The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Recurring blocked duct

Don't know why but right side became blocked yesterday instead. :( It is so frustrating and heartache trying to BF bearing the pain and I feel even worse hearing the baby cry helplessly cos there is no letdown and she is still hungry. I can't even rely on EBM cos she will continue to cry and at most take 5-10ml from the bottle when the maid feeds her.

Would have appreciated more encouragement/reassurance from hubby. I need someone to help me carry and comfort the baby in between latches but he went to shower. Even a shoulder massage from him would be good instead of busying himself with his laptop cos I had a super stiff neck and my fingers and shoulders hurt from bending over trying to press the lumps and massage for over 1hr.

I try to massage myself even though it's so painful and I'm so tired cos I wanted to save money for him leh cos seeing LC is more expensive than buying 1 tin of FM lor. Ask him to help massage also no use cos he also don't know how to press and pressed until so painful. He just said I think you need to go see LC tomorrow so matter of factly. He will help to massage when I ask him and drive me to TMC LC if I have appt and he can knock off work earlier lar. But a kind word or a reassuring hug would have gone a long way. :(

Anyway after a traumatic night, went to see TMC LC at 4pm today. Luckily the LC said the right side is not blocked anymore, guess the painful massage worked after all. It is still painful/swollen because of my overzealous 1 hr of pressing last night. That's also the reason why I pumped and hardly anything came out from the right side cos the milk ducts are occluded due to the swelling. But luckily baby suckling still works, that's why Raelynn is less fussy at the breast today. Best thing is they did not charge me. :) Hope it stays this way cos they r not open over the weekend. :P I'm starting to take lecithin cos some literature said it can help to prevent blocked ducts. But must take 1 capsule after each meal so I tend to forget. Hope it works.

Oh ya, weighed Raelynn today at TMC Parentcraft. I fed her 1 side at 330pm before leaving the house cos she was hungry. She was 5.64kg when the LC weighed her at 420pm. Then I latched her on the other side. She was 5.715kg so LC said she took 75ml from 1 side. Which means she takes about 175ml each time cos when I pump, 1 side is about 100ml. She's got a much bigger appetite than her sister. Faint! :P

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blocked ducts again...

Have not blogged in a while cos I was plagued by blocked ducts since Monday. I think it happened cos I was drinking papaya fish soup and nursing tea to build back the supply after seeing TMC LC last Tues (that was the 3rd time). Then Raelynn had a long stretch of not feeding on Sun night. Plus Sun we were at ILs place then my mum's place and I didn't bring pump along so only expressed to clear out the milk. Obviously, I didn't empty my breasts well enough.

Anyway, this current episode is already the 4th time since Raelynn is born liao, so I'm really feeling quite depressed the last 2 days. This time, I had body aches since Monday and I was not able to look after the 2 gals. Was popping 2panadols and 2danzen every 6 hrs to ease the pain so MIL has been looking after RaeAnne in the day from Mon to Wed.

Well, all the moping around and self doubt ("Why me?"), latching and hubby massage didn't clear the block ducts so today, I decided to try the hot stone massage by Mdm Rokiah recommended by some forum mummies. She is more exp than TMC LC cos each session costs $58. But then, at least I don't have to travel to TMC so it is more convenient.

Mdm Rokiah came at 10am, and boiled water to heat up the hot stone. Then she did her magic, ie. used the hot stone (wrapped with baby nappy cloth) to press against the painful lumpy left side and massage to clear the milk. Can't say it was painless but definitely less painful than KK LC. :P

Blocked side felt much better when she left but it took another few nursing sessions before the recurring pain eased n I finally experienced let down again when raelynn nursed at midnight. Pumpimg before sleeping but amount is pathetic, 50ml at most. I'm sure supply dipped again. Sigh.

Friday, January 22, 2010

RaeAnne is TWO!!!

RaeAnne is two years old today. But instead of having a big celebration party every year (cos hubby said it'll spoil the gals), we had a mini celebration at RaeAnne's playgroup. We had a Barney cake (chosen by RaeAnne and collected by Daddy), party packs (sourced and prepared by Mummy) and the balloons (pumped by our maid).

