The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

RaeAnne at Sakae Sushi

After our success at the coffee shop today, Mummy decided to 'cheng sheng zui ji' and bring RaeAnne out for dinner today. We showered her around 515pm then fed around 530pm before leaving the house around 630pm cos Mummy needed to pump before leaving the house. There was a queue at Sakae sushi but the serving staff was very nice, she has a 8mth old baby gal too so was trying to engage RaeAnne but she was still a bit shy though she smiled at the nice lady. Here's her shy shy, stranger anxiety look when the nice auntie talked to her and stroked her hair. Quickly hug Daddy close. Haha. :P

Mummy and Daddy has a fast meal while RaeAnne sat in her not very high 'high chair'. We fed her biscuits in between. But our poor darling was getting tired, maybe it was her early dinner and early bath. She knocked out at 8pm in the baby bjorn carrier when Mummy went to NTUC to buy the floor cleaner. But when we reached home, she woke up. Even after latching her on, she was wide awake. End up Daddy and Mummy had to entertain her and she finally fell asleep close to 11pm. :P

This is her 'naughty' look, soon followed by 'bored model' look when Mummy tried to take more photos of her at Sakae sushi. So bad, never give Mummy face. :)

P.S. oh ya, Daddy experimented by just laughing at her for no rhyme and reason and our little gal really looks ready to cry. Mummy had to pretend that Daddy was laughing at Mummy before she stop midway though her nose was already red. Poor darling, Daddy bully you? Hee.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

RaeAnne's first visit to coffee shop

Haha, Daddy and Mummy have been quite scared to bring RaeAnne out to non shopping mall area cos no high chair, no aircon and no nursery room. But we've finally brought RaeAnne to nearby coffee shop cos Mummy has craving for dim sum. Brought the seat and sack that I bought long ago and it turned out to be a good thing cos RaeAnne was on her best behaviour, even the cleaning aunty praised her for being so 'guai' and sitting still on the chair. Mummy's just glad I didn't waste money on the seat & sack or else it'll be another white elephant. Showed MIL the sack & seat and she said we should bring it to Hong Kong. RaeAnne's very fascinated with the birds, carried her and followed the birds and she was so thrilled. :)

RaeAnne's flu jab

Forgot to mention that RaeAnne has her flu jab on 21 Nov evening. She was grouchy even before we went to PD cos Daddy and Mummy were late and she was fed early. She cried in the car, but quietened down when we reach the clinic. But when the PD wanted to check her for assessment, she had stranger anxiety and started clinging to me and whining liao. Had to hold her while PD jabbed her. She cried very loudly, this time Daddy had it down on camera cos we already missed capturing the 3 6-in-1 jabs. Luckily she didn't develop a fever tough though we monitored for a few days.

Oh ya, FIL bought wheat based Frisocrem for RaeAnne and she tried it on Monday, apparently she likes it. I didn't really like it cos it contains FM so she's taking more and more FM. But I was the one who bought the rice based Frisocrem so can't complain lar. Anyway, we brought it her for the weekend. Mummy too tired from working to cook porridge. The last week has been bad, really feel like being a SAHM. :P

Today, MIL told us something interesting. FIL was carrying RaeAnne and watching TV. There were some senior citizens talentime thingy on tv and the lady on stage dressed up in something 'kua chang' and was singing. Probably, something funny so the audience laughed loudly at her. RaeAnne saw these people laughing and started crying loudly. Wish I was there to witness for myself. Don't know why she cried. 1) because she thought they were laughing at her or 2) because she understands how it feels to be laughed at and feels distressed (cos everytime daddy or MIL laughs at her, she cries). My poor sensitive baby gal. Skin so 'thin', next time how. Don't worry, Mummy promise not to laugh at you ya? :) hahaha.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

RaeAnne is 10 months old!

