The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

PV duties at Poi Ching School

I just realised that I never blogged about this before. But I was accepted to be Poi Ching school's PV and started duties somewhere in August. I never thought I had to be PV but this year's Phase 2C was too competitive. 25 people were balloted out and they were all Singapore citizens staying within 1 km.

For the past years, SCs within 1 km had always been safe from balloting. Even the P told me that last year when I was still doing contract teaching at Poi Ching. Since I don't have a plan B (hb's alumni school Ngee Ann Pri was too far away), it was really important for me to be a PV to increase my chances. Luckily I had sent in my application early last year plus I was an ex staff.

We need to clock 60 hours. Most school require only 40 hrs so that is 50% more. But I heard St Hilda's require 80 hours and they also interview their PVs and select only a handful. So I am glad I am given the chance to be PV. My neighbour who realised too late how competitive this year's P1 registration would be, was not even accepted as PV cos the school said registration was already closed.

At first, I thought it would have been easy since I was a SAHM. What I didn't realise that I would take on a temp part time job in end July and this temp job is now converted to a contract position. So, I had to keep taking no pay leave to do my PV duties. But
I always thought PV duties are things like traffic marshall duties, clerical duties or even bringing kids on excursions. But surprisingly, the PV duties I encountered at the school were none of the above.

To those who are curious about what PVs do. Here's what I did so far:
1) Accompany P4 kids with their form teachers to pick rubbish from nearby park
2) Teacher's day celebration (lead the P1 kids in games in their classrooms) so that teachers can have their buffet lunch
3) Lantern Festival (help to sell tickets and school bears)
4) Monthly birthday celebration partie just last Sat (Games I/c)

Together, with hubby, we only clocked about 30 hours so far. Just hit our halfway milestone. Most of the 2008 PVs we spoke to already almost graduated cos they started way earlier. Stressed. Hope I can clock the 60 hrs soon so that I can qualify for phase 2B registration next year.


Hui Ming said...

Hi hi, I am Hui Ming (Winnie) from the 2008 Feb mum group!

i have lost most of the forum mum contacts since i changed phone.

But I still keep up with your blog!

I am doing PV currently too hehehe. and yes, almost like you, I am 29.5 out of 60 hours. half way only. Way to go!!

Piggy Family said...

Hi, Winnie! Didn't know you stay at Tampines too. Lost touch with the Feb08 forum too cos no posts for so long. Worse when SMH changed server. I just completed the hours. How about you?

Hui Ming said...

Hi hi, i just saw that you have replied hehehe. so sorry.

Yes, i have lost contacted with all the Feb 08 mums sigh. btw, my email is

Nope, i am not staying in Tampines. I volunteered for RGPS as i stay in the west. At this moment, yes, I have managed to clocked the min already !!!

feel relieved and yet worried.