It was a rainy morning so we had difficulties sheltering everyone and everything to her classroom especially the 2trash bags worth of balloons and the party packs. Mummy secretly thinks that by buying her an umbrella for her birthday present, I probably jinxed the weather condition for today. Haha.

We had a cake cutting ceremony with her classmates who were all excited about the Barney cake. Two of them touched the cake even before the song was sung. Luckily Mummy had taken photo of the cake before the damage was done. Haha.

RaeAnne fed herself lots of cake. 1.5 slices in total. ;)

Even Mei Mei was not left out of the celebration. She was carried by Teacher Suriya here. ;)

After the PG celebration, we rushed to ICA to collect Mei Mei's passport and redo RaeAnne's birth certificate as we had decided to change her Chinese name some months back. Thought we can settle everything in 1 hr plus but turns out we need to come back in 2 hrs to collect the birth cert. So, we went over to Bugis Junction, the nearest shopping mall to ICA. :)

Showing me the 'Two' sign outside the Mongkok Cha Chan Teng cafe at Bugis Junction when I asked her how old she is. We had stopped by to have our lunch. :)

The two gals knocked out in the car on our way back. :P

HaPpY BiRtHdAy RaeAnne!!

Happy Birthday RaeAnne!!
You're 2 years old liao!!
Must be a good gal gal ya?!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!

Today, 21/1 is one of our many anniversaries! We had our customary Chinese dinner (or rather lunch)on this day!!

Happy Anniversary Dada!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nai Nai house

MIL told hubby that she wants to bring RaeAnne back from PG to go to her house. Actually she hinted to me a few times last week but I didn't want to commit. Long afternoon naps and late nights is my main concern. But she sweetened the deal cos she said she wants to toilet train RaeAnne. She started last Sat when we are busy bringing Mei Mei to PD. Tonight, when we went to pick RaeAnne up, she said she wants to fetch her from PG again. Oh well, will try it out for 2 days. If bedtime is really bad then I'll start looking after her in the day again. I don't mind doing it as long as I get to rest and some me time over the weekend.

These few days, BF has been painful so I'm also a bit sian to look after two. It started when the air con men came to fix the air con so I did not nurse Raelynn the whole day. Plus with the air con men at every room, I couldn't find a convenient place to pump. End up dragging pumping frequency to 4-5 hrs. Now paying the price for it lor.

Just spent 1 over hour massaging and pressing on the lumps. Hubby couldn't help cos the lumps are a few days old and I pek chek liao. Very reluctant to see LC again due to cost. Already saw LC twice so far and Raelynn is only 6 weeks plus old. :P

Very painful but I think it's much better now. Waiting for Raelynn to wake up and help me suck out. Very very sleepy and tired now. Shoulders are aching from bending over. :P

Sunday, January 17, 2010

RaeLynn's 6-in-1 jab

Brought RaeLynn for her 6-in-1 jab on Saturday afternoon at the PD. RaeLynn is now 5.2kg, 51.5cm, head circumference 37.8cm. Growing very well. :)
She behaved v well when she was jabbed, cried but stopped shortly.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Daddy's gal

One of RaeAnne's favourite complete sentence is "Daddy 在哪里?" Then she'll wait for my reply - "做工“Then she'll reply "Work!". The other day, very funny, she was throwing something so I bluff her and said cannot throw, it's Daddy's. Daddy got no $ to buy another one. She actually replied me: "Work, Money, Buy Pow (one of her favourite foods)" Haha. Don't mess with her when it comes to money. :)

Outdated wishes ;)

It's time to take down Raelynn's wishlist since we have bought most of the items. As always, will keep the list here as a souvenir. ;)

