The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sophie Giraffe

First RaeAnne and now Raelynn is down with cough. The maid is coughing sneezing too and we are flying off in 2 days time to Penang. Luckily, it's a short trip and only to Malaysia. Hope everyone gets well before our trip. :P

On a lighter note, we got Raelynn a Sophie Giraffe, Initially thought it was one of the most expensive teethers around and not keen to get cos I've got so many teethers leftover from RaeAnne's days. But RaeAnne never did like her teethers and nor does Raelynn. They like to chew on everything else except their teethers. Since the Jan10 mummies were organising a BP and could get 30% off retail. I decided to give it a chance and bought the Sophie gift set so that there's 1 giraffe for each sister.

So far, it looks like it's worth the 'investment' cos Raelynn really loves turning Sophie around and chewing different parts of it. Her favourite part is the head, followed by neck and leg. She doesn't really drop it and even if she does, she finds it easily cos it's big enough for her to grab it easily. Best of all, it's made of natural rubber and food safe ingredients. :)

I had a collection of 6 different colour crystal stones bought from Australia, Sydney back in 2005. RaeAnne lost the quartz one recently while playing with it. I will remind her from time to time and trying to make her feel guilty cos she will always come forward to hug me or kiss me as if trying to make amends. This afternoon, she was even cuter. She was playing with the stones again (I bought some more from China Square central flea market) and she asked me, 'Mummy, want pink or not?'. I deliberately gave her a sad and sulky face. 'No, I want my transparent colour stone. I lend to you and you lost it'. She paused, and asked again, 'Mummy, want green or not?' She tried to persuade me 'Want lar, want lar' But I deliberately refuse to give in and said the same thing 'No, I don't want pink, don't want green, I only want my transparent colour stone. You find it for me.' She looked at me, paused and said 'Bo liao leh'. I can't help laughing at her helpless, innocent reaction when I turn my tables at her and play the 'spoilt brat' instead. ;)

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Daoyang said...

Hi! Thank you for your review of Sophie the Giraffe. We're glad that RaeAnne loves Sophie!

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