The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Maid issues

Didn't blog last few days cos of maid issues. Filamie made me angry early in the morning last Friday. Told her on Thurs night that we'll cook fried rice for lunch today. When I woke up, I found her frying garlic with all the ingredients for fried rice beside her. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was frying rice. I asked her why is she frying it now? I already told her it's for lunch. Then she said she's hungry. So angry because there is bread and instant noodles and a tin of biscuits in the house which I told her she can always take and eat but she don't want to eat.

She cook the fried rice early instead because she is hungry. Told her that taking food without asking is equal to stealing. Does that mean if next time I buy pork chop or beef chop, she can take and cook for herself. In the first place, her breakfast is supposed to be between 6-615am so that she can do housechores and prepare bf for my hubby. Told her I treat stealing very seriously and called the agent to 'counsel' her. Then she changed her excuse, she said she was cooking for me, the fried rice is for me, she only drink coffee in morning. Then my hubby happen to come back cos he forgot something so told him to reinforce the message and then she told him that she was only frying the garlic. She was not going to fry the fried rice. First 'steal', then lie after lie.

Sigh, hubby thinks she can't cope (don't know how to use washing machine even after teaching and demonstrating to her 4 times and she already copied into her notebook, cannot remember simple instructions and come up with all kinds of excuses when we point out her mistakes) and wants to send her back. He think that she has very limited memory capacity and does her own thing, he's scared she break down and commit suicide if we pointing out her mistakes (her reaction so far is to look away or cry). Today, she poured hot water to scald RaeAnne's pork and fish (taken out from freezer) without letting it thaw even though there is still ice inside. :P

Had a stern one to one conversation with her and told her that I'm giving her one more chance. If she continues to make this kind of mistakes, then I'll ask the agent to bring her back.

My throat has been scratchy since Fri morning and now it's developed into an itchy dry cough. All the cough syrup in the house can't be used. So, I only took 'pi pa gao'. :P

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Anonymous said...

hi i think you are too fast to accuse your maid of stealing. I mean, sometimes, things are not that clear cut, did you tell her she can only eat what and what for breakfast, can't eat what and what for whatever meal? I would be very paronoid of my every move if I am a maid, because don't know every little thing must do exactly mam's way. Being an FDW Employer myself since my kids were young, there are a lot of things must give and take. Even if myself I clean the floor, may not clean the hard to reach corners on everyday basis, but will clean it weekly for example. I mean can improvise if I am a full time housewife. Else, I gurantee you will change maid like fashion parade like most households. These maids are from faraway land, no social network, kumpung lifestyle, never worked in office setting before etc. so a lot of teaching and getting used to singapore's modern life and thinking. Of course, if they are disrecpectful or really stole something, we must put our foot down.