The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

RaeLynn is 6 months old today! :)

RaeLynn is 6 months old, 7.3 kg and 63 cm. I've been TBF her for 6 months, reach WHO recommendation liao. Yeah! Time to add a BF lilypie ticker to motivate myself. BF target is 1 year, same as Cheh Cheh. Or 18mths if I do not find any 'work' in 2011. :) She should start solids soon and I think she's ready but lazy mummy not keen to bring cereals and other barang to Penang so the plan is start cereals after we come back on 13 June. Today, she keeps crying, duh. Not sure if it's because she is still hungry after being BF and needs solids soon. Or because she's teething (no signs of teeth though). :P

She's also starting to assert her independence (aka being naughty) by crying and whining when she wants to sleep or be carried. Sometimes she wants to be nursed to sleep but she really suckles hard when I BF before bedtime so I guess it's not comfort latching. But generally, she's ok. Can't complain too much cos Cheh Cheh is a bigger handful so maybe cos we were more inexperienced.

6 Months Milestones according to Babycenter
• Turns toward sounds and voices - Yes
• Imitates sounds - No
• Rolls over in both directions - Yes
• Is ready for solid foods - Yes, from the way she drools non stop and eyes us eating
• Sits without support - Nope, not yet (slower than Cheh Cheh at 6 months for this aspect)
• Mouths objects - Yes, she twirls then mouths everything and anything
• Passes objects from hand to hand - No
• Lunges forward or starts crawling - Yes, started this at 5 months
• Jabbers or combines syllables - Nope
• Drags objects toward himself - Yes

Cross fingers that I will be a good gal forever ya? ;)

Video of Raelynn trying to crawl :)

Continuation of her grabbing her toys :)

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