Combi Coccoro Car Seat (decided not to buy, will borrow the Maxi Cosi bassinet car seat from my friend, Joyce again)
Leapfrog Fridge Phonics® Magnetic Set (ok, ok, this is more for Cheh Cheh than her but it is the only toy that we wanted to buy and always put off by the price $49.90!?!. ;P) - Got it from WTS thread, $20, new but w/o box.
Baby taggies (to find one from BPs or buy online as a bedtime comfort item) - bought a customised taggie pillow case for Raelynn, also buying a taggie mini blankie for either RaeAnne or Raelynn from WTS thread since it's BN and only $10. :)
Medela Freestyle Breast Pump (for Mummy to BF her as long or even longer than Cheh Cheh. Ordered from overseas spree, got it in mid oct :)
Pigeon Breast Pads (6-8 boxes at least) - got 4.5 boxes so far.
Pigeon mittens and booties with thin elastic not thick band (got 2 sets so far from Taka sale, not pigeon brand though)
Pigeon S wide neck teats (Already bought 10 BN avent 125ml bottles, bought 4 new Pigeon S teats at $6 from WTB thread in case she doesn't like Avent teats like RaeAnne :P)
Pigeon 82 pieces Wet Wipes (6 packs at least cos Cheh Cheh is also using this)
Cotton balls (3 packs, got 2 packs from Kiddy Palace so far)
Desitin Creamy diaper rash cream (2 tubes, the 2 tubes RaeAnne is using is expiring in Sept 09. :P) - Got two 4 oztubes from BP at $10 each).
Decided to get 2 packs of MP NB and 3 packs of NB S diapers since got BP. Pampers NB and MP NB are never on promotion. Already early Nov, give up liao. :P
DON'T NEED: BABY HAMPERS (because the items may not be brands that we are using. Wasted to give away after receiving :P)
DON'T NEED AT ALL: BB Clothes, dresses, rompers, socks and shoes of all sizes (because too many very new & BRAND NEW ones from Cheh cheh and the wardrobe is BURSTING!!!)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Murphy's Law

What can go wrong will go wrong... Wanted to put RaeAnne to sleep early cos she woke up at 7am today and refused to go back to sleep after milk. Also, we planned to go to the PD around 3-4pm. Early in the morning, Filamie told me that she needs to buy things cos her agent is coming. Duh... Doesn't sound like asking for permission to me but I let her go anyway cos RaeAnne's ribena has expired so we need to get a new bottle. Fried macaroni today and at least she ate a bit more than usual, about 70% of her pigeon feeding bowl. She still pooed 4 times today though we have stopped giving her EBM for 2-3 days. :P

End up at 12+pm, RaeAnne asked for milk, right after her bath with her hair still wet. Refused to wait for me to pump milk first. Tried to make her sleep from 1pm to 2pm after that but she was too energetic. Asked hubby to came back earlier today cos we initially wanted to bring the 2 gals to see PD. For RaeAnne's loose stools and Raelynn's 6-in-1 jab. But end up PD clinic was closed for 3 days.

Hubby and I were so tired looking after both of them esp RaeAnne cos she's so defiant and asserting her own free will now. She refuse to eat rice, only veg, spill and spit and throw. And almost everything we ask her to do, it'll be "no", "no want", "no nice", "go away". Faint!

Must admit the thought of dumping her at my MIL's place in the day is starting to look more and more attractive. But I worry about the late bedtime once back home cos they tend to let her nap for 3 to 3.5 hrs in the day. Hubby even worse, suggested dumping her there day and night. Evil parents, hehe. But I know my ILs can't sustain that arrangement esp FIL with his poor back. I also 'bu she de' lar to send my naughty darling away after Mei Mei is born. So, must keep reminding myself to be patient, take deep breaths and hope this phase will pass soon. :P

Got Filamie to feed Mei Mei EBM cos after the 530pm feed, she wanted milk again at 8pm. She resisted initially but in the end gave up and drank 50ml of EBM. No choice cos got to bottle train her or else I'm the only who can latch her on. It'll be even tougher to train her in future. :P

RaeAnne napped from 3-5pm so thought it will be a super late night again. Luckily, she asked me for milk at 9pm (must be hungry since she has not been eating much). Then she slept at 10pm. :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The 2nd day...

