The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jan08 mummies gathering

Let RaeAnne 'ponten' today and joined the mummies gathering at Sol Cafe, Turf City I missed the last one in Dec 09 as I was having confinement then. Turf City is quite a ulu place for an Easterner like me but I was curious about Turf City and the indoor play facilities provided by Sol Cafe. Haha. Plus Fennie aka mylife offered me a lift so I decided to make an effort and go. Did not bring Raelynn and the maid in the end. Thought Mei Mei is doing well drinking EBM.

Left the house at 945am, and waited at the bus stop for Fennie. We reached Turf City at 1045am as she dropped her mum off at Clementi before going to Turf City. RaeAnne did well considering it was a 45mins car ride for her. I was impressed by Rylee (mylife's daughter) who was so well behaved in her car seat. Took the chance to tell RaeAnne that Rylee cheh cheh did not cry nor need her Mummy to hold her leg in the car. Hope it'll help her behave better in the car next time. ;)

When we reached, let RaeAnne roam free and join the other kids at the outdoor (with shelter) playground and play house but she soon started crying. I didn't see what happened as I was chatting with my mummy friends. But she cried again after that. My guess is she loves the playhouse and the cooking set inside but did not want to 'share' with the other kids. Duh... :P

Ordered brunch for RaeAnne and myself and ate early at 11.15am. Waffles with sausage and scrambled eggs ($9) and a ala carte order of smile potatoes ($5). Good choice cos RaeAnne was self feeding the finger food. She loves the hot dog (one was not enough) and the smile potatoes and guess what - ketchup!?!. She was dipping the ketchup with her fork and eating it or licking it off the potatoes and hot dog. ;P

After a few group photos, we left early at 1230pm in a taxi cos I wanted to be back to pump/latch cos I didn't bring my pump. But RaeAnne woke up at 845am (she vomitted her milk at 6+am so had to put her back to sleep again after that) so I wanted to start her nap routine by 145pm latest (5 hrs later).

But I let her return to the toys area and the playhouse before leaving. And she was much happier putting the toys into the box, opening and closing the door/windows of the playhouse cos no other kids were around. I had wanted to rent a playhouse for her but it was too big and rental is only for 2 weeks. Very exp. It was a pity that I had to rush back, was so tempted to hang around longer and enjoy a Lavazza coffee ($3) and hot chocolate with marshmallow ($6). Maybe can come back with hubby, maid and Raelynn next time. ;)

Good thing I came back early cos the maid told me Mei Mei only drank 10ml of EBM. :P So, quickly latched Mei Mei then pump and put RaeAnne to bed. She napped at 215pm in the end. :)

P.S. RaeAnne just woke up crying though I put her at bed around 10pm. Sigh, I'm trying to wean off her dependence on touching me before she falls asleep (she will touch my belly button or hug my arm to sleep). But it's easier said than done, if I insist on not sleeping with her and sitting by her bed. She will start whining and crying. If I don't allow her to touch me, she will start biting her fingernails and touching her own belly button. Don't know which is worse. :P

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