The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

At home with RaeAnne :) New words: Throw & Bed

Didn't bring RaeAnne to ILs house today since MIL got singing lessons and will be rushing off at 7.15pm. Got Filamie to prepare fried bee hoon ingredients at 10am so that she can start frying when RaeAnne is home. She's so 'blur' that she forgot to fry the minced pork even though it's in the same bowl as the pork loin strips. She even burnt her hand and dropped food all over the floor. So, I did the cooking for the last part but RaeAnne refused to let me cook and let Filamie carry.

Sigh. Anyway, RaeAnne's lunch was ready around 1130am. I have already cut her beehoon up but it was still a mess. Give up on bee hoon cos she'll keep picking out the longer strands of bee hoon out. Throw the bee hoon all over the place too. Had to ask Filamie to clean the table and the floor at least twice. She said a new word today. "Thow' for Throw when I stopped her from picking up food from the table and floor to eat. Told her it's dirty, must throw and she said 'thow', 'thow'. :)

By the time, I had my lunch and showered her. It was 12+. I had to shower cos I was all sticky and hot. Thought I could let her hair dry naturally while I showered. By the time I finished, she was very cranky. Probably tired cos when I fed her milk around 1pm and she knocked off immediately, finished all 220ml of milk too. :P

I was lucky. She slept from 1.10pm but stirred and fussed close to 3pm. I ignored her and let her touch my tummy and she went back to sleep until 3.40pm. So she slept total of 2.5 hours today. Record nap time. Never had one so long before. Thanks to playgroup for tiring her out. :)

After she woke up, I fed her half a kiwi fruit as a snack. And got Filamie to prepare ingredients for dinner. At 5pm, I brought her to the playground downstairs but it was too hot. Decided to bring her to the farther playground near Cherie Hearts. There were a family of 4 (1 boy and 1 gal both studying at Acorn kindergarten) at the playground. The little gal was very curious in RaeAnne especially RaeAnne's Mickey mouse squeaky shoes. :) Sidetrack, talking about shoes, yesterday, RaeAnne wanted to wear her white Clarks leather shoes so I let her cos I'm afraid she's going to outgrow her most expensive pair of shoes soon ($40+ after discount if I remember correctly). Teacher Chris noticed her shoes and said "wa, everyday new shoes. Teacher got problems remembering leh." Told Chris bo bian, she's going to outgrow them soon must quickly wear. She said never mind, you are having another gal mah. Hee hee. ;)

Brought her to the provision shop after the playground and let her choose one of the motorised rides. She chose the duck and it was only 20 cents so I didn't mind spending the money. Told her to hold on tight cos the duck is going to move. She was startled and immediately wanted to get down. Even Filamie holding onto her didn't help. Bo bian, wasted my 20 cents lor. Maybe the ride was too vigorous for her? Strange cos she was ok with the Barney ride at TM leh. Maybe, that's the difference between expensive rides and cheap HDB ones? :P

Today, her dinner is rice with steamed threadfin (steamed carrots, corn and cauliflower on top of the fish as taught by MIL), fried french bean with minced meat. Gave her a bit of my dou miao soup with fishball and fish dumplings too. She didn't eat a lot though. The first helping was easy to feed, she ate very fast. Then when I topped up a bit more rice, she started to play liao. Got Filamie to continue feeding rice and soup and I had my own dinner. Feel that nowadays I always eat 'mixed veg rice' at home cos Filamie and I don't sit down to eat together and hubby is not around. So always pile the food on top of the rice and eat. Easier to defend my food when RaeAnne tries to pull down my bowl and help herself to my food though. Somehow, food never tastes nice when you are rushing through it. :P

Showered her at 730pm. Then read books to her. As usual, her attention span only around 10 seconds. Can point to new book when I have not even finished reading page 3 of the first book. Faint! :P I showered at 8+pm and let her drink milk at 9pm. Didn't dare to give too early cos scared she won't be hungry.

Wrong move! She finished all her 220ml milk (really drink until no more milk left for her to suck) was still happily talking and flipping. She wanted to push down the pillow at her leg (barricade) and whine and fake cry when I said no, no. Then I tried a different tack. Told her that's Daddy pillow. If you throw it down, when Daddy come back, how? Daddy got no pillow to sleep leh. Then she kept quiet and let me put the pillow back in place. She was still playing with my jade pendant (she insisted that I let her wear) when hubby came back at 950pm. I gave up and removed the necklace cos she keeps telling me 'boh' 'boh' 'boh' when she can't find the pendant on her chest (it had slipped to her neck or behind her neck when she moved). Took the necklace off before it becomes a gameWhen I find it for her and put her finger to it. She'll go 'There!' triumphantly. Decided to call hubby and let him see her since she's not asleep. He didn't came back on Mon night from reservist and last night, he came back late only after she fell asleep. So technically, he has not seen her awake since Sun night. How many hours is that? I'm lazy to even count. :P

Asked hubby to make more milk, guess maybe she's still hungry, that's why cannot sleep. When she saw him, she quickly pointed to his pillow, ask him to sleep. Hubby ask her to go to bed and she said 'bed'. Clever gal! She knocked out immediately after drinking the second dose of milk when I was telling hubby about my day. Good gal! :)

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