The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Object permanence & high chair

RaeAnne started playing a game with FIL. She will drop her face towel and FIL will catch it on its way down. She laughed and chuckled so loudly. Hubby said she'll also start looking for the thing that she deliberately dropped. Looks like she has reached another milestone, object permanence. Where she knows that the thing that is dropped is still around somewhere. :)

My mum and aunt came to visit and they made baby porridge for RaeAnne with fish soup and carrot. But she didn't eat a lot probably cos the texture was too sticky. But nothing that a little bit of hot water can't do. Hubby brought her to ILs place in the late afternoon after my mum & aunt left cos he was visiting someone in hospital and I was too concussed to look after RaeAnne alone after taking my cough syrup. Asked hubby to bring the leftover porridge over and ask ILs to feed. I've been sleeping and sleeping since taking cough syrup but at least it's working. Coughed up some phelgm with blood just now. Yucks! show that this cough really affected my throat quite badly. But hopefully the worst is over and I'm on the road to recovery.

Bought a second hand Mama & Papas high chair for RaeAnne. Was selling at motherhood forum for $80, usual price: $240. Decided to get it cos she has a similar changing mat which my colleague lent me and she loves it so thought the padding for this high chair is the same so should be quite comfortable for her. :)Our little gal is growing up so fast. Still remember when I went to soup restaurant with my cousins, she can't sit on baby chair so we had to put her in a stroller but now, she has her very own high chair liao. :)

New foods for RaeAnne

MIL introduced porridge (cooked in pork broth with added fish) last Fri and kiwi fruit to RaeAnne on Thurs without my knowledge. At first, wasn't very happy, I'm the MOTHER after all. I didn't get to witness and was the last to know!?! But then, after I think again, they are probably as excited as me about introducing foods first time to RaeAnne, it's been so long since they look after a baby after all, so I decided not to be so selfish to demand that all her first times are only witnessed by me lor.

RaeAnne knows how to flex her hand to 'say bye bye', thanks to MIL who has been teaching her. She actually waved bye bye to me on Wed and Thurs morning when ILs came to pick her up. :) Asked hubby to try and get her to repeat her stunt on Fri pm but she didn't do it. :P

I've been having a cough since Tues morning, still not recovered cos never see dr. Still taking the cough syrup from last visit to GP. Cough syrup makes me drowsy so can't take at work. Take at home also problematic, cos can't wake up to feed RaeAnne. Still coughing away but at least it's the weekend so can take my cough syrup regularly.

Last night, RaeAnne sleep from around 10pm to 3am before she needed another feed. I think it's because she didn't take her day naps plus because have asked ILs to feed her more milk each time. MIL asked me again "ni hai bu yao gei ta he nai fen ah?" Wasn't very happy with her pressurising me but think I should start at least 1 feed of FM soon because after all, if she drinks FM esp for the last feed, maybe she can start sleeping through? Don't know, hope so lar. :P

Saturday, August 23, 2008


The government has just shifted the start date from 1 Jan 09 to 17 Aug 08. But a lot of mummies with babies born from 1 Jan to 16 Aug 2008 are very concerned because $6000 CDA pays for a lot of childcare fees and primary school enrichment classes. And our babies won't get it compared to their classmates born after 17 Aug 08. Mummy sent an email to MCYS and joined an online petition to appeal to the government to grant CDA benefits to babies born from 1 Jan 08 to 16 Aug 08. But unfortunately, because they have already backdated once, they are not willing to change again, see

Poor RaeAnne, is $6000 poorer cos no CDA account, looks like Mummy and Daddy got to work harder to save up for your school fees and enrichment classes in future. At least Mummy tried.

