The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oscar Scan

Went for my Oscar scan, hospital tour and gynae appt at TMC today. Had to reach there at 830am this morning cos I didn't have appt (Sat appts are fully booked) so we left RaeAnne to sleep over at ILs place today. MIL has appt with friend at 2pm so we must rush back before that. Everything was back to back but baby was guai guai (already told BB in the car to lie down in nice position for the sonographer to scan) so the Oscar scan only took 10mins. Also took blood so results will only be out next Tues.

The TMC tour was ok, the delivery suites did look in need of renovation, tired looking but the wards were very nice esp the newly renovated Super Deluxe rooms, suites etc.

After that, went back to Dr Joycelyn Wong's clinic to see dr. Decided to sign the package so that she can scan for me again. The sonographer was a woman of few words and very minalist. So, I didn't get a chance to ask if she saw bb's gender. Dr Wong said she will try and check for me. BB is 6.5cm long, heart beat 154 and looks like I'm going to have another princess cos scan showed nothing in between the legs.

Hubby insists he is not disappointed at all. Already broke the news to ILs, didn't want them to harbour any false hopes (if any). They are ok as well, said gals good, no need to go through NS and worry about sudden death!?! Hah, so extreme meh? Actually, I think RaeAnne will be happier with a sister (can play together, next time go shopping, share clothes, etc). I always wanted a sister, asked my mum many times when I was young why she didn't give me a sister. Esp when I quarrelled with my bro. Hee. Well, looks like we save $$ cos really nothing to buy liao since gal again. :)

Just a bit disappointed that the Chinese gender calendar predictor didn't work this time. Hee.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pagi Sore & playground playdate

Brought RaeAnne to TM for BK's breakfast, tired of Mac and wanted to try BK's bf. Compared to Mac, BK is cramped and not enough Bb chairs, Hubby had to ask from another family before RaeAnne got a seat. Dressed RaeAnne in her purple polo dress and this time, a little boy half a head taller than her beow her when we were walking to BK. Too bad I couldn't take any photos cos the camera was flat, forgot to recharge batteries after yesterday's outing to the beach. :P

Been wanting to go back to Pagi Sore for lunch or dinner for a long time. First ate there when I was working in a PR agency way back. The job sucks but I had fond memories of this restaurant. Now, they moved to bigger premises at Telok Ayer Street. Today the opportunity came up because after we came back from TM around 11+am, RaeAnne knocked out in the car. No amount of cajoling would make our gal wake up, she did open her eyes to peep at a dog when Daddy kept telling her got dog dog when we walked from the carpark back home. But she was just too tired cos she woke up early at 7am and after milk, refused to go back to sleep. :P So, we decided to change plans, take the porridge (already ready in the slow cooker by the time we came back) and bring her to ILs place so that she can continue her nap while hubby and I can go to China square central. Hubby can go 'beow' his toys while I can eat at Pagi Sore again. :)

We ordered the fish with otah sauce, tahu telur and the fried kangkong. It was too much for us esp the fried kangkong (which the waiter recommended that we take the medium cos small is too little for both of us). He must have thought we were gluttons. Anyway, the fish is a bit overdone but still goes well with the sauce, talu telur was big and the fried kangkong tasted very nice, nice smoky fragrance. Too stuffed so we could not order any dessert, their chendol and avocado dessert were supposed to be good. ;P

Today, RaeAnne got to play with Carrie Mei Mei (XY, Feb08 mummy's gal) at my mum's playground cos XY and my mum stays at the same block. So coincidental right? ;) Both gals were a bit shy but Carrie looks so girly with her big big eyes, wavy long hair while mine looked like a tomboy (I am not responsible for her dressing this time as she was at ILs place with minimalist Daddy). I went up to XY's place to collect something from her sister who organises BPs for kids stuff.

