The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, October 17, 2009

An early night for once

Tonight is one of the rare occasions when I can post so early cos RaeAnne slept at 10pm today. She woke up at 6am, we went to the market with MIL at 9am to stock up on fresh produce for the long Deepavali weekend. She had her afternoon nap early at 1pm and slept unti 2+pm. Just 1.5 hrs nap compared to her usual 3hr or 3.5hrs at MIL's house on weekdays. Since we cooked at home, can eat earlier dinner and let RaeAnne play in the living room then lounge in her room from 9pm. By 930pm, she was ready for her milk. She rubbed her eyes and was quite quiet after drinking her milk. She fell asleep at 10pm.

Even hubby was surprised and said 'so fast'?. I'm not surprised though cos was telling hubby as long as she doesn't sleep so long in the afternoon. She'll be able to sleep earlier at night. It's a zero sum game. The total no. of hours a toddler sleeps in a day is more or less 12-15 hours. Take away 1.5 hrs from her afternoon nap then she can sleep 1.5 hours earlier at night. A refreshing and welcome change cos at least we get some 'me' time at night instead of knocking out with her at 11pm cos we are so tired ourselves by then.

Got a nice photo of her in her new Chateau de sable bloomers set which we bought when mylife, one of the Jan mummies passed us her unused discount voucher. Thought she looked quite sweet in it, though the bloomers are a bit short. :)

Keep forgetting to blog about this but RaeAnne will always 扁嘴 and look like she wants to cry when she hears sad songs. She was like that when younger and up till now, she's still the same. Currently, the two songs she doesn't like are 'Rock a bye baby' and 'Somewhere over the rainbow' which incidentally is Similac's new ad jingle so it's hard to avoid. Got to keep reminding her that it's a happy song cos all the babies are with their mummies who love them and the babies are happy and smiling. Gals are really more sensitive. ;P

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