Cooked minced meat porridge today cos RaeAnne has runny soft stools (may be due to the EBM that we have been mixing into her milk). She only took 2/3 bowl. Don't know why she has been eating so little nowadays.

She napped at 1.10pm but woke up early at 240pm when Mei Mei woke up crying for milk. My mum and aunt came to visit at 3+pm and brought some dishes for dinner and left at 4pm. RaeAnne was grouchy by 4+pm, think it's because she's hungry. Offered her bread when she woke up at 2+pm but she didn't want. By 5+pm, she was super cranky when I was BF Mei Mei cos she was probably hungry and tired. She jumped off the bed and I couldn't catch her in time.

Luckily, she landed on 1 foot and broke the fall. Asked Filamie to bring her out of the room and she protested and cried loudly. Let her come back to the room in the end and warned her not to jump cos I can't catch her. Asked Filamie to cook dinner earlier and hubby came back at 620pm. After dinner and shower, her mood improved so hubby, me and her went to NTUC to get some groceries. Needed to buy some veg to stock up the fridge too or else nothing to cook. :P

We came back at 8+pm and Mei Mei was sleeping but I wanted to BF her at 830pm so that it won't clash with RaeAnne's last milk feed so that we can put RaeAnne to bed early tonight. Woke Mei Mei up by putting her on my bed and end up RaeAnne asked hubby for milk at the same time. 姐妹情深。Luckily Mei Mei fell asleep shortly after the milk feed so I passed her to Filamie and went to shower so that hubby can put RaeAnne to sleep in my absence. It worked. For once, she slept before 10pm and I could catch a bit of my 9pm Chinese drama serial. Hee.

P.S. Failed last night to 'punish' her cos I wanted to sleep before Mei Mei woke up again for next feed. I can't sleep if RaeAnne keeps screaming so I went to carry her and she knocked out at 11+pm. But I managed to get her to say Sorry Mummy a few times today but reading to her Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Cos at the end of the story, Goldilocks ran back to her mummy and said: "(Sorry Mummy), I will never ever be naughty again." Hee, the word in brackets is creative editing by crafty Mummy lar. ;)

Monday, January 11, 2010

The very long first day...

Today is the first real test looking after two kids with the help of a maid after my CL left. My MIL had kindly offered to look after RaeAnne for the daytime after no. 2 came along but I declined nicely cos I wanted to try my hand at being a real SAHM. I only did that for a few weeks after I quit my job in Feb 09 cos I got pregnant shortly after in Mar 09. With the onset of morning sickness and spotting, I stopped looking after RaeAnne in the day and only brought her back at night after our dinner.

The day passed quite quickly though I was quite worried about the feeding and naptimes of the two kids clashing. My MIL came over for a short while around lunch time to bring RaeAnne some snacks and left at 1pm. Luckily, RaeAnne slept soon after that. Raelynn was fairly guai but still sometimes fussy during latch on. She has started to take only 1 side. After CL left, I had no one to tickle, disturb, burp and distract her so that she would take the other side when hubby is out at work and it's difficult to handle a fickle minded baby, carry her, burp her and put her on and off my BF pillow. :P

I didn't get to nap today cos I made the mistake of asking the maid to clean my toilet while the kids were sleeping. I can't nap in the room with the noise. By the time she finished cleaning the toilet, Raelynn had woken up at 235pm for milk. And by the time I finished feeding her, and wanted to pump. RaeAnne was awake at 3pm. I made use of the kumon sticker and paste book and kept her occupied for close to 1 hr and she didn't like to get her hands sticky. She refused to touch the UHU glue stick even with my hand holding hers. :P

By 4+pm, my energy level was low but I can't nap cos Filamie was busy alternating between changing Raelynn's diapers and dinner preparations. RaeAnne didn't want her anyway. Brought RaeAnne to the playground at 5+pm and came back at 6pm. Luckily hubby came back early so we had dinner early at 7pm.

