The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Giant Tampines

Decided to go to Giant Tampines this morning cos it's the last day of collection for stamps (exchange for free knives). Yes, mummy is so 'cheapskate' even though I already have more than 4 brand new knifes at home. With a new maid, I don't dare to let her use my expensive Henckels knives so cheap Endo or free knives from NTUC or Giant promotion is much better for our kitchen. :P We've run out of pork and fish to cook RaeAnne's porridge so we decided to bring her to the foodcourt and let her share mixed veg rice with Daddy. We ordered plain steam egg, pumpkin fried with cucumber and stir fried potato. All the softer foods which are less salty. Mummy tasted them first before we let RaeAnne have it.

We let Filamie feed her this time, hoping that since she's hungry and greedy, she'll be less fussy about who is feeding her. ;P It worked only for a short while, less than 10mins, she's fidgeting away so hubby had to feed her some steam egg from his plate. Then, we went to Giant and buy some groceries. My 29 stamps can only exchange for 1 free Santoku knife (20 stamps) so I ended up short of 1 stamp to buy the chef knife. The cashier advised me to just wait around the counter cos some people don't collect and won't mind giving me 1 stamp. A kind gentleman gave me 2 stamps when I asked him and a kind couple even voluntarily gave me 3 stamps. The first couple i approached (directly behind me in the queue) were so hostile esp the man. Maybe cos he felt he waited a long time behind me. It's not my fault that the cashier needed some time to process my 29 stamps and redeem the knives right? :P

Anyway, we came back around 130pm and hubby quickly bathed RaeAnne while Filamie cooked her lunch. She said she likes spicy food so I bought a bottle of tom yam paste and let her put some into her instant noodles with minced pork. Thought if she can 'tahan' the spiciness, we can cook tom yam soup next time. Turns out she said it wasn't very spicy (she put in about 2/3 teaspoon). ;P

Used a hair dryer to blow dry RaeAnne's hair and gave her milk. Poor gal must have been so tired, it's been a long long time since she fell asleep in my arms while drinking milk at 215pm. I missed that feeling of holding her while she slept, she used to do that whenever I BF her for her last milk feed. ;)

P.S. RaeAnne started coughing 4-5 times in her sleep just now. It continued even after we fed her water. We suspected that she may have swallowed a piece of her fingernail and it's irritating her throat. Daddy managed to prop her head up with the small ikea pillow. Hope that'll help her sleep better. Looks like I must find a solution to her nail biting habit soon. Just surfed the net and some experts say we should ignore it, don't call attention to it, don't punish either. Just distract her with other toys and keep her fingers busy instead. Easier said than done to ignore the problem esp when she's coughing until she looks like she wants to puke. :P

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