Went for my dental appt, boo hoo, the tooth cannot be saved as it is cracked all the way. Got to extract. Sigh, mixed feelings, feeling sad that I have to extract the root canal treated tooth. Wish I had more info about it 10 years ago, would have done a crown. But it has given me a lot of pain on and off. Heart pain that I got to pay so much for implant after extraction also. Really feel miserable cos I'll be going for holiday soon. Hate to be 'bo gey' for my trips but worried that I'll have toothache over there and end up having to seek emergency dental treatment. Even worse. :(

Got to keep reminding myself to put things in perspective, after all RaeAnne is 10 months today. She's healthy and growing well so I got lots to be thankful about. Mummy & Daddy so busy running errands, including collecting air tickets from two tour agencies so put her at nai nai place. Was super engorged by the time we came back so will quickly pump before going to fetch her. :)

Here's a photo of RaeAnne at 10 months old on the playskool convertible car/walker that we bought for her. Can see her two bottom teeth clearly in this photo. :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

RaeAnne slept early today

I has been nursing a toothache since last weekend. Pain is getting worse and I need panadol to relieve pain but dental appt is only coming Sat. Sian, the dull throbbing pain is getting on my nerves and there's nothing I can do about it because it involves my root canal treated tooth which cracked a few months ago before i could do a crown. :P Very pek chek at work cos extra workload and got some irresponsible colleagues who just pass the buck around and don't do their work. Really feeling overwhelmed already, luckily today RaeAnne guai guai and slept early at 10pm, maybe it's because she didn't sleep a lot in the day. I prefer to think of it as she is understanding that Mummy is very tired physically and psychologically. Will go and rest after pumping. Will try the mouth rinse I just bought, hope it helps relieve the pain. :P

It's now 11.45pm and she just woke up for another feed.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Car Seat

RaeAnne 'kok' her head on the floor just now shortly after this photo was taken. Hubby finally fixed up her big car seat again because she outgrew the small bassinet one. We let her sit in it to 'condition' her but after a while he removed the buckle and she continued sitting happily in it. I was trying out the Moms in mind sling which I put in cold storage for a long time cos don't know how to use it. Hubby was trying to help me and the next thing we knew, she fell forward and knocked her head, it was a loud thud and she wailed immediately. I quickly carried her to sayang her but she continued crying. But luckily she stopped crying when hubby started to beat the floor because she was distracted by the noise. Poor RaeAnne, sorry, mummy and daddy distracted and careless. Her forehead looked a bit red but no obvious bumps, heng ah.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

RaeAnne at Pu Tien

Made potato puree for RaeAnne but it was a mini disaster. Not sure if it' the typeof potato I used (russett potato) or because it should not be blended. The paste was so sticky and gluey, I thought I was making potato paste. Luckily I also made porridge so plan B was to blend the still 'grainy' porridge and feed RaeAnne that instead. :P RaeAnne surprised us by standing on the bed again. Wonder if she's practising standing on the soft surface because it's easier for her to balance?

We went out for dinner with my parents and brother because my parents birthdays were in Nov. Actually mum's actual birthday was last Sunday 9 Nov 08 but I remembered it too late to organise a celebration. Hee. Decided to go to Pu Tien, which newly opened at Tampines Mall B1. Fed RaeAnne and bathed her before we left so she was in good behaviour. She was in a greedy mood and ate a lot of 'xiao man tou' and teething biscuit, hubby said it's cos everyone around her was eating. Haha.

Oh ya, wanted to capture RaeAnne's two bottom teeth for the longest time but she refused to open her mouth long ago for a good shot. Decided to post the photos that I took on 4 Nov anyway though it's a bit blur and Hubby had to pry her lips open. Sorry, darling. :P Her bottom teeth is longer now and more obvious. :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Before everyone gets too excited, the feat only lasted only 3 seconds, haha, before she sat down with a thump. She was standing with support on the mini Arms Reach bassinet when she reached over to take the Combi teething ring that Mummy was passing to her to chew. Then when Mummy was trying to keep the teething ring cover, Daddy said heh, be careful, you'll fall. Then, lo and behold, Mummy looked up while Daddy looked on in wonder. Our baby gal stood for a few seconds holding the teething ring with her legs wide apart. Jia you jia you RaeAnne. Maybe you can stand on your own two feet by the time we go to Hong Kong in 3 weeks time. Or maybe even walk a bit? Ok ok Mummy knows I'm being greedy. Human nature mah... ;)

Hunted all over for RaeAnne's favourite Heinz Multigrain cereal but it was out of stock at Giant & Tampines Mall NTUC. We bought the Heinz Multigrain Banana flavour but she hates it. Mummy has to make home cooked porridge tomorrow. Hopes she guai guai takes it. Really no patience to feed her sometimes cos she keeps fidgeting and refusing to open her mouth. BF is so much easier compared to feeding her solids. :P