But my patience was at its lowest at 9pm when I found out RaeAnne had scribbled onto my new bedsheet while I was trying to get hubby to massage a painful lump on my left side, the result of poor latching by Raelynn. Filamie also made me angry when I checked and find out she did not clean Raelynn's anus thoroughly even though I have specifically told her to clean it carefully due to Raelynn's diaper rash. Plus hubby had no luck putting RaeAnne to sleep even at 11pm. Even when I'm typing this post she is being defiant refusing to say sorry when she's at fault and saying 'don't want' and 'go away' instead (don't know who taught her that). Even now she's screaming away in the living room but I refuse to give in this time. Duh...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

RaeLynn's diaper rash

Raelynn's diaper rash doesn't seem to be getting better. So heart pain to see her cry. :( We are already changing her diapers like nobody's business but she keeps having a bit of poo when she farts and sometimes we won't know to change if she's sleeping. We use Mamy poko so I don't think it's the diaper problem. Anyway, decided to hold of Desowen (eczema cream since it doesn't seem to help) and stick to Desitin. Hope it helps or else will start airing her bottom liao or using cloth diapers liao. :P

Pigdoraemon... ;)

Power of the media... :) I sent a letter to ST forum on Monday night cos found out that Mcdonalds omitted the Piggy doraemon from its current Doraemon lucky charm promotion because it was not halal. And I wanted to get the pig for RaeAnne. Hubby thinks I'm too free but I felt it is not a small matter. It's not just about a soft toy. Over cautiousness and self censorship will not lead to racial/religious harmony. So I wrote the letter on Monday night though I was already very tired. Anyway, the letter got published on Thurs and there were 80 over online comments on it.

ST decided to do an article. They called me yesterday morning if I want to be interviewed but being CL's last day, I declined cos I was too busy and had too much on my mind. The article was published today in home section, page B2: "Mcdonald's Pulls Pig Toys". Must say I have a sense of triumph to be a newsmaker for once and make use of my journalist/PR skills again. Curious to know if Mcdonalds will launch the Pigdoraemon after all following the bad publicity? I would if I were them.

Some smart person came up with a funny poster on the whole saga. Thought it's really cute. :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

CL left... :(

Whole day didn't have time to switch on laptop. My CL left at 1pm today. What a long day. But luckily with my CL's advice, RaeAnne is getting more used to the maid so can delegate some duties to her now (ie. bring RaeAnne to PG, feed her, bathe her, put her to sleep for afternoon nap). But still very busy cos RaeLynn still continues to spit out milk and regurgitate after feeds. Brought her to see GP yesterday but he said it's normal. :P

After dinner, hubby brought RaeAnne to MIL's house for short while then I got to shower and relax. Miss Aunty Lezhuang already. Wish I got money to hire her forever. Hehe.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Screaming RaeAnne

Mei Mei was fussing after being BF and woke RaeAnne up. Now, she's screaming for Daddy Bao Bao and followed by Mummy Mummy. We let the maid carry her cos hubby is going back to work next Monday officially and can't continue to do night duty anymore.

Sigh, Mei Mei has been fussing at the breast these few days and doesn't want to sleep after nursing, keeps crying. My CL thinks it's because of her regurgitation/reflux so her nose is blocked. Even just now, can hear her stuffy nose. Tried giving Ridwind (to get rid of wind in stomach) and sterimar nasal spray and cleaning her nose with tissue. Let her sleep on pillow in an inclined angle too. Hope it'll get better. If not, I feel like consulting PD liao. :P

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to Dada

It's hubby's birthday today but he's stuck in school for meetings since 8am. School is reopening next Monday. Made a simple orange cake for him, my CL's recipe. Hope he likes it. Waiting for him to knock off so that we can have a quick dinner without the kids at Tampines. :)

P.S. Decorated the cake just before hubby came back. Too bad I only had chocolate syrup and some cherries cos hubby refused to let me spend money on cake icing which I will only use once and throw away. Cake still looks quite bare but at least I tried. ;P Hubby was really tired when he came back so we had dinner at Jack's place cos it was near to home and we had a $15 voucher. Really tempted to get a free cake for hubby but he was not keen. Hope he likes the home made cake. Hee.