The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

BB fell asleep on her own at home :)

I'm so happy now cos BB fell asleep on her own. Brought bb back from ILs place at 8pm today. MIL instructed to let her sleep when we go back and let her drink milk at 10pm. Hubby carry and pat walk around but she's more interested in her surroundings than to sleep so her eyelids are heavy. Put her down on bouncer and rock also never close her eyes, just a bit of fussing now and then. Bo bian, brought her favourite Fisher Price toys close to the bouncer and left her alone at living room so that she can play with the hanging toys. Play until 9:40pm, she started crying. Checked, she pooed a bit, so changed diaper. Put back to bouncer still crying so decided to heat up EBM to feed cos her last feed was 645pm. Drank milk, hubby carry and pat to let her burp, cry a bit. Hubby put her down on bouncer, she ok so let her play with her toys again. 10pm so I went to shower. Hubby checked on her from time to time. By the time I came out of shower at 10:20pm, hubby said she's asleep liao. He never carry or rock the bouncer. Sorry, a bit lor soh but so happy. I know that this may be a once off incident where we are so lucky but at least it means it is possible for her to sleep on her own without a screaming fit. Like to think that she's finally rewarding mummy for bringing her home at night. Hee.

P.S. She's awake now, slept for only 30mins but better than nothing lar. :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

BB's 3rd night at home

RaeAnne will always scream for a while when we brought her back from ILs place since Tues night. First night, she woke up at 12am, 2:15am, 4:33am and 6:45am for milk. Last night better, 12am, 4:30am and 7am. Brought her back earlier today, thought can avoid a screaming session since she was just fed 1 hr ago and not time for her nap yet. True enough, she was happy and played with us for a while but she started screaming at 9pm again. Heat up EBM, refuse to drink, let her suckle also cry. Hubby carry and pat her, walk around the house also inconsolable. Hubby also impatient liao. Bo bian, let her latch on again, this time willing to take breast, after 5 mins, 'pian' her with the milk bottle and she finished nearly 80ml. Happy for a short while more then started crying again, found out that she pooed, changed diaper and wiped her. Tried to put her to sleep, she screamed non stop again, tried to latch on but this time didn't work but she cried until she keep panting and choking. Hubby carried and pat her for nearly half an hour before she finally fell asleep on his shoulders.

Honestly, I'm starting to be a bit scared about this 2 house arrangement. Last time, even when my ILs not free and we look after on our own on weekends still not so bad. If I really leave her at ILs place from Mon - Fri, Fri night when I bring back, I'll die. Wish ILs can look after BB at my house instead but know it's a selfish request, alternatively, we can move over to ILs place but hubby's old room is very small and only has 1 single bed. Sigh, don't know what to do. Lack of sleep also affecting my SS, pumped only 80ml at 7:30am and 11:30am today. :P

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

RaeAnne is officially 3 months today! :)

Went back to work on Monday, had nearly 2600 emails, still busy clearing today. On half day this week so I'll go home after work to have lunch and bring milk to in laws place. Yesterday, finally saw her in action trying to flip. But when her left arm is caught and she doesn't know how to pull it out, she started crying. FIL quickly said don't let her flip cos he's worried that her joints are still too soft but I told him since she's already learning to flip, shows that she is ready for it. Let her try at her own pace, no need to stop her. Flipping is a development milestone after all. Cannot over protect her deliberately delay it.

Colleagues told me I should try to latch her often to keep up BM SS. Most of them are surprised that I'm not bringing BB home though ILs house is only 5 mins away. Already feel bad for leaving her at ILs place so feel even more guilty. Told hubby I want to try to bring her home.

So today, BB at home now. Screaming just now when I was showering and hubby was carrying her. When we brought her back at 8+pm, she was asleep but she woke up in the car. Thought she was hungry, that's why screaming so tried to feed her the EBM I expressed at 7:30pm. Drank about 35ml then refuse to drink. I tried to keep teat in her mouth, she scream even louder, end up carry and pat her then put on bouncer. She's sleeping now. Don't know if I can dream feed her at 11:30pm later, my usual pumping time. :P

Thursday, April 17, 2008

RaeAnne's bathtime

Took some photos of RaeAnne bathtime today cos my cousin Shirley wanted more bathtime photos to add to the scrapbook. :) She loves bathtime now and is extra chatty and smiley today. She got grouchy after 9+pm though, tried to nurse her but she suckle for a while then make noise. Twice was because she poo poo but third time I latched her on, she's still fussing, probably tired so just let her sleep instead. Found some traces of blood in bb's stool today but the 3rd poo no more blood liao, don't know if it's because she strained too hard cos because of cow milk allergy. Will monitor and see. :P

Going back to work next Monday, so fast! Don't know how many of the work clothes can I still fit in, got to try out over the weekend. :P

Monday, April 14, 2008

Growth spurt?

Don't know if BB is having growth spurt today, been demanding milk every 2-2.5hrs though we have been giving her usual 100ml EBM. Tried giving her 110ml at 10:45am but she didn't finish the extra 10ml. Then afterwards, 1:15pm cry for milk again. She hardly napped today too, slept less than 1.5 hrs from morning till now. She's starting to like her Fisher Price Play Gym though we don't put her on it. She will use her hand to whack the different toys within her reach. If we are lucky, she'll even fall asleep playing with the toys. :)

My cousin Shirley came to visit on Sunday, said RaeAnne's face changed again. Asked me to take more photos of her to capture her different looks. She also did a scrapbook for RaeAnne. :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Going back to work soon

How time flies. Will be going back to work next Monday, 21 Apr 08. Starting half day work for 1 week before reverting to full day. After I go back to work, RaeAnne will be staying over at MIL's house and coming back with us only on weekends. My MIL had been helping by staying over for 2 months since my CL left. But, once I go back to work, she'll be alone so no point and not nice to ask her to continue to stay with us cos back home at least she has my FIL to help her. Or else, my FIL has to keep shuttling between 2 places delivering meals etc, very tiring for them. Ya, I'll be visiting her everyday. Did think of bringing her home every night but hubby not keen cos BB is still not sleeping through the night. He needs to get up early for work plus got markings to do so he rather bring her back on weekends. MIL also said not good to bring small bb out at night. When she's in a screaming fit in inconsolable, I'm a bit glad that we don't have to cope alone because she'll be taken care of ILs but when she's angelic and babbling, I think she's so cute. Sigh, will miss her lots. :( But luckily ILs only stay 5 mins away so visiting her is easy. Can even bring her home somedays if we are up to it. ;)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Home Visit by LC

Got LC, Ms Betty Lee to come for home visit today $80. Good news, she said what I have is not a breast lump but where the milk is being produced (think it's called a lobe). Bad news is she said my left side does have fewer milk ducts, so BB not happy with slow flow after a while. Finally, someone else see how my BB scream, shake head and come off nipple. She had to calm BB down 3 times during the short BF session. Told LC, that's why I prefer to express. Latch on, must fight with my gal, somemore never empty my breasts, end up I got to pump some more. Waste time and effort. :P Anyway, this LC ask me to start following my work schedule to pump liao cos I'm only left with 2 weeks before going back to work. Trying out now, hope my SS won't be affected. :P

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Starring RaeAnne

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