Oh ya, RaeAnne started taking one meal of FM since last Monday. Long story why i'm doing partial bf. It started because i kenna mastitis again on 3 Nov so supply affected. Because after changing to L teats, my gal suddenly started drinking 160 to 180ml. Then my ils opened 1 new tin of formula milk when RaeAnne cried for 2 hours non stop last mon afternoon. FIl was desperate to try anything when she continued crying n rejected ebm so he opened a new 900g tin of Friso 2. Once opened, the FM must be consumed in 4 weeks n i already threw away 1 unfinished complimentary tin so sim tia to throw away another big tin. Weekend busy look after her so latch n latch but hardly pump so ebm not enough. Anyway, my gal still rejects fm when she's awake. She only tolerates it when she wakes up at night n blur blur. Nowadays, she sometimes take FM in the day, sometimes rejects.

I still have bouts of guilt when I see hubby feeding FM at night when I'm around. Feel as if I'm depriving her of goodness and being selfish. But I try to comfort myself. I've been BF her for almost 10 months and I'm going to shanghai without her in end dec. Thinking must train her to take some fm before i go to shanghai. If not, ils will have a very hard time feeding her when i'm not around. Also, my menses still has not returned so maybe with partial BF, my hormones will be back to normal. If not, I can't even plan for no. 2 next year. :P

Friday, November 14, 2008

More Updates!!

Hihi, this is Piggy Daddy doing a late night cameo. :) (it's 1.50am and Piggy Girlgirl has been fed and sleeping soundly for a while now... hope she sleeps thru the night!)
Haven't been posting for a while... sorry Piggy Mummy.. :P

Anyways, some updates:
Piggy Girlgirl can cruise now. That's right! According to Piggy Nai Nai, she has been circumventing her baby piano with great success recently. Keep it up Girlgirl!

Piggy Girlgirl developed some rashes recently and we had to bring her down to see the doc. Found out that she has eczema. Poor thing. :( But fortunately with the prescribed medication, she is making good progress and her skin is much better now. Now we have to keep her cool and comfortable at all times.

Today, Girlgirl slept early which is a rarity. Normally she sleeps at about 10 plus 11ish but tonight she was out by 8 plus 9. Hope this is not a one off thingy, so that Piggy Mummy & Daddy can have more rest. (Will soon beocme Panda Mummy & Daddy soon..)

Alright, that's all for now.
Piggy Daddy is up at night working on his new book. That's right! Hope to get this book out by early next year, so rushing to get it out now...


Thursday, November 6, 2008


Been so busy at work and looking after RaeAnne who is sleeping later and later that I have no time to blog. Got to post based on memory now. :P

Sun afternoon, went to Bx (Feb mummy) house for playdate. Prepared a salad, a few people told me they like it. Paiseh, cos this time, I bought most ingredients ready made including the dressing cos got no time to prepare in the morning. Did add in hard boiled eggs, dry fried bacon bits and pine nuts for flavour. RaeAnne got to try out some new toys but she was a bit shy among the babies.

I kenna mastitis again on Monday morning. :P Looked after RaeAnne on our own last Sat & Sun, for once did not bring her to ILs place. Keep latching on but hardly pumped cos I was also thinking of dragging my pumping duration too. Luckily, KK LC, Yen Ping agreed to see me before she goes on 1 month long leave.

Then on Monday afternoon, MIL said RaeAnne cried loudly for 2 hours from 1+pm - 3+pm, refused to be pacified. They tried ruyi oil, changing from EBM to FM, everything but it didn't work. They panicked and called hubby who rushed down but RaeAnne had fallen asleep by then. Hubby brought the thermometer and she was not running a fever. Not sure why she was cranky. Wondered if it was because she did not see ILs for 2 days so was distanced from them or because she was just teething or grouchy. RaeAnne's two bottom teeth are quite obvious now, about 2mm long. Tried to take her photo but she refused to open her mouth long enough for me to take a good photo.

RaeAnne has started releasing her support when standing up and she only falls after 2seconds, not bad, think she may be able to stand without support soon.