Even my bro agreed that the two gals look so different and mine looked like a tomboy when we were going back to my mum's unit. RaeAnne looked a bit downcast and sian when 'gu gu' said that. She must have detected the tone in voice. Quickly reassure her that Mummy and Gu Gu still love you lar. Hairstyle and clothes is not something that she can choose for herself at this age after all. And it is a very hot day and Daddy and Nai Nai doesn't know about this impromptu playdate so didn't bother to dress you up. ;)

Carrie Mei Mei :)

RaeAnne Cheh Cheh? :)

Love ya, you'll always be Mummy's darling princess! :)

First outing to the beach :)

Was busy chasing BOF (boys over flowers) Korean dramas for a few days. But today, I did break away from the laptop so that hubby and I could bring her to the Pasir Ris beach. The outing was cut short though cos she hates the sand. She didn't cry when we took out her sandals and set her on the sand. It was more like, the more she felt the grainy stuff between her toes, the more she don't like. The more she realised she can't get rid of them cos they are everywhere, she'll start whining and want us to carry liao. I let her step on my bare feet to walk to show her that sand is ok plus hubby making sand moulds for her but also no use. Look at her grouchy face at the beach and how she put her heel onto the ground so that her toes don't touch the sand. Haha.

Hubby said she's a city gal. Luckily, we were well prepared, brought talcum powder (actually prickly heat powder) to apply on her feet so that the sand can be easily dusted off. Had to carry her and dust off all the sand from her toes and let her sit on my lap before I could get this photo. Told hubby that's why important to expose her to more things when she is young because 'chu sheng zhi du bu pa hu' (ie. a new born calf does not fear the tiger cos it doesn't even know what is tiger. haha.) ;P

After the beach, we went to E hub, "New York" for dinner. Hubby had the bbq ribs while I had the brawurst wrapped in bacan and cheese. Food was ok, service was slow, got to keep repeating my requests to the waiter and waitresses. But the fun thing was that they had a cotton candy making machine so you can request for cotton candy for free. I let RaeAnne had a taste of it (let it touch her tongue and upper lip) and she wanted more. Of course no lar. Haha.

The funniest thing that happened while at the New E-Hub (at Downtown East) to have our dinner and feed RaeAnne's porridge. And an Indian Lady with her husband and 19 month old gal (Asha ree?) approached me and said. "Hi, I read your blog a few times. Your gal's name is RaeAnne right?" I was like dumbstruck. I told the lady yes but asked her how she found out about my blog. Turned out she was googling about bumbo seat and was directed to my site cos I had a photo of RaeAnne on her purple bumbo seat. Haha, told hubby I suddenly feel so famous, and honestly very flattered.

At night, when we were preparing RaeAnne for last milk feed and bed, when hubby mentioned 'sand', RaeAnne was so 'traumatised?' that she immediately started wriggling her toes as if trying to get rid of the sand between her toes. I had to remind her that she already bathed, no more sand. So cute. :P

P.S. To the Indian lady who stays at Tampines St 21 who read my blog, thanks for reading my blog and calling out to me. Sorry I didn't catch your name and the correct spelling for your gal's name. ;)

Friday, May 22, 2009

RaeAnne is 16 months today!!! :)

RaeAnne woke up at 630am and slept again until 945am after milk feed. After I changed her wet diapers and put her pyjamas back on then I realised that today is 22 May so she's 16 months today. Decided to dress her up 'mei mei' in a nice sleeveless dress and her new white Clarks shoes since today is a special day. She refused to smile until I gave her my camera case to play. Finally managed to get a good shot at home and at Nai Nai's place when she was busy eating porridge. She was like a pretty doll today, even a uncle on bicycle turned to look at her while we were waiting to cross the road at the pedestrian crossing. ;)

So, what is new in the past month?

1) She can now undo the zip of my camera case. Last time, she don't know how to open the zipper and will make a lot of noise until we unzip for her. Oh no, another barrier removed for her to open and explore things. :P
2) She can say 'Na2' or 'Nay Nay' (sounds like Nai Nai). Most of the time, she will say 'Bye' upon request too.
3) She can now stand on the weighing scale herself but don't know why when she's alone, she's lighter, 2 days ago, her weight was only 9.5 kg. Hmmm...?
4) She can slide down a low slide on her own, I tried it 2 weeks ago, let go of her at the top and she slide down fine. Didn't cry when she reached the bottom even though I was not there. I quickly slide down to pick her up before other kids crash into her. ;)
5) Can understand conversation very well. Even though she can't speak yet. Eg. when Nai Nai complained that she 'man3 tou2 da4 han4, she immediately went to fetch a paper fan for me to fan her. When I started flipping her wet hair (after Nai Nai bathed her), she immediately went to pull her towel hung over the dining chair so that I can dry her hair. Will pull or push the chair so that she can climb and get access to what she wants eg. kitchen cabinet, kitchen table, dining table. She's not the least worried and doesn't give up even if she is hanging of the table with only her hands like tarzan. If she wants, means she wants. Very determined gal.
6) Throwing tantrums still no improvement. Will throw away things and scream when her requests are rejected.
7) Sleeping through the night, nope except on lucky nights. Most nights, she'll wake up to cry for no reason and want us to carry her. :P She still loves to poke and lie on my belly although I keep trying to stop her by telling her 'cannot, wait baby pain pain'. Loves to kiss and babble to my tummy too. If she does this at night, I'll tell her that 'baby sleep already, don't disturb baby, bb not listening to you' But she'll only get angry and babble more. ;P