Something interesting happened tonight. Hubby was playing the FP Baby Grand Piano with RaeAnne but the TV was on and our gal was distracted. When hubby realised that she was happily watching TV instead of banging the keys, he said in a tone harsher than normal that "cannot watch tv lar". RaeAnne turned around and made a 'bian zui' face to hubby then started crying. All of us were so shocked because Hubby was just 'saying' her, not even scolding but she cried so pitifully. MIL and I took turns to carry and sayang her, FIL also sayang her, brought her some water to drink to 'ya jing'. Then when she calmed down, we put her back to the piano to play with hubby, for less than a minute, she was ok, then it was as if she remembered the incident, she started to bian zui and cry again but this time, she calmed down much faster. Was telling hubby I think she can 'ji chou'. But luckily after hubby continue to play with her, swing her to make her laugh, she forgot and started to want Daddy again. Actually I also use harsh tone on her too especially when she pulls my hair or bites on my nipple but she never cried before, her expression is usually quizzical, like why is Mummy using this tone on me. Maybe, she's really a Daddy's girl after all, know how to 'deh' her Daddy. Haha.

Collected my Babycenter and Kidsurplus loot from Artemis, a Feb MTB at her Punggol home today. Loved the Carters stuff I bought cos all of them were on offer and most not available in Singapore, definitely not at the same price. Haha. :)

Here are some of the stuff I got for her Hong Kong trip in Dec. :D One mummy at FebMTB forum asked to see all the clothes I got from overseas spree so here's the pic too.

Friday, August 22, 2008

RaeAnne is 7 months old!!!

Had a work function today, a staff celebration party. Decided to go though it's RaeAnne's 7 months 'birthday' today as I have missed bonding with my colleagues after office hours since RaeAnne was born. Rushed to ILs place at 820pm from Clarke Quay, taxi fare costs me $20 bucks because of the city surcharge cos I didn't manage to catch the office transport. Reached Ils place only at 9pm. But even $50 is nothing if I get to see my darling. Hee. ;)

She looks a bit blur blur when she saw me. But she soon warmed up and wanted me to carry. After dressing her up a bit to take a nice 7 mth photo. I weighed her for the record and she was only 7.2kg today. MIL didn't believe it and weighed her personally but it was accurate. RaeAnne was 7.3 kg when I weighed her on Wednesday, hmm... where did the 100g go? Did my darling lose weight again?

I quickly nursed her around 9.15pm as she was hungry. After she drank her fill, I carried her for a bit before passing her to ILs as I needed to pump. Hubby is coming home very late today so got to leave RaeAnne at MIL house. Felt quite guilty to leave her at ILs place on a special day but bo bian. Sigh, I came home on my own at 11pm as hubby was not going back with me.

Here's a pix of RaeAnne at 7 months! Starting to look more like a girl as her hair gets longer? Forgot to add, her recent milestone 2 nights ago was pulling herself from sitting position to standing position with support. According to the "What to Expect in the First Year book", it was a feat that not all 7 month old babies can do. Jia you gal gal! :) Unfortunately, she still can't sleep through the night because she doesn't know how to self soothe. :P

Monday, August 18, 2008

Baby Bonus

Was listening to the National Day Rally while latching on RaeAnne, it was a long rally so I didn't bother to unlatch her, just let her drink all she wants. In the end, she drank so much that she belched, but she smiled so contentedly after that. Haha.

Let RaeAnne try mashed banana on Sun morning, she quite likes it, finished about 1/3 of the small banana (not the Delmonte type). MIL said her poo poo super smelly today, wonder if it's due to the banana. :P

Just found out from one of the forum mummies that the Want Want Baby Bites is high in sodium. Oops, got to chong gong from RaeAnne liao. It tastes really good, so hubby and I will eat it. haha. :)

RaeAnne still hates her new car seat, the crying starts once we strap on the seat belts, Sigh, now I know why there are so many expensive models for car seats, it's difficult to fiddle with seat belts when you have a crying baby. Wonder if it'll be to late for change for the more exp Tobi but if she still hates the Tobi, I'll be very 'dui'. Sigh. :(

