The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Holiday Fun (Part 2 - Little Big Club, JB)

On Friday, we rented a private MPV with driver to bring us to Hello Kitty Town and Little Big club with my cousin Shirley, her MIL and two kids. The rental costs $250 and the MPV can fit up to 10 pax. I enjoyed the convenience cos this time we don't need to get up and down at the two customs unlike our last trip in Dec when we took the coach bus.

In Dec, we did not go to Little Big club so this time we booked the 2 park tickets online. When we met Mr Lee, our driver, he told us we could have asked him to help us buy cos Malaysians get discounted rates. Oh well, next time...

The driver picked us at 8am and our target was to reach Hello Kitty Town at 10am but we reached slightly before 10.25am. We were slightly delayed cos there was heavy morning traffic at Kaki bukit on our way to pick Shirley and thereafter cos Mr Lee thought we wanted to go via Woodlands checkpoint but we told him to detour to Tuas checkpoint thinking it will be faster, hopefully less jammed. But at least we made it in time for the meet and greet session by Hello Kitty and Daniel that Shirley wanted cos it was from 10-1030am. haha.

The place was so empty. We didn't need to queue at all. Good choice to come on a weekday ahead of Malaysia school holidays. After two spinning, dizzy rounds at HK teacups, we split up with Shirley as I wanted to bring the gals to Little Big club first since they have never been there. Thomas the train show was ongoing but RL was not keen so I brought her to Barney playground while RA stayed with Daddy.

11am was Angelina Ballerina dance lesson so I brought RL there first so that she can dress up in the tutu. Both gals joined in the dance but although RL has been taking ballet lessons, she couldn't follow the moves. Think the instructions were too fast for her, haha, RA had no problem though.

After Angelina ballerina show, we let them loose at Bob the builder indoor playground and they had fun running and playing the slides and 3d brick jigsaw. Saw Pingu the Penguin so we went to take photos. RL immediately hugged Pingu's big tummy. haha. We caught up with Shirley & co and we went up to Thomas the Train play zone at level 4 together.

The kids warmed up by then so they had fun taking the helicopter rides, school bus rides. RA tried the fast descending lift ride with daddy. I was hungry and quickly assembled a huge table with 8 chairs and 1 baby chair for lunch.

After lunch, RA wanted to sit on the bumper cars. We queued together but RL did not meet the 110cm height requirement for the bumper car rides and she cried buckets so I distracted her and brought her for the train ride. We went for 3 rounds cos the gals wanted to sit inside the only 'blue' thomas train carriage and yet another round cos RA wanted to sit in the only carriage with side mirrors.

All in all, they had fun. We left HKT at 4pm and went to KSL city for shopping and dinner. We shopped at Tesco and had dinner at Kinsahi and left KSL at 8pm. There was a jam at Woodlands causeway and we finally reached home at 930pm. But it was great that the van brought us all the way back to our flat so even though we had quite a few bags of stuff, it was easy to manage. This was the first time we hired an MPV to Malaysia and it won't be the last time as long as we can gather 8-10pax to maximise the rental, we are good to go. haha.

Holiday fun! (Part 1 - SEA Aquarium at RWS)

It's March hols again. Glad to have a breather for both Daddy and I after a hectic 10 weeks of school term. We have not been spending enough time with the kids recently. So to make it up to them. We brought them to two places this week.

Thursday, we went to SEA Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa with some of the SMH Jan08 mummies and their kiddos. NTUC card members get a special deal, 2 adult tics for $50 instead of $29 each. And 2 child tickets for $35. Kids below 4 years old do not need to pay. The mummies decided to band together and buy the tickets so that we can all have discounted tics. Haha.

We reached the place around 10am, I took away some pastries from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf while waiting for the other mummies to arrive. The kids were all a bit shy initially. But I was proud of RA who was willing to take this group photo with the other gals. :)

Raelynn refused to join in and threw a tantrum though. Only later when we were alone, she confided in me that cos she didn't want to take photo cos she didn't want to raise her arm, she only wants to do the 'V' finger sign when taking photos.

We had to walk through the Maritime Experiential Museum to get to SEA Aquarium. Frankly, MEM is not very interested for the gals cos they are too young. They want to touch the touch screen video displays but don't know how to play the games.

When we went inside SEA aquarium, it is really much bigger than the older aquarium ie. Underwater world. There were lots of fishes and coral reefs, sea jellies (jelly fish), puffer fish, and even huge lobsters that made me think instantly of yummy lobster sashimi. There is a huge Ocean Restaurant in the middle of the aquarium where diners can watch the fishes and Manter rays as they swim by. Wonder if they serve fish and whether diners will feel guilty eating it there. hee.

But the only fish Raelynn was interested was nowhere to be found even after we had some snacks at the cafe near OCEAN restaurant. She was looking for SHARK. She kept asking me where is the shark but the shark tank was the very last tank just next to the exit. Save the best for last? Maybe for a patient kid, not mine. ;P

The cellular phone network inside the SEA aquarium is really bad so beware. I called my hubby 6 times cos he brought RA to the toilet and we were separated and his phone did not ring at all. End up, we missed joining some of the other mummies for lunch cos I was stuck inside trying to look for him.