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

KP sale & Music

There was a storewide KP sale for GSS. Took the opportunity to go and buy the stroller hooks that I've been meaning to buy for the Maclaren stroller for a long time. Also bought a 'xylophone' for RaeAnne. This mummy keeps buying musical instruments for her cos I never had a chance to have music or piano lessons cos my parents didn't believe in such things.

Hubby has a flair for music cos according to MIL, his teacher actually told MIL to send him for piano lessons but he was already taking art lessons and taekwando then. FIL was not keen to send him to too many enrichment lessons, also cost was an issue as FIL was the sole breadwinner as a secondary teacher. Even now, hubby can bang out tunes of Chinese or English pop songs using RaeAnne's 8 key Fisher Price Grand Piano. Hope RaeAnne inherits Daddy's flair for music. :)

Sunday, when we were at TM, I especially let RaeAnne go into Yamaha to 'play' with the pianos/organs. She likes it so much. She keeps wanting me to carry her so that she can continue banging on the keys (the Yamaha shop was very clever not to provide any stools for the display organs). But I was too tired after a while and hubby didn't offer to take over as he wanted to go to the CD shop. Think I got to start looking for music appreciation lessons for RaeAnne since she'll be turning 18 mths in July. I'm sure Yamaha doesn't offer cos I enquired previously, before she even turned 1 year old in fact, kiasu mummy. :P

Some forum mummies were discussing on what kind of adult food they have allowed their toddlers to take. Some kids have even tried ice cream, coffee, curry etc. Till now, we don't dare to let RaeAnne try ice cream and packet drinks. Our rationale is ignorance is bliss, don't let her try, she'll make noise for sure but at least it's limited, distract with some other food she CAN eat but ok liao. But once she tastes it and knows the taste, there's no stopping her liao. As it is, she scream the house down if she wants something and we don't want to give it to her. Her favourite word now is "Beh Beh Beh". No, it doesn't stand for something as innocent as Bear, that's Bear Bear. "Beh Beh Beh" is her own short form for "O-PEN. A word I taught her, hehe, and she picked this up the fastest cos it's such a useful word to her now. :P

Oh ya, went to Challenger and decided against pre booking Sims3 ($74.90) because I'm not sure if I'll have time to play leh. :P Hiaz. Also checked out Canon Ixus 110 IS recommended by Jan forum mummies that it's fast and reactive, a Point and Shoot camera that is good for taking kids' photos. The salesman offered me $499 instead of $549, a 8 gb card, camera case but I'm more keen on the free batteries. Actually, I've been eyeing a DSLR for a long time, nothing can beat the DSLR in terms of shooting portrait shots (face in focus with blurry background kind of photos) but I'm also having doubts because with 2 kids, there'll definitely be a lot of things to carry in future, will I bother to lug a DSLR out and have time to take the photos esp when hubby is not a photo enthusiast? Duh... :P

First puke

Sigh, had my first puke today. Had left over pizza (from lunch) for supper just now but felt so miserable. Took antacid around 9pm and gastric pills at 10+pm but it didn't help. Actually I didn't puke much but it was a relief to get something out of my system when it was making me feel so bloated and painful. :(

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend here and gone

Another weekend came and gone. As usual, we didn't do much. Sat morning, RaeAnne woke up early at 8am, fed her milk but she didn't want to go back to sleep but I was too tired to really wake up. Slept in a bit more till 9+am while Daddy looked after her in the living room but she came into the room to 'disturb' me 3 times until I gave up sleeping. Started to prepare her porridge ingredients, by the time, I dumped everything into the slow cooker and ready to leave the house with Daddy and RaeAnne, it was already 10+am. Had to drop the idea of Macdonalds breakfast cos it'll be too close to her morning porridge feed at 11+am so we headed for a nearby coffee shop instead.

