, I don't want to hide his or her existence on this blog cos all entries are dated. But those of you who read my blog especially my ex colleagues, friends and cousins, PLEASE DO NOT BREATHE A WORD TO ANYONE UNTIL I PASS THE 1ST TRIMESTER! Thank you, kum Sia many many! :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

RaeAnne coughing

RaeAnne started coughing more yesterday. Poor thing, guess she did catch the cold bug from Daddy after all. She didn't get any cough syrup until at night when she came back from ILs place. ILs were too busy feeding the anitobiotics and anti itch med but lost track of the other two (cough med and allergy med). I went over to help but thankfully she was still her energetic self but can see that she has lost some weight as she has been sick for 1 week plus liao. Hope she recovers soon.

Selling BRAND NEW Secondhand items

Mummy went through RaeAnne's cupboards at ILs place and found lot of brand new and unused items. Posted on WTS thread but decided it's better to use my own blog for advertisement so that I don't need to keep bumping up the thread at WTS.

Click on the links to see. Collection at Tampines St 71, Tampines MRT (at my convenience) or buyer to pay for postage. If you buy more than 1 item, and pick up at my block. I will give away Gain IQ $3 voucher or Gain IQ birthday voucher (expiry in Sept 09) or Enfagrow sample satchets (expiry in 2010). Free gift only while stocks last)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mummy spoke too soon

Last night, RaeAnne was scratching whole night and this morning can see the scars all over her upper arm liao. We gave antihistamine but not the allergy medicine. This moring when we saw that that the area below her eyes and above her mouth is swollen. We decided to bring her to see PD again cos we don't know if it's related to the fever she had. This is the 3rd PD visit in this week.

In the end, PD prescribed 4 different types of medicine! One for allergy, one antibiotics, one for cough and one more for running nose/itch. Poor gal cried so hard when we had to feed her medicine 4 times in a row. :(

Hope she gets well soon. My mum who saw her on Tues and then on Sat said our dear gal lost weight liao, face not so round anymore. :P

Tomorrow, Mummy is going to take a rest and let ILs look after RaeAnne. They were away in Malaysia for 'Qing Ming' festival the last 2 days.

RaeAnne's better

Her temperature today average 37+ so there is no need to continue her medicine. Yeah! Keep forgetting to log this down. RaeAnne is sprouting her 7 and 8th tooth soon. We lost track after her 2.5 teeth. Mummy & Daddy so terrible right? ;P

Her two front teeth are the biggest and they are only half sprouted as of now. She probably takes after Mummy for that. ;P About 2 weeks ago, her bottom right tooth came out and this week, the bottom left tooth is also emerging. She's going to be able to eat more adult food soon. :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

RaeAnne had high fever

This morning around 6am, RaeAnne cried from her sleep. Hubby proceeded to make milk as usual but when he carried her out of her cot. He felt that she was very hot to touch. We took her temperature using the ear thermometer and we were shocked. One ear was 39.9 and the other was 40.1. She was fine last night when she slept at 10+pm and when she woke up again at 12+pm. Don't know what's wrong. We debated whether to bring her to KKH or PD but decided to give the 'neurofen' first. I kept sponging her while hubby kept taking her temperature.

Luckily, the temperature came down and around 9am, we brought her to the usual Tampines Round Market PD. The PD checked her, the rashes are gone but her throat looks a bit red. She suspects Upper Respiractory Tract Infection and asked if she has cough or cold recently or whether anyone in the family has fever. But the answer was no to both. Anyway, PD said since it's only 1 day of fever, she will rather not give antibotics so she gave paractemol and ask us to return if fever is still there on Sunday.

We brought her to ILs place after that as I had no time in the morning to cook porridge. We left close to 12noon as hubby needs to get back to school. Then around 4pm, I went over to help out. Her temp was 38.3 then so I fed the paractemol. Gave medicine again at 845pm after returning from ILs place. Just took her temp one hour ago and it was 37.1. Hope the fever stays down.