P.S. Tonight's announcement, there'll be 16 weeks of paid maternity leave plus 6 days of childcare leave and 1 week of unpaid childcare leave. Got better baby bonus for first time parents, too bad RaeAnne is born 7 months too early. If not, can get more than $3k. Just kidding. Money is not everything, the extra 4 weeks leave is good though, can BF longer. Haha. :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

RaeAnne's new car seat

Bought a new car seat for RaeAnne at Baby Hyperstore, the Maxi Cosi Priori SPS which was $238 offer price no more so bought the Priori XP, newer model at $373 instead. Nearly wanted to go for the Tobi model cos the seat belt system is more user friendly. But it's $438, $65 more, seems too extravagant for something that can only use for a few years. Also, Tobi's seat height is higher, afraid RaeAnne will cry if she can't see me. Tried putting her in it but she cried both times cos we took a long time to figure out how to secure the seat belts. Really regretted not getting the Tobi model then. :P

Just saw a BP thread selling Priori XP pre orders for only $250, hope it's not true. :(

Saturday, August 16, 2008

RaeAnne's starting to recognise faces

Brought RaeAnne to my second aunt's place for dinner, cos one of my cousins just came back from China for a short trip. Realise she's starting to recognise faces because she'll scream when someone she doesn't know carries her and will cry pitifully until hubby or me carries her. My second aunt tried to bathe her, she also cry. :P

She's sleeping late these two nights, last night also slept at 11+pm, but because she slept so late, she only woke up at close to 6am which was good for me cos I stayed up to watch the Beijing olympics opening ceremony highlights until 2am. :)

Since yesterday, we noticed that she mastered the art of booing with her tongue sticking out, so chor loh.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

EYS brown rice

MIL let RaeAnne try Eu Yan Seng Brown Rice today, she said BB enjoys it more than Heinz rice cereal. May be heaty though so asked MIl to give her more water and scrapped apple. RaeAnne refused to sleep early today, only slept at 10+pm. Don't know when she's going to get up. Sigh.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First times

Was telling hubby that I missed so many RaeAnne's first times that his parents mentioned and he told me he'll only believe it when he sees it for himself because RaeAnne's proud grandparents tend to exaggerate on her accomplishments. Maybe true since I tried making RaeAnne pull on the cot sides to stand up and she can't. Feeling more comforted now. :)


Since last Friday, MIL has been telling us that RaeAnne has been booing and spraying her saliva all over, finally experienced for ourselves on Sat. Up till now, she's still booing away, sometimes even when I'm latching her on. Sounds rude but she looks so 'de yi' when she boo very loud so we'll leave it be. Anyway, other mummies said it's normal and their babies went through it too. :)

This morning, RaeAnne peeed on herself when I tried to change her diapers at 4+am, shouldn't have bothered, it was not as heavy as I thought. Ended up rinsing her shirt and my pyjamas after bf her. So tired that I didn't pump this morning before going to work.

ILs said she is able to pull herself to upright position so hubby and I lowered the cot side tonight. Tried to put her hands on the cot, she can hold and stand but did not pull herself upright leh. Ils also fed RaeAnne her first taste of scraped apple today but we were having dinner so didn't see it. MIL said her reaction was quite ok, better than avocado and sweet potato. So sad that I always miss her first times because I'm a FTWM. :(

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy National Day!!!

Today is our first National Day with RaeAnne, after a leisurely morning, we went to nai nai house. Mummy went crazy with the camera today and took lots of photos. Too tired to describe everthing so we'll let the photos and captions tell the stories. Remember to mouse over the photos to see the captions. :)

Friday, August 8, 2008


Since I'm on leave today, spent the morning with RaeAnne, she woke up early before 7am. Called my mum at 730am to come and help me. She arrived at 8.15am when I was feeding RaeAnne and nodding off. My dear gal had already slept but she woke up when we tried putting her to sleep on her cot. Had some green bean soup brought by my mum and leftover cake for breakfast. Then showered her at 9+am, RaeAnne had fun playing with Waipo though she was reluctant to be carried by her initially. Need to warm up.