Gave RaeAnne a bit of the century egg, pigs liver porridge I was having (the plain porridge part before mixing the porridge) but she ended up pooing 3 times for the day and kept farting waking up a few times in the night. Not sure if it's because the porridge had liver that was not fully cooked in the beginning. Next time, better play safe and order plain porridge if I want to feed her.

This morning, she woke up at 8am again, after yesterday's lesson, I told hubby that I will only cook porridge when we are back using the normal pot. But I soaked the rice before leaving the house so that the porridge will cook faster when we are back. Went to TM again, RaeAnne seemed to be a bit 'sian' of her hot cakes cos she didn't eat much. She still likes the scrambled egg on my big breakfast though. Unfortunately, they didn't give out free balloons today. Poor RaeAnne was disappointed. While I was finishing up my muffin and taking a few more sips of my coffee (threw away more than 3 quarters of it, just drink for fun) Hubby said there was a stall giving away free balloon sculpture and RaeAnne was very interested but the queue was too long so he didn't get it for her. I would have queued and got it for her, I 'buay paiseh' one. But in hindsight, maybe it was a good thing that hubby didn't queue. Because we were very late in getting home. We spent some time at the kiddy rides, and at toy r us (bought her a foam water gun, a small basketball, and an air pump to inflate the swimming float we bought for her).

Today is also RaeAnne's first time at the arcade centre (she was very fascinated with all the machines), we let her play at the mini hammer machine but there was no hammer so she only got to see Daddy bash up the crocodiles/animals with his bare fist. Then, hubby had 2 rounds at the basketball loop game. She was quite excited to see so many balls, not afraid of the noise at all even though quite a few people were playing that. Then, we went to NTUC to buy bread and some cheap wet wipes (to clean up bb chairs and tables when we dine out). Too wasted to use the good Pigeon wet wipes for such stuff. :P

Ok, in the end, we left TM at 1145am and RaeAnne was so exhausted that she knocked out in the car. Told hubby to carry her carefully and let her have a nap since I need some time to cook her porridge anyway. We put her on the bumper mat where it's cooler and she slept until 1pm when my PT cleaner rang the doorbell and woke her up. Poor gal! After coaxing her to take her porridge, we bathed her and hubby brought her to ILs place so that she can continue to sleep. My PT cleaner will be vacuuming the floor and it'll be too noisy for her to sleep. Plus, she's so kaypoh, she'll follow and observe whatever the cleaner is doing if she hears any noise. ;P

Hubby only came back with her at 530pm after a few reminders. Turns out RaeAnne didn't sleep 1 wink there despite ye ye bringing her downstairs on the pram for very long. Instead, hubby fell asleep waiting for them to come up. :P

Went to my mum's and my bro and I brought her downstairs to the playground after hubby fed her dinner so that he has a chance to eat. She loves the place cos the rides are just the right size for her even the slides are the mini ones. :)

Came back at 9pm cos wanted to let her sleep earlier tonight and downstairs multipurpose hall had some concert going on. Kept hearing people sing Chinese oldie karaoke songs. Had to close all the windows in my MBR and service balcony (the toilet's window opens to the service balcony) to coax her to sleep. She slept at 945am but just woke up crying. Hubby carried her and she fell back to sleep. Hope she doesn't wake up anymore after this but I'm not really hopeful. :P

Friday, May 15, 2009

Saw baby move! :)

Went for my gynae visit in the afternoon at TMC. Appt was 445pm but had to wait till 545pm to see Dr Joycelyn Wong. Baby is now 3.57cm long. He or she was sleeping when the gynae started scanning but when i commented to gynae 'eh, baby sleeping ah?' then bb woke up n started waving hands n legs. So cute. Gynae commented that my water bag got a lot of space for bb to move. She tried to put the doppler for me but can't hear the heartbeat yet. She said maybe 16 weeks can hear better. Felt quite guilty that not as excited as the first time i saw my no. 1 moving though. Hubby also admitted that he felt the same. :P

I'm sure we will love no. 2 as much as RaeAnne once he or she is born. It's just that second time is always not as exciting as the first time in general, be it first date, first roller coaster ride, first airplane ride, first job interview and first pregnancy? Hee.

