The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Safety drills

The school was having a terrorist attack exercise. They have been rehearsing in school and next week will be the actual exercise involving the police. Well, I am glad that the schools are practicising such drills for the safety of our kids. Children were told to hide and be very quiet.

RA told me her class was very noisy and got scolded by the P during the exercise. 4 classmates who cried. One of them was a boy who was accused of laughing when the P (who was pretending to be a terrorist) walked in. He was called to go to the GO. The other 2 boys were his good friends also cried. RA's good friend, Colette, also cried cos she imagined how it would be if everything was real. RA was affected too and told me the whole exercise was very scary.

For RL's class, it was less traumatising. Their FT had pretended to be a terrorist and knocked on the door. RL's friend WS immediately said "Oh Hello!" and went to open the door. The FT 'caught' Wing Shi and warned her not to open the door to terrorists. 2nd round, the FT knocked on the door again and this time Wing Shi went to peep instead. Sure enough, WS got caught again. The teachers and her classmates were exasperated with WS. Haha. It took 3 rounds and a different teacher (MT tcr) b4 the class got the procedures right.

RL also told us what happened with her classmates last night and RA and I couldn't stop laughing.

One of their boy classmates was noisy when all were supposed to be quiet.
So a gal shushed and told him:
"Quiet! We are supposed to be statues. And statues don't talk."
"Statues don't go shhh..."
"Now you are doing it." said another gal.
"Shh..." said another classmate.
"Now YOU are doing it"
And this went on and on...

The P2s are really still so innocent compared to the P3s. Wonder if it was even more chaotic with the P1s. Nothing funny about the whole exercise. The gals even cried when I explained what it means to be hostages and to be killed if they were not rescued. Terrorism is a harsh reality of life and it's sad to have to explain this to our young and innocent children.

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