Around 12 noon, brought RaeAnne to ILs place with my mum. I let her try the Want Want Baby Rice cracker today and she loves it. Chomp down the thing so fast, we scared she'll choke so keep taking the bigger pieces out of her mouth though it actually dissolves quite fast. Then she'll keep grabbing our fingers for the cracker and the loose bits, quite funny to see her so enthusiastic about a food, wish I had brought my handycam to MIL's house to capture this. There are 2 other flavours, chicken and vegetables, I think. Next time must buy more. :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Birthday day off

It's my birthday today, took leave to rest. Baby RaeAnne was 'picked up' by Nai Nai at usual 7am so got the chance to sleep in after that. Woke up when hubby surprised me with a cake and a birthday song. He also got me a present. We had the oreo cake from Angie the Choice. We polished half the cake between both of us.

Went to Rustic Nirvana and tried out their jamu massage, wrap and rose quartz facial for only $96. The jamu massage was good but the masseur was a bit forceful, the wrap was good, a herbal paste was applied on my body before I got wrapped and steamed. But the heat was too much towards the end and I felt my legs were being cooked so had to lift the canopy to let some steam out. Brought my pump but forgot to bring the bottle caps so had to quickly go to robinsons to buy the caps, luckily they were having 20% off so the NUK caps were only $3.20 for a pair. :)

Hubby met up with me and we had dinner at Tatsuya, Park Hotel. Walked past the place many times but never tried it. Hubby and I had the Sushi for 2 and Sashimi set for 2. The sashimi set was very good, fish was very fresh. The sushi set was big and comes with chawanmushi, miso soup, cold tofu and spinach salad. We were stuffed towards the end but it was a satisfying meal. :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

RaeAnne's first taste of sweet potato

Let RaeAnne try japanese sweet potato puree using braun blender today, had to add a bit of water to make it more creamy and less pasty. Hubby and I thought she will love it cos it's sweet but she didn't but at least reaction not as bad as the avocado. haha. :)

Grouchy RaeAnne slept at 10+pm today though I fed her once at 8+pm and another time close to 10pm. Wonder why it's so difficult for her to sleep nowadays and if it's because she's hungry cos she's still taking only 2 teaspoons or less of Heinz rice cereal, think must change cereal for her soon. :P

Sunday, August 3, 2008

BB RaeAnne's Last 6-in-1 Jab


This is BB RaeAnne's last 6-in-1 jab!
The day started off rather uneventfully with Piggy BB waking up so early (as usual) and Mummy piggy and Daddy piggy tired (as usual). Daddy piggy had to repeatedly pat and cajole BB to sleep. Mummy piggy was not spared either, having to lose sleep to feed BB. In the end, the Piggy family had to rush off to the clinic at 11 plus.

It was a long wait at the clinic. Mummy piggy was feeling hungry because there wasn't time for breakfast and decided to go grab some food after waiting for a while. When she was away, it was BB RaeAnne's turn. Blur block Daddy Piggy didn't wait for Mummy piggy to come back and brought BB to see the doc. As a result, poor Mummy piggy missed BB's final jab. (sorry, Mummy, it's daddy's fault:( )

BB RaeAnne was very brave and didn't cry at all. The nurse was very skilful and finished the procedure very quickly so BB didn't feel much pain actually. :)

At the end of the day, the progress report states that BB RaeAnne is now 7.285 kg, 65cm tall (long?) and head circumference 41.5cm. Jia you jia you!!

Having experienced the trauma of BB having a fever, Mummy and Daddy piggy didn't want to take any chances and fed her the fever medicine. And BB RaeAnne obviously didn't like it with the way she screamed and cried... (poor thing)

It's now past mid-night and BB is now sleeping soundly.
Hope she gets a good night sleep so that Mummy and Daddy piggy can have one too. :)