Wanted to register for the TMC tour for tomorrow (Sat) but the reception gal insisted that it's first come first serve and they can't prebook. Sian. 'Complained' to Dr Wong about it and she was very nice, she tried to describe the delivery suites to me, told me there are 10 rooms, and show me photos. She also assured me that the wards are all renovated and has LCD tv so all very nice. Labour suite not renovated yet so not as nice/new.

She assured me that I don't have to take up package yet if I'm not ready but I think I've been sitting on the fence long enough. I'm very comfortable with KK but If I don't take the plunge then I'll always wonder what it'll be like to have my baby at private (TMC). And I don't want to have any regrets. So, the next time I'll sign up for SBI before going for my OSCAR detailed scan so that can enjoy the discount. Bad thing is, hubby can only make it on Sat if it's Morning so I won't get to know the results of the OSCAR until the Monday after. :P

Thursday, May 14, 2009

RaeAnne's hairstyles - Retro style :P

Hubby weighed RaeAnne today and she ranged from 9.8 to 9.9kg. No wonder I have problems carrying her these days. Will get pulling pain if I carry her for more than 30secs. She has put on close to 1 kg since her bout of illness (coughed for the entire month of April) :P

Nai Nai cut RaeAnne's fringe again today. Well, it's a slight improvement from her coconut head hair style but the fringe is still too short (Nai Nai said it was Ye Ye who keeps asking her to cut it shorter). Everytime, RaeAnne has a hair cut, she ends up with laughed at by my relatives or commented on (always poorly disguised remarks that go like this. Aiyoh! who cut her hair? Why cut until like this? Hehe, why your gal's hairstyle like 'yah kah tow'? etc) Was supposed to bring her to a professional kiddy hair salon last weekend but her coconut head side burns are so short that I decided to save the $20 and wait till the side burns grow longer cos nothing can reverse the damage except time.

Darling, don't hate Mummy for not putting a stop to all this okie? Mummy don't know how to refute ye ye and nai nai cos you do perspire a lot and they hate to see perspiration trickling down your hair or see you scratch your head. Mummy promise to let you have a nice hairstyle once you can behave yourself at a kiddy hair salon okie? Sayang sayang ;P

From Beatles hairstyle

To the boyish 'Coconut head hairstyle' (notice the super short side burns)

And finally, the super short spiky durian head fringe

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hard day ...

Hubby has off in lieu for Vesak Day so was supposed to go TMC for tour today but didn't manage to go. Firstly, the 11am tour was full. During H1N1, they only allow 4pp per tour. Wanted to go for next tour at 2pm but couldn't cos FIL called hubby to bring back RaeAnne due to some pressing home affairs.

Showered her after she came back and put her to sleep with me on our bed. But she was still too energetic and hubby had to pat her to sleep. Then she slept from1230pm to 2pm. We missed our lunch so went to get late lunch at Tampines Mall. Couldn't put RaeAnne anywhere so had to bring her along. Ate Yong Tau foo, let her try some noodles and bee hoon, tofu and fish meat and brinjal. Went to BHG and bought yet another Megablock (school bus) cos there is 20% off. Bought her a pair of Clarke shoes for $46, less 20%. Been wanting to buy her a pair of non pink shoes for the longest time.

After we came back around 6pm, hubby fed her porridge while I ate tapow fried flat noodles (from Koo Kee Ramen restaurant). It was SUPER oily. Yucks! We waited till 725pm before showering RaeAnne. RaeAnne had a 30min screaming and crying fit which started after I was showering her halfway. She insisted on grabbing the showerhead to fill up the small pails, she'll let it overflow, pour away the water then fill it up again. After I put a stop to it. She screamed and cried all the way, refused to put on her diapers, peed all over my clothes. Sigh. Start of terrible 2? After I washed up and showered, gave her milk at 8:20am, way ahead of her usual 9+pm bedtime and she knocked out. Did she make so much noise cos she was tired or was she overstimulated at BHG or? :P

