The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Friday, June 18, 2010

Solids schedule

I've been researching online and getting a bit confused about when I should give Raelynn cereals instead of BF. TMC LC told me to give solids first but quite a few websites said should give milk first cos milk is more important to babies at this stage. Also, TMC LC said I can slowly drop a milk feed once baby is taking enough solids at a particular feed time but online sources suggest that I give solids half hour to 1 hour after milk feed and to keep it to morning or mid afternoon so that I can monitor for allergies and to give her tiny stomach enough time to digest the new foods.

During RaeAnne's time, I was working full time and she was looked after by MIL so what I remember is that I would BF her at 7+am before I left for work, then ILs will feed her milk again at 9+/10am when she woke up, then feed her cereals/porridge at 11+am, followed by shower, milk feed at 12+/1pm then nap time. When she woke up from her nap, they will feed milk again.

I tried giving home made apple puree on Wed but she didn't really like it. Think it's probably too grainy. Also good, cos I found out later that I should have started with less sweet vegetables eg. carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin instead of apple cos apple is too sweet. If I start with apple puree, she may not want to take less sweet foods like rice cereals or vegetable puree after that. :P

Anyway, I think I'll try a tentative solids feeding schedule and see if it works out cos I need to get a routine going before hubby's school hols end next Fri.

6+am - BF RL
830am - RA wakes up
845am - BF RL then pump
9am - RA goes to school
930am - RL Bath
940am - Feed RL cereals mixed with EBM.
1045am - Pick RA from school
11.15am - RA has lunch
11.45am - Maid feeds RL cereals mixed with EBM while I have lunch
12+pm - BF RL
1245pm - Feed RA milk then put her to nap
245pm - Puree/fruits/cereals for RL
3+pm - BF RL
3+pm - RA wakes up, give her a snack
5pm - Bath RL
545pm - Maid cooks rice
550pm - Feed RL cereals
6pm - Maid prepares dinner
615pm - RA has dinner
645pm - BF RL
7pm - Have dinner while Maid showers RA
830pm - Feed RA milk
9pm - Put RA to bed
10pm - BF RL/hubby to bottle feed
11pm - Pump

* The BF feeds in bold and italics ie. 845am & 3+pm milk feeds will be the ones that I will work towards eliminating if RL is full and satisfied from her solids so that I am BF her every 6 hrs. After that, will try and drop the milk feeds (in bold). Finally, will try and let hubby bottle feed RL for the 10pm feed so that she is not dependent on my breast to fall asleep. She is already starting to develop this habit. :P


The Kam family said...

Try avocado. It has bland taste, and is very nutritious! Don't worry too much about sweet or non-sweet fruit/veg. I gave my girl banana (very sweet) as her first food, but she has no problem at all with any other food, be it bland or sweet. Enjoy!

Piggy Family said...

haha, thanks, Kam. I thought of avocado but no. 1 hated it. Decided to try butternut squash first. haha.