The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012


3 days before the LNY sale ends at Yamaha, we finally bite the bullet and bought a piano. Been hesitating for the longest time because it is so expensive. But checked with a few friends whose kids are taking music lessons, even though they bought a Stagea (junior electone $2k+) and a digitial piano ($1k+) respectively, their music teachers still ask them to let the kids practise on a piano because the keys are different. Also for grade 1 exam (usu when the kid reaches pri 1), they will still need a piano.

That is just 3 years away since RA is already 4 yrs old. Really don't want to end up buying 2 instruments in less than 3 yrs so hubby decided to buy the cheapest junior piano at $3390. This junior piano will last the 2 gals till they are grade 4 ie. abt 8 yrs incl RL and there is trade in value after that, so it is a less painful decision to make.

Sometimes, I do wonder if RA has the commitment and dedication to learn and practise the piano but since music is the only enrichment which I consider a must have, I feel that I should at least get her the right instrument to try my best to nurture that interest.

She doesn't need to go all the way to Grade 8 or be qualified to be a piano teacher but at least I hope she can recognise all the musical notes and play a few simple pieces for enjoyment. Up to primary school is good enough. If she has no interest, she can stop and I will save that $ and let Mei Mei learn more instead (if she is interested).

Maybe it's because both me and hubby were not privileged to learn the piano. Maybe it's because I just don't want them to feel handicapped to join the band or choir when she is in Secondary school or JC like me cos I can't read notes at all. Anyhow, worse come to worse, I will take up adult piano lessons to make good use of the piano and fulfil my childhood dream if both gals are not keen. :P

Problem now is where to put the 177kg piano? Our flat is small enough and worse, it needs an electric point for its dehumidifier. Duh.... :P

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy 4th birthday to RaeAnne n happy Chinese new year!

RaeAnne's birthday is close to Chinese new year but this yr, it was the closest ever cos she turned 4 on 年三十. Had to rush through her celebration in school on 20 Jan afternoon amidst spring cleaning efforts, her school's cny celebrations on 20th, celebrating our customary wedding anniversary on 21 Jan, actual birthday on 22 Jan when we had to do reunion lunch at ILs n reunion dinner at my parents, uncles n aunties. Last year, we did not get to celebrate cny due to our car accident so this yr it is payback time.

We brought a 2kg strawberry shortcake cake to school at the teacher's insistence but it was too much cos being cny celebration, 4 kids did not turn up for school, 1 left early half day plus the kids have their little tummies filled with cny goodies. So, I asked the teacher to give more second helpings n the teachers to eat more cos I really dun want to bring 2 kg cake box back. My fridge has no space anyway cos overstocked for cny. We bought her a birthday present that she chose herself which was a gal's make up kit. The box said 5 yrs n above but she loved putting on the eyeshadow n different lipsticks so much that I can't bear to stop her. Luckily, the colours were light so she didn't look that bad. :)

On 22 Jan morning, we brought her to snow city cos she has been requesting for 1 week to play with snowballs after she watched mr popper's penguins on mio demand tv. We only brought RA as Mei Mei has been nursing a runny nose for more than 1 week so had to drop Mei Mei at ILs house first. It was a long drive to jurong n she fell asleep on the way. When we reached, it was already 11am n we had to be back at ILs place at 12+pm for reunion lunch so it was really a mad rush. Luckily there was a small eatery at snow city itself so we had some cheese hot dog n warm Milo for bf first.

Had to pay for the warm winter clothings but even their smallest gloves are too big for RA n they kept slipping off. She had fun at the snow slides n the snow tyres. We took pictures with the snowmen n since no cameras were allowed, we had to pay the exorbitant fees of $55 for 5 6R photos but well, once a yr is still ok right?

We had late reunion lunch at ILs place, the gal's didn't eat much. They didn't eat much at my mum's place where we had steamboat dinner too so they took turns n woke up a few times on last night to wee hrs of morning to cry for me n to ask for milk. Didn't get much rest n today was a busy day of visiting to ILs place in the morning at 10+am, then rushed to my mum's at 11am cos I am supposed to cook pen cai for lunch. Luckily, it turned out ok. Not salty upon my parents' taste n no pork or pork stock, the way my mum wanted it.

A hectic week so far. Today, chu2, was thinking of visiting my 2nd aunt but nothing else planned so we see how it goes. Time to R&R...

Monday, January 9, 2012

At last, some progress...

Today, I put my foot down and told the teacher I don't want to keep bringing her back after lunch. Firstly, because the CC is already collecting gym enrichment fees from me cos gym class is starting tomorrow. No point paying for it if she is going to be absent in the afternoons right? So, I told the teacher, today, since I am not going out, we try to drag her timing. I will come when they call if she is crying badly. Tomorrow (Tues), I want her to start full day. To me, there is no point prolonging the agony. Even if I let her go on half day for 2 weeks, come the 3rd week, she will still cry as if it was the first day of school once she is forced to nap in school. So, instead of crying for 1 month, why not let her cry for 2 weeks?