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

It's Mother's Day again, my second one so far. RaeAnne is still too young to give me any presents. Maybe, next year when she starts attending playgroup. Meanwhile, her toothy (with all 8 teeth showing) grin and running to hug my legs, and running from room to room to look for me when she can't find me are the most innocent and endearing expressions of her love towards me. And she did kiss me when I tell her Today is Mother's Day leh, "Kiss Mummy" and she gave me a wet kiss. ;)

Bought some flowers (just a little small cup of flowers) for my mum today. She keeps saying so exp, so exp but she was smiling when she said it. I told her not exp lar cos I bought them yesterday but kept in the fridge to keep them fresh. It's such a small gesture but she loves it. I remember how I would think hard on what to get her every year when I was younger. But recent years, esp after I got married, it's always just a meal with no present. Sigh, guilty, guilty. I should do better.

We did not go out and celebrate cos I can't bear having Mother's Day dinner yet. Appetite so lousy, plus with MS, really don't want to waste $ and food. Told my bro let's postpone to June when my appetite is better. Hubby still owes me a Mother's Day treat and a flower too. ;P

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day present and hubby's NEW BOOK!

Hubby bought me a red laptop table with two side holders so that I no longer need to crouch over the laptop on the bed nor bear with the heat cos I usually put it near my tummy. Heat and radiation no good for baby too. A sweet Mother's day present that will be very useful. Thinking maybe next time I can use the laptop table to express milk in bed too especially if I get the Medela freestyle cos the pump/moter is so tiny, am sure it'll fit into one of the side holders. hehe. ;P

Hubby's 3rd book "Why Simplify?" is published. He brought back some early copies from the publisher. The book will be available at Popular bookshops very soon. This book is dedicated to his parents who have been taking care of RaeAnne since she was born though it was a very tiring job to do. :) Anyone who wants to get personally autographed copies of the book, can let me know. Will give a 10% discount. ;)

Hubby's now hard at work to write and complete his fourth book by Nov. This book should be dedicated to baby no. 2 bah since he or she will be due in late Nov/Early Dec. :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bad experience at Pastamania Tampines Mall

Was asking Feb mummies for baked pasta recipe to prepare for RaeAnne made me have craving for it. Thought if I ordered it, can study the dish and see what ingredients they added. Had to go to TM to exchange the Woods cough syrup from NTUC for hubby anyway cos the bottle I bought yesterday leaked but I didn't open up the box to check. So, I ordered the chicken ham and chicken baked pasta from Pastamania.

BUT they served me spoilt baked pasta. It was when I ate towards the middle when I realised the pasta tasted sour and the cream sauce also tasted sour. Took at least 4-5 pieces of sour fusili to confirm that it's really spoilt, that sour taste didn't come from lemon or vinegar. So, I complained to the waiter and they prepared a fresh portion, had to wait for it. The manager came to apologize to me and told me it's because the sauce has gone bad. Was quite upset, told him this is a restaurant, how can you not check that your ingredients are fresh!?!

After the Indian rojak incident, a lot of people paranoid especially me cos I'm expecting mah. So I took down the manager's name (Hong Yi) and contact and told him I'm expecting if anything happens to me (food poisoning or worse, touch wood!), I'll definitely pursue the matter.

That spoilt my mood entirely so I quickly went to NTUC to change hubby's cough syrup and headed home. First thing I did was to call Dr Joycelyn Wong's clinic to check if there is anything I should watch out for. Dr Wong was busy and the clinic assistant answered the phone. She sounded a bit nonchalant when I explained myself until I threw the terms salmonella, listeria, risk of virus crossing placenta at her. Then she realised she can't answer my questions and promised to check with Dr Wong later and call me back.

Luckily, Dr Wong said if no diarrhoea, should be fine, if got diarrhoea then update her again. Keeping fingers crossed, that I stopped eating fast enough to prevent food poisoning and any harm to me or baby.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Say cheese... :)

I went to buy Laughing cow cube cheese just now from NTUC after getting some suggestions from the Feb mummies. The flavours 1 got are plain, cheddar and blue cheese. Gave her a small piece of plain and she loves it. She used her finger to poke and pry open the cheddar cheese cube before I realised so there was a bit on her finger so i let her try. That one she doesn't like so much cos got to persuade her 2 times before she finished licking it. ;)

Don't dare to give her too much initially cos first time she's taking cheese on its own, scared she has diarrhoea again. Will monitor for a few days before giving more.

