The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sticky koala bear

Cooked thick bee hoon soup with meatballs, egg tofu and chye sim for lunch today. RaeAnne ate enthusiastically in the beginning and soon began to play with her food while trying to feed herself. Hubby was getting quite frustrated dealing with this messy eater cos he's not just nimble and agile with his swollen ankle and I was busy trying to cook hubby and my portion. Didn't cook the bee hoon together cos I pre-cut RaeAnne's bee hoon into smaller strands, chopped up the chye sim for her too.

In the end, I told hubby, forget it, let her play and throw all she wants. We'll clean the floor and throw away the entire set of old newspaper soaked with the soup poured by her. Now that she's insisting to self feed herself, boy am I glad that my maid is coming soon. Should have taken a photo of the mess and threaten her when she grows up. She won't be able to find a 'handsome good complexion' hubby next time if she keeps up the messy eating habits. Hee. :P

RaeAnne had a slight fever of 38 degree during her afternoon nap. She only napped for 1 hr from 1pm to 2pm then woke We didn't gave her panadol syrup automatically in the morning hoping that last night's dose was enough but apparently not. So, we gave her panadol again but she didn't want to go back to sleep so we decided to go to my 2nd aunt's home.

RaeAnne was ok in the beginning, today her cousins Su-Anne and Ho wen were not around as they have gone for Kindermusik class. She was curious about the surroundings and went to find her favourite toys. Towards evening, she got more and more grouchy, aggravated by the fact that she knocked her head against the glass coffee table while trying to drag a small plastic stool while negotiating the narrow gap between the sofa and the coffee table. The impact was great as it was a loud thud. 2nd aunt and hubby were trying to pinpoint the exact part to apply ointment but hair was covering her head and they really couldn't find where her head had struck.

It went downhill from there. She wanted me to carry her everywhere, cannot even go toilet. See me missing, she'll cry. 2nd aunt cooked porridge for her but she barely ate half a small bowl. We went for dinner at the nearby coffee shop and I could hardly eat cos she didn't want anyone else even hubby. Even had to sit on my lap before she agree to eat some rice and fish from our dinner.

Never seen her so sticky to me before even when I was first pregnant. Don't know if it's part of adjustment to playgroup cos Mummy will 'abandon' her for a few hours every morning so she's paranoid. Anyway, hope this phase will pass soon. :P With a limping hubby and a pregnant and clumsy mummy, we really can't cope with this type of stickiness now.

We left early close to 845pm and she slept in the car. When we reached home, dream fed her her milk and the panadol syrup. She protested and cried a bit but luckily went back to sleep. Think she'll be up early tomorrow morning so I better sleep early too. :P

Oh ya, she bites her nails and pulls on the skin around her nails. Somemore, everytime show me her red and swollen nail bed and ask me to cut her skin tags for her. Her nails are so short but yet she puts them into her mouth. If I catch her and ask her to take out her finger, she'll protest and whine. I'm wondering if I should resort to buying those bitter solution to apply on her nails? Or is this just another phase? :P


Blessedbaby said...

hi Pauline, you can buy floor messy mat to put under Raeanne's highchair. It saves cleaning work. ;-) HTH

Piggy Family said...

Hi, I did ask hubby previously but it's no use cos after 'training' at my MIL's place, she doesn't want to it on her high chair anymore. Worse, nowadays she'll wriggle out of the straps and stand up so hubby thinks it's too dangerous to use it. Sigh.