Although the teachers didn't call me, I went to check on her at 1245pm. She hadn't slept yet but the teacher said she was not crying very loudly so the teacher left her be. I went to have my lunch at the CC foodcourt downstairs so that I can be on standby. At 120pm, when I went back to the CC, the teacher said she has already fallen asleep. Maybe she was also drowsy from her cold med cos she has slight runny nose. So, I went back home. But at 250pm, the teacher called me and said she has woken up and started crying. Told teacher to let her have her tea break first. So, I rushed to prepare soup for dinner and put it in the slow cooker before leaving the house cos I know I won't have much time to cook once she is home.

When I picked her up at 4pm, she was not crying at all. Think I am lucky cos there were 2 birthday celebrations, one in the morning, one in the afternoon so that also helped cos she was happily eating cake n holding onto her goody bag which contained a storybook.

Tom, i got to go office for meeting n there's gym class in afternoon so will try putting her for full day. Keeping fingers crossed. :p

Car accident - 1 yr on

Just realised that today (since already past midnight) is the 1 yr anniversary of our major car accident. Although we didn't hit anyone but a tree, both of us ended up with bone fractures (compression fractures in the spine for me and left hand meta carpa for hubby) Hubby had an operation, the metal plate is still stuck in hubby's left hand and he experience slight numbness. By right, he can choose to remove the plate but that means reopening the wound. Ouch! As for me, I'm stuck with chronic backache whenever I carry RL for too long. Hiaz. Feeling like an old woman already. Yikes... :P

But of course, glad to survive the accident and got chance to bitch about it. To be surrounded by our two lovely but naughty gals. :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Swimming lessons! :)

Just started private swimming lessons at Tampines swimming pool for the gals today. The instructor, Mr Terry Tan, was recommended by Happy Fish. The toddler class is for kids 2-4 yrs old, $250 for 1 kid, $300 for 2 kids. My cousin, Shirley, wanted to enrol her kids aged 4 n 6 too, but we couldn't find a common timing. Sun mornings she cannot cos her kids attend church. She wanted Sat mornings but most instructors are full conducting the group classes so cannot conduct private class, unless we go to the Sengkang swimming pool which I'm not very keen. :P

Anyway, for the first lesson, RA did quite ok. With us around, she is not shy around Terry at all and can follow instructions to paddle, blow bubbles etc. RL has a bit of phobia of water, she will scream if we just drizzle water over her head to make her 'blow out' with her mouth. Instructor said I can actually choose to start her when she is older eg. 4. Ie, just let her play water while Cheh cheh is having lessons. Oh well, will see how, swimming lessons supposed to strengthen their lungs but we didn't have a good start. RA is having a cough and RL having a runny nose. Got nagged by grandparents for bringing them swimming when they are already sick. Duh. :P

Dec School holidays ending for me today. Hubby already gearing up cos had meetings all week. Even on his birthday last Fri, he had whole day meeting. So, I brought some 爱心便当 of curry chicken and fish maw meat ball soup. Tomorrow, he will start his 11 hr work days again. Leave the house at 645am, come back at 6:15pm again. The start of chaotic mornings for me to handle 2 gals to prepare them for school. RL is still on half day until teacher gives the go ahead. RA started her usual drama of 'I don't want to go to school, I want to go Nai Nai house, I don't want Mummy to work. I want Mummy 照顾我.

Hiaz, she really wears down my resolve to continue to work freelance. First of all, Elfa has no half day childcare from Nursery class onwards so if she does not change school, she has to sleep in school which she hates. Even if I want to pull them out and put them at PCF kindergarten, there are no vacancies. Registration for pcf is super kiasu, reg has already ended in April 2011. Even if there are vacancies, their lessons are very short, just 3 hrs. So, I have to cook lunch, then bring the gals back from school, feed them lunch, shower them, eat my lunch and put them to bed. I am not confident I can do this alone without a maid but I don't earn enough to hire a maid. Hope the new year is better cos I thought about it for long time, but don't have any solutions to this problem. :(

Friday, January 6, 2012

Raelynn's 1st 3 days at Elfa CC

Raelynn started going to Elfa CC on Tues since it was a long weekend. First day, brought her back after lunch as advised by Teacher Irene. RA saw me but didn't protest. I bluffed her Mei Mei has diarrhea, that's why teacher asked me to bring her back.

Second day, I wanted to leave her there longer. At least try to keep her there to try to nap, but teacher called again that she is crying badly so rushed to pick her. Today, I was out at work so Nai Nai went to pick her up after lunch. She said she did not cry when she went. Today, RA came back during evening and complained to me why Mei Mei went back earlier than her.

Didn't expect Mei Mei to take so long to adjust since she only took 3 days to get used to Learning Train playgroup. But I guess she never slept outside home or Nai Nai's house before so it will take longer. But hubby is going back to work next Monday. Think I will make a judgement call by end of next week. If I have to keep bringing her back after lunch, might as well convert her to half day instead of full day.