Oh ya, RaeAnne is talking more and more these days but I keep forgetting to blog about her vocabulary:
1) ma ma (when she wants me to take things out of reach for her, very manipulative lor)
2) ma me (sounds a bit like mummy, only heard it once or twice)
3) Dae (sounds like short form for daddy)
4) Boh (complete with 'empty' hand gesture, usually in response to my "Where is .....?" questions and she can't find the thing I'm referrin to)
5) There (complete with pointing gesture and a triumphant face, usually in response to my "Where is .....?" questions and she knows the answer.)
6) O or pen (Means open the toy/box/packaging etc.)
7) Bu diao bu diao bu diao (this one sounds the cutest, she'll chant this loudly and quickly in protest when ye ye or nai nai says "Bu4 yao4" which means 'No' in Mandarin to something she wants.)

Monday, May 4, 2009

May Day Long weekend

Been wanting to post about the May Day long weekend but we really didn't do much. As usual, Daddy prefers to stay at home then bring her out cos he's always busy with his work. Friday morning, went to Macdonalds and RaeAnne got to try a bit of scrambled egg and crumbs of muffin bread besides the usual hot cake.

Went to my ex colleague's BBQ gathering, my ex boss adopted a baby gal who is only 6 months old but her weight is already 8.5kg. RaeAnne is only 9.1kg at 15 months. Sigh, really need to fatten her up.

Sat, stay at home and Daddy brought over to ILs place cos the rice was infested with rice weevils, so can't cook porridge. Evening time, brought her to the nearby park playground.

Sun, brought her over to ILs place in late morning cos Daddy wanted to see GP and we had breakfast at the nearby coffeeshop. PT cleaner came at 1pm, by 2+pm, after her milk, she still refused to sleep so hubby brought her to ILs again cos cleaner needs to vaccuum and mop the floor, will surely disturb her nap. Then Sun evening, went to my mum's place as usual, she was having lots of fun running away with Wai po who was trying to play catching with her. We let her try grape at Waipo house just half a grape since it's the first time she's taking it. ;)

Today at ILs place, she tried avocado again. Surprisingly, she took quite a few spoonfuls of it. She used it to hate it when I introduced it to her blended with some water when she was 7-8 months. Hee.

Friday, May 1, 2009

New EDD date and swine flu

Decided to upate my lilypie pregnancy ticker to the new EDD date, 8 Dec 09 so that the count down will be more accurate. Met my ex colleagues for a BBQ gathering today. Don't know how many of them noticed but my tummy is definitely bulging out liao. For no. 1, I was about 4 months before it was really obvious but for this one, I think it'll only take 2.5 months before people will start guessing. Hee. ;)

Swine flu is the talk of town and more countries are having confirmed cases besides Mexico and USA, now Japan, Korea and Hong Kong. A lot of my ex colleagues working in the office got to wear N95 masks and even full PPE when they are on temperature monitoring duty, they also have extra duties and even full day Sat/Sunday duties. All the things that I've been through during SARS days. Glad I'm not working in hospital anymore cos swine flue is contagious EVEN BEFORE the person has any symptoms. How to know if the person appears healthy, got to treat everyone as guilty until proven innocent after 7 days?

Now, I understood why an ex colleague in IT quit her job during SARS days when she found out she was pregnant. That time, I thought she was being extreme, after all, we work in the office, no direct contact with patients mah. Why so scared? But after being a mummy, I realised every mum will want to protect their kid or unborn baby.

Who will want to risk taking chances and continue to work in high risk areas when they could end up endangering their own lives and the lives of their loved ones. That's why doctors and nurses deserve our respect, because they are there to treat the sick no matter how infectious the disease may be. How many of our laypeople can make that kind of sacrifice? A lot of memories come flooding back from SARS days, can't imagine, it's only been 6 years and another form of SARS is back. Life is really unpredictable. :P

Oh ya, RaeAnne has finished her 2 bottles of 'pi pa gao' cough syrup from TCM today. Her cough seems to be better but still got one or two coughs. Feel like stopping all her medicine and just monitor. Today is 1 May and she has already been on medication (first western then TCM) for 1 WHOLE MONTH. Not good to be taking medicines long term like this also.... :P